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Chapter 11: 4/15: Expulsion Speedrun Any%, No Violence Skip

This update covers Parts 8 and 9 of the original LP.

Music: Desire

She fell!
She jumped! S-She jumped!
What about an ambulance!?
Come now! Back to your seats!

Mr. Ushimaru: master of tact.

(Dismayed Female Student) Yeah, I saw it. After falling from that height, she must be seriously hurt or worse!

(Male Student Feigning Morality) (these fucking names) Someone has an accident, and you want to see because of your morbid curiosity? It’s not right.
Oh, yeah? Then how come you’re here? You want to see it too, don’t you?
What? N-No… I’m just worried…

There’s no way we’re gonna get past all these goddamn people… C’mon, let’s try goin’ through the practice buildin’!

What the hell!?
Let me through, man! Please!

(Unabashedly Curious Student) Nah, there was too much of a crowd there. You wanna go check it out later?

(Composed Female Student) No, she won’t die from that low height… I’m sure she’ll be fine.

Oh hey, it’s Makoto. What unfortunate circumstances for our first sighting of you.

I’m going to the faculty office. I’d better warn everyone not to go online and talk about this, too…
What!? Um, but who’s going to explain the situation to the paramedics…? And what about tending to the victim!? There are more important matters to address!

Poor Makoto. Well, she’s not the one in immediate physical jeopardy at the moment, so maybe we should save some of that empathy for Shiho instead.

Word of advice here, teachers: this is the wrong tack!

*looking at jackasses filming this* What the hell’s wrong with these people!?

These craven fucks.

I’ll go!

I’m sorry. I… I can’t take this… anymore…
…Huh? …Kamoshida!?
No… Shiho!?

Did you see that? Her leg was totally bent the wrong way!

Return to your classrooms at once!

I couldn’t get a clear shot of it due to the crowd, but rest assured that Mishima is running away here.

Mishima’s acting weird… we should follow him.
Yeah, he must know something.

...We’re gonna make him talk this time.

Great job you’re doing here, Kobayakawa. A+.

Music: Suspicion

...That hurts!

The implication here seems to be that Ryuji is grabbing Mishima’s arm or something to stop him from fleeing and hurting him in the process, not that Ryuji, himself a victim of abuse, is beating up another abuse victim. Still, it’s just kind of weird because this isn’t reflected in the actual animation. What *is* reflected in the animation here though is that throughout this conversation Ryuji is impatiently bouncing his knee the whole time. It’s a really neat detail.

We know you know something. Why did you run?

I didn’t run…

*slams locker with fist* Dude! She tried to kill herself!

L-Leave me alone…

Just tell us what you know.
He’s right. This ain’t about getting you in trouble. We won’t say it was you, even.


When he gets upset, he’ll call someone to the teacher’s room and hit them. It’s happened to me too…

We already knew that, Ryuji!
But yesterday was… different. Suzui didn’t do anything wrong at all… It seemed worse than usual somehow… He was really pissed…

He didn’t…

*runs off*

Ryuji, wait! At least let me be a part of whatever mistake you’re about to make!
*stares at the ground*

Music: Tension

Mr. Kamoshida’s probably in the PE faculty office on the second floor.

All right then, let’s go get expelled!

You bastard! The hell did you do to that girl!?

What are you talking about? Do girls even go to this school?

Don’t play dumb with me!

That’s enough! That chair has done nothing wrong!

What you did… wasn’t coaching…!

You… You ordered me to call Suzui here… I can only imagine what you did to her…!

Basically, you’re simply making these claims because you can’t be a regular on the team, right?
That’s not what this is about…!

Even if it was true, hypothetically of course… so what? What can you do about it? We just got a call from the hospital… Suzui’s uh… totally not gonna make it. No chance of waking up from her coma… yeah… No statement from her, nope!

I love that apparently all the shit he says about Shiho not having a chance at waking up is just total bullshit. Like, it never comes up again and she absolutely does get better so… he just lied, ha.

Another great character animation detail here: Ryuji literally shaking with rage here.

Oh, you’re getting angry? Do I get to… I mean *have to* break another leg?

You shut your mouth, you son of a bitch!

Why’re you stoppin’ me…!?

I’ll pay with as many limbs as it takes to wipe the smile off this smug bastard’s face!

Don’t let him get to you.
But still!
Oh? You’re stopping him? What a surprise. There’s no need to hold back. Why not attack me? …Ohhh, you caaaan’t. Hahaha, but of course you can’t!

You can’t make a decision like that…!

Why would anyone care what you delinquents have to say? Especially you, Mishima. Why do you think I kept you on the team at all with your lack of talent? Leaking the poor transfer student’s criminal records like that… I hear it spurred him into violence, what a shame…
Wait… Is that true, Mishima?

He told me to do it. I had no choice…
*disgusting, pig-like laugh*

You’re done for; your futures are mine to take. Now get out of my sight.
I can’t believe this asshole’s gettin’ away with this…!

Don’t worry, he won’t.

Huh? …Oh right. We have that!

Finally, you get it!

Huh? Have you lost your minds? You worthless kids aren’t making any sense, but sure, go ahead and try. After all, you’ll have plenty of time to kill until expulsion…

The next board meeting actually isn’t for a couple weeks. It’s a little awkward, honestly. Keep up with your studies, I guess?

Morning → After School

What did we do for the rest of the school day? Just sit in class and try not to think about suicide?

Music: Suspicion

Let’s go kick his ass!
We’re not beating him up! Stealing, not assault, remember!? But at least you seem to have made up your minds about taking the risk.
Yeah… That bastard drove someone to attempted suicide. I don’t care what what happens to him.
How hard is it to get rid of a Palace anyway? How did it go before?
I never said I’ve done it before.
Wait, what!?
Great, the cat has no idea what it’s doing, this is all based on its animal fucking instincts!

Also, why are you talking to a cat?

That asshole’s at it again! So you came all this way just to tell us that?

I don’t know what your plan is for Kamoshida… but let me help.

I can’t just sit back and do nothing after what happened to Shiho!

This is none of your business…
Yes it is! Shiho is my—
Back off! You’re just gonna get in the way!


It’s too dangerous for her anyway. Let’s go.

I hope she doesn’t do anything too crazy. Women can be much bolder than men at times.

From this point on, we’re phantom thieves, so get ready.

Huh? Phantom Thieves?
Those who covertly sneak in and stylishly steal Treasure—that is what we become!

Sounds cool! So we just say the keywords and we’ll end up over there. How’s this work, anyway? You think someone built this app thing?
Who cares? We just need to use it.

True. There’s not much point thinkin’ about it now. We’ll show that effin’ Kamoshida!

They’re doing something on their phone? A name… School?

Music: King, Queen, and Slaves (Another Version)

Well, *shit*.

That voice… Sakamoto!? And… are you Hamiru-kun!?

Hey, how’s it going?
Why are you even here!?
I don’t know! Where’s the school!?

Not now Morgana, there’s work to do… But definitely later… Maybe that app thing dragged her in with us.
Wait, this is related to whatever you have planned for Kamoshida, isn’t it?
Uh, sure. Now go home!


We need to quiet down or the Shadows will get agitated.
Well, that’s just uncalled for…
Tell me what’s going on or I won’t leave!
Welp, looks like we’re just going to have to physically carry her out of here.
Bringing her back to where we came in should bring her back to the real world.
Okay. Little help?
I’m not really cool with manhandling her, you know.
Oh, shut up, we can’t waste any more time here.
Hey! What are you—

Let’s… be more careful in the future, yeah? Though none of us really know how any of this works, so…
Well, that was an auspicious start to this. Let’s hope the rest goes better. Hurry up.

Ann Takamaki, huh… *sigh* Lady Ann…
The cat’s got the heart-eyes, dude. I’m not liking where this is going.
We’ll get him neutered later, let’s just focus!

The Shadows have noticed us. You better brace yourselves, got it? We’re counting on you, Joker!
Joker? That a nickname?

We all need codenames so we’re not shouting out our real names in someone’s subconscious.
But we’ve already been doing that!
So, why Joker?

Because he’s our trump card when it comes to fighting strength.

What? The joker isn’t actually a good card to have, dude!
Okay, me next! I’ll be… Skull!
You know, it doesn’t have to be literally the first thing you think of.
Shuddup. What about Morgana?
Just pick anything for me.
Okay… How about Mona?
You mean that weird internet meme that’s going to be completely lost on anyone potentially following this outside of Japan for whatever reason?
Yeah, but why would anyone do that? It’s fine.
All right, no more normal names. They are dead to you, we have cast them off. We’re Joker, Mona, and Skull now.

Yep, let’s get going.

Wh-What the hell!?

Music: Blood of Villain

They’re probably just gonna keep coming back, so please actually kill them this time!

Praise be to King Kamoshida!

How long is it going to take for you to understand that the goal here is *not* to beat the unholy shit out of his Shadow? We need him to confess! We need the Treasure!

Music: King, Queen, and Slaves (Another Version)

Aaaand we immediately walk straight into an enemy.

Should we fight it?
…This might be a good opportunity to teach you something. Let’s go!

Music: Last Surprise

Knock down all the enemies and you can do something else during a Hold Up besides an All-Out Attack. You can negotiate with Shadows too! You might even get better rewards for talking than just defeating them all!

Music: Talk

Ah fuck, the intruders got me!

Ah shit, I’m out at the moment! I spent it all on gacha! Please, forgive me!
Just die.
Fuck. Wait… I really felt that response. You and I are kindred spirits, y’know… Let me come with you! I’m Pixie!

Music: King, Queen, and Slaves (Another Version)

Man, those Shadows talk like complete morons, this negotiation thing seems kinda—
What the hell just happened? Why did it join you?

Everyone get ready, here’s another one!

Music: Last Surprise

What? Is this good?
Being able to use multiple Personas is amazing! You’re really something else, Joker!

Joker has the wild card, the ability to wield multiple Personas, yadda yadda…

Music: King, Queen, and Slaves (Another Version)

The only reason I included this fight is because they changed Pyro Jack’s name to Jack-o’-Lantern, which I guess it was always supposed to be but also FUCK THIS. I’m UPSET over BULLSHIT.

One neat thing Royal added: whenever you find a weapon that’s stronger than whatever the applicable character has equipped, they will ask if you want them to put it on immediately.

It’s a safe room. Let’s rest and discuss our strategy.

Music: Disquiet

I’m back! But man, what a weird app… I just repeated what Sakamoto said, and…


Security’s even tighter than it was before, what a pain in the ass!
Well, maybe you should have thought of that before you provoked Kamoshida.
We didn’t even know how this worked then! But how are we supposed to steal this Treasure anyway?
We need an infiltration route before we even think about that. But we’re lacking in manpower…
Wait, if you don’t have your memories, how do you know all this in the first place? This is pretty suspicious, honestly…
Mega sus.
I hate you guys so much.


She seemed like an intruder, but… Nevertheless, we need to take her back to King Kamoshida!

I’m gonna scout ahead and look into whatever this is. Stay here, won’t you? *leaves*
What a weird fucking cat.
1000% behind you there.

Music: Tension

The Shadows have captured Lady Ann!

Lady…? I’m telling you man, this cat is making me uncomfortable.
Later! How would they have gotten to her, though!? We sent her home already!
Maybe she got the app somehow, I don’t know! It doesn’t matter! We have to move, now!

And so we retrace our steps…

Music: Desire

This is really fucking weird! Why do you guys even have this gross bondage gear?

So, this is the intruder.


More importantly, what is this place!? Why’s the school turned into something like this!?

Well, at least she figured out that the castle is the school faster than Maaku and Ryuji did. This kid’s gonna go far.

I can’t believe you mistook my Ann for someone like her! *sneering laugh* Are you afraid?

Oh god, that gross outfit… Please shave your legs if you’re gonna go around in nothing but a cape…

This is my castle, and I do what I want here…

What the—!? Wait… Is this some red-light district!?

Okay, maybe she’s still a little slow on the uptake, never mind.

Enough of this shit, Kamoshida!
Oh, she’s decided to talk back to me. What do you think about that?
Totally unforgivable…
Then… execution is the suitable punishment!

*approach Ann*

Now, how to play with you…

Oh, gross… Is this how he sees the girls on the volleyball team!?

I knew it. I knew that the instant I was about to start having some fun you jackasses would show up to ruin things. Damn guards can’t take care of anything…
Sakamoto! What’s going on!?
Oh, I see. You’re pissed at me too, just like those thieves over there. That’s why you’re here. But it’s really your own fault that girl jumped, you know.
Wait, *what*?

You were so reluctant to throw yourself onto me that I had her take your place.
You bastard!

You really think he’d have figured out not to rub it in by now, but…
I think he’s just incapable of learning.
What are you babbling about over there?
You just dug your own grave, my man.
Oh really? I’d like to see you—

I’ve had enough of this…

Video: Ann’s Awakening

Music: Awakening

Tell me… Who is going to avenge her if you don’t?

Line Changes!!!!

After Ryuji scares Ann off in the courtyard, Morgana’s set of two lines “I hope that she doesn’t torment herself over this. When it comes down to it, women don’t hesitate.” becomes “I hope she doesn’t do anything too crazy. Women can be much bolder than men at times.”