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Chapter 12: 4/15-4/17: Impos(doc)tor

This update covers Part 10 of the original LP.

Music: Will Power

Yeah, no.

Pfft, outside of school, that guy’s nothing but a pathetic loser!

Goodbye, my big strong toilet boy.

I’ll keep up with skill gains for this game even if I’m not sure there’s much if anything in the way of actual changes to characters’ skillsets.

Music: Desire

Shit, all we’ve got left in terms of reinforcements is that one dickhead who lives in the basement… Fine, call him!

Are you all right, Lady Ann?

Oh god, why’s it staring at me like that…? Anyway, what the hell is going on here!?

Oh boy, which of these *great* dialogue options to pick?

>Calm down.

We need to get moving. The Shadows will be coming for us soon.
Ugh, so much for today… Give me your arm. Joker, you take the other.

I appreciate that they actually show us how it looks here when the team re-enters the real world in-engine for once, but this always just looks to me like like the same pop-in that happens at the start of scenes when the game needs to load NPC models, heh.

Looks like we made it back—hey, are you okay?
Well, pretty much… Wait, I lied… I’m still confused about all of this.
You may be safe now, but a lot sure did happen back there… At any rate, we stand out too much here. Let’s relocate to a safer spot.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Whichever’s not carbonated.

Bad luck for you.


I live inside the bag now! It is full of my hair and feces!

Um… Morgana, right? I really am talking to a cat… This feel so strange… Oh, sorry! You’re not a cat, right?

Someone actually gets it!

Confusion is natural. You’ve been through a lot today.
I can barely believe all of it… especially my Persona…
It’s the power of your rebellious spirit. You can use it to fight over on that side.
So if what you told me is true, we can make Kamoshida have a change of heart, right? Is it really possible? Can we actually force him to confess his crimes?

This is our only shot at fixin’ things. No one else is gonna listen to or help us.
Then I want in. I need to get revenge for Shiho. That bastard, just going on like nothing happened… Unforgivable.
Wait, you want to come with us?
That was the entire arc of this conversation leading up to this, dude!
You saw, I can pull my own weight. And if you say no I’ll just do it myself.
Looks like she’s got us over a barrel. I say we give
her a shot.

We need the manpower anyway, don’t we? I’ll watch her back.
Yeah, that’s part of the probl—oh, whatever. Yeah, I guess we can’t turn her down then, rgh…
Then let’s do this! Not just for Shiho, but so that no one else ever has to suffer because of Kamoshida!

I sense a strong fighting resolve from Ann…

Music: Interrogation Room

As a phantom thief, you must have known how to put up a false front to charm and trick people… You’re probably even a master at that kind of performance… Tell me your secrets! What lies do I need to tell to get people to like me!?

Music: The Spirit

Wait, what? I’m… pretty sure we got Baton Pass here in the original release. What are you playing at, game…? If you moved that unlock to her Rank 2, which isn’t even available until next month, I’m gonna be really pissed!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Hey, give me your number and chat ID. And, um…

I’ll be counting on you, then. Same goes for you, Morgana.
The pleasure is all mine, Lady Ann.

She’s so considerate and kind… and determined enough to throw herself headlong into danger… Not to mention her beauty… Kamoshida’s heart isn’t the only one she seems to be stealing!


Agreed, Ryuji. Agreed.

We need some place to meet up quickly from now on…
Yes, a scret hideout would be ideal. The school rooftop should suffice. Nobody goes up there, right? It’s nice and secluded.
I would be surprised if they leave that unlocked in the future after today though… but I may be underestimating the apathy of Shujin’s faculty…

I can’t contact you from inside a Palace, so I’ll stay in this world. That being said, I’ll need someone to take care of me.

*instantly puts finger on nose*
Wha—oh, fuck you!
I was going to pick you anyway. It’s a high honor, after all.
Well, let’s meet at the hideout tomorrow! See ya!

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

After School → Evening

Or instead, we can harass the clientele!

You okay, Takemi? Got a sore throat or something? Your voice sounds weird.

Hey, lay off the customers. Sorry if he was rude, Doctor.
...I don’t mind.
Come on, you’re getting in the way. Go on upstairs.

Get well soon, Takemi!

Fine then.

Come back again.

Who was that?

Oh, that customer just now? She’s the head doctor over at that clinic down the street. Rumor has it she gives pretty crappy examinations, and sells some weird homemade medicines on top of that. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. I haven’t been there myself.

It’s impolite to gossip, Sojiro.

They should really just leave her alone. It’s not like she’s getting in the way of their lives…


Hey, are we there yet?

Shut the fuck up, dude!
…… Anyway, I should get home…

Ohhhhh… Oh noooo… We have a problem here…

A cat!? Really!? People *eat* here, we can’t have animals around… though I guess a pet might help you out in your situation… Fine, but it’s all on you to take care of it.
That was bizarrely easy!

Was that the ruler of this place? He seemed pretty understanding for someone who keeps you cramped up in this dump.

You would be wrong!

Make sure you wash that dish. By the way… have you decided on a name?

Morgana. Well, that or The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave, anyway.

Morgana? Huh… I was hoping I’d get to name it.

That’s pretty weird but very endearing, I’ll write it in my probation diary.
Please don’t.

Looks like the chief prefers me to you. And even if these aren’t the finest accommodations, Kamoshida’s cells were much worse.

...Remember how you guys asked me before about what I am? To be honest… I don’t remember anything about my birth.

Neither do most humans, maybe you are one after all.

I think the Metaverse’s distortions made me lose both my memories and my true form.

Once we get rid of those distortions, I’m sure I’ll be able to get my old self back. I was working on that when you found me in that castle.

I’ll pay you back for taking care of me. I know a lot about special infiltration tools that will give us an edge up in Palaces.
Hmm… Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
I’ll tell you more about them if you agree. How about it?
All right, but only because you’re probably just going to impose yourself upon me anyway even if I do refuse.

Hehehe… Then it’s a deal.
Morgana seems rather happy…

Music: Interrogation Room

I’m gonna level with you: your bag was full of cat turds and hairballs. There were some lockpicks in there too, I should probably ask about those, but really, what the fuck is going on in there? Tell me everything.

Music: The Spirit

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I’ll lecture you about the infiltration tools over time. By the way, the power you used in the Palace was seriously amazing. The stronger that power gets, the more reliable it’ll be as a trump card. All right, I’m gonna stick with you wherever you go from today on.

I instantly regret this!

Personas are the strength born from one’s heart. Depending on what kind of life experience you gain, I bet it’ll affect that power as well!

And if you become acquainted with capable people, you might learn various useful skills too… This is all part of our deal, got it? I expect great thigns from you. Don’t let me down, okay?

I hate walking though, so I’m going to keep riding around in your bag.

Just wanted to let you know that. See you tomorrow.

You guy send messages to each other with that thing, right? I want in too, so I’m gonna have to ask you to type for me.

I do not know how to type. I keep telling people this.

If you don’t like my room, you can move out!!! I mean, I don’t exactly like it either, but…


Early Morning

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

…… While we’re riding the train, we’ve got some downtime. I wonder if we could put it to good use…

(Ill-Looking Girl) I haven’t been feeling well lately. My head’s all foggy, and I have no energy… I’ve tried every drug at the pharmacy, but nothing works. Do I have some new virus?

Wait, *every* drug? That sounds bad for you. Maybe that’s why you’re sick in the first place.

…Is this the onset of a psychotic breakdown? Wh-What should I do? Am I going to die!?
Calm down, calm down! Let’s go to the clinic. Come on. I’m sure the doctor can prescribe something that’ll fix you right up!

Uhh, class starts in like five minutes. But sure, later.

Doctors have the best medicine, huh…

Wow, stunning insight gleaned from that, Morgana. Doctors have medicine. Couldn’t have figured that out any other way!

Hey, wasn’t that one customer back at Leblanc a doctor?

I doubt she has veterinary training.
Not for me, you dope! For the Palace!

Let’s head to school together. I mean, it’s right there, but whatever.

Early Morning → Afternoon

Music: So Boring

Don’t text now. We’re in class.
Whoa! You mean you’re actually listening to all this crap?
Yeah, but none of it is really sticking today…
I know, right? Anyways, hideout after school?
Where exactly is this “hideout”?
The school roof.

We didn’t fucking tell Ann about the hideout yet?

Wait, we can still go up there?

I was wondering the same thing yesterday, Ann. Apparently it’s just fine. Whatever.

Yeah, I’ll let you in. Welp, I’ll be waiting. Just come on up once school’s over.
I’m gonna fine you if you’re late!

>Under whose authority!?

You! Pay attention! Is that how you listen when someone’s talking to you!?

Ooh… That looked like it hurt.
*snicker* He hit him right in the forehead…
That’s what you get for daydreaming! Kids these days have no respect for their elders.
Good grief… Looks like you need more Proficiency to completely dodge that.

I’ll show you, old man… I’ll become the greatest chalk-dodger in all the land! Then you’ll see! Then you’ll *all* see!

Afternoon → After School

Music: Suspicion

Mkay, let’s get goin’!

We can’t head into the Palace just yet. We still need to prepare if we don’t want this infiltration to be as… chaotic as the last few.

Ain’t that Persona shit we got enough to deal with it?

Sure, it’s your funeral. We need to be extremely careful in there.
Like how?
Glad you asked, Lady Ann! We’ll first need better equipment for everyone.
I kinda wanted to ask about that. Where did Ryuji get his shotgun from? Or, similarly, Ann’s SMG?
Probably the same place you pulled that knife out from when you first summoned Arsène. Unless you’re not telling us all something about that…
Touché. Question retracted.
Anyway, I know where we can get some kick-ass weapons.
Then we’ll leave that to you. We also need some medicine to treat our wounds. Don’t worry; Maaku and I are working on a relevant lead for that today.
Just go with it. That’s it, everyone. Maaku, take us to Yongen!

Music: Tokyo Emergency

The doctor who prescribes medication after a quick examination? She was sitting at the booth…

Sojiro didn’t actually say anything like that about her, but okay.

I just realized something. If she’s the kind of doctor who gets sketchy rumors like that, maybe she’ll help us out. She’s somewhere in the neighborhood, right? Take me to her.

What, are *you* going to convince her? Unless your plan is to meow at her until she gives in I’m the one who has to do all the work here!

Are all the kids like that these days? I can hear ya, but… Just keep that in mind. So, what was that about kindergarten?

Larger hospitals are much better because they’ve got so many more talented doctors. The doctor I go to works at a major hospital. He’s very good. Or at least, he feels reliable.

(Radio Host) We received a postcard asking us, “What’s causing all these accidents?” Some people are saying is had to be some kind of curse. I’m getting the heebie-jeebies thinking about it!
Hogwash. That all happened because those people didn’t take good enough care of themselves.

I’m tempted to go myself, but those rumors… I wish I had the guts to go in like you…

What if… we lied?

...Well, I guess that’s the only choice we have.

Music: Butterfly Kiss

Hm? I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere before…

I’m new in town.

Hmm… Well, whatever… So, what are you here for today?

I’m… dying? Uh, yes. Give me the drugs to ease my suffering.
You escalated this way too quickly!
I’m a bad liar, okay!?

…… …Fine. Please head to the exam room.

Wait… something’s off here…

*gasp* You’re not Takemi! Impostor!!!!

So, funny story: based on total secondhand information that I read in like, a YouTube comment around the time around the English release that I might not even be remembering correctly, Atlus West was unable to contact Kirsten Potter to reprise the role of Takemi because she moved or something. Presumably she left the VA industry entirely, but I don’t actually know.

To replace her, they brought in Abby Trott, who’s been working since about 2015 or so. She was Maya Fey in Apollo Justice 2 and Annette in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but the role I know her as is actually Nezuko from Demon Slayer. It’s hilarious that I know her best from that because she gets about three lines in that show and they’re split up by like twenty episodes, but hey, work’s work. The issue is that this performance… kinda lacks a little something.

Now, I’m a huge VA nerd. I wouldn’t call this a bad performance by any means, and I try never to blame actors for bad performances anyway (casting and direction are paramount in voice acting, one personal example being that the dub of Gatchaman CROWDS is utterly ruined almost entirely by the voice acting for the main character… but that same actress plays Hange in Attack on Titan, and she’s great in that, and I don’t even like Attack on Titan!). I don’t think it’s Trott’s fault for any deficiencies in the performance, I just think that she’s a little miscast here. The big problem is that Potter’s performance, which Trott’s cannot possibly escape being compared to, radiates more of a natural confidence, I guess? There’s a more established maturity there, and her voice has a certain sultriness that Trott’s unfortunately doesn’t. It’s not just “oh, her voice is a little higher and little flatter,” it really changes the way she comes across (which itself is not necessarily a bad thing). And part of the way it changes how she comes across is that… she’s less scary! Which I think is a bummer. Part of the fun of Takemi’s character was that she was like, actually kind of scary. I got used to the voice change pretty quickly, but it’s still a shame.

Hopefully the last three paragraphs managed to justify themselves, I just wanted to point out the switch and also explain how it affects the game in my eyes. Now, on to scamming some painkillers off this doctor! Oh wait, she wants to give us sleeping pills now, fuck.

Which type of pill do you want, a sweet-tasting one or a bitter one?

My insides are melting. Please give me painkillers or at least end my suffering.
*sigh* Yeah, yeah, let’s cut to the chase: I know you’re not sick. You heard some rumors and you thought you could get some of my homemade medicines, huh? Well, you’re right.

But only medication that will help you recover your health. I guess it’s fine. You seem pretty earnest, and you don’t look like you’ll be any trouble. This is my private practice. All the medicine I dispense is original.

Wait, is that even legal?

I have a license to make my own formulas. You’ve likely seen them being sold at various hospitals.

Still, don’t they need to do like, clinical trials or whatever? Also I haven’t seen that because I don’t really make a habit of going to the hospital.
Uh, you probably should.

It’s your responsibility to take care of yourself. So if that’s okay with you, stop by anytime.

This still doesn’t make any sense but okay.

You’re a pretty weird kid, you know? I wonder what you’re going to use the medicine for…

Well, as long as you don’t cause me any trouble, it’s not my problem…

So, on this screen I buy 3 Recov-Rs and 2 No Har-Ms for a total of 3,400 yen. I should not have bought the latter item. I’m relatively unlikely to seriously need the status cure and more importantly, it leaves me with only 1,731 yen, which is not enough to buy a Revivadrin to revive a fallen ally, which I am much more likely to need. Curse you, past Arist!!!

With that, we leave. Hopefully it’ll be enough. Some of you may be wondering why this is all such an issue, given something I did in the last LP. Well… I’ll get to that in a bit.

Music: Suspicion

Enough charades! I know you’re the only person who could have developed that medicine.
No idea what you’re talking about.

Don’t play dumb with me. Rumor has it, it’s a drug so potent it can give a person unlimited power.

What the fuck???

Really? That’s news to me.
Developing experimental drugs, medicine, and herbal remedies violates all health regulations. Are you attempting to create a super-stimulant? A drug like that will only become a social issue.
You’re really persistent, you know that? I’m just a quack…

You clearly intend to stain my reputation again. If the police won’t respond, maybe the media will… I’ll ruin the name “Tae Takemi”! Resign! You’ll never work in—

Music: Tokyo Emergency

They could very well still catch you. You’re standing directly outside the entrance.

That secret medicine of Takemi’s sounds incredible… It could really give us the upper hand! Let’s come back when that man isn’t there and ask about it!

Is that so, Morgana? Well, I actually know what that medicine is because I’ve played this game before and eh, it’s not really worth all the fuss.

It’s in Shibuya. Come with me there tomorrow, I’ll show you the place. Just meet me in front of Shibuya Station!
Let’s go home for now.

After School → Evening

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Once we’re prepared, let’s take on the Palace. That’s where the real fun starts, got it?

Remember what I said earlier about the previous LP? Well, in that LP to finance our early dungeon-going we downloaded one of the free DLCs that gave a bunch of rare healing items and sold the most expensive one for 50,000 yen. Well… this game has DLC too! And all of the old DLC, as well!

…But wait, there’s more!

So, all the old DLC for the original game was available for free for Royal, and I also bought all the new DLC because I’m stupid. There’s also a fairly hefty bonus available for having a Persona 5 save, which I of course do.

But one thing I always kind of regretted doing in the old LP was selling that Soma. It made things easier, sure, but exploiting something not even really *in* the game but ancillary to it felt grimy. So we’re just gonna reload a save and not actually pick up any of this crap! Oh boy, the Palace is gonna be real fun!

(For the record, the stuff that isn’t an item you can use or equip we still have without having to consult The Forbidden DLC Box, like Personas and something else I’ll mention later. We’re not going to be using the DLC Personas either because they’re all free to summon and all completely broken)


Music: Tokyo Emergency

The shop’s on Central Street, let’s get goin’!


While Japanese society may appear to be thriving, many young people have not been as blessed as their elders. They have no jobs, no savings, no financial security whatsoever… These young people should be tackling their futures head-on, but instead, they’re too busy merely trying to survive.

Too real, Tora. Too real.

Eh, people give speeches all the time. Plus, politics are pretty boring, anyways.

The shop can be pretty confusin’ to find sometimes.

Why would it *sometimes* be harder?

This guy seems on the up-and-up.

Looking for a part-time job? It’s easy money! I can make a recommendation for you.
Hey, you’ll lose track of Ryuji if you waste time with this guy.
Don’t you want some pocket change? I can help you out.
>What kind of work is it?
Look, it’s easy, and it’ll net you tons of cash. Just follow me and we’ll get you sorted out.
Hey, we don’t have time for this guy. We’re supposed to be getting weapons today, remember? Let’s just go after Ryuji.

Fine. Kaneshiro will have to find some other patsy, I guess.

C’mon, let’s check it out!

Before we do that, let’s talk to slash eavesdrop on some random people! Wouldn’t be the P5 LP without it!

I lost a bunch of games in a row, so I’m taking a break.

(Novice Pick-Up Artist) To be honest, I’m feeling like maybe I’m a lost cause…
Listen. Women are delicate, like cotton candy. Don’t get clumsy, and you’ll get to have a taste.


A lot of strange stuff has been going on lately, so talk about that to break the ice. Got it?

And I really wanted to see this one too! You could at least have told me where you were…
(Late Man) You can go to the movies any time you want. There’ll be opportunities. Oh, how about we rent a DVD instead? We can go back and chill at my place.

Fuck this dude. Or rather, *don’t* fuck him.

I like the spring special burger, but I might just go with the Big Bang like I always do…

Don’t go into that alley. I saw a blond punk just head in…

Guess we can just ask for recs from the guy behind the counter then.

Music: Layer Cake

…I dunno, just buy whatever seems interestin’ to you.
Ugh, some customer service…
Fine, whaddya want? An automatic? A revolver?
Uh, automatic…? Dude, why’re you talkin’ about cars now!?

Oh, Ryuji, you sweet dum-dum.

Listen, this here’s an enthusiast shop. My regulars’ll be mad if I let a casual like you hang around.

lmao look at this dipshit’s gun get a real firing pin casul, ive 3d printed better

I’m not a freakin’ casual! I bought shit from here like, last week!

It’s true, he did!

Don’t remember you. What are you looking for?

>Something that looks real.

Not for a couple more dungeons, no.

Anyways… you shoulda said before you two’re enthusiasts. I’m always up for helpin’ fresh faces. Some precautions first though.

Keep them hidden, don’t point them at people, and for the love of god, don’t let the cops find out where you got them.

Had to pick it, and had to show that I picked it.

How ‘bout that? Me too.


I’ll let you look at the beginner selection. Here.
Sweet, dude! Oh, can you shop for me from now on? I brought some cash, take it.

All I buy here is a 4,600 yen “Protector” for Maaku (Shoulder Pads), under the rationale that we want him to take less damage. After all, the game still fucking ends if he gets the vapors, so we’d better keep him upright.

I don’t buy off any model guns from other people, so keep that in mind. I don’t wanna deal with any problems buyin’ somethin’ that’s already been modified. And that’s all I gotta say.

Basically, we can’t sell guns we find in Palaces or that we get from Itemizing Personas to Iwai… I think is the gist of this? Whatever, it’s not super important.

Daytime → Evening

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Apparently that subway driver from the accident was acting really odd during his testimony hearing.
You talking about that psychotic whatever thing people’re going on about?
Yeah, I heard it completely alters your personality. The news is saying the driver couldn’t even speak when they tried asking him questions.
Only an idiot’d believe a preposterous story like that.

Also please leave, I wanna go home.

Hmph, how rude. This must be why you don’t get many customers. Your coffee’s actually not half bad. The beans must be lamenting the sorry state of this store…
Thanks for stopping in. Please come again.
I’m only trying to help you fix your business. Thanks for the coffee, at least.

Sheesh, what a pain…

What’re you looking at? I can give you some chores if you’re bored.
You really treat your customers like that?


It’s all good as long as the shop doesn’t fail. I’m not gonna go wearing a fake smile.
What if it does fail, though? This affects more than just you.
You have no idea, kid… Yeah, maybe I’d end up on the street, but as long as I’m here, I’m at peace.

No annoyances or troublesome people to deal with. It’s like my own personal hideaway. I’d be kinda screwed if I lose it, but I guess you would be too. So, you better at least try and be useful around here. anyway, I’m leaving now. Don’t cause any trouble.

She’s stable, but still unconscious. I know she’ll get better. I just need to believe in her. But still, I’m going to take down Kamoshida. I’ll never forgive him.

We just need to assemble some infiltration tools. Clean off that desk back there so we can use it.


The crafting screen has changed a bit, but it’s still fundamentally the same. The big improvement here is that you can now craft multiple of the same item at once.

Maaku gains Proficiency +2.

We’re heading into the Palace tomorrow. Let’s get some sleep.

Editor’s note: we are not actually heading into the Palace tomorrow.

Line Changes!!!!!

When we flashforward to Sae when starting Ann’s Confidant, “I doubt something as dangerous as your group could’ve been pulled off with orthodox methods. It wouldn’t be odd if you had someone that was proficient in deceiving the eyes of others…” (which, oof) has become “A group like yours must have relied on subtlety and misdirection. Otherwise, you’d never survive. Some of you might even have been hiding behind a “public face” their entire lives.” Holy shit, you can actually fucking parse what Sae is trying to say now! And it’s even semi-relevant to being a phantom thief! Sorta!

At the end of the argument between Sojiro and Haughty Regular, the latter’s line “Hmph. I only say this out of politeness, but… thanks for the coffee,” has become, “I’m only trying to help you fix your business. Thanks for the coffee, at least.”