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"Here we go. Hit the lights, dood."

"Lookin' good, dood. Are we rolling?"

"...I think so, dood. So shut up and put on the next card."

"Okay, dood. Roll call. As the leader, I'll go first, dood."

"Who's next, dood?"

"The nuclear option, dood."

"The willing sacrifice, dood."

"The party pooper, dood."

"The chunky one, dood."

"The unrepentant chuuni, dood."

"The quick one, dood."

"The pyrrhic one, dood."

"Bringing up the rear, dood."

"...Okay, the gang's all ... wait. Aren't we missing one, dood? That new guy."

"Right, that one, dood. Where were you? ...That was rhetorical, dood. Let's roll."

"Okay, sleeper agents activated, dood. Let's take over this so-called "rebel army" and beat Void Doofus ourselves, dood. Viva la revolucion!"

"Dood, what? That's not--"




Hmm. I can tell from here that they're slacking. I wonder exactly how much of the training they've forgotten?

...Simultaneously very little, and far too much. It seems the reports were true.

But it seems my ever-loyal servant has other ideas as to the cause.

...In any case, there's only one thing to be done in such a case.

As if their "dood" deficiency wasn't enough, they immediately began showing insubordination and making pathetic excuses, too. What a wretched turnout.

Their camaraderie is also completely absent. Where exactly did we go wrong, here? Prinnies like these should never have left our facility.


Interesting. It seems these Prinnies' owner has other plans for them.

And what interesting plans they are! I fully expected him to take the field himself, but instead he's fielded a squad of other Prinnies.

And clearly a well-trained and highly disciplined squad, at that. These can't be the same batch, so where exactly did they come from?

They've even been given a full course on Geo Panels. This 'Killia' is an intriguing one, indeed!

Alright, now I have to see where this goes. Killia's Prinny squad puts on a fascinating display, nearly unbelievable given the usual disposition of Prinnies. I simply must see more of what this man can do.

I have much to prepare, indeed. This will be fun!

--~~~EVEN LATER~~~--

Just when I was about to start the fun, Artina crashed our Prinny party. Though I must admit she did find something good this time!

...And she also brought the failures with her, unwittingly. No matter!

To battle!

This time, the Geo setup is much simpler: A staging area and a serious powerup, neither of which proved to be more than a speedbump for Killia's trained Prinny squadron. I continue to be impressed!

...And also slightly scorched. But that's a minor occupational hazard.

More importantly, I have one last test in mind for him...

But it seems Fenrich has other ideas. I'm rather surprised Killia agreed to an amendment of our promise, but with this, it's truly a win-win situation for me. Splendid work as always, Fenrich.




"Dammit, dood! I TOLD you Lord Valvatorez was ridiculous!"
"Yeah, but so are we. How were we supposed to know he was that much MORE so, dood?!"
"We need to bulk up, and fast, dood."
"But how, dood?"

"...Training montage, dood!"
"Let's do it, dood."

"...Who the hell recorded that, dood?"
"What? The Item World is an amazing vacation spot, dood."
"...Hand the camera to someone else, dood. You've lost your journo priveleges."
"Aw, dood..."



Brilliant! Absolutely marvelous! A preemptive strike to our monster allies to prevent Fusion Magichange, followed by several rounds of concentrated team-combo assaults. It was just as much a battle plan as choreography. This Killia would be a credit to Hades!

Indeed, the Prinnies are a secondary concern. Nay, a tertiary one, after the Sardine Curry presented to us. What's more important is...

Inducting Killia into the Instructors' Association! Yes, he'll make a fine addition to the team. This "Void Dark" he mentioned will be a perfect staging ground for him to prove his mettle as a Prinny Instructor.

And with a convenient excuse, the Corrupternment should be mollified enough not to look for me as I raise him into a full-fledged Instructor.

Yes, this will me a highly entertaining project, indeed.



"Wait, are you serious, dood? Lord Valvatorez is gonna be STAYING HERE?!"
"That's what they said, dood."
"But why, dood?!"