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Chapter 13: 4/18: Word Around Town (New)

This update covers Parts 11 and 12 of the original LP.

Early Morning

Music: Disquiet

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Hamiru-kun. A word with you, please?

Shit, I’m in trouble…? Wait, I’m getting expelled anyway! Nothing matters! Punishment is fake!

Music: Suspicion

It won’t take long.

Oh shit! Ambushed by a wild Kamoshida!

Thank you again.
Oh, you know this guy, Yoshizawa?

Don’t mention it, Student Called Yoshizawa.

I recommend you steer clear of the likes of him if you have any consideration for your future. Remember the discussion we just had? There are a number of students in this school you shouldn’t get involved with… This one’s at the top of the list.
Oh, the delinquent transfer student…?

Hey, uncool! I’ve only missed half a day of school so far! That’s only 7% of the total amount of school days since I transferred!

Sorry to interrupt, but I need to use the guidance office.
Oh, pardon me. We should be going too—don’t want to get in the way of guiding this delinquent and all.

Well, at least she’s still cordial to us.

Music: Disquiet

Well there was that little exchange just now, but that’s not all… He gave me a brief lecture this morning, and your name came up. Something about the dangers of a lack of supervision… *sigh* I don’t mean to pry, but… Just make sure you don’t go causing trouble, okay?

I might be totally misreading this but there’s some pretty great, funny characterization here that Kawakami doesn’t seem to be totally on the same level as Shujin’s largely awful faculty as a whole. She doesn’t know what Kamoshida’s doing (which should probably be more important to her character, but I digress), but just from this blatantly token effort at lecturing us she seems to understand that he’s kind of a blowhard who isn’t above siccing her on her students. That or she just doesn’t want the trouble that would come with trying to reprimand us. Either/or.

Oh, and one more thing.


Maaku just keeps digging his hole.

All that said, Kawakami still doesn’t trust us. Which, yeah, fair.

Mr. Kamoshida has a real close eye on you… Apparently, you’ve been getting involved with Sakamoto-kun. You seem acquainted with Yoshizawa-san as well. ...Maybe you’re just naturally drawn to athletes?


Sorry, bad joke. That’s all I wanted to discuss. You’re free to go.

Early Morning → Morning

He was just standing there looking at me with this shit-eating grin on his face.

Can’t wait to teach him a lesson. The board meeting’s on May 2nd, so let’s take him down before then!
I’ll do my best too! Let’s get that bastard!

Morning → After School

Those guys are getting expelled…
Nobody wants a troublemaker in school…
Everyone’s got high hopes for the new girl, Yoshizawa-chan.
Damn, she’s fine. I wonder if I have a shot with her…

Music: Tokyo Emergency

I bet the others are ready to go any waiting on the signal. Well, I’ll leave the planning to you.

The Activity Log returns, allowing us to see what other people did during their free time, but this time there’s a bit extra…

So, here we can see the full range of our suggestions. We can go check the network Activity Log as usual, or we can look at suggestions for Confidants or stat boost opportunities. These, sadly, are not always terribly useful (I remember on my main playthrough seeing a lot of suggestions to go train at the gym, for instance, because whatever algorithm generates these suggestions is utterly inscrutable to me), but it’s nifty anyway.

Our Confidant suggestion is to start Takemi’s.

Our social stat suggestion is to do some studying. We’ll check out where we can do that in a bit.

And here’s the activity log, for good measure.

We still can’t get any further in Ann’s Confidant until May. We’ll need Kindness Rank 2. But right now, we’re returning to an old LP staple: Mothafuckin’ eavesdropping!

It sounds like Hamiru-kun, Mishima-kun, and that delinquent Sakamoto are all getting expelled.
(Calm Student) First that suicide attempt, and now explusion trouble… What the heck’s going on?
Everything’s gone crazy since the transfer student got here. Why’d he go up against Mr. Kamoshida!?

What am I gonna do…? I’ m done for if Mr. Kamoshida keeps coming after me…

But man, she’s really cute… If she were my girlfriend, I’d brag about it all the time.
(Lighthearted Student) Forget it, dumbass. Besides, dating her would be too much trouble. She kind of gives off a bad vibe, and all the girls ignore her. And she’s Kamoshida’s girl, remember?

(Foodie Girl) If that’s the case, why don’t you try this body oil called Recover Oil? You can find it at the cosmetics shop in the underground mall of Shibuya Station.
Body oil? Huh. I guess I’ll give it a try next time…
Whoa, body oil that can relieve exhaustion? That sounds pretty amazing, wouldn’t you agree? These two always seem to talk about foods and fads. It might pay off to listen in on them often.


(Cruel Volleyball Player) I don’t know what you said to him, but the volleyball team is the lifeblood of Shujin. We’ve come to accept that. Don’t butt into something you have no concept of.
It’s too late now though… Kamoshida’s pissed, so you’re totally done for.

Don’t you know anything? She’s all everyone at Shujin Academy is talking about this year.

Really? In my experience they’re mostly talking about me getting expelled. Uh, wait, that’s off the record.

She was admitted as an honor student because she’s a gymnastics medal contender. Not only are her gymnastics skills incredible, but she’s also polite and beautiful. So far, she’s only gotten positive attention—unlike a certain someone.

Hey! ...Actually, fair.

(Glib Male Student) Maybe you’re just really tired? Don’t go fainting on me all of a sudden, all right?
Oh, are you talking about those psychotic breakdowns? It’s nothing that crazy. Maybe I’m just tired.
Hey, you might feel better if you eat something. Let’s stop by Big Bang Burger on Central Street.

*giggle* I’ll post online and everyone will know what me and Ikesugi-kun share… *giggle* I’ll tell them, “He seemed a bit tired… so I massaged his shoulders for him. ☆” *giggle*

There’s good ol’ Yumeko, still up to her usual tricks.

(Anxious Student) I see them injured a lot… Do they really get that hurt from practice…?
I heard that Suzui girl had a bruise on her face too. As if someone had punched her…
I feel like everyone’s been avoiding the topic… I’m kind of scared…

(Motivated First-Year) Isn’t it because of Yoshizawa-san? Everyone’s talking about her and her honor student status. And she’s super cute. Why wouldn’t she stand out?
Yeah. I guess looks are the most important part of a person.

What the fuck!

Takamaki-senpai is pretty too, but maybe I can imitate Yoshizawa-san and make my high school debut!

You’re already in high school, though. Isn’t the “debut” something you initiate before classes start?

(Senior Volleyball Player) Maybe Sakamoto blackmailed him or something. I heard that transfer student is pretty shady too…
I hope they don’t come after us… Kamoshida told us to do it…
Hey, don’t say stuff like that. We don’t know anything, okay?

(Bothered Student) Well, the rally was all rigged, but no one stood a chance against Kamoshida, anyway,

No Yakisoba Pan today… Still only on Fridays.

(Lazy Male Student) Yeah! And I heard she’s cute! Cute and talented, that’s just not fair! Gurghh, I want to be her friend!
(Refined Male Student) Gifted and beautiful, huh? School is starting to get interesting.

Oh shit, it’s Kamoshida, act natural.

I can’t believe you can come to school all calm like that. Unless you’re scheming something…?

Don’t give me that cheek! You’re really pushing your luck, you know that? Well, I guess it’s fine. Nothing you do is going to matter anyway. I suggest you try and enjoy the time before your expulsion. Now get lost. I’m not going to waste my time dealing with you.

(Female Student in a Jersey) Yeah. If you’ve got the looks, and the potential to win a medal, you’re basically guaranteed to be popular! If we can become friends with her, maybe we can boast about it? Like, she got where she was thanks to us, or something?
Hahaha… Joking aside, I would like to make friends with a fellow athlete.

(Kind Faculty Member) Wh-Whoa, hey! Keep it down! If Mr. Kamoshida hears you…
Hahaha, what, you’ll get expelled too, Sensei? Then you won’t have to come to school anymore!

It’s Starry-Eyed Student, guys!

Ugh, weren’t you listening? I don’t think you get how important heroes are at all. The people always yearn for a hero, someone to cast away the world’s darkness and save them. If that’s what people need, then I have to do it. I’ll be that hero. I’m the only one who can!

You really understand! If heroes needed cheerleaders, you’d be a perfect fit for that! The people always yearn for a hero, someone to cast away the world’s darkness and save them. If that’s what people need, then I have to do it. I’ll be that hero. I’m the only one who can!

(Intense Soccer Player) Oh, the one who does gymnastics… That was surprising. I thought she would join the volleyball team. Maybe more attention will be put on other clubs from this…

Glad Yoshizawa’s not gonna end up on the volleyball team, urgh.

Wait, wait, that’s not the point! I heard she’s super cute!
Fool! If you have time to pursue women, then go running!

(Worried Volleyball Player) Kamoshida did not take that well. That new guy really shouldn’t be doing things like that… After the thing with Suzui-san, I won’t be able to take it if he makes practice even harder…
I heard that transfer student’s getting expelled for it though. That’ll be the end of that, right?

(Bossy Student Athlete) You hang out with Sakamoto, right? There’s something I want you to tell him for me. “You got what you deserve.” You guys getting kicked out of school is good news to me.


The track and field guys’ll be glad Sakamoto’s gone too. It’s all his fault they got shut down.

You’re only allowed to borrow one book at a time. Once you finish, please be sure to retur—Huh? That badge… Are you a second-year? …Oh, could you be that transfer student I keep hearing about!?

I knew it… Um… I don’t mean to be rude, but maybe you shouldn’t come here… See, you’re scaring the other students too… Oh… No, I didn’t mean that you can’t use the library, but…
You’re not welcomed anywhere you go… I guess there’s nothing we can do about it.

Check out that study corner. Looks like you can raise your Knowledge and Guts here…

We borrow Pirate Legend.

Hey! Hey, Makoto! It’s me, the transfer student! Hi!

Is she reading all those huge, complex books to study for college exams? That’s really intimidating.
(Book-Loving Male Student) She borrowed a sci-fi book the other day though. Maybe we have something in common.
Oh, I’m sure, but she’d never talk to people like us. She’s too driven and serious. That’s why she’s always getting top grades. I can see why the principal put so much hope in her.

Or maybe Kamoshida should just use you for the ball.
(Chubby Male Student) Why would you say that…
Don’t be so uptight. Learn to take a joke.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

(Aggressive Reporter) I don’t know, and I don’t care. Now, what’re we supposed to be doing here?
The director said we need to increase our ratings by capturing interesting “snapshots” of life!
Okay. Then just keep that camera running and get everything on film…

It’s all digital these days, ma’am.

...The audience will eat up whatever we decide to feed them.

They are the result of an intricate web of conspiracy, designed by YOUR government.
(Man with Clear Eyes) You can’t trust a government that deceives its citizens! Don’t give in to their fear-driven control!
The only one who can save you from this terrifying power is the supreme being: the “Sun God”!

If you’re interested, I’d love for you to come. I want young people like yourself to hear it.
A speech highlights a person’s ability to attract others. What’s your take on this guy? I sense experience emanating from him, so he may be good at it… If that’s the case, we should go. But… it’s at night, so we won’t be able to attend without the chief’s approval.

I’d love to, Tora, but Sojiro would literally kill me if I snuck out to engage in the political machine. Maybe if I convinced him I was sneaking out to get some action instead…

(Young-Looking Woman) Be careful. I hear stress can lead to all sorts of bad things nowadays…
Yeah, like those train accidents, right…? Those people collapsed all of a sudden and that was it…
Stress isn’t good for wrinkles, either. You need to soothe your heart to smooth your skin.

You’re young, so let me give you some advice. Make sure you don’t fall over to this side of life. I don’t mean to scare you, but anyone can end up like this if they’re not being careful.

This is a far cry from the homeless people in the Yakuza series, who are mostly just dudes who got sick of working or whatever and now just spend their time conning Kiryu into buying them booze whenever he needs information on the latest real estate scam.

We’re going to apply to this job at the convenience store Triple Seven. Unlike in the original game, it serves a bit more of a purpose because now it gives us Charm instead of no social stat increase at all.

What a horrible day and age we live in… I only ask that he keeps my husband safe, too.
Ohoho, he’ll be fine working under my hubbers—so long as he pulls his weight. Can’t have any slackers holding him back. Ohoho…

I’ve never heard “hubbers” used before, eughhh.

(Easygoing Shujin Girl) Meh, this is enough for me. Smartphones are complicated and seem really expensive…
You’ll be left behind in the world like that. By the way, didn’t Shujin get some horrible transfer student?

That news made it all the way to Kosei!? Damn…

Yeah, I heard he’s violent, with a criminal record… I’m surprised you know so much about my school.

In the Underground Mall, there’s now a sports store where the CD shop was in the original. We don’t need anything here though… yet.

What we do need are some Bio Nutrients so we can feed our plant later once we discover we even have one.

They’re sneaking around, making phone calls, but they’re wearing suits. Maybe they’re detectives? I just can’t bring myself to go to that shop as much anymore.

Hm? What’s this sign in front of the diner? Can’t we study here?

Yep, no diner until May! I’m kind of convinced they made this change largely just to fuck with the instincts of returning players, considering how vital the diner was to raising your social stats in the original, especially in the earlygame. It’s honestly really interesting to me that they did this, because now you’re forced largely into less efficient activities in the interim.

Oh, I’m sure someone will show up to handle things.

(Kind Old Woman) All these strange, inexplicable incidents are happening, too. So much gloomy news these days… I wish everyone could just be cheerful and upbeat. You know, the way it used to be.

Welp, Grandma’s a centrist! :guillotine:

That’ll never happen. No matter what we do, people treat us old folks like we’re just in the way.

(DJ) Next up on our list of top nostalgic songs is “Love Thief.”
That reminds me of the good old days… The world was a bit of a better place back then, you know.


(Gentle-Looking Mother) You shouldn’t pull him. He’s an old dog, remember? Let him rest, and then we can head back home before it gets dark.
Okaaay. I’m sorry for pulling you, Kotaro.

I really hate that I know how this ends…

Thanks to that, I made it through my important meeting. My company’s future was riding on that meeting! What a relief. But it’s strange. It was such a severe cold… How did I fully recover in only a day? Just what kind of medicine did I take…

Music: Butterfly Kiss

We’re going to do the same thing we did this day in the original game and start Takemi’s Confidant.

…All right, kid from Leblanc. Head into the examination room.

Music: Suspicion

Actually, never mind, I know exactly which one. You’re bad at hiding. You want to know the truth about that medicine? I’m disposing of it. I got carried away with it. But why would a high schooler want to know about it in the first place? You’re clearly not even an athlete.
Dude said it would give you *unlimited power*. That’s some Dragonball Z nonsense, but even if he oversold it I could use something like that. Uh, for my exams, of course. Big brain time.
For your exams? That’s, ironically, the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Well, whatever.

You can go now.
Please… I need it… I can only get so far without knowing how to read…

…… You’re really annoying, you know that?

The medicine isn’t cheap. You can’t afford it.
I’ll work it off.
Ugh… No, wait… How is your stamina? You might actually be able to help me after all. I’ve been looking for someone around your age to provide… assistance. I even put out an ad for help, but no takers… You still want to try out?
How does it pay? Is there dental?

Let’s just say that it’ll be worth it.

Oh, so I’m not getting paid, got it.

Okay then. You’ll be participating in clinical trials for my medicine.

I know nothing about this process but this still seems highly irregular!

...Worried about the side effects, huh? Well, you can relax. Rest assured, my autopsy is guaranteed to find out exactly what part of it killed you.

What, aren’t you going to take it? The exit’s right there if you want to leave.

…… I need to drink this so Takemi will sell me the medicine, even though she clearly doesn’t want to sell it to me and is trying to scare me off…

Well? Go on.

It’s for my exaaaaaaaaaaaaams!

I can’t believe you actually drank it…

It tastes like a gym sock doused in cleaning fluid…
Uhh… Well… Wasn’t expecting that… Not bad, I guess?

Who do I know that can get rid of a body?

Music: Butterfly Kiss

Okay, this part of the Confidant event is considered her “unlock” scene and is thus voiced like all Rank 1 and Rank MAX events are. To compare between the original and new voice acting for this scene, I put together a little video. I still think Potter really sells the shadiness this character is supposed to have at the beginning much better, but Trott does a fine job in her own right.

Do you… remember anything? After taking the medicine, I mean.

Guess that’s a no. Basically: You woke up, but you were completely out of it for my entire examination until you fell back asleep. But, wow! I can’t believe you actually drank that, you dipshit!
Exams. Need. My. For. It. I.
Whatever. You only passed out because of the taste, by the way. The medicine mixed with your gastric acid and started stinking up your insides, like surströmming.
That still seems bad for me. Should I see a doctor? A different one?

Oh well. All that matters is that thanks to you, I was able to get some good data. Okay, it’s my turn to make good on my part of the deal. That’s why I waited until you woke up.

I don’t want the general public finding out about the original medicines I’m making here. So don’t squeal, got it?
Yeah, sure.

Then it’s a deal. As long as you come here for it, I’ll give you the medicine at a good price whenever you want. I may even add additional selections, in time. ...I look forward to your continued patronage.

Music: Interrogation Room

Who is your primary care physician!? Who put band-aids on your boo-boos and kissed them better!?
Sae. Really. I know I’m not supposed to be squealing here, but it feels like, just from what you already know about where I live and the immediate area around it, you should be able to solve this riddle.

Music: The Spirit

Music: Butterfly Kiss

Oh god, there’s more!?

Oh, you don’t remember that part, either? Well, I was saying that teenage test subjects are quite valuable in the medical research industry.

That sounds… vaguely suspicious!

So I’ll provide you the medicine for your entrance exams, and in exchange you’ll be my guinea pig.

If you’re able to move now, you can go home. All right, take care.
I feel like cooperating in that shady clinical trial has increased my Guts

Maaku gains Guts +1.

And I’ll put together some compensation by then, for all your efforts today. But you’re not getting that in writing.

This scene is something new added in Royal. Following most Confidant events, you’ll now have an additional talk with your Confidant. These are rather small and inessential, and just add some texture to the stories that are already there, but they’re still nice to see. They even give additional points toward the next rank up for some of the dialogue choices in these scenes!

Based on today’s results, I think I can whip up some new medicine for next time. Drop by when you’re ready for it.

You live close by, right? Try not to collapse on your way home, okay? I’m not really in the mood to write up an autopsy. So take care of yourself.