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Chapter 18: 4/22: Lust For Life (New)

This update covers Part 17 of the original LP.

Time to wake up…

We’ve got work to do. (Yes, the calling card appearing is new. I also appreciate that it’s Ryuji’s shitty calling card this time, heh)

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

(Brisk Student) Gigolo…? Oh, you mean the arcade next to the convenience store? I thought it was against school regulations to go to the arcade. Besides, I heard some delinquent hangs around there. What, is there a game you wanna play or something?
N-No. I just heard that they sell this overseas juice brand there. It’s supposed to help with drowsiness… My grades have been slipping lately… But, I’m scared of the delinquent…

He’ll infect you with tardiness! That fiend! (Pretty certain that “delinquent” is supposed to be Ryuji, given that he hangs out at the arcade on his days off)

Why does it seem like products that come from overseas always work? Maybe it’s the unique taste?

It’s because you’re a rube who believes that just because something is “exotic” it’s got mystical healing powers or some shit.

And there’s a delinquent, huh? Well, compared to Shadows, he shouldn’t be trouble.

(in extremely Kaiji Tang voice) MY YAKISOBA PAN

(Well-Informed Student) Oh, there’s usually some left over on Fridays. I guess that weirdo from another school who buys them all is busy on Friday.

A joke so nice, I made it twice.

I heard it was already posted by the time everyone got here this morning.

One fun thing about this line is that you can hear Ann struggling not to laugh as she reads “utter bastard.”

“We know how shitty you are, and that you put your twisted desires on students that can’t fight back. That’s why we have decided to steal away those desires and make you confess your sins. This will be done tomorrow, so we hope you will be ready.”

“We hope you will be ready” is awful polite, considering.

“From, Ryuji the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.”

Music: Disquiet

I looked up a bunch of similar stuff online for reference.

Wait. Did you seriously Google “phantom thief calling card” for this? You’re already the prime suspect here, you realize how fucked we are if they do any investigation into this, right?
Whatever. All that matters is it gets the job done.

Um… Yeah… I know what you wanted to say, but it sounded like an idiot trying to be an adult.
Your logo’s a little lacking, too.
Okay, y’know what? Th-That ain’t true!

Aww, stop ragging on Ryuji. I think it’s good.

(Shy Female Student) Did Mr. Kamoshida do something wrong?
(Rumor-Loving Female Student) Does this mean the rumors are true!?
(Rumor-Loving Student) Wait a sec… Is someone gonna take something from Mr. Kamoshida?
(Excited Male Student) What’s with this weird logo? And who’re these Phantom Thieves of Hearts people?

Yeah, the name could use some work, though. We haven’t yet ascended to the form of #Millennials. We need to work on our branding. Get Yusuke in here to do some graphic design and make the logo a little less crude, you know, the basics.

…It got everyone excited, so it’s all good, yeah?

…Look at that. A predictable reaction for someone who knows what we mean by distorted desires.
I think it’s hittin’ him pretty hard.

Even if it was, what’re you gonna do? Double-expel us? Sounds fun, let’s try it.

What garbage… Eh, it’s not a problem. You’ll be expelled soon enough anyway.

Music: Tension

Does that mean the Treasure’s appeared!? We’ll be able to get it today, right?

Today and only today. We can’t repeat the effect of the calling card. This is our only chance.
We got this!

Early Morning → After School

So I guess we just went through the rest of the school day after that? Awkward…

Music: Life Will Change (Instrumental Version)

Before we steal the Treasure, let’s get those chests we missed beforehand.

This one contains a nice piece of armor we’ll slap on Skull.

This other one is in a bit of a precarious spot, being guarded by enemies, but we slip past them.

We get an item that’ll fully heal a party member for our trouble.

All right, let’s go.

This place is probably undermanned now that they all got assigned elsewhere.

Why would they be “assigned elsewhere”? We *told him* we were gonna take the Treasure! This makes no sense!
Don’t complain about convenient shit, man…

Either way, we win as long as we can steal the Treasure! Let’s keep going!

Man, it’s huge!
What do you think!? It’s just as I said! Now we can steal it! Ahh… this shine brings tears to my eyes…

How, exactly, are we getting this thing out of here? Are we gonna carry it?

…It kinda pisses me off. Why’s it so pretty? Isn’t this Kamoshida’s desires?

Uh, the cat’s actin’ awfully excited.
What’s wrong? Is something…


Oh god, his primal instincts have taken over! Don’t touch the treasure or he’ll go berserk!
Mewwwww! I’ve got it, meow! If I can’t become a human, I’ll buy myself a human body! Then Lady Ann will love me! Meow, meow!
Never mind, he’s just an idiot.

All right, that’s enough you stupid cat!

Oh, um, yeah… Forgive me for displaying such an insolent sight in front of a lady…
You were completely out of character too. What was that about.

It’s his *endearing character trait*, Panther! Don’t question it!

I couldn’t help myself… I was helpless before the power of human desires… Though maybe this proves I’m human…!
Not so sure about your logic there, pal.
Whatever! Just carry the Treasure!
…But it’s floating.

All you do is bark orders… Still, that was easier than I thought! I thought for sure there’d be some insane trap or something.
His Palace will disappear if we take this back, right? And Kamoshida will change too…
…That should be the case.
Good. Now’s our chance then.

God, I’m out of shape…

To think it’d go so well… I’ve even found three Persona users in the process… My judgment was correct. I made the right choice in making a deal with you! Nyahaha!

That’s great and all, but why aren’t you helping!?


Music: Blood of Villain

Please don’t focus in on the legs, urghhh.

Oh, goddammit.
Now we have to deal with this?
You guys don’t get to complain! I’m looking at me as Sexual Harassment Barbie over here!
I knew you’d come for this. I’ll deal with you all myself.

That’s our line, you sexually-harassin’ d-bag!

This is just a misunderstanding Don’t be so self-righteous.
What’s there to misunderstand!? You’ve been covering up your abuse!
Please. It was the people around me who kept it secret. It’s the people who want to share in some of my glory… they’re the ones who’ve protected me for their own profit.


Some idiots just don’t understand that we all benefit here! Like you morons and that girl who jumped off the roof!

Listen, that seems a little out of line…

And I’m even more of a dumbass for not realizing that! But no matter what kind of fool someone might be… They don’t need your permission to live their lives!
Drop the attitude, you mediocre peasant! There is no wrong in using my gifts for my gain! I’m a cut above all other humans!

You’re not human at all, you bastard! You’re a demon obsessed with his goddamn libido!

Music: Blooming Villain

I’m allowed to do whatever the hell I want!

Video: Suguru Asmodeus Kamoshida

Look! The Treasure’s on his head! We need to catch him off guard and take it! Let’s attack him until we find an opening!

Asmodeus will start off with a standard Volleyball Assault, which can hit 1-3 times for minor damage.

Boss fights are about the same as they were in the original game: no status effects, no real weaknesses, y'know, boring.

Anyway, a reminder that debuffs are still very, very good against bosses. We unfortunately don’t have anything with Tarunda here to counter his use of Lustful Slurp to raise his Attack, but lowering his Defense will be good too.

Also, Skull got Tarukaja recently, so let’s use that.

Asmodeus can use two attacks per turn. Here, he uses Volleyball Assault twice. I don’t think he can use them on the same party member twice in a row, but that’s just a guess.

Let’s just deal enough damage to move on to the next phase.

Come at me, you pieces of shit! I ain’t lettin’ you sleep tonight!
He healed himself? Is it from eating one of those… things in the trophy?

Now we can attack the trophy.

You don’t know what this is worth, so stop touching it! Don’t do it anymore, got it? I’ve warned you!
When someone tells us not to do something, it makes us want to do it even more!

Now he uses Lustful Slurp to… eurghh… slurp up Cognitive Ann in the wine glass, and gain an Attack buff from it.

He hits hard with that buff up, as you can see.

Trophy of Obsession destroyed.

No way… This was from when I won the national…
All right!

I am Kamoshida! Don’t you get it!?

Huh!? Like I keep saying—I am Kamoshida! I’m the king!

We came all this way to steal that! Will you just give it up and hand it over?
Silence! I won't let the likes of you have this!
You still have the energy to say things like that!? Then we’re going to up our game as well!

How dare you keep defying me… Looks like I gotta bring out the big guns! Slaves! Bring over you-know-what!

Time for my killshot from when I was active and rockin’ it! Killshot… as in I’ll make the kill!

Geez, we get it…
I don’t.

There is, in fact, a new section to this fight in Royal. It’s, uh… well, let’s see.

Too slow, Mishima! Worthless chump!

Wait, what!? Why’s he here?
Calm down. That’s only Kamoshida’s cognitive version of him! It’s not the real Mishima!

Sage advice. Let’s guard. Our only goal here is just to survive, and we’re going to need to be very cautious to make it through this next bit.

Worth noting that the killshots do Almighty damage, so you can’t resist them any way besides guarding.

Hey, shit-for-brains! Get off my court!

Now, it’s time for a new segment added in Royal that I like to call…

...Sexualize The Rape Victim! And she’s underage, too! Bonus points in utter fucking depravity!

Like, okay. I get what you’re going for here. The actual point here does not seem to be to titillate. But come on, guys. Someone must have realized this was maybe a little gross considering what this character has been through. Actually, scratch that, it would require the people making these games to actually care about Shiho.

Panther, calm down! That’s not the real one!
Y-Yeah, you’re right… But, this is just…
Dammit, even Suzui too! You’ve gone too far, you piece of shit!

Or should we take down the cognitive Suzui so he can’t get the ball anymore…? Since that’s just a cognitive Suzui, attacking it shouldn’t have an effect on the real one…

Putting my foot down here: We’re not going to beat up Suzui! Nope! Not doing that!

Roger that!

Skull gets a good opportunity here to use his Diarama skill from the Will Seed accessory.

We take more damage here because we weren’t guarding, but we needed to heal up from the last one.

Thankfully, we have revival items now!

Kamoshida is going to helpfully give us another turn to beat on him by using Lustful Slurp before he does another killshot.

Dealing about 300 damage will end this phase of the fight.

(For the record, the other way, involving defeating Cognitive Shiho, sounds a little easier. She has 500 health, but she’s also weak to everything. Still not doing that)

I can’t serve up my killshot without any balls!

I’m above this joke… I’m above this joke… I’m above thi—THOSE AREN’T THE ONLY BALLS WE’RE GONNA TAKE FROM YOU MOTHERFU-

How dare you treat students like slaves… You’re scum! Nothing but scum! Kamoshida, I’ll never forgive you!

We won’t get anywhere with brute force…

More of these Special Orders. They’re not really much better or more involved than they were in the original game, sadly.

I see… In that case, time for Plan B!

While the others are drawing Kamoshida’s attention, have someone go there! Let’s steal the Treasure without noticing!

A reminder that sending Panther will result in failure, as Kamoshida can’t keep his gross eyes off her.

Skull’s up for it, though I probably should have sent Mona as he has the lowest damage output.

To keep Asmodeus distracted we need to attack him at least once per our turn.

Morgana will notify us if we’ve nearly dealt enough damage to move on to the next phase.

You’re the only ones who don’t respect me, you know!

Anyway. Now’s my chance!

Just rinse and repeat here. I could probably have thrown in a Rakunda to make this go a lot quicker but I didn’t feel the need to.

They came on to me because they wanted to get on my good side!

But at least it’s lettin’ me get closer to the Treasure.

One more time.

I knew it! They’re missing! Where’d they go!?

Thanks, Skull.

That reference is overplayed, you bastard!

Good, Kamoshida’s shaken up!

Now that he’s dejected, we deal massive damage with each attack.

And Asmodeus falls real quick.

Damn yoooouuu!!!

Line Changes!!!!

In the Asmodeus boss fight, the line “Nnnnngh! I need healin’!” has been changed to “Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. That hits the spot! Which makes a lot more sense because he’s already healed at this point. Also, Morgana’s line just after has changed from “He healed himself…? Is it because he ate those inside there…?” to “He healed himself? Is it from eating one of those… things in the trophy?” which is a lot less awkward.

Also in that boss fight, just before the All-Out Attack after we shatter the trophy, Ryuji's "You look down on everyone… but you’re seriously lame right now." has become "I always saw you as a condescending hotshot, but right now... you're just a pathetic loser." Which is maybe a little less in-character for Ryuji considering the word choice, but makes the meaning of the sentence clearer.

One line that did not change and probably should have is “How is it a misunderstanding!? You were doing things that you kept in secret from others!” when Ann is confronting Shadow Kamoshida, because… woof.