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Update 26: Invisible

Faro, I’m sorry to say that your calculations need some more work! Take a look at this baby!
Did you really have to slam that down on the table?

Please wait for a bit as we undertake them.

Fade to black.

While fighting Invisible, there is a strong chance the airship will crash. Therefore, we will create a portal in the air you can use to warp away. While falling from there, you can attack Invisible... ...such is our strategy.
...Lemme get this straight. Ya want us to crash into Invisible, and kill it while we’re all falling from the sky. Was that seriously the greatest plan you could come up with!?
I think it sounds amazing! It’s the perfect plan!
...I am having several, and I mean several doubts about this!

Did somebody call for crashing an airship into an Imperial Dragon, then having a midair duel to the death as both of you plummet to the ground? This was another one of the moments that sold me on the game.

Of course, left as is, you will fall to the ground and be squashed. As a countermeasure, we will create a portal to catch you later on. Ergo, the maximum duration is 30 turns of battle beforehand.
That should be plenty of time to deal with it. I hope.

Of course because we’re falling from the sky and have to hit the ground at some point, we do have a time limit for this boss fight. So if your offenses aren’t up to snuff, you won’t be able to kill it in time. Fortunately running out of time doesn’t lead to a game over, because this plan was created by a bunch of scholars. This is not a suicide mission after all.

We only need to install the aerial portal telemetry.
Understood. And, thank you.

Understood. We won’t let you down!
Oh geez oh geez oh geez oh geez...

That's what Lady Emille would always say. Amazing wishes to you! And goodbye for now.
Aha. We appreciate the sentiment. Don’t worry about us, we’ll be fine.
Come on! Let’s go take down an Imperial Dragon!

Let’s go.

There’s a scholar waiting for us at this portal.

Even though our stats haven’t changed from the last update, here they are again so you don’t have to go back to the last update to take a look.

We want to send you into the sky. ...But, the installation is taking a while.
T-take as long as you need. Maybe a long while if necessary.
Y-yeah, a really long time if you need to.
As much as I empathize with you two, we have to get this done at some point. That Imperial Dragon won’t kill itself, you know.

The airship anchoring the portal is being attacked by Invisible!
What?! Is our plan doomed?
However, the air portal is installed. And additionally, the damage to the airship is lighter than before.
Is that so? Good. I think the operation must continue, then. When you've steeled yourselves, tell me.

This messenger here will fully heal the party, though they won’t restore any missing EX gauges.

No need. We’re all rested up and raring to go!
Ah, I see. Take care...

As ready as we’ll ever be! Beam us up!
Then step into the portal, please. You have only 30 turns to do this... Be careful.

Hoo boy. W-we’re really high up...

I regret everything! I regret everything I’ve ever done!

Video: Invisible

Everyone alright?
A-as okay w-we’ll ever be I suppose.
We’re gonna die we’re gonna die we’re so gonna die!
I’ll take that as a yes!
Both of you, if you’re that frightened, feel free to hold onto me if you wish to anchor yourse- HNGH! Not that tightly! I can... barely move...

Level: 52
LIFE: 6000
ATK: 200
DEF: 100
INT: 74
SPD: 100
Attack Type: Blunt
Attributes: Boss, Disables Escape, Large, Dragon, Death Resistant
Exp: 24300
Gold: 390
Item Drops:
-Normal: Heavenly Skull - 100% Drop Rate.
--Skull of Invisible.
-Rare: N/A
Damage Multipliers:
Slash: 100% Blunt: 100% Thrust: 100%
Fire: 125% Ice: 125% Lightning: 25%
Ailment Susceptibility:
Death: 0% Masked Pain: 100% Skill Seal: 5%
Fear: 10% Curse: 50% Bleed: 25%
Poison: 25% Sleep: 25% Confuse: 10%
Paralysis: 50% Blind: 25% Stun: 100%


Chandelle: Swaps the party’s front and back rows. Has a speed modifier of 200%.
Wind Cutter: Deals 130% melee ATK-based Slash damage to one party member. Has a speed modifier of 90%.
Bolt Wing: Deals ranged INT-Based Lighting damage to all party members. Has a base damage of 85. Has a speed modifier of 80%.
Shock Bolt: Deals ranged INT-Based Lighting damage to all party members. Has a base damage of 70. Has a 50% chance to inflict Paralysis. Has a speed modifier of 80%.

Invisible has quite a few hard hitting attacks, though it has one skill that will really test how well your party can deal with its main mechanic.

This battle is timed though, so let’s see what happens when you run out of time. When turn 30’s normal turn phase or extra turn phase ends if a react skill got triggered, this will happen:

We have to do all that again? Uuuugggghhhh...

Like I said before, you’re just kicked out of the battle, with very little consequence, and can try the battle again.

Overall as long as you have decent enough offenses, the time limit shouldn’t be a real issue. I start off with Concentrate as always.

Oh and a nice little touch is that there’s a wind effect going across the screen while we’re in the menus since we’re in the sky.

This battle is going to go on for a while, so I want to save my EX for when Ark’s accuracy is down in the dumps.

Likewise I need to have Haru set up as well.

Okay, keep calm Buront. Everyone else needs you right now...

I’m going to have Buront set up an Ultima Guard right away.

E-everyone, things will be alright. Just don’t look over the side of the airship.

My body! It’s locking up...!

Oh this is bad. That’s gonna cut down on my outgoing damage big time.

Just gotta aim this at the right angle...

I’ll clip those stupid wings of yours! ...Actually, what the hell are those anyway?

If you think that would keep me down, you’re sorely mistaken!

Oh good, Haru got his stance active.

Get ready, winter’s coming!

Time for Nila to unleash her spell of mass destruction.

I can’t believe I’m really about to do this...

And for Haru to join in on the fun.

I just have Buront attack as he doesn’t have much to do on this turn. You’ll see why in a bit.

Ballistic icicle inbound!

Mm, that is some delicious damage.

A leaping slash!
H-hey, careful there gramps! I-if ya fall, I dunno if they’ll catch ya in time...
I appreciate your worries, though you and I both know I don’t really have a choice in the matter.
Just... stay safe, k?

Hey! What the!?
Ohhhh no. This is a pretty unsafe place for me to be in.
H-ha! Y-ya think that’ll help ya?
What an annoyance.
This doesn’t change anything! I hope.

Say hello to the primary mechanic for this fight. Chandelle will forcibly swap your party’s rows, and it’s permanent unless you change your party member’s positioning yourselves, or until Invisible casts Chandelle again. It’ll only cast this on even numbered turns, though it’s not always guaranteed to do so. This mechanic will pretty much test how well your party can handle off-rows, as you’ll have to deal with your back liners being exposed in the front row, and front liners having their offenses halved in the back row. Short of hard incapacitating Invisible, there’s no true counter to this mechanic, though there are a lot of semi-counters and mitigation strategies you can make use of.

A team of all front liners is not the best way to deal with this mechanic, as everyone will still be sent to the back row for that turn, halving their offenses before the game places them back at the front row at the end of the turn.

Because its usage is semi-predictable, you could just have everyone swap rows on even numbered turns, effectively canceling out Chandelle. However that tactic has 2 issues with it. Invisible isn’t guaranteed to cast it on even numbered turns, so on the turns it doesn’t do that, you’ve likely sent your backliners to get smacked with a Wind Cutter to the face. The other issue is that doing so wastes time. Even if you cancel out Chandelle, that’s one less turn to kill Invisible when you have a limited amount of time to do so.

Bow Rogues are probably one of the offensive classes that’s the least affected by this mechanic. Defensively, that class is designed to take hits pretty well since Dagger Rogues can only operate well on the front lines. And Bows don’t care about range, so their offenses are completely unaffected no matter what row they’re in.

By far the easiest way for back liners to counter this mechanic, is with a Knight. Shield Front will pretty much ensue the safety of any back row classes in the front row, pretty much negating the defensive penalties of being in the front row, though this won’t help out the front liners.

Overall, the best thing you can do about Chandelle, is to ignore it instead of trying to actively counter it. Trying to do so will make things worse, so just settle for mitigating it the best you can, and have your party tough it out.

...Really? A rock?
What else should I have done? Jump at it while we’re falling to the ground!?

C’mon, Ark. Just focus. The sooner ya can get this done, the sooner every one of ya will be outta this.

Now that a few turns have passed, I’m having Ark boost Dual Shot with EX so she can bypass the lower accuracy she has at this point.

With my back row classes in the front row, Shield Front is absolutely going to be necessary here to protect them.

Take that! And that!

EX serves as a very nice boost to Dual Shot.

Not on my watch!

Yeah, that would have been 104 points of damage without Shield Front. And around 139 points of damage without Ultima Guard in effect! A Knight really takes a lot of the sting out of this fight.

...That was just pathetic.

I didn’t even bother boosting this attack with EX because the damage would have been halved anyways. Melee attackers are going to have a bit of a hard time in this fight since they’ll be spending a lot of time having their offenses halved. Back row attackers are probably one of the best options you can bring along for this fight since they’ll always deal full damage no matter what.

Ahaha, you really shouldn’t have done that!
A big mistake on its part!

This is also why you shouldn’t bother swapping back rows manually, as Invisible will do it for you frequently.

Of all the times for my body to not listen to me...!
Chill gramps, I’m sure you’ll get another chance.

This is just really not Haru’s day.

Ultima Guard wore off, so I’m refreshing it now.

Haru got an attack off that time at least.

That was too close for my liking!
Your help was still very much welcome.

Yeah that would have straight up one shot Haru without Ultima Guard, Wind Cutter hits super hard off of Invisible’s sky high ATK stat of 200!


Today’s forecast: One giant Imperial-sized hailstone raining down on Eden!

Invisible can end up being a pretty drawn out fight depending on your party composition. Just play things smart and you should get through the fight without too many issues.

W-we did it! We actually lived, ha ha!
Oh sweet sweet ground, I’ll never take ya for granted anymore!
That was a once in a lifetime experience that I never wish to experience ever again!
Huh, I didn’t realize that rattled you so much, hmmhmm!
Who wouldn’t have been rattled by such an experience!? But I had to appear calm for Ark and Buront’s sakes. I didn’t wish to throw all of us into a panic.

Now our air routes are all open again! Magnificent, Odyssey! You've got to go meet Faro at once!

Fade to black.

Thanks to you, we've defeated Invisible and regained air superiority. In honor of your victory, Pleroma would like to lend you our airship.
Our very own airship? GIMME!
I’m surprised you’re saying that considering how frightened you were during that fight.
We were falling from the skies there while trying to kill an Imperial. Here, we’d be soaring through them with no dragons to worry about! That’s a big diff, gramps.
Ha, point taken.
However, as you know... The airship was damaged, and needs repairs.
Aww. Well, I suppose that’s only fair.
So, please wait a little while longer. You will know as soon as it's done. Truly, we owe to you a great debt, and our thanks.

She’s not kidding. We really are rewarded with an airship if we complete the mission, though we can only obtain it during late-game. Still, considering the circumstances of that fight, if that’s not one of the most metal ways to unlock an airship in an RPG, then I don’t know what is!

Welcome to 7th Dragon!

We're working rapidly on the airship! Please wait a while longer.

Ark spends her SP she gained from that level up into maxing out POW Bonus. She’s truly a force to be reckoned with now!

What a hefty bounty! So, what next?
That’s for dear little Stella to decide. We should check up on her and see if she’s feeling better now. I’m sure she won’t want to miss out on deciding what we should do next!

Since we’ve completed the mission, it’s time for another vote. This is the mission we’ll be taking on next. Vote for the 3 party members you wish to see tackle this mission! Votes must be in bold.

Official artwork of Invisible.

Concept artwork of Invisible.