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Chapter 21: 4/29-5/2: Confess Your Heart Out

This update covers Part 19 of the original LP.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)


We have the day off from school today, which is a real pain in my ass because I wanted to get a Yakisoba Pan from the school store after we were prevented last week due to the boss fight. We won’t need that Yakisoba Pan for a good while, but I’m liable to just plain forget about it, so the sooner we take care of it, the better. Fucking Showa Day, whatever the hell that is!!!

(Elderly Female Customer) Oh, it’ll be so busy and crowded everywhere. I hope another accident doesn’t happen.
Yeah, no one’s been able to figure out the cause behind that. That kinda makes me feel uneasy.

He cares. He’ll just never admit it.

The original Detective Prince was Naoto Shirogane, but people are excited about this new one!
(Panelist) My daughter’s a big fan of the new Detective Prince. He’s a sleuth in high school and sooo handsome!

Don’t forget, I’m also a dangerous sociopath!

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Let’s go hang out with Takemi.

I refined the medicine from the other day a bit. Could you come to the back?

I’m going to start setting up then. Head into the examination room.


Hmm, eyes are focused, no reaction yet…

It tastes like burning…

There we go! It’s just as unpleasant as I intended! It took longer than expected for it to kick in because of your weight, however… have you considered dieting, tubby? Nevertheless, excellent results for a teenage specimen!

An emergency? Sorry, but our only bed is occupied.
What? No, it isn’t.
(to Maaku) I’m playing it safe. There’s a 35% chance you keel over in the next five minutes, considering what you just drank.

…Besides, the head physician here is Tae Takemi.

>What was that about?
Oh, he basically just called the wrong number. An ambulance driver was looking for a transfer location. All the designated hospitals are full. But to think they’d accidentally call a general practitioner… Must’ve been a new paramedic.

I’m slightly more concerned about the fact that he hung up when he heard your name…
Right… Even that newbie had heard of me…

Music: Suspicion

I’ve been blacklisted by the larger medical community. They call me the Plague… due to a grave medical error I made.

Medical error…? How, uh… how concerned should I be, exactly?
It’s related to my old job at a university hospital in the city… I was never convicted, but I’m still a pariah in the medical industry.

…Does that scare you? Participating in clinical trials run by a doctor like that?

Lady, you just said the two magic words: “never convicted”! I’m sure it’s fine. That said, I am still afraid of you for unrelated reasons.
You’re seriously a weird kid. But whatever. This ostracism has given me a lot of freedom to focus on developing this drug.

Regardless, I look forward to working with you. I’ll be sure to add some additional “medicine” for you, my little guinea pig.

It feels like my bond with Takemi is growing deeper…

All right, more medicine!

Huh? One order of teriyaki chicken?

…You’re all good for today. You can go home now. Come again soon, if you’re still alive.
I feel like cooperating in that shady clinical trial has increased my Guts

Maaku gains Guts +1.

Okay, take care.

For that event, we chose options: 1 (+0), 1 (+0), 1(+2).

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

You… haven’t told anyone about my drugs, right?

I guess I’ll believe you, for now.

Why are you like this, Maaku?

Feels like I’ve been getting a lot more patients asking for drugs lately. Wonder where they keep hearing about me… It’s been really bugging me. But that’s all I wanted to ask, I guess. Okay, see you soon.

Daytime → Evening

Another minister has resigned? What is going on…
How stupid do you have to be to commit adultery?
They must be nuts… Swinging that knife around on a train…
There are too many crazy people! Where are all the sane people?

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

We’ve got exams coming up in a bit, so we’re going to be doing a lot of studying.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Maaku gains Knowledge +2.

Early Morning

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

(I actually had to reload here because I originally chose to read Zorro, the Outlaw last night instead of study, but Yoncha Walker 04 is a waste of time to read because it just puts all the Yongen-Jaya activities on the quick travel map and Social Thought is too smart for our dumdum brains at the moment, so we only have Zorro to read and I didn’t want to waste this time slot).

Maaku gains Kindness +3.

...I wonder if Kamoshida really had a change of heart? What if we failed? That’s all I’ve been able to think about…

Maaku should get paid if every time we do this the rest of the team is going to treat him as their therapist. But then Maaku doesn’t get a therapist, oh no!

We did do what we could. I guess all I can do now is believe…

Cool. Just keep repeating that to yourself instead of coming to me every time you have the slightest doubt in the process.

But how strange… I feel a bit better now. Maybe it’s because of your composure?

Don’t tell Ryuji, but I’m actually freaking out hardcore. Why is it taking so long!?

We’ll be able to avenge Shiho, and you won’t get expelled! After break, we’ll all be able to laugh together!

Except Shiho, because that would involve giving her screentime.

Early Morning → Morning

These days, you’re expected to know colloquial English—even its idioms that come from other languages. I want you to forget that you’re Japanese during this class, and make yourself believe you’re a foreigner. What’s important is becoming someone else. In this day and age, being able to swap your mask depending on the situation is a critical talent.

Laying it on a little thick there, game.

How will you fare, Mr. Hamiru? Here’s a question. “Are you a wunderkind?” See if you can work out the answer based on what you know.

This isn’t even technically an English word! Oh, but they covered their bases with that “idioms from other languages” bit, clever.

“Are you a wunderkind?”… Well, seems to me like we need to work out what that is so we can answer properly. My German is a little rusty, but I’ll give you a hand if I can! First off, the “wunder” part probably means…

Right, wonder! So something… wondrous, I guess, or impressive. Next, the “kind” part. That’s probably…

Hm… Let’s think about this again. Oh, huh. If the “kind” in “kindergarten refers to all the kids in it… Yeah, that’s gotta be it. “Kind” means a child… or at least a young guy, in your case.

That’s right! I was asking you if you were a wonder child—in other words, a youth of uncommon talent. But I suppose if you were able to think and adapt so quickly, that proves you certainly must be! Oh, the word “talent” comes from the Greek “talanton,” a sum of money referenced in the Bible. The more skilled a servant was, the more coins they would receive from God—their talent led to wealth.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

The English word “talent” didn’t originally have anything to do with our modern concept of celebrity.

And it still doesn’t!

But the ability to change one’s mask depending on the situation is surely a talent given to one by God.

Okay, jeez, way to bring God into it, weirdo.

It’s not too far off calling people who can react to things on the spot on TV “talents.”
The talent of changing masks… Does that make us all “wunderthieves”?

Morning → After School

Music: Tokyo Emergency

There’s a movie theater in Shibuya, right? You want to go see something?

No, sorry. I already saw the one movie they show at that theater per month.

Let’s return Zorro and check a new book out.

One thing we didn’t examine was this speed-reading book. It’s not available right now, but if we select it anyway…

Oh… that one… Unfortunately, I can’t lend that to you… Someone else already checked it out. It’s surprisingly popular—someone else snatches it up as soon as it’s returned…
Well, there’s nothing we can do if it’s checked out. We can always come back later and try to get it.

Unlike in the original game, where the speed-reading book was so thoroughly buried under Book Town garbage you were unlikely to need it by the time you got it, this game teases you with it substantially earlier. We’ll still be able to grab it far before we could in the original.

Let’s grab The Alluring Dancer, then.

Maaku gains Guts +1 and Knowledge +1.

After School → Evening

Is there any way they can regain their lost memories? Revive and fight, Phoenix Rangers! Next episode… “Don’t Take Three Steps! You’ll Lose Your Memories”!

Sounds like that one fight in Part 6.

Maaku gains Knowledge +2.


Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)


I fail to see the appeal though. Adults swinging bats, screaming their grievances at society…

*sweating* Ha, y-yeah… who cares about baseball? That’s not a popular sport in Japan, right?

Heh. I’m envious. If you don’t want to to go batting, you must not have stress you want to relieve.

I’m getting some mixed messages from this guy! Do you like batting or not!?

I’ve been suffering hardship with work, you see. The curse of talent is being the object of envy. Visit the batting cages if you’re ever free. Though, it’s ill-suited to an intellectual like me…

Gah…! Aggh, my back…

(Male Host) Here’s what we’ve got for you today! Let’s start with this: The Military Ration Set! You can’t fight on an empty stomach, so get your nutrients with this!

Getting a big chuckle out of the idea of them selling fucking MREs on the shopping channel and people going nuts for them.

(Male Host) 3 Torimeshi Ration, 2 MRE Ration, and… 2 Beef Patty Ration—all in one! What a deal! But wait! There’s more! Next up is the Muscle Workout Set! You’ll see an enormous improvement in your training results! This set includes… 2 Protein and 2 Moist Protein! I can’t believe they’re both in one set! What a steal!
(Female Host) Wow! They’re both such great items, I can’t decide which one to get!
(Male Host) All right! This is a limited item! Today’s the one and only day it’ll be available!

Let’s go for the Military Ration Set.

Music: Tokyo Daylight


Maaku gains Proficiency +1.

While we’re out, we decide to pick up the rest of the books available so we don’t run into any problems like earlier where we almost didn’t have anything to read.

We’re intrigued by what the pretentious film man said about the batting cages earlier, so we decide to give it a try.

Batting cages? In a small place like this? …What’s it like inside?

Music: Everyday Days

Hm…? I haven’t seen you here before. In case you didn’t know, the services here change depending on the time of day.

The activities changing based on the time of day is all new.

During the day, you can win prizes based on your performance. More fun than just playing normally, wouldn’t you agree? At night, you can play all you want for 500 yen. If you perform well, I’ll give you a ticket for a free session during the day. Well? Would you like to play?

Let’s start with the beginner course.

It looks like you haven’t won the slugger prize or the home run prize yet. Well, do your best and don’t get too worked up.

If it works the same way as it did in the original, our goal is to win the slugger prize for hitting all five balls to get the full two points of Proficiency.

We do pretty okay. I didn’t even have to savescum!

The Ace Cap gives the wearer the skill Sharp Student, which lowers the rate at which they get Crit’ed.

Maaku gains Proficiency +2.

And we rank up!

A machine we sent in for maintenance will be back in July, so we’re planning to add another course to the lineup.
All right, let’s head home.

Daytime → Evening

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Don’t worry. I’m sure the change of heart worked.

We’re gonna get expelled if Kamoshida doesn’t have a change of heart by then…

>Guess we’re fucked, then! Off to juvie for me!
C’mon, don’t be like that… I’m sure it’ll be fine.
Yeah, we can’t give up yet.
>Thanks for nothing, losers! Maaku OUT

We take one last bath before we are forever cursed.

Maaku gains Charm +3.

Early Morning

Music: Disquiet

Why couldn’t they give us today off, too? We have the rest of the week off starting tomorrow…
(Serious-Looking Guy) Yeah, it’s ridiculous. Speaking of, what’s up with that calling card? The one sent to Kamoshida. Didn’t it say something about “stealing his distorted desires” or something weird like that?
Yeah, something like that… I’m sure it’s just a prank. No one’s taking it seriously.

(Flashy Student) I bet it’s about that girl that jumped the other day.
(Brown-Haired Student) They don’t have to tell us not to commit suicide.
There was that weird calling card too, so I guess the teachers are freaking out?

As you all know, a tragic event took place the other day.

By “the other day,” I of course mean over two weeks ago. We’d have held this assembly sooner, but we didn’t want to cancel the bake sale. Now what was I talking about? Oh, right, the girl. She’ll be fine. Now, on to more pressing matters; we have a special guest for all of you this morning. Mr. Ushimaru?
The principal and I are forming a comedy duo! We’ll be performing some of our routine today!
If you can call it comedy…
Shouldn’t *you* be the straight man?


That is why I will confess everything to you all…

I like that Kamoshida, in the middle of his existential despair, decided to get into full uniform, including the stopwatch around his neck.

Music: Regret

I have repeatedly done things that were… unbecoming of a teacher. Verbally abusing students… physically abusing my team, and… sexually harassing female students. I am the reason why Shiho Suzui tried to kill herself!

What, exactly, did you do to make her do that? Be specific!

Sexual harassment? What?
Why would he say that himself?
Ugh! He is the worst!
The volleyball team? Really? Physical abuse?

Kobayakawa is fucking tripping out back there.

I thought of this school as my own castle…

For some reason, that feels really on-the-nose, but it’s just the first thing that popped into my head…

There were even students that I sentenced to expulsion, simply because I didn’t like them… I will, of course, rescind those… I am truly sorry for putting innocent youths through such horrible acts… I am an arrogant, shallow… and shameful person. No, I’m worse than that…

Did he just say that?
Kill himself?
Mr. Kamoshida is, um… not well! Please subside!

(Teacher in a Suit) Everyone, return to your classes!

Shiho’s still alive even after all the things that made her want to die! You have no right to run from this!
You’re right… You’re absolutely right… I should be punished under the law and atone for my crimes… I did horrible things to Takamaki-san, as well. In return for giving Suzui-san a position on the team… I… I tried to force her into having relations.
Ugh… For a position on the team? That’s horrible!
I feel so bad for Takamaki-san…

Quick note, “Takamaki” is pronounced in a sane way in that line! Probably because it’s a no-name character, but still!

So the rumors weren’t true…

“Having relations”? What? Is he like, too embarrassed to say “sex”?

As of today, I will resign from my position as an instructor and turn myself in. Someone, please call the police!

Kamoshida! Hey, Kamoshida! You forgot to mention the fact that you raped a student! No problem, happy to help!

The police?
Is he for real? He’s gonna get arrested?

(Concerned Student) Isn’t this just like what that calling card said?
(Casually-Dressed Student) Does this mean the Phantom Thieves thing was for real!?
Was something done to Kamoshida!?
C’mon, there’s no way you could steal someone’s heart!
(Brown-Haired Student) But why else would he start saying things like he’ll kill himself or turn himself in?
(Flashy Student) Maybe because it almost got leaked? Don’t they go easier on you if you turn yourself in?
(Teacher in a Suit) Return to your classrooms at once!

His heart really did change…
Seems like it. But, was this really for the best?

Hey, it works for me! Maybe you’d be fine getting screwed, but I’m not going down for that bullshit! Woohoo! *ahem* I mean, I hope…

Yeah… It’s gotta be. But things’re happenin’ way too fast.

With three more years behind me I can appreciate that Ryuji is rightfully scared by the magnitude of what he has accomplished even if it not working would have doomed him, and that the game is better for this scene’s inclusion because it shows the characters having actual reservations about the godlike power they’re playing with. That said, the way it’s expressed is still kind of silly to me, because we spend like ten days going “oh god oh fuck eff this better work” and then it works and we immediately start wussing out.

We all knew… but we pretended we didn’t.
(Tall Student) Takamaki-san, I had you all wrong… I’m sorry that I spread rumors about you!

Two correct pronunciations in one scene!

(Black-Haired Student) I didn’t know at all… Kamoshida was forcefully pushing himself on you… It must’ve been so hard for you!
I’m sure there’s a ton of people who want to apologize to you. We’re so sorry!
No, it’s okay. The same goes for me too… Besides, that’s all in the past now.

W-Well, see you later then…

…I swear I’ll make it up to you someday.

In ways you will never ask for.

Man, I’m glad for you. Looks like those weird rumors are gonna go away.

Ann is no longer an outcast in our fun game about outcasts. Weird.

My thing doesn’t really matter. We made Kamoshida apologize about Shiho… That’s more than enough for me.

I’m not sure exactly how I would define that, but an “apology” wouldn’t be it. Dude prostrated himself and begged for death.

You should hurry and tell her about it then.