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Chapter 26: 5/7: Return To Mementos (New)

This update contains content from Parts 23 and 24 of the original LP.

Anon: sounds interesting

Early Morning

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

(Train Monitor) “Volleyball Beating Investigation!” The school claims to have left teaching methods up to its staff. It has denied once again that it had any knowledge of the beatings. “Pollen Warning as of Next Week!” Greater volume and arriving later than in previous years. “Hotspots of Tokyo!” Experience art in Shibuya! The Madarame exhibit opens next week.
People are really talking about the Kamoshida incident. No one in this car knows that we’re the ones who did it…

Dating this update horribly with this shitty meme, nice.

Early Morning → Morning

Music: So Boring

Anyway, today we’ll be talking about “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.” Most theorize it’s the oldest story in Japan; for some, it’s the oldest science-fiction story in the world. But if you ask me, it’s the oldest story in Japan about a terrible woman.


I mean, Princess Kaguya gives her suitors absurd tasks, demands fancy gifts, then runs off to the moon. Some men lose their fortunes, some are humiliated, and some even get serious wounds or go blind. Women like Princess Kaguya actually show up in a lot of stories from around the world. Now then, Hamiru-kun. You’ve probably heard that a woman who uses her wiles to lead people to their doom is a femme fatale. So what’s the literal translation of the phrase “femme fatale”?

That is correct. The answer is fatal woman. In French, of course. Some famous examples are the witch Morgan le Fay from Arthurian legend and Queen Salome from the Bible. Not to mention the wild, seductive dancer of opera, Carmen.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

…Let me just warn you that exams aren’t so easy that you can pass them with a single night of cramming. Take your time and make sure you understand the material, okay?
…You heard her. Must be rough being a student. Well, you have nothing to lose from studying. Give it all you’ve got.

I have plenty to lose in terms of opportunity cost, cat.

Morning → After School

Music: My Homie

There ain’t even a hint of a hint about a new Palace…
We can’t get everything online… Finding a post with a name and location is asking a lot…

Then we’re gonna need to find one ourselves… but one that the police aren’t onto? I dunno… Guess we should just wait until exams are done, huh?


Music: Disquiet

What does Miss President want?
Curious group here. It’s as if all the outcasts formed a book club.
And it seems you’re all more than acquainted with Mr. Kamoshida…

Was that supposed to be a joke? From what I heard, Mr. Kamoshida was responsible for leaking your criminal record.
Whoa, really? Thanks for the tip. Now, if you don’t mind, we’re busy here.
Sorry to intrude, but it’s my responsibility to deal with the rumors that have arisen in the wake of Mr. Kamoshida’s resignation, as well as calm the student body.
Not really sure what that has to do with us.
Yeah, can we go now, if we’re not supposed to be up here and all that?

At least try to understand my position. Being forced to deal with this horseplay…
Ah yes, by the way… It’s been decided that this place will be closed off due to the incident. I heard some people are coming up here without permission, after all.

That girl seems rather sharp. We should be cautious of her.

Rad, we already have a nemesis! Now to determine if they are of the “dangerous” or “sitcom” variety.

She really pisses me off!

Music: Break it Down

Anyway, you all need to be studying. Not just to keep a low profile, but also to improve your capabilities as phantom thieves.
Fiiiiiine… I was all pumped up to help people, too.
Then I suppose I can show you something interesting first. Remember how you promised to help me out with my mission?
Ugh! Just follow me! I promise it’ll be worth it!

Music: Wicked Plan

Just do as I told you.

Look for a post with a full name in it.
I already said there’s no info on any big shots. Don’t you remember? But man, people actually go put someone’s real name on here. That’s some scary shit…

The Phan-Site is basically just Doxx City. What has Mishima done!?

“He won’t listen to what I say”… No wait, there’s no name on this one.
“Someone’s bad-mouthin’ me in online chat rooms”… This one’s got a name.
Ignore those. Aren’t there any posts about more serious trouble?
“I don’t know what to do about my ex who’s stalking me. His name is Natsuhiko Nakanohara.” It says he’s a teller at City Hall.

Sounds perfect. Ready the Meta-Nav!
We’re going straight in!? Alright!
Hey, consult us first! It has to be unanimous! Maaku?
Eh, it’s probably fine.
Well, let’s do this then.
Oh, what’s the location? We only have the name right now.
We don’t need one. Just enter “Mementos.” It’ll probably work, just trust me!
Ugh, this again… “M-e-m-e-n-t-o-s”, you said?

Candidate found.

Just as I thought!

Music: Tension

Is this that Nakanohara guy’s Palace…?

Sort of. This Palace is… different, let’s say. The Shadows here lurk underground, let’s go!

Music: Suspicion

The Shadows know we’re here!?
Since the moment we stepped in.
You should’ve told us!
We’re still safe right here. I’ve come to investigate a number of times. Shadows never come up to this floor. But it’s a different story once you go down. This place is simply teeming with them.
More importanly, what is this Mementos!? It’s about time you start explaining.
Mementos is… everyone’s Palace.
Huh? Whaddya mean, “everyone’s”?
A Palace as grand as the previous castle only forms when a person’s wishes are extremely distorted. So, instead of many individual Palaces, the general public has one gigantic shared Palace. That’s where we are now… Mementos.

Wait… shared? Everyone’s all put together?

Think of it as the collective unconscious… No, never mind. You wouldn’t understand that.

Hey! That’s… fair!
Let me see if I understand this… we can change the hearts of people without Palaces here?
Right! It works a little differently though.
But this place seems huge. How are we gonna get around?

It seems the time has finally come…

Music: My Homie

I am no longer fazed by CAR.

Holy shit!

I cannot say the same for the party.

Apparently people think about cats turning into buses a lot, so I can do this in the Metaverse!
Why didn’t you do this in the castle!?
Too many stairs! Whatever, we’re wasting time. Climb in!

I need a driver, idiots.
Somehow, this the detail that breaks me.

I’m just now realizing that when Mona splits with the team and joins up with “Beauty Thief,” and then almost drives into the party in Mementos, it’s actually Noir driving. Not cool, Haru!

You can’t drive yourself!?

Joker, you drive.
Fine, but I get to set the radio.

Alright, let’s do this!

Music: Mementos

oh god it’s back

We’re looking for Nakanohara, right?
Yep. He’ll probably be his own small segment. We just have to find an entrance.
And we gotta go search for it? What a pain…

We use a Lockpick and open this chest for a Baptismal Water.

And here we find the entrance to Nakanohara’s “Palace.”

This is the place… I sense the target up ahead.

That seems to be Nakanohara’s Shadow.
Lemme see. Some front desk guy at City Hall became a stalker, right?
I don’t know how much evil he’s done, but we have to do something if he’s bothering other people.
All right, we’ll go talk to him.

Music: Blood of Villain

Are you that stalker!? Haven’t you ever stopped to consider how your ex feels?

Shit, that didn’t work…
She’s mine! Butt out!
Enough of this crap! We’re gonna change your heart, you bastard!

There are millions of people far worse than me! What about Madarame…? He stole everything from me, but you’re letting him off the hook!?

We don’t know who that is!
What a fucking joke! Aaagh!

And then he turns into a little gremlin, yadda yadda whatever.

Music: Keeper of Lust

Look… This is a winner-takes-all world. Come fight me and I’ll show you what I mean!

So, we inflict Confuse with Skull Cracker, which is the perfect segue to talk about the old money farming trick, which was nerfed to shit. Confuse now lasts only one turn, so it’s much less efficient to inflict it and hope the enemy throws money at you like a samurai in a Final Fantasy game. However, it’s much easier to get money through a variety of other means now, so it’s no problem at all.

This fight is a joke besides that.

Headbutt, Media, and Tarunda.

Music: Suspicion

After Madarame threw me out on the street, I became fixated on her… I just didn’t want to be thrown away again… I’m sorry, I’ll stop bothering her… Wait, you can change hearts, right? Please, stop Madarame… Before he preys on anyone else…

Change… Madarame’s heart?
Hm? What’s that shinin’ thing?
It’s the bud of a Treasure. Had we left it be, it very well may have blossomed into a Palace. Joker, this will make a perfect reward!

Oh right, this thing that Nulls Forget. Laaaaaaaaame.

Most likely.
But how are we supposed to know if we succeeded?
The lady posted the dude’s name online. If he really does change, she’ll prolly comment again.

It’s occurring to me that it’s kind of a missed opportunity here that there’s never anyone that like, catches on to the Phantom Thieves answering requests and then lies in a Phan-Site post about something awful someone they don’t like did to make them change their heart. Anyway, thank you for reading my fanfiction.

All right! That ruled!

Hold on. There’s somewhere I want to show you guys before we leave.
What, there’s more?
Don’t worry, it won’t take long.

Music: Mementos

There’s something I’d like to check in an area further down. That platform we saw earlier should be the way down. Let’s head there first.

Don’t you have a map or something?
It would be pointless. The layout changes every time you come here.
For real…?

Yep. Despite this being a Palace, we’re still in the subway. I guess this is how people view this place?

People go through this darkness… every day?

We’re totally gonna get hit by a train…

Music: Suspicion

And a dead end at that. Why’s it even exist?
Now hold on… Just watch. This is most likely not an ordinary wall.

It opened!
A new area has been confirmed in the depths. Updating guidance information.

Aha! It worked! I knew there had to be more to Mementos than this! Now that people are talking about the Phantom Thieves, it let us through!

How deep is it? Should we try going further down?
Let’s not. That’s not why we’re here today, remember? We’ve already accomplished our goal. We should head back and I’ll explain more once we’re home.

Music: Wicked Plan

A person!? In Mementos!?

Oh hey, it’s that kid from my Palace. Sup kid, what’s up with your nose? And also your ears? And also your entire head?

Maybe it’s this one…

Ooh! Tasty!

I caught Mona mid-blink here and it’s freaking me out

So, who’re you guys?
WE should be asking YOU that!
Good point. Sorry about that. It’s customary for a human to introduce itself before asking another human for its name.

Yes. Normal Human Dialogue. Hahaha.

Thanks for reminding me, Misterrrr… um, Tanuki? No, um… Hmmm… Cat?
What took so long to come up with “Cat”!? And I’m not either of those!
Yeah, uh, gettin’ confused about that seems pretty normal to me.

I’m pretty surprised to see some normal humans running around. I didn’t know people could just come here.
Well, we are pretty special—W-Wait, that’s not important! Who YOU are is what matters right now!
When you said you were looking for flowers, did you mean that floating thing?

Those seem to the ones I’ve been looking for. I’m collecting as many of ‘em as I can ‘cause I’m studying humans.
Studying humans? That’s why you turned a flower into a drink?
(muttering to self) Drinkin’ flower juice counts as studying?

The voice acting in this scene is :discourse:

Hey, could you guys help me with my research?

By collecting flowers for me. I wouldn’t ask you to do it for free, though. I find all kinds of stuff you can use while you’re exploring. I’ll trade you some of that stuff for more flowers.
Whaddya think? Should we try an’ get him some flowers?
Seems like it could do us some good, but we don’t know this kid… We gotta be careful.
Oh, I’m sure he’s fine. Let’s give him a hand. He seems like he could use it, and it shouldn’t be too hard to pick flowers while we’re exploring, right?
Okay, any OTHER reasons?
(deliriously) Hehe, he called me “pretty lady.”

Eh, it’s prolly fine. I mean, he said he’d give us useful stuff and all. Whaddya say?
Well, are you going to help me find the flowers or not?


Don’t go thankin’ us just yet, bud!

I am NOT a cat! And I’m NOT grumpy!
O-Oh, okay—then, are you hungry? I learned hunger can make a person turn grumpy.

You’re makin’ the kid worry about ya even more. Guess there’s no way outta this one.

Oh, and I guess just gathering flowers would be kind of boring, huh? Since you humans seem to enjoy playing so much, I’ll come up with some fun games for you. Ah, I also just remembered something humans like to say to each other:

If he’s studying humans, does that mean he isn’t one? I mean, he just seemed like some nice kid.
Well, he didn’t feel like a Shadow… I wouldn’t say he’s dangerous… at least, for now…
Anyways, if we see any of those flowers he wants, I guess we can grab ‘em for him.

Yeah. The thing is… I picked up something strange while I was exploring earlier. Here it is…

It’s a star. At least, that’s what they look like, so that’s what I call them.
A star?
Um, so, what about it did you want to show us?
Humans make wishes on stars, right? That’s so interesting. Stars granting wishes… So this star is going to grant your wishes.

Our wishes!?
…Or, it would be nice to think that.
“Nice to think that”… Seriously…
I’ll give this to you. It’s so sparkly and beautiful, you want it too, don’t you? It’s a “sign of our friendship.” I know what that is. Off I go now. Good job!
Hey, wait!

A star, huh? He said it’d grant our wishes or somethin’…
I highly doubt something like that would actually happen, even in Mementos… Well, I guess you can at least try making a wish.

An extra large beef bowl! With pork soup on the side!

Was Skull’s wish too petty?
You’re one to talk!
Hm. I guess things don’t just happen that easily. But we can’t just throw the thing away… Hold onto it for now.

Music: Break it Down

I’m not entirely sure of all the details myself, but it seems to be affected by the public’s belief in us.

Why do you know so much about it, Morgana?

My memories are still hazy there… but I can feel that I need to find what lies in the depths of Mementos. Mementos is the source of all Palaces. Larger, separate Palaces didn’t even always exist. So there must be some great source of distortions in there. If we can deal with it, I know I’ll change back!
So you wanted help too… Fine, I guess I can lend a hand.

I’ll… be relying on you guys.
By the way Morgana… are you a boy? Or might you be a girl?

The three genders.

That is a possibility!
I wish I could deny it, but… I just can’t be sure.
Why not!? …In any case, of course I’m male! I mean, I…
…What is it?
No… It’s nothing. We’re done talking about that! Anyway, we now know that we can perform minor changes of heart in Mementos. If we come across any eye-catching leads, it may be worth dealing with them for a bit of combat practice.
There weren’t any other outstanding ones though…
I bet we’ll get tons of ‘em if we can change someone famous and make the Phantom Thieves well-known. The big fish are our main targets after all. The big fish are our main targets after all.
First you need to find a way to get through your exams.
I gotta study…

‘Sup, Yusuke? Stalking Ann? That’s nice.

After School → Evening

Music: Beneath the Mask

If we can take down some big target next, we’re totally gonna get famous.
Hey! We’re trying to help people, not get famous!

We need to become known if we’re gonna give people courage, though.

I don’t think that you’re necessarily wrong… But should we really be doing this at all if we don’t have a reason like with Kamoshida?
You mean we shouldn’t be sticking our noses into other people’s business? I dunno, man. If someone’s in trouble, it’s only natural to wanna help ‘em out!
I mean, I agree with that. And I guess I was glad we were able to solve the stalker case.
Plus, what good are our Personas if we don’t use ‘em for good? Don’t you agree, Maaku?

Helping people’s good and all, but I’m really just in this to watch my Personas get guillotined. I have a lot of self-loathing I need to deal with, I guess.

We don’t got much time to be arguing over this either. That Madarame(?) guy bothers me.
Yeah. But no getting carried away, you understand? And don’t do anything to stand out like fail all your exams.
Oh crap! Speaking of that, I haven’t studied at all…

This part of the conversation onward is new.

What about that star? The one Jose gave us. Wonder if that could help us ace the exams…
Yeah, somehow I doubt that.
Hell, I’d settle for just not failing.
Bargaining isn’t gonna help you here. We wouldn’t use it for that in the first place. Maybe you should just, I dunno, put some actual effort in? You’ve still got time.

If there’s anything you still want to know about Mementos, I’m here.

The questions here are all old except for the fourth option.

I know he’s not a Shadow, but that’s all I can say for sure. I don’t even know if he’s human.

I think “not human” is probably a fair assessment, cat.

He was saying something about us gathering flowers from Mementos, right? We don’t know who he is, or what he wants… but either way, he doesn’t seem dangerous. We don’t have to prioritize it, but he said he’d compensate us… Maybe we can collect some if we have time. Oh, and there is that “star” too, huh? Something about wishes? It’s not doing anything now, though. It just looks like a rock, but… why don’t you hold onto it for now? No idea what it does, but maybe it’ll help us in the Metaverse.

For tonight, we’re going to craft three Lockpicks.

And the bonus craft procs! Maaku gains Proficiency +3, including a bonus point from the double craft.

Line Changes!!!!

When Makoto is confronting the group, the phrase “girl of rumor” has been changed to “center of gossip”, referring to Ann. Sounds better, I guess.

After defeating Nakanohara, most of the following conversation is different:

I-I was wrong… Please forgive me… That evil teacher used me, then threw me out on the street. That’s what caused my fixation on her…
>Evil teacher?
Huh? Could it be that Madarame guy he was talkin’ about earlier?
Yeah… I just didn’t want anyone to throw me out again…

is now:

I’m sorry… Please forgive me… I-I couldn’t stop obsessing… N-Not after the person I trusted used me and then disposed of me.
>Which person?
Hold on, are you talkin’ about that guy you mentioned earlier… Madarame?
I… was afraid of being thrown away again like some worthless thing.

Finally, after leaving Mementos, Morgana’s line about the wall, “I’m not entirely sure, but it blocked us from going in past a certain depth.” is now: “I’m not entirely sure, but that wall must’ve been there for a reason.”