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Chapter 9: Natsuno Minami 2

Music: Good Times (Azusa Chiba)

This track sounds so much like it belongs in Ace Attorney to me.

Consider Sentinel No. 17

(Sentinel No. 17. Created to fight against the Tripods. It’s also the robot that BJ used to pilot.)

Interesting, BJ used to pilot a Sentinel?

Consider BJ

(His name is BJ. He’s an alien that came from a highly civilized planet. His mission was to protect Earth from other evil aliens.)

You gotta stay quiet if we’re gonna keep you hidden.
Natsuno. Let’s go to the gate.

Sound good?
Natsuno. The gate… Natsuno, let’s go.

Locking you up in here… But I don’t know where else to keep you safe.

Consider Hiding Place

Music: BUDDIES (Azusa Chiba)

But if I left you in my room, my brothers would come in. They’d be able to find you, even if you were hiding.

I’ll help you find what you’re looking for.


You gotta stay quiet, or those men in black will find you. They really do seem to be everywhere…

Just stay quiet until then, okay?

That means you gotta stay in there.

And as the flashback ends, we return to Natsuno stuffing BJ into her locker.

I’m sorry I have to make you wait. But I’ll be back soon.

Consider Hiding Place

(My room… Gets raided by my little brothers pretty often. Either way, I can’t leave BJ at home. As for the track room, no one goes in there until after school. If I put him in my locker, odds are no one would see him.)

Music: Halcyon Days (Yoshimi Kudo)

Uhh… Um… Why?
You always put it in your locker.
Oh, you saw, huh?
What is it anyways? A clock?

It’s a… It’s a secret.
Oh, I get it. Another silly UFO thingamajig. Whatever. Just put it away before Senpai sees. *leaves*

Sure thing! Thanks for not asking why the track room is trashed!



Consider P. E. Bag

(If BJ is about to be seen by someone… I’ll just hide him in my P.E. bag. Crisis averted!)

What would happen if they found you. You’d end up in Area 51. Dissected on a table…

Use P. E. Bag on BJ

All right, let’s head to the gate.

Music: Bad Omen (Mitsuhiro Kaneda)

Let’s just walk past all casual-like, nothing to see here…



Natsuno’s on the back foot, let’s see her next play…

And she just fucking bolts! A bold move!

Music: High Alert (Yoshimi Kudo)

What do I do?

The man in black approaches, looks up and down the hallway, then turns back.

Let’s head down the other way, see if we can lose him.

Looks like we’ve got no option but to turn back the way we came.

Maybe the first MIB has already left?

Heading back in that direction reveals that nope, he’s still on the prowl.

Suddenly, a classroom door opens as we pass by.

What’s up?

Why’re you in such a rush?
Actuallly… I’m in a bit of a pickle.

Use Man in Black Suit on Nenji Ogata

What? What’d they do?
Nothing yet… But if they catch us, who knows?

Y-You know, that little outfit…
…Outfit? You mean the space suit?

I imagine they’ll search every nook and cranny.

lmao, Ogata you moron

Don’t worry.

You ain’t gettin’ away with this, asshole!

Never seen someone go down so easily.

This moment is hilarious but also kind of contradicts what we know about Ogata’s character? He’s apparently got a history with Wajima, but also Hijiyama said that he was a decent fighter after their scuffle. He’s not all talk or some pushover, basically. I choose not to see this as an inconsistency, though, and will reconcile this information by saying he was too horny to fight good. Problem solved!

He came from over there…

Crap, he’s coming.

Only one option left here. Gotta hide!


Good timing. I could really use your help.

We’ve been pursuing a suspicious individual. She’s still in the area, and she’s concealing something.

…Maybe old four-eyes will let me have my way. Fine.

Oh shit!

All you have to do is locate her. Leave the capture to us.

There’s… no way… Is Yuki-chan… working with the men in black?

Poor Natsuno. Can’t trust anyone.

But with that, we’ve unlocked a new character’s chapter! We can now play as Yuki Takamiya, the filthy narc she is. What’s the backstory there? Will you find out now, or save it for later? You decide what we do next!

Our choices for now are:

Juro Kurabe (22% completion)
Ei Sekigahara (14%)
Iori Fuyusaka (14%)
Megumi Yakushiji (14%)
Natsuno Minami (25%)
Yuki Takamiya (0%)
Destruction (18%)

There's also:

Takatoshi Hijiyama (14%, locked behind Ogata)
Shu Amiguchi (14%, locked behind Destruction)

The poll is here.