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Chapter 10: Yuki Takamiya 1

Music: BUDDIES (Azusa Chiba)

Of course the track room’s all the way in the back.

Target acquired.

You got tall, Nat-chan.

You’re the one who told me to grow it out. Remember?
That’s right.

I was worried, you know!
Yeah, sorry. A lot of things happened after the move. But I just got transferred here. Today’s my first day.
I knew you went to this school, too. Figured I’d find you eventually. It’s good to see your face again. Though I never took you for a track girl.
Hehe. Oh, there’s so many things I want to talk to you about!

Is it just me or did it just get a lot sleazier around here?

Keep working hard, Nat-chan.

So you’re finally here.

Ugh, let’s just get right into this then.

I don’t like being called by my name.
But I just heard—

It’s fine if it’s her.
Uh… You remember me, right?

How about the guy you were destined to meet?
More like a random guy I bumped into in the shopping district. Don’t get all weird about it.

I *said* quit calling me that.

Well, well, well. If it isn’t Takamiya of Suzu High. What’re you doing on our turf? Not tryin’ to stake a claim, are ya?
She just transferred here, actually.

Consider Nenji Ogata

(Built up a reputation as a tough guy. All the way back in middle school, actually. Every delinquent around here knows who he is.)

Consider Shu Amiguchi

(Some flirty, rich kid who won’t stop following me around. He seems to be close friends with a gang leader at Sakura.)

Consider Natsuno Minami

(Nat-chan. My childhood friend. We went our separate ways in middle school. But we still kept writing to each other. …She’s the only person I really care about.)

You got the wrong uniform on, sweetheart.

It’s just because that damn four-eyes made a mistake! I mean… Obviously. Don’t wanna go around wearing those girly skirts anyhow.

A transfer at this time of year?
Maybe that’s just how it happened for her.
Or maybe she’s tryin’ to pull some shit.

But why’d she come here, of all places?
Why here?

Go on, then.

Music: Between The Lines (Kikuchi Yukinori)

A first-year at Suzugamine Girls’ High School. Entered a boys’ school and engaged multiple delinquents… Twelve of which were sent to the hospital.

Consider Hospitalization

(I went to Nigakuri to settle a score. And somehow the cops managed to sniff me out… One of those dicks must’ve snitched.)

Use Hospitalization on Mysterious Man

Three had bone fractures. The others, just bruises and scrapes.
That’s too bad.
Got something to say? They’re the ones who laid their filthy hands on my friend. All I did was give ‘em what they had coming. None of your damn business anyways.

You’re really earning your pay today, aren’t you? Well, go on. Rake me over the coals. See if I care.
That seems like a waste of time for both of us. Allow me to get to the point.

We’d like to work with you.

I’m not gonna be your stooge, and I don’t work with cops. Go find some other sucker.

Currently serving a sentence for the murder of a gang member.

There have been attempts on his life by other inmates. Not surprising, since the man he killed was a gang leader. I imagine it’s a matter of reputation for them. Your father has been assaulted twice, but he is alive. For now.

It would be quite easy to transfer him to a safer facility. Contingent on your cooperation, of course.
God, I hate you already.

Consider Heita Takamiya

(He’s behind bars for stabbing a yakuza. Maybe he’s nothing but a two-bit gangster, but… He’s the only real family I have.)

Are you familiar with Shikishima Industries?

Rockets, planes, trains, ships—even home appliances. Not so publicly, it seems they’re also developing nuclear weapons. We suspect they are colluding with another nation to do so.
And what does that have to do with me?
We began investigating… And found that several minors are connected to these weapons.

And are being rounded up at a school affiliated with Shikishima.

Wait… is he talking about Sentinels?

Consider Weapons and Children

(So they’re using kids to make nuclear weapons? This shit sounds ridiculous.)

Consider Shikishima Industries

(Shikishima… It’s that company with all those commercials for TVs and fridges. So they’re making weapons too?

Do you have any questions for me?

Use Shikishima Industries on Mysterious Man

Why don’t you just bust into Shikishima yourselves?
We’d prefer not to have this go public. And the less the police are involved, the better.
Wait. If you’re not the cops, then who the hell are you guys?
We are a special investigations unit. Government-established and affiliated. Some might call us spies. I am director of the SIU. And your superior.

Oh great, another fucking SIU director. Joy.

Consider Special Investigations Unit

(That damn four-eyes… He says they’re some spy agency. It’s short for Special Investigations Unit. They may not be cops… But they’re honestly all the same to me.)

Use Weapons and Children on SIU Chief

But what do these kids have to do with it?
I’m glad to see I’ve piqued your interest. Take a look at those documents on the table. It’s a list of their names.

Class 1-B, Iori Fuyusaka. Class 2-A, Renya Gouto. More Class 1… Kisaragi… Kurabe…

But why her?

Oh hey, a new familiar face! How’s it going, Shinonome?

Allow me to introduce you.

She is another undercover investigator. And your superior. Just as she did… You will be transferring to Sakura High School. We’ll handle the paperwork.

I haven’t agreed to any of this shit yet.

Yes, she is.
Hey, I’m talkin’ to you!
She doesn’t look like she knows much.


Yuki decides she’s had enough of this.

Yeah, that’s what I just said.

Do you accept your assignment?

I think it’s safe to say we’re not getting through to her.

It’s her destiny, after all.

*sigh* Where are you, Nat-chan?

What’s going on with Natsuno? Is she not here?

Oh, it’s Megumi! Isn’t she in the same class as Natsuno? Let’s ask her if she knows anything.

Megumi seems to be staring at Juro through the classroom window like a total creep. So, not doing anything important. Let’s bother her!


That right?
Yes… Why do you ask?

Use Natsuno Minami on Class 1-C Student

Oh hey, Juro! What’s up?

Bye, Juro!

Have you heard anything?
The teacher just said she was out sick.
Did they hear from her directly?
I don’t know.

And so, having missed Juro leaving, Megumi walks off sadly. Great job, us!

At the same time, Iori is running up to join Miwako. Wonder if they know anything?

Do you need something?

Iori-chan! Any news?

Music: Bad Omen (Mitsuhiro Kaneda)

Stop by Natsuno-chan’s house again?


Got a sec?

Talk about Natsuno Minami

Takamiya. But that’s beside the point. I want to know what’s going on with Natsuno. Why hasn’t she been coming to school?
It sounds like she hasn’t been at home either. We went to her house yesterday. But her mom just kept apologizing over the intercom….
The police were there, too.

W-Well, that’s worrying… Thanks for letting me know.


It’s okay. Let’s get going.

Consider Cops at the Minami House

(And those cops… Or whatever they are. What were they doing there?)

You remember your orders, don’t you? You’re supposed to keep a low profile.
Hm, I can’t recall…
Maybe you’ve forgotten about your father, too.



Use Cops at the Minami House on Ryoko Shinonome

They’re agents with the SIU. In any case, Natsuno Minami isn’t your concern. She’s a part of my assignment. So stay out of my way. Are we clear?

Consider Special Investigations Unit

(…… What could have happened to Nat-chan? I bet that four-eyed bastard has some answers. Time to do what I do best.)

Music: Between The Lines (Kikuchi Yukinori)

I thought I made it clear that you are not to contact me.
I need to know what happened to Natsuno Minami. And I know you have answers.
Teenagers run away from home all the time.
That’s what the police say, but the school insists she’s out sick. Looks like nobody can get their stories straight. So which is it, huh? I’m not an idiot, you know.
Your suspicions are not unfounded. But our investigation is still ongoing. I don’t have a clear answer, myself. We don’t know where she is, or even if she’s still alive. The evidence so far points to kidnapping.
Who the hell would want to kidnap her? Shikishima?
They could have done it without anyone realizing she was gone. There’d be no need to draw such attention to themselves. No, someone else is behind this.
And that’s who Shinonome is looking for?
…… Someone at the school could be behind this. It’s possible they are there even now. In any case, this situation is dangerous. I suggest you keep your nose out of it. Shinonome-kun has this under control. As for you, Takamiya-kun… You will continue to monitor the other students, as instructed. Have I made myself clear?

And so ends Yuki Takamiya’s prologue.

Yuki Takamiya is a “sukeban,” which is a term from the 1970s used to describe delinquent girls. It comes from the words “suke,” an antiquated slang term for referring to women, and “bancho,” a common archetype for a delinquent leader. Basically, she’s a female delinquent. She’s voiced by Laura Post, who voiced Kasumi in Persona 5 Royal, Cynthia in Great Pretender, and Catherine in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

As for the poll, our choices for now are:

Juro Kurabe (22% completion)
Ei Sekigahara (14%)
Iori Fuyusaka (14%)
Megumi Yakushiji (14%)
Natsuno Minami (25%)
Yuki Takamiya (14%)
Destruction (18%)

There's also:

Takatoshi Hijiyama (14%, locked behind Ogata)
Shu Amiguchi (14%, locked behind Destruction)

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