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Chapter 27: 5/8-5/9: What’s Bonkin’?

This update contains content from Parts 24 and 25 of the original LP.

Anon: Who’s spreading this?


Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

The Phan-Site was useful, I take it?
>Ehh, debatable.

It’s OK, you don’t have to say it. I know deep down in my heart that it was useful.

Anyway, I’m in Shibuya right now. Come meet me at the diner, I’ve got some ideas for helping you out!

What is he up to…?

Music: My Homie

Oops, hah, sorry about that. I, uh, haven’t been getting a lot of sleep lately. I’ve been staying up managing the Phan-Site all night, every night. I think it’s called… PR?

…Why are you doing this, exactly?
Someone’s gotta manage your #brand! If you want people to know about you, you need someone keeping track of all your successes! That’s where my Phan-Site comes in.

I… I wish I could be more like you guys somehow.

But don’t worry! I’ll still be here to weed out the #haters and boost your profile! With my help as your strategic image management representative, your popularity is going to skyrocket! I’ll earn that title, just you wait! *yaaawn* It’s tiring work, but someone’s gotta sort through the unrelated chaff people post on the Phan-Site for you guys. I’ve already found some good information about our school, too!

I’ll give it my all!

Mishima seems motivated…

Like before, to progress Mishima from this point on we need to complete requests for him.

*yaaawn* Man, I’m exhausted… I think I’d fall asleep on the spot if I weren’t talking to you. I should head home… See you later.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I was checking the Phan-Site earlier, and found a bunch of hater comments about the Phantom Thieves! It got me so mad, I’m not even sleepy anymore. At this point, I might as well pull an all-nighter fighting back!

Amazing how little power it takes to go to someone’s head.

Well, I’m gonna work my butt off! Just watch me! Well, duty calls. I better set out for the Battle of the Phan-Site.

Yes, hello Mishima-san. I’m afraid it turns out that your son has Poster’s Brain. It’s terminal.

Daytime → Evening

Music: Beneath the Mask

What about that diner in Shibuya that Mishima told you about? Could be a good place for studying, right? You have permission to go out at night, so, no time like the present.

(Male Host) Here’s what we’ve got for you today! Here we go, the Relaxation Set! Everything you need for when you’re not feeling your best! 1 Recover Oil, 3 Relax Gel, and… 3 Alert Capsule! Are you seeing this!? What a great deal! But that’s not all! There’s more! Next up, we have the Bio Nutrients Set! Great for anyone with a green thumb or a love of plants! 1 Mega Fertilizer and 5 Garden Energy! These will both be in one set! What a steal!

We’re going for the Bio Nutrients Set because the Mega Fertilizer will give us an extra point of Kindness next time we feed our plant.

Next up, aojiru. Maaku gains Guts +1.

Now we head to work at the beef bowl shop.

Music: Everyday Days

Gah fuck

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Your manager can’t hire more people to help out? You were extremely overworked. I’ll keep this in mind for one of my speeches later… Thank you for the food.

He knows who you are now! Let’s talk to him again soon.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

Bonus pay for handling things well, nice.

Maaku gains Proficiency +3.

Anon: ya rite lol

Early Morning

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

You going snowboarding or something?
(Bespectacled Office Worker) I hear the cedar’s blooming later than usual… Climate change and what have you. Guh… Pollen allergies suck… I couldn’t got to the mountains even if I wanted to… My eyes and nose would gush like rivers.
That sounds awful…
That’s right, the news said pollen season was starting later than usual this year. Looks like the pollen problems have only just begun. People are about to have some itchy eyes. This might affect Mementos the same way weather does.

Ungh… …….

What’s the matter? You seem out of it. Is this that “post-partum depression” I’ve heard so much about?
No. What? No.

But… um… actually… I’ve been having this feeling that someone’s watching me… I hope not… Oh! Maybe I just can’t shake off the feeling of infiltrating a Palace! At the Palace, we’re always cautious of not being noticed, you know! So it has tro be my imagination… Yeah…

In a month or so once we’ve met Yusuke and cleared up this whole “stalking” misunderstanding, we’ll look back on this and laugh. Well, maybe not you, Ann. You’re probably just gonna think about the whole “nude modeling” thing. Sorry.

Early Morning → Morning

Music: So Boring

Yeah, people are talking openly about Kamoshida now that he’s gone.
I wish we could get some credit for it though…
It’s fine. Kamoshida’s being punished.

I wonder what’s gonna happen to hime now. I mean, he’s a famous criminal at this point, right? He’s gonna have to deal with people hating him forever…
That might be true, but I don’t have any sympathy for him. He got what he deserved.
For sure.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

I saw it on the Phan-Site, but I’ve heard about it at school too. Anyway, there’s a guy at school whose bullying has gone too far. I want to help the victim, but that’s impossible for me… But I bet the Phantom Thieves could do something about it! I mean, you already changed the heart of that stalker, so this should be a breeze, right?

The bully’s name is Daisuke Takanashi. Good luck!

Actually, no. The cat made me come here for some reason even though I have other shit to do today.
Yeah, we should be studying anyway.
I’m not doing that either.

Hey, Makoto.

Was he acting any different after that strange posting went up?
(Scared Volleyball Player) Ummm… I think he was the same as always, but I’m not sure… I heard he’s dangerous, so I try to keep my distance from him…

I’m sorry, I don’t know anything else… Is he involved in this?

I finally found a trainin’ spot. Wanna come with?

Music: What’s Going On?

It’s pay per visit, so you don’t gotta worry about any bullshit contracts or nothing. The equipment’s kinda crappy, but they got tons of variety. Plus, it’s real damn cheap, totally worth it, even without a pool or hot tub.

Gyms in Tokyo have hot tubs? I have such things to learn…
…You bring *the stuff*?
Gatorade? Nah, the football milk gives me heartburn.
I mean spare undies!
Ryuji, we came straight here from school and I didn’t know we were doing this today. Thankfully, I always carry around an extra pair of briefs for emergencies.
Right, let’s head inside!

Music: Break it Down

Phew… My form’s… comin’ back… but I don’t got… any stamina… *cough*

You can’t just do that. Oh, and you don’t need to call me senpai anymore. I’ve always graduated, remember.

If it’s good enough for Rise, it’s good enough for me.

Him? He’s, uh… a friend!

Hesitation noted.

By the time he showed up, the track team was already… well, y’know.
Speaking of which, how’s your leg?
Eh, I’m managin’… How ‘bout you, Senpai? You still runnin’?
I actually joined my university’s track team. You’d think I would’ve quit entirely after what happened…
About that, I’m real sorry…
No, I should be the one apologizing. I was supposed to be the leader of our team, yet I just resigned myself to Kamoshida’s will…

You needed his letter of recommendation though. You were just trying to look out for your future, and I messed it up…

Kamoshida clearly never intended on writing my letter of recommendation. You were just his excuse not to. And honestly, I enjoy where I am now. The track team isn’t anything special, but it’s perfect for me. So in truth, I should be thanking you for what you did, Sakamoto.
I’ve always regretted not doing more to protect you guys… But I heard some good news recently… The Shujin track team’s being reinstated!
For real!?

I guess after Kamoshida confessed all that horrible stuff he did the school got the old team together and told them they want to start it back up.
I hadn’t heard…
Weird, I’m not even a student but I found out. But they’re getting Yamauchi to be their advisor.
Hold up, the Yamauchi who…
…Was Kamoshida’s lapdog? Yeah. Apparently he volunteered. He sounded pretty enthusiastic about helping the team reform. But hey, there’s no need for any hard feelings now that the team’s coming back, right? Maybe you should talk to them. I’m sure they could use someone like you.


Music: Alright (Elp Version)

…Good for them.

What’re you thinking?
I dunno. I’m glad for them, but I don’t think I really have a place there anymore. And… I’m worried about Yamauchi. He’s like a mini-Kamoshida.

He’d always yell at us at practice, then be a huge kiss-ass when our parents were around. Ugh, I can’t believe a moron like that’s gonna be advisin’ the track team. He doesn’t even teach PE! …He’s gotta be up to something.

I might need your help with this, too.
Right on. It was weird your friend back there seemed chill about Yamauchi though.
Yeah, he’s a bit thick. Anyway, I’m countin’ on you!

I feel like my bond with Ryuji is growing deeper…

Let’s head home! Wait, I gotta shower first!

For that event, we picked options 2 (+3), 1 (+2), 2 (+3).

About that stuff today… I can’t really let myself be happy about the track team startin’ up again. Like I said earlier, there’s just somethin’ fishy about Yamauchi being the advisor. But I mean, if anything happens, I know you got my back. So I ain’t too worried!

I mean, we don’t know for sure if anythin’ sketchy’s goin’ on. But when I get these gut feelings… they’re usually right. Well, if I hear anything, I’ll hit you up. Okay, later!

After School → Evening

Music: Beneath the Mask

He apparently gives speeches at Shibuya Station, but… you can’t judge a book by its cover.


One new thing in Royal is that you can now get text messages from your part-time jobs asking you to come in. I believe you get extra pay if you acquiesce, but I forgot to check this one so I don’t remember!

We’re going to buy this new book, even if we won’t be able to read it for a while.

Are you interested in politics?

Are you a student? I’m delighted to captivate the interest of someone your age. …Hm? Have I seen you somewhere before…? Oh, you were working at the beef bowl shop before! You have a lot of perseverance for a young person. Well, if you’re interested, I could use your help. I want to change the state of this country, and to do so, I need the power of the youth. ...However, due to certain regulations, I can’t offer a job to a student. I was thinking you could learn some things if you chose to attend a few of my speeches though...

Really!? That would be helpful indeed! Well then… would you mind telling me your name and contact information? …… You’re a student from Shujin Academy, hm? It’s nice to meet you. I am Toranosuke Yoshida. I used to be a member of the Diet… but no longer. In the past twenty years, I’ve lost seven straight elections… This isn’t good. I’m dwelling on the negative right before my speech. Well then, I hope I can count on your help immediately.

With common sense no longer our guide, we make decisions based on our selfish wants and desires. This has resulted in a deluge of self-centered people who delight in taking advantage of the weak. However, even in this modern day and age, it is imperative that we act in the best interests of all. A world where it is acceptable to trample on the rights of others for your own benefit… A world where the young exist only to be exploited… Is a world that must be changed!

Music: Suspicion

(Elderly Woman) Hmph, easy for him to say… Old-timers like me have our hands full taking care of ourselves.
(Young Man) He’s actually making some good points, but he’s a no-name… He probably won’t get too far. Nothing’s going to change. We’ll just keep getting exploited.
(Grim-Faced Man) …What’s this wannabe politician blathering about now? He isn’t even affiliated with a party. How about you just leave matters of state in the capable hands of the Liberal Co-Prosperity Party!
You mustn’t base your decision on whom to support merely according to the party they belong to…
Ah, just shut up already! You’re just a washed-up politician!
If I am chosen to represent the will of the people, then I am fully prepared to…
“In the best interests of all”!? Hah! Save your blathering for when you get elected! ...IF you get elected!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Well, what did you think of my speech?

I liked your message.
Thank you. It’s encouraging to see someone so young appreciate my speeches, even if the audience has a different opinion. They think I should concentrate on getting elected before I make such bold proclamations.
Don’t listen to them, never change for nobody. There’s people like me who’ll appreciate your honesty.
It’s good to hear that.
But still, is that kind of heckling normal?
I’m afraid so. I’ve become used to it, but that’s not necessarily good either… But I must press on, no matter what.

I think I can learn a lot by listening to Yoshida’s speeches…
Perhaps I’ll ask for your impressions again sometime.

Please do, Tora.

Line Changes!!!!!

When Mishima texts us about the bully, his last line “Just make sure nobody knows I told you the name!” is now “I know you can handle this!” Right after that, Morgana’s line “What good timing!” is now “Oh! You got some info on a new target!” Also, Morgana’s line “Let’s go gather at the hideout and discuss!” is now “We got some info from Mishima. Let’s head to the hideout!”

The big change from this chapter is in Ryuji’s Rank 5 event.

Ikeda-senpai! Goornin’!
Don’t you mean “good morning”? Hahaha, you’re as eloquent as ever, Sakamoto.
Heck yeah, man! I’ve been studyin’ my words n’ shit!
Of course you have, haha.

is now:

Ikeda-senpai! What’s bonkin’?
“Bonkin’”? You say the strangest things. IS that how you greet a friend?
I’ve been tryin’ to come up with some cool new slang. Maybe it’ll catch on!
You can’t just do that.

The big thing about this that sticks with me is that it isn’t actually morning, so the original reply makes no sense. But also, “What’s bonkin’?” is so hilariously dumb, I love it.

When you examine the TV in Leblanc on 5/9, Morgana’s response to the news story about Kamoshida has changed from “The school is swarming with police. Anyway, it looks like that’s the end of this case.” to “There were police at the front entrance, weren’t there? Looks like this case is coming to a close.”