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Well, the last result was a tie. I suppose in this scenario I play the part of the Vice President and cast the tiebreaking vote. That would make you all the Senate, I guess. I don’t know where I was going with this analogy. Probably nowhere funny.

Chapter 11: Ei Sekigahara 2

I have to consider my next moves carefully.

This scene is gorgeous but unfortunately makes it a bit hard to see the character.

Consider From Another World

(So I’m… from another world? I said so in that message to myself. Must’ve still had my memories when I left it. I also said something about a way to escape this world. ……)

Examine Morimura’s Files

(Details about the dead woman I found. Chihiro Morimura, 31. Sakura High School nurse. Sakura High School… Isn’t that where the ID card came from?)

Examine ID Card

Sakura High School. Class 1-B. Iori Fuyusaka. She definitely looks familiar… But from where? Why can’t I remember?

Examine ID Card

Maybe if I find this Fuyusaka person… I’ll finally remember something.

Music: Sneaking Suspicions (Kikuchi Yukinori)


A voice emanates from the communication device buried in Ei’s… coat? Yeah, let’s say it’s from his coat. That thing wouldn’t fit in his pocket. But let’s not answer right away. We’re still examining the tchotchkes in our pockets.

Examine Key

…Now pick up. I’m not your enemy.

Unfortunately, the voice from the radio is going to keep fucking talking until we pick up.

Maybe it’s a car key?

In our quest to keep wasting this man’s time, we’re just going to examine this public phone.

An old-fashioned phone…

Use Cryptic Note on Public Phone



Fine, let’s answer.

Examine Communication Device

…Don’t be a fool.

There you are. I take it you’ve seen the recording, then?
…! Who are you?
Just a friend who’s trying to help out.
…A friend?
I didn’t expect you to be so… thorough. Regardless, you handled the Morimura assignment well.
So *you’re* the one who wrote those instructions. I… can’t remember anything.
That’s exactly why I’ve contacted you. Listen, it’s not safe out there. Don’t trust anyone.
Anyone? Including you?
Better to be too careful than too careless. Otherwise, you’ll never escape from this world.

In the meantime, just stay put and don’t go far. I’ll see what I can do about your pursuers. You’ll hear from me again soon.

Examine Communication Device

(“Don’t trust anyone,” huh… He mentioned an escape, like I did in that message to myself… Should I really just wait for him to contact me again? …No. He said not to trust anyone, and that includes him.)

Examine ID Card

(Both the victim and the owner of this ID card… They’re from Sakura High School. Maybe this female student knows something I don’t.)

I’ll pay a visit to the school.

Hey, Natsuno! What’s up with your cheek? Got a zit?

No sign of her.

At least, not until we move three feet to the left!

Music: Ennui Vibes (Yoshimi Kudo)

Iori… Fuyusaka.

I couldn’t stop thinking about you. But now…


Consider Iori Fuyusaka

(It seems like we’re close. Very close. But… I can’t trust anyone. For now, I’ll act like I remember her. I want to hear what she has to say first.)

Use Iori Fuyusaka on Iori Fuyusaka


Like I said before…

…… Even if it is one-sided…

Use ID Card on Iori Fuyusaka

I thought I’d lost it… But I’m glad you were there to find it for me. Thank you…

Use Empty Pill Bottle on Iori Fuyusaka

Pills? No, those aren’t mine.

…Ah, my mistake. These *are* mine.

Smooth, Ei.

What’re they for? Are you sick?
I’m fine. It’s nothing to worry about.

Use Morimura’s Files on Iori Fuyusaka

Huh? Yeah, she is. What about her?

Ever since that day… She hasn’t come back to school. Could something have happened?
Which day?

I’m sure she’s fine.

Consider Morimura’s Secret

(Morimura’s secret…)


My first class is about to start! What will you do now, Ei-kun?

But those men… Won’t they be on campus, too?
Why don’t you meet me here after school’s out? I’ll show you where to go.
…All right.

Consider Morimura’s Secret

(“We must accept our fate.” That’s what Chihiro Morimura said. It’s hazy, but… I think I remember…)

All we need is a big spooky tower and we’re in my least favorite modern Persona game.

Ah, great! This asshole’s a time traveler too!?

Music: UNPREDICTABLE (Yoshimi Kudo)

Figured I’d give the area an advanced survey.
Quite the view. Worth taking in one last time.
I expect there to be considerable damage…
We weren’t prepared for them in Sector 1. There was nothing we could do… But not this time. We *will* fend them off.
I certainly hope so.

That’s six too many!

And we’ve had positive results in our battle simulations.
That won’t mean much if our enemies have evolved. It seems our victory ultimately depends on luck. So let’s assume we’re met with the worst-case scenario. If we fail this time…

What the fuck is a “loop”????

And we’ll start over from the very beginning. We’ll have a greater chance of success that way.
Even if it means leaving this world behind? …No. No more running away. If we don’t settle this here…

So you intend to close the loop, then? If you do, no one will be able to leave.
At the very least… We’ll survive.

When that time comes… We must accept our fate.
In any case…
Yes… If we win now, we can avoid such an outcome. Then we’ll finally be able to leave this world and—

And frankly, I don’t care. Just as long as you can defend my city from the kaiju. Without retreating, that is.
*You’ll* be the one in the Sentinel protecting the city. We’re counting on you.

I assume you have some questions for me.

So we get a name…

If I keep my end of the bargain…

But I’ll try to be more careful going forward.

Use Promise on Tetsuya Ida

You require third-generation machines, right?
Then I’l update their systems, as promised. Though I have to ask… why are you having me do this? Wouldn’t it be faster to go directly through Morimura?

And I’d like it to be done without her knowledge. Depending on how the situation unfolds… There’s a possibility she may resort to drastic measures.
Is that what she was just talking about? This… Operation Aegis?

That’s right.

Consider Operation Aegis

(Close the loop…? What are they talking about? Are they planning on abandoning the city? No… I can’t let that happen. I need more details on this so-called operation.)

Use Operation Aegis on Tetsuya Ida

The enemies’ main target is the underground mainframe. Each terminal is equipped with a self-defense protocol. However, the enemies’ attacks seem to bypass it. So, the moment they strike… We’ll hack the terminal. This will activate the defense protocol. …The Aegis System.
Isn’t that a good thing?

And that means we can never start over again.
What’s so bad about that? It doesn’t matter as long as we succeed, right?

And in the end…

So… that was a lot. To recap, in 2064 Ida got Ei to update the Sentinels so he can control them (to do what????) so he can circumvent Morimura and prevent her from enacting Operation Aegis, which will save the world but also break time. Ei goes along with this because he wants Ida to stop “using” Ryoko (Shinonome, I presume) in some way. Also there was a lot of talk about “loops,” which, what the fuck?

But that’s as far as we can get with Ei right now! What next?

Juro Kurabe (22% completion)
Iori Fuyusaka (14%)
Megumi Yakushiji (14%)
Natsuno Minami (25%)
Yuki Takamiya (14%)
Destruction (18%)

There's also:

Takatoshi Hijiyama (14%, locked behind Ogata)
Shu Amiguchi (14%, locked behind Destruction)
Ei Sekigahara (28%, locked behind Natsuno)

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