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Chapter 12: Iori Fuyusaka 2

Music: Bright Days Ahead (Azusa Chiba)

Just a nice, relaxing walk home through the shopping district in 1985.

So, this scene is structured rather curiously and it’s going to be a nightmare to cover if I don’t properly explain it. It’s pretty interesting, though. See, the words “About that cat…” in the top-left corner? That indicates the current topic of conversation. This entire scene is basically one long, meandering conversation between Miwako and Tomi. It also, true to the real life experience of listening to your friends ramble on, doubles back on old territory often. See, the conversation is circular, and these two will essentially talk in a loop (hey, maybe that’s the “loop” Ida was referring to! smile:. Depending on what “phase” of the conversation they’re in, it’s possible to get different dialogue from them. If I haven’t explained this well, don’t worry, it’ll make more sense once I get into it. I’ll be showing more-or-less the entire scene, because it’s cool.

So, following Miwako’s “Did you see that, Usami-chan?” is:

It was that kitty again!
I don’t see it. Must’ve taken off already. So many stray cats around here. Maybe someone’s feeding them.
That kitty… Think it’s the same one I saw at school?
I dunno. A lot of cats look like that.
You saw it too, right, Iori-chan? Didn’t it look the same? *does not wait for answer* Oh! It’s over there.
I don’t see it. (loop)

And from there it just repeats from the earlier identical line. Now that we’ve heard the whole thing, let’s talk to Miwako.

You wanted to go to the record store, right?
You must really want that new idol group’s album.

He looks a bit like Amiguchi-kun…

Now we’re in “Boys, boys, boys”, which means another looping conversation. It’s worth noting that we can talk to either Miwako or Tomi here, but we can only talk to the one who is currently speaking.

There’s not even one you might like? Being in love is wonderful, Usami-chan. Even just watching from afar… It’s like your heart’s wrapped in a warm blanket.
Maybe, but come on… Have you seen how the guys react when Morimura walks in? Let’s just say they’re not looking at her eyes.

Tomi with the callouts, jeez.

She does have a nice figure… and I can sort of understand. As for guys I like… I think Amiguchi-kun’s handsome.
That guy’s shallower than a cookie pan. You’ve got a strange taste in men, Miwako. That’s mean…
Gouto-senpai’s pretty cute too… He has a lot of secret admirers. Even some of the third-years!
Yeahhh, I’ll pass. Man, all the guys at school suck. (loop)

If we walk over to the right here…


No, don’t flee!

Scaring away the cat will return us to “About that cat…”.

We simply need to talk to Miwako again to go back to “Boys, boys, boys”.

All right, now that we’re here again, let’s talk to Miwako first (because I had to record this update six times due to audio issues so I know painfully well which route leads to progression (also, yes, I know this is a screenshot LP, that should indicate how bad the audio situation was)).

Use Shu Amiguchi on Miwako Sawatari

I heard he’s not joining the basketball team. What a shame. He’s so good at it.
Back in grade school, he played soccer. But one day, he just… got bored and quit.
You guys knew each other back then?
Yeah, in fourth grade. Nat-chan too. We were in the same class.

Now, let’s talk to Miwako.

I see…


Don’t mind me!

It’s a love charm. I saw it in a magazine. If you include it in a love letter to your crush… Your wish will come true!
Uh-huh. And what was it last week? Put a photo of your crush inside your pillow?

Now, let’s talk to Tomi.

I’m still hungry.

Good idea. Where should we go?

And now we’re in “Wanna grab food?”, so we’ve got a new conversation loop.

I’d love to go back to that one place…
Their stuff *was* pretty good. At this point we’ve hit up most restaurants in town.
I love getting snacks after school. Somehow, it’s even better than eating them at home.
That’s the magic of high school life! But seriously, I’m starving.
They did make us run a lot in P.E. today. I’d love to go back to that one place… (loop)

Okay, now we talk to Tomi.

It’s a hot day today… Why don’t we get soft serve?
Nahhh. I’d rather have crêpes.
Let’s let Iori-chan decide.

You know the deal, another conversation loop.

I wonder what it tastes like… Don’t you want to try it, Iori-chan?
I can smell the crêpes now… Freshly made! I need it!
The soft serve place just got a new flavor in! (loop)

Choose Soft Serve

Sorry, Tomi, but I’ve got a serious sweet tooth.

So I agree with Miwa-chan!
Yeah, okay.
All right, let’s go!

Rich vanilla, right?
It was either this or chocolate mint.
All right, I’m gonna try it!

Let’s see.

Super sweet!

Soft serve ice cream!

I have no idea what this “lucky item” thing is, and googling is just returning a bunch of Animal Crossing bullshit. I’d call whatever it is stupid, but I don’t want to hurt Miwako’s feelings.

They really are. I can tell!

We’re now technically back in “Wanna grab food?”, but talking to Miwako results in a new dialogue.

We did just eat a lot of sugar…

Don’t tell me… You two are taking things to the next level?

And we’re back to “Boys, boys, boys”. We’re all over the place today. We just need to talk to Miwako again, though.

Huh? But… It said my luck for this week is bad…

Use Lucky Item on Miwako Sawatari

Yeah. Just tell him!

Watching from afar is good enough. But I do envy you, Iori-chan. You talk to Amiguchi-kun like it’s no big deal. You two were chatting on lunch break, right? In the passageway.
What about?

Consider Strange Dreams

(They sounded a lot like mine. I wanted to talk to them about it. Maybe we’re all connected.)

Music: Just Because (Composer: Azusa Chiba, Arranger: Rikako Watanabe)

Oh, Fuyusaka-san.

You weren’t at your desk, so… I thought I’d check outside. Are you waiting for Amiguchi-kun?
Well, trying to.
More dream talk?

But I just want to play games. I thought I’d ask to hang out at his place.

I know we just met here at school, but…

Have we met somewhere before? A long time ago?


You guessed it. It was crazy, man.

Oh god, Amiguchi’s one of those assholes who’s just gotta tell you about this craaaaaaaaazy dream they had, yikes. Don’t envy Juro and Iori right now, they’re gonna be here all day.

Walkin’ around, beatin’ up monsters.

You too, right, Kurabe-kun?

I went back in time using the UFO’s transmitter. I have dreams like that all the time. But in my case… I think I’m too easily influenced by movies and stuff.
Why did you come here, anyway? Don’t tell me…

The truth is… I’ve been having weird dreams too. It seems like they might be related, so… I thought I should talk to you guys about it.

You know, the tank with legs? I saw something similar myself.

Use Strange Dreams on Shu Amiguchi

That was you in my dream, Amiguchi-kun.

Music: Staring Into The Void (Yoshimi Kudo)

There’s no Century Tower. This must be before it was built.

Futuristic cars whir by in the foreground as Iori(?) stares out into the distance.

Were Juro and Okino-kun unable to escape?

And I’m all alone. What am I supposed to do?

It’s Sumire Bridge. Did I make it back?

Shu(?) jumps down.



Who are you?


To the year 2089…

She asked me to find you on Sumire Bridge 16 years prior… And tell you about our battles. We’ll defeat them this time for sure.

I don’t want to get caught. Let’s get out of here.

Are you just going to leave it here?
Don’t have much choice. Gonna need it eventually. I’ll worry about it later. For now, though… I think it’s best you come with me.


Oh boy, a package is here for me! I hope it’s more useless fucking Nendoroids I don’t need! Or the political science books I ordered! One of those two, surely!

…Oh. Right. This monstrosity, which I now have to lug up two flights of stairs.

Opened it up. Yep, that’s a corkboard all right.

And I’ve got the perfect barren stretch of wall to put it on!

A few days later, I finally get some help and put it up. And with only one catastrophic error in setup that I won’t go into!

Now that it’s all in place, time to get started.

And here’s a look at the early results. Not complete, obviously, but I think it’s coming along nicely. Which, it better have, this all cost me at least one hundred and fifty dollars! I had to buy a printer for this!

Some of you may be asking what the yarn colors mean. Well, no, you’re actually probably first asking me what the fuck I’m doing, but that’s no fun. The colors I have so far are: Red yarn for strong, important plot connections, orange for weaker connections (Okino and Ei are linked orange here because we don’t know much about why Ei was following Okino, for instance), yellow for strong friendships (despite Natsuno being friends with a lot of the cast, her and Yuki are the only case that really makes sense here for that so far), pink for romantic connections, green for… somewhat tenuous connections, I guess (I really just needed a color for the Juro/Megumi/Miura home situation), and finally black is for two characters who are actually the same character. I’ve also got one solitary little bit of white yarn on the board for Ida’s link to the MIB, because I’m not sure it’s been outright confirmed they’re both part of the SIU, but what the hell else could it be, right?

Again, still a work in progress, but I think this board will really massively creep out anyone who enters this room help us keep things straight. I’ll look into other methods of keeping track of all the juicy plot details, as well. But I can already tell this bulletin board is gonna be completely nuts and I’m looking forward to seeing how it evolves. Like, we’re not even four hours into this shit and we’re already finding out Morimura and Ida are actually Iori and Shu, christ! This game is going to be the death of me.

God, it’s like a dreamcatcher that only protects me from sex. I already regret this. But anyway, time to vote!

Juro Kurabe (22% completion)
Iori Fuyusaka (28%)
Megumi Yakushiji (14%)
Natsuno Minami (25%)
Yuki Takamiya (14%)
Destruction (18%)

There's also:

Takatoshi Hijiyama (14%, locked behind Ogata)
Shu Amiguchi (14%, locked behind Destruction)
Ei Sekigahara (28%, locked behind Natsuno)

The poll, as always, is here.