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Chapter 15: Shu Amiguchi 2

Music: Forty Winks (Rikako Watanabe)

All these weird dreams must be getting to me… …And that show that came on in the middle of the night.

Consider Motorcycle Key

(I woke up late this morning, so I came to school by bike. But I’ve got it parked off in the shopping district. That way the school can’t get on my case about it.)

Consider Miyuki Inaba

(…Heh. Who’d believe me?)

No easy way to drop that bomb. They’d have me committed.

I wanted to talk about my dream… Might be out in the passageway…

Tomi and Miwako leave the classroom from the other doorway.

Miwako runs to hide behind Tomi.

Consider Tomi Kisaragi

(She’s in 1-B. Same class as Kurabe-kun. She’s not even my type, but I can’t get her out of my head. …Must be from all those dreams…)

Why bother remembering me?
I never get a girl’s name wrong.

Come on, let’s go.

Let’s walk over to Class 1-A now.

No sign of her, though.

You successfully scared her away with your leering. Good job!

For the love of god, no one tell Shu what the robot is named!

Music: LONER (Azusa Chiba)

Even if I could, it wouldn’t solve anything…
…Look, you don’t have to tell me any details if you don’t want to… But it sounds like a pretty rough situation. Well… for what it’s worth… You can crash at my place whenever you need to, okay?
I owe you a debt of gratitude for all you’ve done. I’ll be all right. I’m staying with an acquaintance now.
Oh yeah? Glad to hear it, man.

Ah, well, this is…

It talks?

Is it yours?
Not exactly…

Oh yeah.

*pained wheeze of laughter*

Just been having some crazy dreams lately, I guess.

*quiet moan*

Hope things start getting better for you soon, man.
Thank you.

Consider That Dream

(But I feel like I know everyone I keep seeing in them. Well… Maybe I really am just dreaming. Makes more sense than them being premonitions. I dunno if that could really be our future, anyway. Everything in them is way too crazy. Even that dream…)

Music: STAGNATION (Yoshimi Kudo)

Hope they didn’t find us…

They had this pear tart… It was amazing. (holding back tears) And now… even my own apartment… It’s all ruined. All gone.
Are you gonna be okay?

I gotta stay strong… Ugh, my voice is all scratchy from crying all day…
You sound good to me. And scratchy or not…

We might see a rescue copter flying around or something.
What, up there? The only things flying around are the weird bug things. Nobody’s here to help us…

I mean…

Use Help Won’t Come on Tomi Kisaragi

Those things erased everybody. Like how everyone in the city just vanished at once… I saw it happen. I bet Mom and Dad were…

Whatever these big killer alien things are… They’ve clearly got us way outclassed in tech. They can wipe out whole crowds without a beam or anything. And still, with all that power… They come here in this gigantic horde. They dig these holes all over town, and then…

And us. We didn’t get killed, or vanish, or anything… There’s gotta be a reason for that, too.

It’s crazy that you can still keep it together, even with all this stuff…

Trust me, I’m freaking out too…

You okay?

They didn’t find us.

Huh? Uh… Well… Y-You really changed.

Music: A F8ful Struggle (Hitoshi Sakimoto)

It just makes me wonder…

I was listening to one of your streams, and… You said you kinda go for tough guys. Cool guys. That’s basically it.
What!? …… That’s it? That’s why you started trying to be such a badass?
I guess I got the look down, but I couldn’t walk the walk, huh?

You were already popular enough back then. Why would you go that far just ‘cause I said…?

That’s… actually my username.

Hey, it’s not like I was keeping it a secret.

(to self) I only got so far ‘cause of him. That’s why I started getting serious about my singing. ‘Cause he supported me. Told me I was a great singer.
Well, you *are* a great singer.

There *were* other survivors!
We came to rescue you.

My name is Keitaro Miura. What about you two?


Now… Who are you?

DUN DUN DU—wait, we already knew that, what the hell

And we’ve unlocked Miura! Not Tomi for some reason, Miura! Weird!

But we’ve got some new minor updates to make to the board!

First up, we’re finally adding Tomi to the board. After that scene, I think it’s fair to suggest some kind of romantic connection with Ida. I could, by the same logic, link Shu and Yuki, but that seems premature because Shu is a fucking horndog.

And second is linking Shu and Miyuki Inaba, who I also just added. She may not have appeared in this chapter, but she got her name spoken aloud and that’s almost as good! I wonder what the connection between these characters could be…

And here’s what the board looks like at present.

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Keitaro Miura (0%)
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