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Team Snakemouth

Species: Rainbow Scarab Beetle (Phanaeus_vindex)
The fighter/knight. Most of the time he's serious and determined, but has a goofy side that comes out sometimes. Seems to have had some bad experiences in the past which he doesn't talk about. Mostly fights with his horn.

Species: Western Honeybee (Apis mellifera)
The rogue. A bee who wishes to defy the expectations of her species, she struck out on her own to become an explorer. She's young, energetic, and (over)confident; she's also very greedy. Mostly fights with a boomerangbeemerang.

Species: Geometer moth ( Iotaphora admirabilis)
The wizard. Specialises in ice elemental magic. Vi and Kabbu found him in Snakemouth Den, held captive by a spider. Displaced in time, trying to decipher the mysteries of what happened to him and what became of his teammates and family. Has a strong competitive streak and a huge appetite. Weak to cute critters.


Team Maki

Species: Generic/unidentified mantis.
The Ant Queen's Blade, and right-hand bug. Not an ant, despite being sworn to the Ant Kingdom. Seems to be well-respected in the Explorers' Association. A bit overbearing and very sure of himself, but he's earned it. Prone to starting fights.

Species: Generic/unidentified mantis.
Maki's overprotective sister.

Team Ant

Two generic ants.

Team Celia

A ladybug and ant team. Quite competent. They helped us save the game in Chapter 1, and worked with Team Snakemouth to entrap Monsieur Scarlet in Chapter 3. Are they friends, or is she his handler? They also frequent the Underground Tavern.

Team Slacker

Species: Hercules beetle (Dynastes hercules)

Species: mosquito

A very skilled team who are nevertheless infamous for never successfully completing missions. They claim nothing holds their attention long enough, so they prefer to pass on information to other explorers who then finish the job.
According to the devs, they were originally going to be the protagonists of their own game, as a lizard and a jellyfish.

Team Mothiva

Species: Paper wasp, possibly Polistes metricus or Polistes annularis
A mysterious wasp explorer. Mothiva's "stalker" and exploration partner, he is very dedicated to her.

Species: Silk moth (Bombyx mori or Bombyx mandarina)
Bugaria's most popular idol singer, who seems to also work as an explorer. Not nearly as pleasant as her public persona.

Administrative Personnel

Species: Rugose Stag Beetle (Sinodendron rugosum)
An administrator in the Explorers' Association. In charge of granting permits.

Species: Orchid mantis (Hymenopus coronatus).
Handles the books of the Explorers' Association. In charge of distributing Hard Mode rewards.


Elizant II Administration

Elizant II
Species: Ant (queen)
Ruler of the Ant Kingdom. Imperious and brusque. Significantly less popular than her beloved mother, Elizant I, her administration is held in some scepticism by many of her citizenry. Determined to find the Everlasting Sapling to fulfill her mother's dream.

Species: Ant
An unusually large and imposing ant, she is Elizant II's primary bodyguard.

Species: Ant
Caretaker of the Ant Palace. Very old, served under Elizant I. Leif knew her but she doesn't remember him.

Species: Ant
A big miner ant the Queen put in charge of opening tunnels between regions. Likes to eat the berries used as currency, which other bugs think is weird.

Library Personnel

Species: Ant
A kindly librarian who runs the Fact Hunt and gives rewards for every 5 Discoveries.

Species: Ant
A short-tempered ant in charge of the returns desk. Collects Lore Books.

Species: Wasp
Known for his questionableexcellent taste in literature.


Species: Fly
A chef who set up shop in the Commercial District. Likes to cook for the common folk. He cooks items for free as long as you bring him the ingredients.
Also notable for being one of the few characters to have actual compound eyes.

Madame Butterfly
Species: Unspecified butterfly
Proprietor of the item shop in the Ant Kingdom commercial district. Vi looks up to her.

Species: Unspecified beetle
Travelling medal salesman who has taken up residence in the Ant Kingdom.

Species: Beefly (Bombyliidae)
A musician who was rejected by the theatre in the Ant Plaza. Vi convinced her to continue her career independently. Plays songs on request (for a modest fee).

Species: Unspecified butterfly
Runs the quest board in Ant Kingdom Plaza. Gives alerts when new quests are added.

Underground Tavern

Species: Ladybug
Proprietor and bartender of the Underground Tavern. (Poorly) disguises himself as a beetle with a false horn. Offers bounties on dangerous monsters, possibly in exchange for Elizant II looking the other way.

Species: Unspecified beetle
The Underground Tavern's gatekeeper and bouncer. Has something of a mutual grudge with Vi over something that happened in the past, Team Celia had to convince him to let her back in.

Species: Unknown/unclear
An information broker who hangs out in the Underground Tavern. Sells Spy Data.

Species: Mosquito
Set up shop in the Underground Tavern fencing stolen goods, mostly medals (though he claims not everything he sells is stolen). Uninterested in "common" berries, only accepts Crystal Berries in exchange. Sold Vi the Beemerang after it was stolen from Professor Honeycomb.

Other Residents

Species: Ladybug
A pair of ladybug siblings who live in Bugaria Outskirts.

Species: unidentified moth
A young moth who lives in Ant Kingdom City. Leif's descendant.

Species: Geometer moth
Tod's mother. The spitting image of Leif's departed wife, Muse. Leif's descendant.

Species: Ant
A young ant who lives in Ant Kingdom City. Has a pet pillbug called Pibu. Kabbu used to babysit her.

Species: Ant
A resident of Ant Kingdom City. Unremarkable.

Species: Orchid mantis (Hymenopus coronatus).
A resident of the Ant Kingdom, lives with Eophi. Shy and meek.

Species: Unspecified mantis
A resident of the Ant Kingdom, lives with Mun. Wears a mask made of leaves.

Species: Cicada
A resident of the Ant Kingdom, lives in an inverted teacup full of books. Absentminded professor.

Species: Unspecified moth?
A resident of the Ant Kingdom. Seems to have been injured at sea.

Species: Beefly (Bombyliidae)
Flirtatious. Has good fashion sense?

Species: Unspecified beetle
A gourmet travelling Bugaria in search of good food. Often shares recipes.

Species: Unspecified beetle
Lives in the corner of Fry's kitchen. Gives hints about recipes in their sleep. Possibly the avatar of one of the developers?

Species: Ant
A fashion-conscious miner who prefers Bee Kingdom styles.


Species: Praying mantis (Mantis religiosa), or possibly Hooded Mantis (Choeradodis)
Acolyte of the Goddess Venus, following in her mother's footsteps. Seems to have been a nonbeliever until personally meeting the Goddess. Beware the quiet ones.

Species: Orchid
The Harvest Goddess. Lives atop the Golden Hills where very few bugs venture, but her roots and buds extend across Bugaria. Benevolent, but has a capricious sense of humour. Not omniscient, but very knowledgeable; she hears and feels through her buds.

Species: Devil's Flower Mantis (Blepharopsis mendica)
An arrogant chef with the skills to back it up.

Species: Unspecified butterfly
A resident of the eastern Golden Settlement. Card player.

Species: Beetle ("Fruity bug", based on a tangerine)
Came from "the east" to the Golden Settlement, supposedly just by walking left. Wants to prove his strength by moving a big rock with his horn.

Species: mosquito
Sells apparently intoxicating juice.

Species: Western honeybee
A dashing bee who hangs out near the cochineal farms. Something of an aesthete, she enjoys red paint and finely patterned cloth.

Species: Snail-eating Ground Beetle (Scaphinotus_petersi)
A merchant who specialises in products made with Numbnail sedatives.


Mayor Emmet
Species: Giant wētā
The mayor of Defiant Root. Cheerful and generous. He and Kabbu are quite friendly, after Kabbu's extended stay in Defiant Root before the game began. He's a big fan of "Whack-a-Worm" and hosted the game at the Golden Festival.

Species: Unspecified butterfly
A doctor who runs the clinic in Defiant Root. Very kind. Treated Kabbu's wounds sometime in the past.

Species: Unspecified moth
Proprietor of Defiant Root's museum.

Species: Dragonfly
A blue dragonfly who lives in Defiant Root. Worries about being confused for a bandit.

Species: Unknown
A resident of Defiant Root.

Species: Unknown
A resident of Defiant Root. Likes to hang out by the well.

Species: Unknown
One of the bartenders in Defiant Root's pub. Wears an eyepatch.

Species: Cricket?
One of the bartenders in Defiant Root's pub. Manages the quest board.

Species: Unspecified beetle
A blacksmith who specialises in making medals. Rumours abound of her great exploits.

Species: Unknown
A tinkerer who works in the smithy. Obsessed with his prosthetic "mecha claw".

Species: Unspecified butterfly
An angry butterfly who can be found in the smithy, near a wanted poster for bandits. Holds a grudge.

Species: Ant
Ven's friend. Apparently lost her leg in an encounter with bandits.

Species: Mosquito
A shady mosquito who likes to hang out in the commercial district. Card Master #3.

Species: Bumblebee
A travelling bumblebee visiting Defiant Root. Purchased cloth as a souvenir. Also doubles as a developer avatar.


Species: Unspecified moth
Operates the "bed bug rental service" in Defiant Root's main square. Probably won't be getting his wares back from Leif any time soon.

Species: Cricket?
Runs the general store in Defiant Root.

Species: Carpenter bee
A chef-in-training who runs the bakery in Defiant Root. Constantly working to improve his skills.

Species: Unspecified beetle (possibly Rainbow Scarab, like Kabbu?)
A travelling salesman who specialises in stat-up berries.

Species: Black Beauty Stick Insect (Peruphasma schultei)
The "master of all poison", he runs a shop specialising in toxins in Defiant Root's back alley.

Species: Unspecified beetle
The "charm dancer", she sells magic spells in Defiant Root's back alley. Her brother is the Golden Settlement fortune-teller.

Species: Unspecified wasp
Defiant Root's innkeeper. Seems to be very upset about something that happened in the past.


Queen Bianca I
Species: Western honeybee (queen)
Ruler of the Bee Kingdom, and Vi's proud mother (despite everything). Serene, poised and friendly, her focus on promoting arts and technology has led the Bee Kingdom to new prosperity. Believes everyone has their destined place.

Doctor H.B.
Species: Western honeybee
One of the last surviving bees from the previous generation. Chief Scientist of the Bee Kingdom, she specialises in Ancient Roach technology. Has atrocious bedside manner.

Species: Western honeybee
Doctor H.B.'s beleaguered assistant. Card Master #4.

Professor Honeycomb
Species: Western honeybee
A cranky old scientist, one of the last surviving bees from the previous generation. The original designer of Vi's Beemerang, which she refers to as the Automated Drone Boomerang Prototype or ADBP. Resents losing the Chief Scientist position to Doctor H.B., her chief rival.

Species: Hawk moth (Sphingidae), with bee-mimic colouring
Professor Honeycomb's level-headed assistant. He is not a bee.

Species: Western honeybee
Vi's sister, an up-and-coming painter in the Hive. Holds a grudge after Vi insulted her art during a fight. Has questionable taste in literature?

Species: Grasshopper
A visiting scientist who was granted permission to work in the Hive. Invented the 'Eliascope' to view distant things.

Species: Western honeybee
A cheerful, fat bee travelling the world to broaden her experiences. Vi's number one fan! She is also a talented actress who performs in Bugaria Theatre.

Species: Western honeybee
A well-known gourmet and the judge of the Golden Festival's eating competitions. Lives in the Hive between festivals.

Species: Western honeybee
A friendly bee who manages the Hive's honey fountain and gives free samples to all comers.

Species: Western honeybee
Runs the clothing shop in the Hive. Very enthusiastic about her job. A lot of her merchandise is from Mothiva's brand.

Species: Unidentified moth
A fashionable bug who hangs out near the accessory shop in the Hive.

Species: Bumblebee
A bumblebee who lives in the Hive.

Species: Western honeybee
A bee child living in the Hive. She's a big Mothiva fan. Leif thinks she looks like Vi.

Species: Western honeybee
A bee child living in the Hive.

Species: Western honeybee
An artist working in the Hive. Seems to have an aversion to colour.

Species: Western honeybee
A resident of the Hive who views it as better than any other place to live. Sold Team Snakemouth a house in the Ant Kingdom square. Vi doesn't like her much.

Species: Western honeybee
The bulky and imposing guard stationed at the Wasp Kingdom border. Takes her duties very seriously.

Honey Factory Personnel

Species: Western honeybee
Overseer of the Honey Factory, only she can override the lockdown protocols. Recent winner of the Honoured Employee award.

Species: Western honeybee
Maintenance Chief of the Honey Factory, and Vi's former boss. Gruff and irascible, but very competent.

Species: Western honeybee
The Honey Factory's tour guide. Normally cheerful and enthusiastic, not great in a crisis.

Species: Unspecified bee
Operates the Honey Factory souvenir shop. A new hire, she worries about meeting quotas in fear of losing her job.

Friendly robots that help out around the factory.


Merchant Caravan

A (cross-species? she's a cricket, he's a cicada) married couple who run the travelling caravan with their snail. She has a very short temper, he does damage control.
Any medals which would otherwise be permanently missable (e.g. Artis' Hard Mode rewards) will instead appear in their shop.

Species: Unidentified beetle
Another business associate of the merchant caravan. Sold Kabbu the Bug Ranger Plushie.


Species: Wood borer beetle (Woodboring beetle)
An elderly fellow (not that he'll admit it!) who lives in Snakemouth Way. Allows friendly bugs to rest for free in his house.

Professor Neolith
Species: Unspecified moth
A renowned itinerant archaeologist looking into the ancient artifacts. He and Kabbu met in the Lost Sands some time before the game began, they're good friends.

Species: Velvet Ant (Mutillidae), i.e., wasp
A travelling card player and gambler, often found in the Underground Tavern. Taught Team Snakemouth to play Spy Cards on a whim. Very competitive.

Monsieur Scarlet
Species: Ant (male)
A notorious criminal known for entrapping and ambushing explorers through false quest postings. Acts flamboyant and flirtatious to lower his targets' guard. After a narrow defeat at the hands of Team Snakemouth and Team Celia, he escaped arrest and is currently at large.

Species: Cicada-killer wasp (Sphecius speciosus)
An aristocratic wasp who loves to travel. Has a house in Bugaria Outskirts across the way from the Explorers' Association. Dependent on her cicada butler, Seb.

Species: Cicada
Madeleine's loyal butler. Diffident.