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Chapter 30: 5/16: Shacking Up

This update contains content from Parts 28 and 29 of the original LP.

Anon: played too many games


Music: So Boring

Thanks to the school, I can even talk to you outside of counseling now.

Oh god, they’ve got the therapist teaching classes now. This school is doomed.

I want to talk a little about how mental health and perception can affect you. Don’t worry—I don’t want to stress you out or anything. Just relax and listen. How much do you guys know about the emotional mind? See, what’s going on in your mind can affect your body pretty significantly. There’s proof it can even heal you, depending on your outlook. So, Hamiru-kun! What do we call the phenomenon where believing in a treatment’s power is enough to improve your condition?

Yup! That’s correct. Some people specify that placebos don’t actually have any curative properties. But even if the medicine does nothing chemically, it can affect your perception and help you feel better. On the other hand, if you don’t trust the medicine to begin with, it might make you feel even worse… We call that a nocebo.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

That’s just one example, but my point is that our minds and bodies are more connected than we think. So it’s important not to push yourself too hard. Remember, your mind needs time to rest too. And it’s my job to help with that, so… Come by the nurse’s office whenever you’re feeling down.
The mind affects the body, huh? You think I’ll change back into a human if I just believe in it hard enough?

Morning → After School

Anon: I searched… makes no sense
Anon: Who’s spreading this?
Anon: try and steal it, asshats

I’ve been feeling pretty down lately. Maybe I should go to counseling…
I never knew that art could be so… explosive!
Have you been to counseling yet?
Huh. The Madarame exhibit, eh? When is it until?

The train is the fastest way to go—plus, we can bring pets on here.

Music: Wicked Plan

Hey, who’re you calling a pet!?
Dude, be quiet! We didn’t pay the pet fare.
I’m the one guiding you to your destination! You should be calling me “Master”!

Er, shoot…!
Is that your pet, Mister? I heard it meowing!

Why are you lying, child? You think it’s fun, to come over here and tell *lies!?*
Uh, it’s just a toy! A toy that… meows when you press on its head!

You heard her, Maaku. Press on its head.
This is ridic—

Wowweeeee! Again! Again!

Time for sweet revenge.

Mew… Meowowowowowowowow! *retch*

Ahaha, that’s so funny! I wanna hear it again!
I just threw up in my mouth…

This train announcer has the same voice actor as Kaneshiro, and I don’t know what to do with that information.

Oh, this is our stop! Well, see you later! Bye bye!
Mm-hm! Bye bye!

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Doesn’t look like there are any stations close by to that address… If anything, this is the closest station.
What!? Then we gotta walk the rest of the way!? What kinda phantom thief takes the train, and then walks to their destination!?
Stop your complaining.
It’s supposedly a shack, but this is the neighborhood he lives in… As expected of a famous artist.

I guess she’s saying it’s still expensive to live here even if the residence is a trashheap?

Looks like the fastest route is to get to the station square and then go to Central Street. Let’s move!

My only regret is that it was so crowded, I couldn’t spend more time there…
(Wealthy-Looking Woman) I know. Once they showed it on TV, all the people with just a casual appreciation for art flooded in. I wish I could bring one home to enjoy whenever I want. Maybe I’ll ask my husband to buy me one.

(Gratified-Looking Man) Ah, it was amazing! Every piece on display was absolutely superb. Mr. Madarame truly is the pride of Japan’s art world. He’s so talented, and yet, so humble.
Mr. Madarame’s personal exhibit opened just yesterday, but it’s already a huge success. Tickets, unsurprisingly, are extremely hard to come by. Back to you, Ken.

It’s his fault I have to live such a shitty life…

...It’s got nothing to do with you. He’s fooled everyone. You’re all idiots…

(Intellectual Woman) You’re fine. You won’t need to think too deeply. You’ll “feel” it when you see his work. Yes, the passion that Mr. Madarame puts in his work is undeniable. I’m sure you’ll feel it too.
I see. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this exhibit on TV, too. I’m getting excited!

It’s supposed to be in a residential area past Central Street. We’ll have to walk a bit though. Okay, let’s get going!

Music: Disquiet

Reciting the details… of this case… like beat poetry… isn’t helping…

Reason for turning himself in is… a heavy conscience, huh…

People don’t change that easily. I would know, I’m one of them!

Send in the Pleasant Boy to look into this… just in case…

We’re at the right address… The door plate does say “Madarame.”
Uhhh… You ring the bell.
Me!? The walls won’t collapse when I do, will they?
No one sneeze or we’ll blow this house down, okay?

(through intercom) Sorry, we don’t want any.

Um, it’s Takamaki.

*frantic crashing noises as he rushes outside*

Are you two like some sort of parasitic organism that’s latched onto this girl?

Music: Suspicion

Yeah, we’re not actually here to talk about the modeling. We gotta ask you somethin’ important. …Madarame’s a plagiarist, right? We know all about that and the abuse.

We read about it online. *holds up phone*

You idiots have no idea what you’re blathering about. He welcomes his pupils into the sanctity of his own home! He’s a charitable man! As the one living with and studying under him, I’m telling you straight out that it’s false.
What if you’re lyin’ about it?

I had no family when Sensei took me in and raised me into what you see now! If you continue to ridicule the man I owe my life to, you will rue this day!
…You really think that?

What’s the matter? I heard you yelling.

Senseeeei, help! They’re making up lies about you!
Eh, it’s fine. They’re probably just worried about their friend.

…Understood, Sensei.
Now, if you’ll excuse me.

Not really any skin off my nose if some punks start digging up dirt… What’re they gonna do about it? Tell an adult? Hehehe…

…I know! I think you’ll be able to believe in Sensei if you saw that painting.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

It’s still wild to me that Yusuke can afford a smartphone.

This was the painting that inspired me to become an artist.
It’s so beautiful…
I don’t know all this fine-art stuff, but even I can tell that this is impressive…
When I first saw you, I felt the same powerful emotion as when I saw this painting…
I wish to pursue beauty like this. And I believe drawing you will be part of that pursuit. I implore you: seriously consider my offer.

Not today, though. Sensei is busy, which means I am busy. Excuse me, then.

Maybe he really isn’t the same person we heard about…
Looks like this was a bust…

How’s the Meta-Nav?
Candidate found.

Music: Disquiet

Wait, really? He has a Palace?

“Madarame,” “plagiarism”… and then “shack,” huh? These seem to be the keywords.

But… this makes no sense!
We’ve got everything except “what” Madarame thinks of this shack as.
Like how Kamoshida thought the school was his castle?
Let’s just say some random shit and hope we figure it out, I dunno.
”Prison!” “Jail!” “Warehouse!” “Guidance counselin’ office”! “Farm”!

No candidates found.

Two of those are the same thing! And what the hell is “guidance counseling office” in relation to Madarame?
Oh, then I suppose you know what it is?
It’s a “museum,” you idiot.

Candidate found.

Whoa… didn’t even notice we’d entered the Palace!
How on *earth* did you not notice?
Look, I wasn’t paying attention, all right? Besides, if the distortions are minimal, the differences can be fairly subtle.

Forget that… Look!

That shack is seriously some kinda museum!?
Let’s go check it out!

Music: A Woman

It’s a museum… right?
This is Madarame’s?
Well, a Palace is a world formed by a mind twisted by desire—remember Kamoshida’s castle?

But Madarame already has this. His paintings are already on display, and people already respect him.
Huh… You’re right. Can’t figure out how it’s related to plagiarism or abuse, either.
Oh, I’m sure it’ll be some weird thing tangentially related to those topics somehow, like how Kamoshida was apparently spiking people in the face over and over or whatever.

Let’s try looking around. Racking our brains here won’t do us any good.
…Right. That aside… Ain’t a museum a must for phantom thieves!?

I hope this museum heist isn’t actually the least aesthetically interesting heist we do, that would sure suck.
Eh, what’re the odds of that?

But man, just looks at that insane crowd…

Ugh… Are we gonna have to wait in that gigantic line?
Don’t be stupid. We’re not going in the front door.
But there’s a high wall around the building…

Yeah, but there’s a conveniently-parked truck just in front of it. Psh, it’s like you guys have never done this before.

It’s jut not hitting me that this is that old guy’s Palace…
That’s why we’re here, right? C’mon, let’s go check it out.

From there, we just run through the garden…

But it’s a pretty far drop… Will we be able to get back out this way?
Hehe, don’t worry… I have a rope! I’m our tool specialist, after all! So, what’s your call, Joker? Want to head inside?

Why else are we here, right? Let’s go.

H-Hey… This painting… It’s moving…
So? We’re in a Palace. That shit’s normal.
Even still, it may reveal something about Madarame’s heart… We should investigate these paintings.

…It’s someone’s name and age? What the hell?
That can’t be the title of the painting… right? Do you think it’s the artist’s name?
…… Let’s check the other paintings too. I think there might be something important about them…

Or we could not do that and just run to the exit while picking up all the doo-dads. I prefer that one.

But all the portraits on display here look the same… This is way different from what was at the—
Wait a sec!

Natsuhiko Nakanohars. His name’s written on the plaque.
Dude, I don’t get it. Why’s there a painting of HIM in here!? And more important, why’s his name written under it?
You’re right… Doesn’t art usually have like, the title of the piece or the artist’s name?
Hm… This is quite the mystery… All right, let’s keep looking around for now.

Yep. It says “Yusuke Kitagawa.”
Huh… What are these paintings, exactly?
They’re pretty clearly supposed to be Madarame’s pupils, guys. Like, come on.
But Yusuke was the only one when we visited…
This must include former pupils, even if Yusuke is the only one left… We need to confirm things, let’s keep going.

Yeah, sure thing, buddy.

“The Infinite Spring”?

Music: Desire

“A conglomerate work of art that the great director Madarame created with his own funds. These individuals must offer their ideas to the director for the rest of their lives. Those who cannot do so have no worth living!”

Well, that’s pretty blatant.
So he really is plagiarizing…

Dammit, what a phony geezer!

So he views his pupils as his property. He can’t even be called an artist. He just steals ideas from his students. They’re all worthless to him the second they stop producing art…
Why would Yusuke keep quiet about this?
He said he owes Madarame his life, after all…
I wonder if that piece I praised at the exhibit the other day was plagiarized too…
So, we doin’ this or not? We gotta go after him for this!
I feel like the Palace itself is enough evidence that his heart needs to be changed, but… sure, we’ve got enough now.

That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Not so fast, you two. We should go back and ask Yusuke again. We need harder evidence that this is actually real, and we don’t know enough about Madarame.
Okay. I’ll contact Kitagawa-kun and accept his modeling offer. Maybe that’ll get him to talk. Just so long as you guys come with me, okay? I’m nervous…
What a good idea that could not possibly backfire upon us.

Famous, renowned artist, huh? This might be tougher than Kamoshida. Well, we’ll just prep ourselves until we get confirmation from Yusuke. This is our first mission as real phantom thieves. We’re gonna succeed no matter what!

You’re getting way ahead of yourself, man.

After School → Evening

Music: Beneath the Mask

I’m not so sure anymore.
What’re you bringing this up for?

I’m just conflicted. Kitagawa-kun says Madarame isn’t a problem, and we haven’t met any of Madarame’s victims, so… what business do we have interfering?
…You got a point. I guess tomorrow’s talk with Yusuke will decide if we go after him, huh?
>This should go well.

Dammit all!

They don’t let you do anything tonight just because this phone conversation is mandatory, shit!

What’s up? The cat isn’t letting me go outside tonight so I was just about to head to bed.
…It’s 7:45.

I just can’t forgive Madarame, but… what Ann said made me think… To Yusuke, are we just a buncha thugs?

Yes. Unequivocally.

It ain’t like he thinks it is! Pisses me off just thinkin’ about it! Good people have to put up with so much crap while… while shitty adults do whatever they want! Makes me sick. I-I’m not wrong, am I?

We need to teach you better insults than repeating “shitty adults” ad infinitum, but no, you’re not.

Aww yeah! Don’t tell Ann I called you, by the way. Seriously.

Are you afraid of her? I mean, I’m also afraid of her, but do you know shit I don’t?

Well, see you tomorrow.

Line Changes!!!!

When we first arrive at Madarame’s Palace, Morgana’s line “A Palace is a scenery driven by desires, just like how Kamoshida’s Palace was a castle.” is now “Well, a Palace is a world formed by a mind twisted by desire—remember Kamoshida’s castle?” Much better now that we don’t have him calling it “a scenery.”