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Took you guys this long to pick Megumi, huh? You must really not like her. Well, let’s see if we can change that.

Chapter 17: Megumi Yakushiji 2


It’s your house, take a load off.

It’s not actually her house, cat. Wait, “cat”? God, now I’m doing it in this LP.

Ignoring me, huh? You must think you’re so cool. People notice you’re always alone, you know.

A real high maintenance girl, aren’t you? I was trying to say that you’re smart. Friends are pointless. They’ll all be toast once the end comes.

That line actually pisses Megumi off enough that she turns around automatically.

Let’s make some food.

What should I make for dinner?

Use Spatula on Kitchen

Time to cook some Hamburg steak.

Might as well feed the cat while we’re at it.

Come on, a little closer…
…… So annoying…

This will do.

Heh heh. Be honest. You know you like me.

Chasing me around with that dumb look on your face.
Th-That’s not true!


Don’t go all gooey on the inside now. Come on, you can tell me. What was it like? Shooting that pale, arrogant prick… It felt great, didn’t it?

Consider Renya Gouto

(My first task after agreeing to the contract. The first witch I sealed… I wonder what happens to them.)

*If* you’re ready, that is…

But actually pointing a gun at someone is just…

Oh, okay then. Much better.

Or would you rather it be a magical kitchen knife?
I… don’t want that.
You extinguish the evil in the person you shoot. If they could, they’d thank you for saving them.
Ready or not, here he comes!

Music: LONER (Azusa Chiba)

What do you need?
Um… W-Well…

You didn’t need to call me out here to do that. Why didn’t you just come to the hangar?
I, um, don’t really like looking at that robot too much…
I see.

But it has yet to be found. If you got in the Sentinel right now… You’d likely end up int the same state as Juro.

You don’t say…

Use Magical Gun on Renya Gouto

(I can’t just shoot someone…)

Yes you can! Coward!

Megumi decided to chicken out, it seems. Let’s just leave, then.

Just shoot him already! Idiot…

And if you don’t?
Then we fight with the Sentinels as they are.
We couldn’t possibly win like that.
Maybe so, but we cannot do nothing.


Use Magical Gun on Renya Gouto

(I won’t let him hurt Juro again.)

Watch out, fool! Megumi’s got a piece!

Music: A Clause With Claws (Rikako Watanabe)

What have I done?
You shot him in the arm. That’ll do.

Yeah, yeah. He’ll just be a little loopy.
How am I supposed to face him after this?
It’s called a Magical Gun for a reason, numbnuts. His memories of before and after being shot will be all fuzzy. He won’t even remember coming to meet you. Well, we should probably make ourselves scarce now.

Use Renya Gouto on Fluffy

What *I* asked you to do? You shot him in the arm, from point blank range. I didn’t ask you to pull off a stunt like that.
But as long as it was on some part of his body… It shouldn’t matter where I hit him, right?
Maybe I chose the wrong person. This one’s got no sense of ownership. Your future’s lookin’ pretty bleak, kid.

We have a contract. Do I need to say it slowly for you? I’ll grant your wish… And in exchange… You shoot the witches I tell you to. That was the deal. All you gotta do is shoot them. I don’t care where. But if you fail… Our contract is broken.
Shouldn’t you have already made up your mind about this?
…Yes. I have.

That reminds me…

It’s still in your bag, right? Well, go on then. Let’s see the Magical Gun.

Really appreciate how it’s a Proper Noun.

Use Magical Gun on Fluffy

This is so dumb and I love it

You never know when you might need to use this. So always make sure it’s loaded.
You keep calling this thing magical… So why does it have to be a gun?
What does it matter?

What, you wanna put on a frilly pink skirt… And wave around your magic stick like some idiot? *chuckle*
All right, you made your point.
It’s for you to shoot witches. That’s why it’s a gun.

Well, time’s up. We’ll discuss the next witch tomorrow. Meet me at school. *flees*

Oh, that’s just the cat food.

*blushing* N-No. I won’t fall for that again. You can only stay here the rest of this month.
Yes, of course. But I did already make this, so… It would be a shame to waste it.
…… Well, I wouldn’t want all this to be thrown away. Fine. I’ll eat.
Thank you.

It’s also possible to not have made dinner before Juro arrives, which gets you a different version of that bit at the end. Let’s check it out:

It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.
But you can’t just skip dinner.

You’re still growing. If ramen’s all you eat… You won’t get the kind of nutrition you need.
Just leave me alone.

Wow, Juro’s kind of an asshole, huh?

Movie’s still not on. More extra innings…

Poor Megumi…

There’s more to this event, but it’s a really long one so I’ve split it in half. We’ll be seeing the rest next time.