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Look at that fuckin’ delinquent crouch. Yuki rules.

Chapter 19: Yuki Takamiya 2

Yuki stands alone on the roof, drinking some apple juice.

What to do…

Somewhere offscreen, the door to the roof opens and closes.

I’ve been looking for you.

Don’t you have anything better to do?

I will do my best to assist you in solving mysteries. How would you like to start?

Oh man, this story just got a million times better. Delinquent & Nerd: Crime Busters!

Consider Erika Aiba

I met Aiba while I was trying to find out more about Nat-chan. Seems she likes me. Follows me around like a damn puppy dog. Even my steeliest glare doesn’t faze her. Frickin’ weirdo.

Use Hey-C on Erika Aiba

Pft. You wish.

…… Just been antsy without my cigarettes.

Been keeping this place all to yourself, huh?

Hehe! I love mystery novels. I’ve always wanted to be a detective too.
*annoyed sigh*

Yes, of course. I am merely your capable assistant.
*annoyed grunt*
Well, at least I’ll try to be!

Drink Hey-C

First, I need to look into getting my fill of this delicious sugary beverage.

(Can’t go wrong with apple juice. Me and Nat-chan used to drink it all the time when we were kids.)

And Yuki drinks the last of it, vanishing the apple juice from our Thought Cloud.

Use Natsuno Minami on Erika Aiba

She isn’t sick, contrary to what her teacher says. And she didn’t run away, contrary to the rumor that’s been going around. It seems likely that she was involved in something much more sinister.

See that piece of paper on the ground? When we move near it, it will roll off to the left.

Wonder which girl this belongs to.

Maybe he’s not just a dumb pretty boy after all. Then again, he did ball this up and leave it on the ground. Yup. Still an idiot.

This thought is actually old, so there’s no point in Considering it.

Let’s move on, then.

Music: LONER (Azusa Chiba)

Mmm… The word has such a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

The one tied to the fence on the roof?
I wonder whose it is.
You think it’s some sort of sign to her lover?

Let’s grill some students about Natsuno.

Use Special Investigations Unit on Class 1-C Student

(She was… She’s a name on the list in four-eyes’ file. Her name… It was Yakushiji. She’s pretty dull, actually.)

Use Natsuno Minami on Megumi Yakushiji

Seems like it.
Did you notice anything strange about her? Before she started taking days off, I mean.
Well, I haven’t really thought about it. But now that you mention it… I noticed she was always hurrying to the track room at break. Even during class… She seemed to always be a bit anxious.
The track room, huh…

Consider Track and Field Room

(She was in the track room even during break. What was Nat-chan doing?)

Use Natsuno Minami on Megumi Yakushiji

About Natsuno Minami?
Hmm… I did see her fervently scribbling something in her notebook. And it didn’t seem like it was just notes on the lecture.

Consider The Notebook

My third favorite Ryan Gosling mov—ow! Eh, I deserved that.

(Nat-chan was writing things in this notebook. Things that had nothing to do with her classes. Could it have something to do with her disappearance?)

Let’s move on to some other students.

I got some things to ask you.

I mean, the way you’re dressed…

Oooh, are you like, hiding a razor in your skirt right now?
O-Of course not!
This is the first time I’ve seen one in real life… Wow.

Use Special Investigations Unit on Nat-chan’s Friend


(She’s a name on the list in four-eyes’ file. Iori… Fuyusaka. And the one next to her, in the red glasses… Her too. Tomi… Kisaragi, I think?

Use Natsuno Minami on Iori Fuyusaka

You’ve been going to Natsuno Minami’s house, yeah? Any news since?
*shakes head*

The primary suspect. I am certain… Their intentions were not pure!

I’m a second-year. And *captain* of the track team. Did you need something?

Use Natsuno Minami on Captain

She’s skipped out on our last few training sessions. But I guess she’s out sick?
Did she look sick to you?
She looked fine to me. (to other student) Right?
Yep, I thought so too.

Use Natsuno Minami on Manager

That’s when Minami-san started skipping training. And school too, I guess.
What incident?

Maybe it’s unrelated, but…

Consider North Building Fire

(Right around the time of that fire… Nat-chan started skipping her training sessions for track. Could it be related?)

Use North Building Fire on Manager

Yeah. I heard an explosion started it.
Really? I heard it was arson.

Over on the left, we can find another track member to question.


Did you notice anything strange about her? Besides her being absent from school.
Well, depends what you define as strange, but… Natsuno did stop coming to training. But I’d still see her in the locker room.
Doing what?
It seemed like she was there to get something.
Something like…?
Some kinda UFO-looking thing? I don’t know exactly. It just looked like a box when it was in her bag.
A box in the locker room, huh?

Consider The Box

My third least-favorite Frank Langella mov—ow! I’ll stop! I’ll stop!

(Something that the girl on the track team mentioned… She said Nat-chan went into the locker room to get a box. And described it as some kind of UFO gadget. Hmm…

Use North Building Fire on Track Member


Use North Building Fire on Erika Aiba

No, I’m sorry. I don’t know anything.

Let’s head back to the hallway for now.

As we walk down the hallway, we notice Nenji Ogata sigh, then turn around and walk away.

Let’s follow him. He might know something, after all.


…To associate with hoodlums.

It’s a public roof, ain’t it?

Just checking if my handkerchief was dry yet.
That handkerchief was yours?

(cracking up) I thought it was a girl’s.

Oh, not me. Never.

Use Natsuno Minami on Nenji Ogata

What are you getting embarrassed for? You’ve called her that since you were kids, right?
Right. So, Nat-chan. You know she’s gone missing?
…Yeah. I do know. I suspect the black suits have something to do with that.

I saw Minami being chased by them one time.

And then they punched you out. But I guess that part isn’t worth leaving in, I get it.

You what?

(Damn four-eyes never mentioned that little detail…)

I guess he’s been looking for her too.

But it’s getting complicated. I can’t keep up.


(The agent on Nat-chan’s case… Shinonome. Do I have to ask her for help after all? I mean, she is pretty messed up too. ……)

Use North Building Fire on Nenji Ogata

I *also* heard… That it was caused by a certain cigarette-smoking delinquent.

It’s not nice to tell lies, Yuki. Apologize.

You tryin’ to accuse me of something? First of all, I don’t smoke. Second of all, the fire was in the girl’s bathroom.

It seems like Yuki fits this imaginary profile more than Nenji does, hmmm…

And, rumor has it… It wasn’t even really a fire.

Consider Girls’ Bathroom

Something happened in the girls’ bathroom of the north building.

Ace Detective Yuki Takamiya is on the case!

Use Girls’ Bathroom on Erika Aiba

Let’s go to that girls’ bathroom in the north building.

Music: Who D-Unit (Yoshimi Kudo)

The name of this track is so stupid, I love it

There’s no way all this was from a fire.

Ooh, we’ll get in so much trouble if they find us!
What is wrong with you?
It just feels like we’re actual detectives now!

I deduce that the perpetrator was… Someone with an extreme hatred for girls’ bathrooms!

Seems more like a bear went on a rampage.

They’re carved pretty deep in there.

……Our suspect is… A maintenance lady built like a bear. What do you think?

In mystery novels, the perpetrator’s name is always written somewhere in blood.
Yeah, when there’s a dead body nearby. You really are strange.

God, I love this idiot.

This can’t have been the work of just one person.

They’re red. Probably belong to a girl.

Use Red Glasses on Erika Aiba

Who do you think these glasses belong to?
Well, the glasses are broken, so they won’t be wearing them anymore. Do you remember anyone wearing a pair like that?
Now that I think about it… Yeah. I do remember someone. Nat-chan’s friend, in Class 1-B…

Consider Tomi Kisaragi

(Tomi Kisaragi… I think I saw her in the class 1 hallway just now… I gotta find her.)

She’s gotta be nearby.

I can’t keep up.

Not here either…

Music: Bad Omen (Mitsuhiro Kaneda)

Target acquired.


Use Girls’ Bathroom on Tomi Kisaragi

What happened there?
Oh, what’s with all the questions anyways?
I know you were there.
Are you talking about what happened in the north building? I had nothing to do with it. Why would I go all the way there to use the bathroom anyways?

Use Red Glasses on Tomi Kisaragi

What’s this all about?

Well, they do look the same as mine. But, you probably noticed. I’m wearing mine right now. So obviously they can’t be mine.

And you’re the only one in this whole damn school… that wears glasses as distinctive as these.
So you’re blaming me? What could I possibly gain from setting a toilet on fire?

You’re not messing with me, are you?

The day of the incident…

Miwako? What the hell?
But I really did see you there.

No Miwako, don’t snitch!

Wait, what?

Music: STAGNATION (Yoshimi Kudo)

Aren’t you supposed to be at training? Where are you off to in such a hurry?
Where isn’t really the—

Sorry, Miwako!

Did you hurt yourself?

That’s not like Usami-chan…

Music: Bad Omen (Mitsuhiro Kaneda)

Seriously, Miwako!?
(on the verge of tears) But… I…

Now, Miwako, you shouldn’t be snitching. But I’m very disappointed in you as well, Tomi. How rude, ignoring Miwako like that!

Iori-chan! So I was saying…

No, it’s true. I really did see them!
That’s the day we were waiting for you outside. And Usami-chan was with me the whole time. At the front gate, remember?

That’s right…

Consider Tomi Kisaragi

(So two Tomi Kisaragis… What the hell’s going on?)

How did Natsuno Minami look?

She was in a hurry… She had her bag… Oh, yeah!

I saw another girl. But she was covered in dust. It was really weird. And now that I think about it… She was coming from where the bathroom was!
Who was it?
Hmm, well she looked mild-mannered. And I know I’ve seen her face around here before. But I don’t know which year or class.

Consider Tomi Kisaragi

What a mystery! Well, that was exciting, I tell you what.

We’ve also unlocked Tomi’s story now!

Our current options are:

Juro Kurabe
Iori Fuyusaka
Megumi Yakushiji
Natsuno Minami
Yuki Takamiya
Shu Amiguchi
Keitaro Miura
Tomi Kisaragi

There's also:

Takatoshi Hijiyama (Locked behind Ogata)
Ei Sekigahara (Locked behind Natsuno)

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