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Chapter 31: 5/17-5/18: Yusuke Is Cancelled

This update contains content from Parts 29 and 30 of the original LP.

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Music: So Boring

No idea what I’m supposed to do as an art model, though…
>Aren’t you already a normal model? I’m pretty sure you just stay still, just… for longer.
Don’t worry so much. We just need dirt on Madarame.

That is true. It sounds like Kitagawa-kun wants this to be a private picture of his though… Well, I guess I’ll let you guys know when he contacts me again.

Afternoon → After School

Music: Wicked Plan

Perfect! Probably dropped all his plans just to get you over there.

Rather creepy way of phrasing that, Ryuji.

We need to find out from Kitagawa-kun if what we saw in the Palace was true…

Yo, everyone shut up. It’s the fuzz.

Yikes… She got a hold of Mishima today? It’d suck if she noticed us. C’mon, let’s split up.
Okay, see you later.

C’mon, let’s get some dirt on Madarame. But man… Ann’s late.

I was thinking about some things and didn’t notice how much time had passed.
Thinkin’ about what?
Don’t you think Kitagawa-kun has to be protecting Madarame? I mean, they live together, so he’d have to be aware of Madarame’s true nature. The only reason I can think of him doing that is that Madarame has something on him…

So this whole “get Yusuke to spill on Madarame” plan is fucked from the start, good to know. Well, let’s go get Yusuke to spill on Madarame!

Yeah, that’s weird. But that’s why we’re goin’ to check it out, right? You ready to be a model?
Yeah, I’m prepared.
Whaddya mean prepared? Prepared for what? (to Maaku) Something seem different about her to you?

Same as always.
Wait, what? Then what was the point of this part of the conversation!?
Anyway, let’s bring up Madarame once Kitagawa-kun is finished drawing. Maybe he’ll be a little friendlier then.
Wait, no, we’re not leaving without knowing what’s different about you, come ba—

Music: My Homie

I thought it would just be you coming Takamaki-san.

I have to reread my old updates as part of my workflow, and right here in the original LP I made a joke intimating most of you wouldn’t understand a reference to noted obscure series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, because I am a man of culture and you are all lowly philistines. I have no idea where I was going with this, but I’m sure that joke was and still is a smart thing to say and not completely fucking embarrassing to look back on. But even if it was, what are my LPs if not embarrassing? Anyway, Persona 5 Royal!

Wouldn’t you get nervous too, if it was just the two of us?

It’s the only way to protect yourself from his Stand, 「GROVER WASHINGTON, JR.」

We’re here to keep an eye on you, so don’t try anything perverted, ‘kay?
Stop making such odd assumptions. I have absolutely no interest in her as a member of the opposite sex.

Uh, okay. Ouch. Right here, man.

You hear her?
…It’s no use.

Man, he’s really in the zone.

This isn’t what we planned! We were gonna catch him off guard and make him spill his beans, weren’t we?
How were we supposed to know this was gonna happen?
Guess we just gotta wait ‘til he’s done… What an effin’ pain in the ass…
Perhaps I should try going outside this room…

No. We’re all going to sit here and suffer in outraged silence.
Think of it as reconnaissance. Besides, I need to stretch my legs after spending so long in this bag. I’ll be back.

It’s weird how flashy that door is… And… is that a lock? A door with a hefty lock… What could be in there?

Are you done?

I’m sorry, Yusuke’s “pained” expression here just looks so weird to me. There’s something really unnerving about the eyes.

I’m sorry… Am I the problem?
No, not at all. It’s just… I’m having trouble staying focused today. I’m sorry, but we’ll have to resume this another time…
Oh hell no! How many hours do you think you made us wait!?

I don’t really understand what you’re talking about. I didn’t even invite you, you just… arrived.
Sorry, but we had an agenda… We need to talk with you.

Music: Disquiet

It’s about those rumors regarding your sensei.
This again…
That painting I saw at the exhibit… You’re the one who actually painted it, right?
I knew it.

There’s no point tryin’ to hide this stuff from us. We know all about how your sensei thinks of his students as tools, and how he steals their work and abuses them.
I know you must feel like you can’t go against him, but we can help you.

It’s just as you all say. We’re… our sensei’s “artwork.”

I know you’re just employing a clever turn of phrase, but your teacher appreciates that metaphor a *bit* more literally than you might think.
It doesn’t matter anyway. I offered my ideas of my own volition. It’s not plagiarism… Sensei is just suffering from artist’s block.

Dude, still…
Then why’re you stickin’ around!? All his other pupils ran away! Aren’t you the only one left!?
What’s wrong with a pupil helping out his master!? There are no victims here! Stop pushing your self-centered righteousness on me!

Uh, “no victims” except *all the other victims*?

……! I’m supporting Sensei as his pupil. Where’s the wrong in that?

Now, please. Just leave and don’t come back, or I’ll sue you for causing a disturbance.

Hold it! We’re not done talkin’ here!

Then I’m calling the police.

I asked Takamaki-san to be my model today, but I don’t recall ever calling you two here!
What the eff, man!?

That’s not how trespassing works! You let us in! Vampire rules, dude!
Stop it! Everyone calm down!

I won’t report you… but only under one condition.
What’s that?
I want you to continue being my model, Takamaki-san.
But you said that it wasn’t working out today…
That’s because I was unconsciously being modest for your sake…

But now that I have leverage over you, I can cast that aside. You! Take off all of those clothes! Nude painting time!
Oh, what the *hell*!

Music: My Homie

This will be marvelous. I have my ideal model, you two rabblerousers won’t be allowed on the premises, and I’ll have a piece to submit to Sensei! This will buy me his love! I can fix him!
Okay, so, like… how nude are we talking?
I *just* got finished being ogled by a grown man, I’m not really into the idea of showing everyone in the country even more! This has escalated way too quickly!
Again, you’re a model… Doesn’t that kinda come with the territory, more or less?
The stakes have never been higher.

Sensei is out during the afternoon while the art exhibit is on, so I can use this place freely… I should buy more art supplies…
Will you give me a second here!?
Of course, I’m wiling to wait. I’ll make time according to your plans. But, please come before the exhibit ends.

No, stop, listen to the words I am saying. I am not cool with this. I need you to understand that.

Sensei will be returning home soon. We’re done for today. Takamaki-san. I’ll be waiting for you to contact me.

Do you have *ears*, motherfucker!?
He’s really got us good.
You have made a powerful enemy this day, Yusuke Kitagawa! Mark my words, we will not easily forgive this transgression!

Don’t give up so easily!

…A cat?
(whispering) You moron! *picks up Morgana*

Music: Wicked Plan

Siri, I need a *lot* of bleach.
Calm down! If we take care of Madarame before the exhibit ends, you won’t have to get naked!
But if that’s really how Kitagawa-kun feels… then does Madaarame even need to confess?
So… you’re okay with the modeling?
Didn’t say that!

Madarame’s no different from Kamoshida. That asshole’s usin’ Yusuke, who doesn’t have parents. You’re tellin’ me we should just ignore how he’s bein’ treated horribly like the other pupils?
No… It is frustrating to leave this alone, even if Kitagawa-kun is fine with it himself…
You can’t leave it be because you’ve endured a lot yourself, with Kamoshida.

Madarame’s the perfect target we’ve been waitin’ for. We need to do this, or Yusuke’s gonna end up just like us. I’m sure that Madarame’s hidin’ even more awful stuff for us to expose.
We might have an easier time investigating his Palace right now since he’s preoccupied with the exhibit.
Also, again, we need to save me from having my naked body immortalized in acrylic paint!
Actually, it’s probably more likely to be watercolor, given what we’ve seen of Yusuke’s work.

I did research for that joke!

Whatever! Kitagawa-kun said there’d be “inconveniences” if he didn’t submit a new piece. Maybe Madarame is going to announce it as his next work!
Well… at least you’ll be famous?
Remember us when you hit the bigtime.

We must deal with Madarame, no matter what, before his exhibit ends!

Cat’s staking out his territory.
Gross, dude.

Let’s start after school tomorrow. It’ll be a pain if Miss President finds us on the rooftop again, so where to meet up… Let’s see… I guess that walkway-like place in Shibuya would work. It’s near Madarame’s place, too.
Changing our hideout periodically, huh? That’s a plan I don’t mind backing.

‘Sup Ohya?

From the looks of things, you don’t seem like the ordinary, stalking fans.

Music: Suspicion

Oh, sorry. I should have been more clear. I’m actually looking for people that know Madarame’s pupils. There’s this painting, “Sayuri,” that was supposedly stolen in the past. But there’s this rumor that it was taken by one of his pupils in retaliation for being abused. Have you heard anything about that?

I might have heard something… for the right price.
He means no. We don’t know shit.

I see… There’s no case unless there’s a victim, and if there’s no proof of abuse… I can’t write either. Looks like I’m back to square one. Sorry for taking your time.

You teenage kids look like you’re in the know… Here, take my card. Call this number if you ever get any leads on a hot scoop. Well, bye.

…I guess we should go home for today.

After School → Evening

Music: Beneath the Mask

I have some interesting news. Someone who received a change of heart contacted me on the Phan-Site. Said he wants to meet with you to discuss another person who needs a change of heart.

I’m sorry, what?

All I know is his target is a terrible person… And that it might complicate things if he posted the name online. I’ll have him wait for you at Shibuya Station after school.

Wait, you directed a guy to meet with us and told him what we look like!? Why would you not just ask him about it yourself and pass along the information!? This could be any rando in the city! Mishima, buddy, you can’t be organizing meetups with everyone who wants our autograph!

The guy’s name is Nakanohara.
Nakanohara… That’s Madarame’s student.

Wow, that’s convenient for him to reach out at the exact moment we might want to talk to him. Uhhh… good work, Mishima?

I told him to approach you. Good luck.

Okay, but if Makoto asks, we’re *not* the Phantom Thieves. I know you talked with her after school today, so remember: *don’t* tell her that.

>Yeah, we know, he’s old.

Sounds like a student of his offed himself when he couldn’t speak up about Madarame stealing his work.

>Well, now I feel like an asshole.

That journalist was looking into Madarame too. It could be real.
Someone died though. No one’s talking about it… I bet it was covered up.
I wonder if Kitagawa-kun has heard anything… It’d be great if he could help us out.
Ain’t that asking a bit much? After today, he’s prolly gonna be on edge about us. Well anyway, Madarame’s still a piece of crap! Let’s meet up tomorrow. It’ll be our first time at the new hideout.
It’s that passageway in Shibuya, right? Got it. See you guys tomorrow.
If the rumor Ryuji just spoke of is true, there have to be other victims…

Let’s read.

Maaku gains Charm +3.

Anon: sauce plz

After School

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Oh, that reminds me… Mishima said Nakanohara should be in Shibuya too.

We’re about to head to the hideout too.

That’s Nakanohara. Mishima told us to meet him here in Shibuya today.
For real?

You guys are the Phantom Thieves, right? Your webadmin needs a lesson in infosec. My name is Natsuhiko Nakanohara, the one whose heart you changed from the post on the Phan-Site.
Guess the change of heart worked.
The administrator of that website contacted me… They told me to look for someone in a Shujin uniform with a cat…
So? Whaddya want?

Music: Disquiet

I want to change the heart of a man named Ichiryusai Madarame. I’m one of his former pupils who was lodged at his home. While I was there, another talented pupil had all his work claimed as Madarame’s own. He eventually took his own life…
So it was true…
After that, I left, but Madarame used his connections to destroy my art career. From there, my life destroyed, I became too attached to everything and even began stalking… But enough about me. Please, change Madarame’s heart. It’s not just for me. There’s someone else you’d be saving.
Who are you—oh.

Even now, there is still one young man remaining under Madarame’s tutelage. I think he’s about your age.
That has to be Yusuke.
Not only is he a talented artist, he also owes Madarame for taking him in after his mother passed… He is the perfect target.
So Yusuke’s got no choice but to listen!
I actually spoke to him a few times, back when I was still living at Madarame’s. I asked him if he found it painful to stay with Madarame… and do y ou know what he said? “If I could leave, I would…”
I have no right to say this given my prior cowardice, but I don’t want to see another suicide! I’d like to find a way to save this young man. He has a bright future ahead of him… Please consider that when thinking about changing Madarame’s heart.

Bye. I promise not to tell anyone you’re the Phantom Thieves!

We’ve been asked to act directly on behalf of one of Madarame’s victims. It sounds like we don’t have the time to deliberate whether or not to change Madarame’s heart.

We have to save Yusuke. He’s got a long career ahead of him, at least until it gets out that he stalked a girl then coerced her into modeling naked for him.

Hell yeah! Madarame’s just a piece of shit who preys on the weak!
Suicide… I‘ll never let something like that happen! Plus, we finally got to hear how Kitagawa-kun really feels!

“Finally”? We met him for the first time like four days ago. This is all moving rather quickly, if I’m being honest.

Well, since we’ve reached a unanimous decision, how about we continue this at our new hideout?

Music: Tokyo Emergency

We all saw that Palace. We’ll pay dearly if we assume it’s just going to be like the last one. And furthermore… Lady Ann’s chastity is on the line!


We’ll need to do what we did with Kamoshida. First, we secure an infiltration route in the Palace. After that, we send our calling card. Once the Treasure has materialized, we steal it.

Hey, if Madarame doesn’t suspect us, why are we already gettin’ treated as criminals in his Palace?
Well, we did go to his house and ask if he was abusing his students.
He probably just doesn’t trust anyone. We’ll need to be careful with our infiltration.

We need to be careful of Kitagawa-kun this time too. I’m sure that whatever he sees will just get passed on to Madarame.
That’s right!

I wonder what his Treasure will look like…
I’ll know it when I see it.
Yeah, because you’ll freak out like last time…

Our time limit is when the exhibit ends, right? That means… June 5th.
We’ll carry out the plan after we’ve sent out the calling card. So, our infiltration route will need to be set in stone two days prior, on June 2nd.
Now listen here. We can’t mess this up, NO MATTER WHAT! OK!?

She’s literally going to murder us if this goes south.

Come on, it’s time to get this mission started!

Let’s go rent a DVD now that we’ve finished our current one.

We need Guts Rank 3 pretty soon to start Kawakami’s Confidant (eeurgh), so we’re going to rent The X Folders.

Let’s next head to the library at Shujin and get a replacement book.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

…I judged a book by its cover. I’ve failed as a librarian assistant.

“I’ve done a disservice to my title!”

There may be times when other students give you a hard time… But please don’t mind them. Feel free to use the library whenever you want.

So, now that we’re not being actively shunned by the assistant librarian, we can study in peace and finally gain two points of Knowledge instead of only one. The reason we can do this now is because the diner is now open in case we want to gain some Knowledge and some of another stat by paying. The library’s just for Knowledge now, though.

(Book-Loving Male Student) Maybe she’s busy because of that Kamoshida thing. The principal’s antsy about it too, I hear.

If you love books so much why don’t you marry them!? Nerd!

They’re probably looking for who put up that flyer, but they should be taking more care of us.
I guess it’s disappointing that even the student council president is at the teachers’ beck and call.

Let’s get The Great Thief and leave.

(Motivated First-Year) Yeah, it sucks. Honestly, I’m amazed they didn’t get rid of the team entirely.
Apparently Mr. Kamoshida begged the school to leave the team alone, since the students aren’t to blame.
Maybe he regrets what he did. Not that it makes it okay though.

(Intense Soccer Player) Quite the contrary. Mental health is just as important as physical health in sports. Unless you have control over your mind, your body won’t move the way you want it to.
Now that you say that… I always miss my shots when it’s most important. …I wonder if I’ll get better by going to counseling.

H-Hey! That’s not true! I fight evil for you, and this is how you treat me? You’ll regret making me mad! I’ll take your distorted heart and beat it back into shape!

I wish they’d do that to all the teachers that bug me. Oh, but definitely not you, Sensei.
(Kind Faculty Member) Don’t talk bad about your school like that. The day will come when you’ll miss your alma mater.
But I really feel that way! Even the internet is making fun of our teachers right now.

(Student Athlete in a Jersey) The volleyball team faded away so suddenly. That’s lucky for us though.
How things were run when Kamoshida was around didn’t make sense. This is more like it.

Ah, there’s our favorite narc.

I had heard you were quite the troublemaker, but you seem to be behaving yourself.

(Gentle Male Student) Yeah, I actually wanted to check it out, but when the exhibit’s open, I’ve got cram school.
(Refined Male Student) If you like, I’ll ask my dad if he can pull some strings, and you can visit after closing hours.
Wait, seriously? That means I’d get to go for free even though it’s super popular? That’s crazy!

It’s not like talking will answer my questions.

This is just part of my duty as the student council president. Not that you’d understand.


…All I’ve done till now is avoid you though, so I’ll hear you out if you wanted to ask me anything.

I haven’t been able to learn anything about what happened to him. When I ask the teachers, they tell me to forget about it. I’m sure there’s more they’re not telling.

Do you know about Madarame, the great Japanese artist? Apparently, he’s training a talented pupil. Now, I hear this pupil goes to Kosei High. And that he’s incredibly gorgeous!

Looks like Yusuke’s got an admirer.

That new counselor seems to be fairly popular among the students. Of course, not everyone’s on board. Some think the school’s just trying to mitigate the damage Kamoshida did.

That’s exactly what they’re doing.

The Shujin Academy newspaper club has a real history. Some of our alumni work in mass media now. But now I’m the only member left. It’s close to getting disbanded…

I was thinking about heading to Shibuya with my friends to clear my head, but… Do you know if there’s any seasonal goods or specials in Shibuya?
(Foodie Girl) Let’s see. If you’re hanging out with your friends, you should try Big Bang Burger. Their springtime item, Earth Burger, is both healthy and delicious. It’s pretty big, so it’s perfect for sharing. You can find a Big Bang Burger on Central Street.
Big Bang Burger, huh? Sounds good. Thanks, I’ll try it out!

(Sad Old Man) Right!? The doodles my granchild makes are way better!
Hahaha, exactly. You know, I haven’t seen my grandchild for a while now. They say no news is good news, but…

It’s strange… He used to come over all the time whenever I sat here.

The cat’s gone!? Say it ain’t so!

(Commercial) The works of Ichiryusai Madarame, the pride of the Japanese art world, are coming to Shibuya!
I keep hearing about this “Madarame” character. He was on TV too, I think.

(Gentle-Looking Mother) Hmm… He’s an old dog, so it might be too rough for him to be around a big crowd like that.
Aww, why? If Kotaro can’t go, then I won’t go either!
Come on, don’t be like that. Your dad got us tickets, after all.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

(Aggressive Reporter) Oh, that’s just “editing.” As a cameraman at this station you should already know that.
Yeah, I guess you’re right. Besides, I’d hate to lose my job because I questioned them.
See, you get it. It’s all for the purpose of capturing our viewers’ “hearts.” Madarame’s exhibition is exactly the type of event that will get us viewers. Let’s cover that next.

(Young-Looking Woman) Oh, I saw “Passion Empire.” He’s that famous Japanese artist, right? I think I’m more into younger guys though, haha.
What, are you trying to show off? Must be nice having a young boyfriend.

We painted and Madarame… Dammit!

…I was his apprentice. He deceived me, then tossed me aside. With nowhere to go, life on the street was my only option.

Hey, working under Yaphet Kotto’s nothing to sneeze at!

I’m not sure I really think it’s possible… but I hope someone makes him pay for everything.

…However, it has a dark side to it as well!

Yes! YES! The power of the Sun God has opened your eyes to the truth. Madarame is a pig rolling in a trough of money! By the name of the Sun God shall he be condemned!

I hear this “Madarame” has quite the reputation. Is he that great of a man?

Oh? Is there some rumor about him going around? I have a friend who claims to be a former pupil of his. Apparently, he’s had a terrible experience… I didn’t ask for the details, though. I felt awkward probing into his life.

It left me utterly proud to be Japanese. Ohoho…
(Modest Housewife) So that was you I saw on TV during the news coverage.
Oh my, was I really? I had no idea. Ohoho…

(Stylish Male Student) Of course. An apprentice of his goes to my school.
Whaaat, really!? Wow! What kind of person are they?
Who knows? He’s an art student. I heard he’s pretty eccentric.

The only new book available is the one that unlocks the Harajuku hangout, but we pick it up anyway.


Music: Aria of the Soul

That’s good, because as of right now we’re gonna start assigning homework. And this material *will* be on the exam, so study hard! Girls?
We want a Jack Frost.
With Mabufu! We need it for… reasons! Now go, Inmate!

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Well, let’s just head right on in then.

Line Changes!!!!

After school on the 17th before the group heads over to Yusuke’s house, Ryuji’s line “Perfect. He prolly changed his plans immediately just so he could get you over there.” is now “Perfect! Probably dropped all his plans just to get you over there.” And yes, I know that’s a change so minor it’s not worth pointing out! But I can’t not notice this shit! This game’s script has seeped deep through my scalp and is leaking into my brain, and all I can think is how weird and pointless most of these line changes are, even if there’s occasionally a really egregious line they do fix! It’s just so weird!