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Chapter 21: Juro Kurabe 3

Music: In The Doldrums (Rikako Watanabe)

Let me guess. Amiguchi-kun’s not there? He’s probably at the cafeteria?
Thanks for makin’ my life easier, man. Cool, let’s grab our stuff and head over.


Let’s check our flowchart again real quick before we do anything. Here, we can see the way to get to this branch is to eavesdrop on Miwako’s conversation like a creep. We won’t always be told how to unlock branches, just for a couple of Juro’s segments because he’s the “tutorial” character I suppose. That said, Juro kind of needs these hints because his are actually somewhat complicated to figure out.

With that said, let’s listen in on Miwako and Tomi.

I’d love to, but… I’ve kinda got somewhere to be.
Aww… Okay…

Consider Issues at Home

(Minami-san suddenly showed up at my house… And then brought over Miura-kun out of nowhere. As if I didn’t have enough problems with Yakushiji around. I always dreamed of living on my own… So much for that.)

You’ve been acting strange lately. Are you okay? You seem kind of… stressed out.
But you’re just fine, right?
Hey… I’m worried about you.

Sorry, I have plans…
You too…?

Poor Miwako.

Sorry, Miwa-chan.
It’s okay. I’ll go home by myself.

Okay, that’s a little creepy.
If you’re looking for him…

Crap! I gotta get going.
I should head out too. See you, Miwa-chan.

Use Break Area on Kyuta Shiba

Huh? You mean that place with the vending machines? Let’s check it out!

If we’re too slow, we’ll lose him.

Juro! You’ll be home for dinner, right? I’ll cook something for you.

And Shiba-kun’s here.

No time for smalltalk, Yakushiji! To the break area!

Music: Ennui Vibes (Yoshimi Kudo)

Hey, Okino!

Bye, Okino!

What’s up?
Could we hang out again today?
You got it. Let’s see… Why don’t we go to your place this time?
Wait, Juro’s place? Nooo!

I wanna check it out.

Use Issues at Home on Shu Amiguchi

You actually can’t progress to the correct branch here without having first gained the “Issues at Home” keyword from the branch at the cafeteria. The branches are a lot more linear than they initially seem.

His TV’s a piece of junk.

Shut up, Shiba!

Well, right now… I have a guest staying over. Things are a liittle awkward, so… Sorry. It’s just not a good time.
Well, all right.

Thaaat’s my man!

Oh jeez, you guys are standing a little close there. Back off, I’m getting claustrophobic.

Music: Some chiptune thing from Shiba’s game

Any game you wanna play, he’s got it. He really is a rich kid, huh? I’m jealous.


You’ll break my concentration!

You cool with soda?

Drink Canned Soda


I need to try that again. If I die this time, I’ll switch with you.

We should probably go get dinner soon. You’re coming, right? My treat.
You already paid for my ramen last time… I feel kinda bad.
Then what, you wanna call it a day?
I can still tag along. I’ll just pay for my own food.

That means I’ve gotta pay too.

Why is Juro friends with this guy?

The TV shelf is full of things too… Looks like LaserDiscs. This is incredible.

Did you watch the video?

Did you already finish it? What did you think?
Kind of a campy plot. You’ve got this mad scientist who loses his real body… So he builds a new body and sets out, bent on revenge! …It was interesting, but definitely not for casuals.
*laughs* For a B-movie, that just proves it’s a masterpiece.

Just learning something about you. I figured you were only really into Western music. Never thought you’d be into the idol scene.

She’s been really getting big lately, hasn’t she?

Did you want to just grab dinner and go home?
Actually, um… Do you think I could stay a little longer? I’d really appreciate it.

And I’m all by myself here. Stay as long as you want.
Say, uh… Any specific reason you don’t want to go home?
Well, the person I’m living with is— ……

(to self) I’m the one with a problem. If I’m around her too long, I might—


Hold on, I’m almost done!

Pick up something new to watch.
Oh, speaking of…

Is that the sequel to that sci-fi flick?

We can watch it together.
I’m… gonna have to pass.
Oh? Not in the mood for horror?
That’s not it… Sorry. It’s just… I think I’ve been watching too many movies lately. I’m getting kind of scared.


Did you have another crazy dream? What happened in it?

Use Terrible Dream on Shu Amiguchi

I went insane. I killed everyone around me…


Jeez, Juro. You’re such a downer.

So now, I feel anxious whenever she’s around. I’m scared… I might end up actually killing her.

Music: Lonely Struggle (Rikako Watanabe)

You killed everyone… How could you do such a thing?
You… You came to the future for this?

It’s your nanomachines. You all have them. That’s what’s calling the Deimos here. As long as you kids are alive… The hordes will keep on coming until they’ve destroyed all time and space.
You’re lying.
I’m sorry.

No… No…!

The pain will only last for a moment.

It’s too late to back out now. I must kill my doubts… and finish the job. In order to escape from this eternal cage… It must be done.

You’re persistent, Ida. Don’t worry… I’ll put you out of your misery.


Oh hey, Morimura has the Magical Gun™!

What have you done, Juro?

Where’s the wound? Let me see it.

…was all… for you. Morimura…

Dark! At least now we have the answer to the “Why is Juro being such a dick?” “mystery.” I didn’t put that one on the board for obvious reasons, but it’s still good to have an answer.

Our options:

Juro Kurabe
Iori Fuyusaka
Megumi Yakushiji
Natsuno Minami
Yuki Takamiya
Shu Amiguchi
Keitaro Miura
Tomi Kisaragi

There's also:

Takatoshi Hijiyama (Locked behind Ogata)
Ei Sekigahara (Locked behind Natsuno)

The poll is here.