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Chapter 34: 5/19-5/20: Now It’s A Party (New)

This update contains content from Part 33 of the original LP.

Music: Will Power

I learned much from you, Madarame. In order to see authenticity… one must be dispassionately realistic. With Goemon by my side… I can now ascertain your true self without any reservations!

Psst, Joker, you get any of that? What the hell’s he talking about?
I think he’s saying “facts don’t care about your feelings.”

That’s an extremely unfair comparison I just made, and I apologize to Yusuke.

Yusuke’s still fucking pissed.

Yusuke’s Baton Pass gimmick is still really good as long as you’re not in a main boss fight—though there are actually some bosses it’s okay against this time. And his stats are still slightly better than Ryuji’s, so that’s nice. Overall, there’s not much if anything in the realm of outright changes to skillsets in Royal, not even changes to levels they’re learned at.

Music: Desire

You really fucked up now, my dude. Welp, bye!

Curse you, foul legs! Obey your master!
You’re just worn out. Awakening to that power takes a lot out of you.

What a disgrace I am!
C’mon, just listen to her.

Music: Confession/Secret

I’m no fool. Strange people have been coming by for years, and the plagiarism was an everyday affair. But… who would want to admit that the man they owed their life to was doing such terrible things?
Why didn’t you leave, Kitagawa-kun?

He painted the “Sayuri.” But also, I owe him a debt too large to repay… I never knew my father, and my mother raised me alone until she died when I was three. Sensei took me in then. Apparently, he helped her while she was alive. Honestly, I don’t remember her very well either. Sensei was the closest thing I had to a parent for most of my life… but he changed. It’s unforgivable that he would treat the cornerstone of his work, the “Sayuri,” in such a fashion!
Guess you’ve been through a lot, huh?
I must apologize. I knew deep down you were right when you brought up plagiarism, but I had to deny it all the harder because of that. I was running away.
Just don’t bring the cops into this again and we’re cool.

What are you going to do now?
We can’t help the fact that Madarame’s gone and changed. But… we can change his heart. We’ll make him pay for his crimes.
That reminds me, you mentioned something about that “change of heart” earlier…
Have you heard the rumors? The ones about the Phantom Thieves that steal hearts?

…Preposterous! You’re saying…?

Music: High Pressure

We’ll talk later! We need to scram!
*examining self* When did my clothes change?
You just noticed that now?
Save it for after! Let’s go!

Wait, but you three didn’t come in from the same entrance! Will you even be able to leave with us!?
Uhhh… No time like the present to test that out!

Music: Sunset Bridge

And because of that, this PE teacher’s had a change of heart…

This story also brings into relief why the nude modeling was something of a sore subject… Fine. Let us never speak of it again.
Thank god.

The Phantom Thieves who steal hearts… To think they truly exist.

He’s accepting this rather quickly. Nice, that’s less annoying re-explanation to do.

So your plan with Madarame-sensei—with Madarame is to force a change of heart, correct? Let me join… as a member of the Phantom Thieves.

I am also shocked, inside the bag!

Had I faced reality sooner, this may have been avoided. I must put an end to this for the sake of the others whose futures as artists were robbed, as well. That… is the most civil thing I can do for the man who was… in some manner, my father.

No objections here. It was already the plan to take down Madarame, and I’m sure we’d all feel a lot better with you along.
Butalsohemighthaveamentalshutdownifwefuckup Okay! Welcome to the team!
Already agreed! No take-backs!
Well, it’s not like we have any other recourse here due to Madarame’s connections… Fine.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

We have a new member in the Phantom Thieves now! I hope we get along, Yusuke!

Anyway, what’s going to happen with the real Madarame? He seemed pretty upset…
Oh, I called him before we arrived. He believes I kept chasing you, but he’s still furious and plans to take legal action against everyone.
Wait, *everyone*? We weren’t even there!

Legal action… He’s acting way too desperate. Maybe he still has more secrets.
If he were to act, it’d be after the exhibit is over. Any scandal during the show would be his loss.

At least the nude modeling talk is over… even if the deadline hasn’t changed…

We’ll have to force a change of heart before then, if we’re to dodge this “legal action” thing. Looks like our plan must be accomplished while the exhibit is still open!
By the way… what is this?

Music: My Homie

Huh? A cat.
But it’s talking.
You have a problem with that!?
No, not really.
Why not?
He’s just on a different wavelength than other people.

…Takamaki-san. You went over with that giant mass of clothes on, correct? Do you need my help retrieving them later?
Well, uh… I actually didn’t think that far ahead…
Furthermore, I’ve been wondering… You took off your school uniform before we left the atelier… so where did you get what you’re wearing now?
Shut up.
Well, if you insist.

…Never mind. He’s just weird.

After School → Evening

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

(extremely overdramatically) Who, meeeeee?

Don’t forget you’re still under probation, got that? One misstep and you’re finished.
…No good? What’s wrong about changing the hearts of criminals? We’re doing the right thing.

>You’ve clearly never played an Ace Attorney game, Ryuji.
Whatever! I’m just saying, we’re totally boned if Madarame presses charges! We’ll get expelled *and* arrested!
>For me, those are the same thing!
We can’t afford to mess this one up. Let’s change his heart!
>Hey, did no one invite Yusuke to the group chat? Oh, jeez, this is awkward.

(Game Show Host) A: Unconsenting cutting of hair. B: Using noise to cause distress. Which of the two would be considered a case of bodily harm? You be the judge!

(Game Show Host) The correct answer is… B! If you drive someone crazy with noise, that’s bodily harm!
(Lawyer) If it disrupts the body’s functions, it counts as bodily harm, even if there’s no physical contact! Hair grows back, so it doesn’t count as a wound. That’d be a case of “assault,” not bodily harm.
Hey, you got it right. I’m impressed by how much you know about law.
It feels like I’ve improved my Knowledge.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

The TV quiz show returns! The answers are all identical, though.

Music: Generic “dramatic” music

Fake Gillian Anderson: They’re all dead… How could… Who could have done this!?
Fake David Duchovny: The larvae… It must have infected them! Got into their brains! We need to find those samples, Sculzy! Fast!
It’s a story about an investigator who searches for the truth behind eerie, supernatural incidents…
Whoa, whoa, why would you preserve alien larvae? Curiosity killed the cat, you know!

That’s the plan! *laugh track*

Music: Everyday Days

I bet you’ve summoned a little more Guts by watching this drama.

Maaku gains Guts +2.

Anon: “of hearts”? what tryhards

Early Morning

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

(Caring Young Friend) You still working at that beef bowl place on Central Street? I thought you liked that place ‘cause the pay was good. What happened?
Sure, the pay’s fine, but I’m the only one there at night. That job magazine said it was a “fun, friendly workplace.” *sigh* Maybe I should just quit…
Like he says, work can be pretty trying… But it’s a worthwhile experience. Don’t give up.

What, do they not let that guy only come in whenever the fuck he feels like it?

Early Morning → Lunchtime

How’d you do?
Damn… I’m dead…
Phew! I’m above the average. That’s the real dividing line. My allowance is safe for now…
I wonder what score I got… I finished a little higher than the average score.
Hm… Well, it should set a good example for your friends.

Maaku gains Charm +2.

Lunchtime → After School

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Our fight’s not over until the exhibit ends. Keep your head in the game.

Apparently he’s been hanging out at a monjayaki shop a lot. I heard he gets real drunk there and brags to his coworkers. So… perfect opportunity, right? If we get close, we might get some intel outta him.

But he’ll notice me. So I’m gonna need your help on this one. I’ll let you know when I figure out his schedule. Til then, no training, okay?

Sounds like we won’t be hanging out with Ryuji for a while. I guess you’ll just have to be patient.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Let’s return The X-Folders and rent Wraith next.

Why should Maaku pay a chiropractor when he can just have Caroline kick his spine into the right shape for free?

Music: Aria of the Soul

Let’s make a Kushi Mitama from Koropokkuru and Berith. This is a Councillor Persona now (it was Strength before) because they added some new Personas and swapped around some of the old ones to fill out the new arcana. This invalidates a lot of the old fusion recipes, unfortunately.

Let’s give him Foul Odor.

I’ll bring some vigor back to your body. Come o, let’s check out the mysterious nature of this world!

Kushi Mitama is one of the Mitamas. In Japanese belief, it’s an aspect of the human soul known as the “wondrous soul,” believed to have mysterious powers to cause transformations and cure illnesses.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Let’s immediately go use that bad boy in some Confidant-in’.

What’s up, doc?

If you’re okay with it, I’d like to get some input from you. Do you have time right now? There’s no pressure, obviously, but…
Maybe a break wouldn’t be so bad… Are you gonna help Maruki with his research?

Ah, great! I just finished a counseling session. Now, meet me in the nurse’s office.

Music: Ideal and the Real

To be honest, it’s been… kind of a relief.

That whole mess with Kamoshida was the reason I was called here, after all… They warned me a lot of students had been impacted. I knew there would be a lot of free-floating anxiety. But when I actually got to talk to everyone, I was pleasantly surprised. Most of the things on everyone’s minds were college entrance exams, relationship problems… In other words, typical worries for high-school students. Some did open up about deeper issues, but not the majority. Some students were still struggling with the scars from the incident, yes… But at the very least, I’m glad the ones who came to me have taken some steps towards recovery.

Either way, I hope my worries end up being groundless after all. I know I’m not the most reliable guy, but remember you can always talk to me too if something’s bothering you. I am the counselor here, you know. If nothing else, I’m good at listening.
Having said that, it’s a little awkward that I have to ask for your help, but… You know how I asked you to help me with my research?

I just need you to listen to what I have to say, and work through some questions with me. But let’s see… Maybe I should start at the beginning. I can tell you a little about what this research is for. What I’m studying now is pain felt in the mind. Or perhaps more fancifully, in the heart. Some specific examples include the pain of someone saying hurtful things to you, or being separated from those you love… Maybe this would be clearer—pain defined by abstracts, like trauma or stress. Bodily, physical pain can be thought of as something necessary. An autonomic response to injury, illness, whatever.

That pain isn’t born from any tangible problem in our bodies, right? It’s something strange and immaterial. I guess it goes to show there are still a lot of mysteries in our hearts and minds. And I… well, I want to learn more about these internal, psychological pains. Now, this is my question to you… When do you truly feel pain in your heart, Hamiru-kun?

So that’s not just bodily harm for you? You feel an emotional impact as well? Fascinating.

No, that was… You can ignore that, I was just being a shit.

It can be rough. It doesn’t feel good to struggle with pain in your heart.

After all, that kind of pain is only born because we fall in love, right? Do you have any thoughts on this kind of pain, Hamiru-kun?


But it’s a wonderful sentiment. A very positive way of looking at it. Internal, emotional pain can be difficult to deal with. Though some say it’s always coupled with other feelings… And I agree, of course. I think that’s a fair assessment. Though personally speaking… I’d think if pain can be avoided, it should be. Maybe it shouldn’t exist at all.

Wounds of the heart are much harder to detect, and in a way, they’re far more complex than physical injuries. That’s why I’m doing this research… To save people who are suffering from internal pain they keep holding onto. You helped me realize that purpose again. Thank you.

I can sense Maruki’s gratitude towards me…

Huh. That seems… broken.

*crosses arms*

I’ll teach you tricks for mental discipline, and you help me with my research! Just like we decided, right?

Thanks to Maruki’s mental training, my mind feels stronger…

Oh, and here. Never a bad time for a snack, right?

O-Okay, NOW we’re ready to wrap things up…

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I’m taking a breather. Just finished my last counseling session for the day. And I thought I’d thank you once again for your help earlier.

A lot of students came by to talk today. Hopefully they got something out of it.


I’m just going to have to accept defeat here and stop making jokes about Maaku nodding while on the phone. The game has broken me on this.

Thanks again for agreeing to help me out. I might be looking to you for help more frequently from now on. It’d mean a lot if you could lend a hand. All right, see you later.

After School → Evening

Music: Beneath the Mask

You’ll go with me to help investigate undercover, right!?

Yeah, sure.

Chariot Rank 7: Part 37

I’m gonna hide in the bathroom until they leave. Just leave the phone on so I can hear their conversation.

Music: Suspicion

I’m celebrating! Now that Kamoshida’s gone, I finally get my chance. Kamoshida has disgraced the volleyball team. They’re done. But I have a plan to restore Shujin’s glory using the track team. I’ll pretend to be their advisor after hiring someone to do all the… what’s the word?
Yeah, thassit. Anyway, I’ll just get someone to do all of that. After those students suffered due to Kamoshida, it’ll be the perfect sob story to attract national headlines! Bonuses, books, motivational speeches… I’ll have it made!
Amazing, Yamauchi! You’re a genius! But what about all the troublemakers on the team right now? Isn’t that Nakaoka kid especially bad?
Oh, you mean the kid who asked them to bring back the pre-Kamoshida coach? Already taken care of. I told this unexceptional kid on the team named Takeishi that he could be the captain if he got rid of Nakaoka. Even told him Nakaoka was the one spilling their secrets to Kamoshida! Takeishi already chased Nakaoka away… Heh. And to top it all off, Takeishi’s mother is the president of the PTA.
What a great pawn for this master plan of yours!
Of course, he doesn’t have what it takes to be captain. We might have to emulate the little “accident” that occurred with Kamoshida and the old coach’s star runner, Sakamoto… Until then, he can be a model of obedience for the others.
Are these fuckers seriously discussing in public a conspiracy to commit bodily harm against a minor?

Dammit! If we don’t do something quick, Yamauchi’s gonna get rid of Takeishi too… Goddammit!

I’d normally say we change his heart, but I don’t like the track team enough for us to bother. Let’s just tell them about this and wash our hands of it.
Yeah, it’s their business, not ours. We have to let them decide what to do.
Not really what I was saying but okay.

You know, track ain’t a team sport. At least, sprintin’ wasn’t. You’ve got teammates, sure… but you’re really just lookin’ out for your own time. That’s why I never thought about askin’ people for help or tryin’ to solve our problems together. But… I can’t ignore the stuff they’re goin’ through now. I mean, even though we had our own goals n’ shit… We were still runnin’ together. They suffered with me, gritted their teeth with me… Honestly, I think it was only ‘cause of them I was able to run at all. So I can’t just go and turn my back on ‘em now, right? I know that ain’t the coolest thing to say, but it’s how I feel.

I think you’re cool, Ryuji.
Thanks! I feel like half the time I just have no idea what you’re thinkin’ and then you say some utterly bizarre shit, so that means a lot!

Ooh, Insta-kill! This ability has been revamped heavily. Whereas before you got nothing but a Persona for an Insta-kill, now you get money and experience, as well as the Persona. It’s really great.

Man, I’m hungry now.

So far, all I’ve seen of this place is the goddamn toilet!

…Scratch that.

Thanks for hangin’ with me, man.

But goddamn it… Yamauchi! That dick! Just thinkin’ about him pisses me off! At this rate, the track team’s screwed. Yamauchi’s just gonna take advantage of them!

But I also don’t wanna make a huge scene. I can’t let myself mess up their chance to start the team again… Besides… I doubt those guys are gonna listen to anything I say…

Anyhow, at least we know the truth about him. We just gotta figure out our next move.

In any case, thanks again for your help today! You seriously saved me! Bye!