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069: Broodmother
HP 70, Defence 0

Attacks: Ram (5), Electric Projectiles (3, hits 2-3x, 2 turns numb), Delayed Electric Shot (3, 2 turns numb), Summon Midge
Resistances: Poison 30%, Freeze 40%, Numb 110%, Sleep 40%

Notes: Delayed Shot and Summon Midge can happen before it attacks normally, and don't cost actions. When below 50% HP, Broodmother starts taking two actions per turn.
Midges summoned will counterattack when Broodmother is hit, in addition to other Midges.

074: Devourer
(Based on the purple pitcher plant, Sarracenia purpurea)
HP 58, Defence 1

Attacks: Acid Shot (4, 2-3x, 2 turns poison, each hit targets randomly), Delayed Shot (4, 2 turns poison, hits 2 turns later), Poison Breath (3, hits entire party, 2 turns poison, mash action command), Summon Flytrap, Head Slam (5, hits entire party, can eat one ally; eaten ally takes 20% max HP? damage at end of turn, Devourer heals equal to damage dealt)

Resistances: Poison 50%, Freeze 110%, Numb 50%, Sleep 110%
Weak: Ice

Notes: Devourer gets 2 actions per turn, one "direct attack" and one "follow-up". Direct attacks are Acid Shot, Poison Breath, Head Slam (Head Slam becomes more likely once it's under 50% HP). Follow-ups are either Summon Flytrap (which has a 1-turn cooldown) or Delayed Shot (2-4 turn cooldown, randomly determined), it prioritises flytraps if possible and will take no follow-up action if both are unavailable.
Devourer will eat a party member after Head Slam if it's at 70% HP or less. Eaten party members will be spit out after 3 turns or if they run out of HP. Successfully blocking or Super Blocking the Head Slam has no effect on whether a character will be eaten.