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Chapter 37: 5/23-5/24: Ryuji Needs Therapy (New)

This update contains content from Part 38 of the original LP.

Music: A Woman

On the way out of the Palace…

Music: Aria of the Soul

Our master admires the progress of your rehabilitation, and hence has given you use of a special ritual.

Any further questions regarding this ritual can be directed toward our master himself.
He’s apparently gonna consider making even more rituals if your rehabilitation goes as planned. Work hard for it, Inmate!

You’ll lose the Persona, but you’ll get things like useful weapons and accessories! We’ll record the transmutation result of each Persona in the Inmate Registry. You’d better be grateful! Each time you make a sacrifice, you need to use a a special material with the potential for transmutation. You probably have no idea what it is, so take this one and get clued in. You better show your gratitude for it! You should be able to find them in your own reality, too—not just the other one. Do your best to find them!

Itemizing Personas works the same way it did in the original. You need a base component and a Persona to sacrifice, with each Persona giving a different reward.

A cool new addition in Royal, however, is the ability to go into the Inmate Registry and check Itemization results for each Persona we’ve gathered. Very handy.

We’ll also be doing a good bit of fusing while we’re here. First up, Eligor from Archangel and Koppa Tengu.

We gave Eligor Giant Slice and Rakukaja.

Next, Suzaku from Agathion and Kushi Mitama.

Nekomata from Ame-no-Uzume and Onmoraki.

Matador from Obariyon and Jack Frost.

Still wary about this motherfucker. No challenging me to any duels, all right?

Finally, Ame-no-Uzume from Suzaku and Berith, making sure to carry over Suzaku’s Frei for the Strength request.

Oh hey, you brought the Persona we wanted.

Strength Rank 2: Part 37

The task was too easy if this slacker could pull it off, Justine!
Hmm… Yes, I concur. No reward for you yet. Do another. Dance, monkey.
Yeah! Yeah! Give him another one!

I feel like my bond with Caroline and Justine is growing deeper…

Well, that’s enough for now.

You were just standing there for about fifteen minutes. It’s honestly a little disconcerting.

After School → Evening

Music: Beneath the Mask

Nah man, I could go run a 5k right now, I don’t give a *fuck*.

Just gotta decide when to send it!
We should tell Yusuke.
>Yeah, uh… why is he not in this group text, exactly?
Whatever, I’ll tell him when we want to meet up.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I always love this idiot self-satisfied fistpump after a successful coffeemake

Maaku gains Charm +1.

This must be Guatemalan SHB…

Even if someone looks like trouble, I’ll serve them the same cup of coffee I serve everyone else. That’s my job. I have pride in what I do.

You have the potential, so keep training.


Anon: ya rite lol

Early Morning

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

One day the cat’s going to realize it’s completely impossible to read half a book in a single train ride and then we’re all fucked.

Maaku gains Kindness +3.

Early Morning → Morning

Music: So Boring

First, I have an announcement about an upcoming school event.


The cleanup will take place next week, on the 30th. All students are to wear their gym uniforms during the event, so don’t forget to dress the part.

I guess it’s the principal’s idea. Damage control after Kamoshida scandaled up the school’s rep.

Not a ver—

Pretty sure “scandal”’s not a verb.


All the girls in our class have been freaking out over this new guy, too. I’ve been hearing Maruki’s “hot,” “kind,” “sensitive”… Basically, everyone thinks he’s their type.
Whoa. I guess he’s pretty popular, then. Oh yeah, did you guys go to counseling yet?

Whoa, really?
You should just go already.


If your slacking draws attention to us, we’re the ones who’ll have to pay for it.

Morning → After School

Music: Ideal and the Real

Well… it’s not like I wanted to or nothin’.
Ahaha, sorry you were forced into this. But anyway—come in, come in!

*looks around awkwardly*

Oh? Why’s that?

I mean, I don’t really go see teachers unless they wanna chew me out for doin’ somethin’ wrong…
Oh, I’m not a teacher here. If anything, well… I’m here to be on the students’ side.

That just makes you sound like a cop!

Oh, yeah…?

Oh, no, no—this isn’t some klnd of interrogation.

(For the sake of disclosure, I was going to insert a bit here where Maaku would say “Rude” using his interrogation portrait and it would have been very funny, but I decided against it because he is not actually here for this conversation and so it wouldn’t make any sense. So instead I decided to bring it up in this awful meta way that derails this entire scene!)

Liiike… what?
Hmm, how about… Is there anyone in your class that you like?

That’s not exactly easy to talk about either—and it’s not like there IS anybody…

Oh no, my torrid Ryuji/Maaku fanfic is being delegitimized!

Uh—Oh, sorry! I just meant, you’re in the middle of your teenage years and all, right? High schoolers are just discovering romance and all, so…
That how it went for you?
…Not… exactly. But, um, that’s just because I fell in love with my studies first! Heheh…

I’m sorry… I’m supposed to be hearing you out, but instead I’m just bringing down the room.

Uhhh, hang out with my buds, mostly—though I just started doin’ that recently. Before that, I was just pissed all the time, and even before that… I was only all about the track team.

…Oh, so you know about that, too. Well, yeah, pretty much—so long as I don’t strain it or nothin’.
I see…

Guess so… I mean, after all that trainin’ I did, it makes sense I’d like it… I’d be training constantly, getting sweet times at meets along with everyone else… Eventually I was gonna get my hands on some running scholarships to make it easier on my mom…

It’s cool, though. I got way more important shit to do now.
More important, huh?


Well, no matter what path you might have to take to get there… I hope your track dreams will still do you some good in the end.
Heh, thanks…

Oh no, this is actually a genuine phenomenon, with a lot of research going into it even now.

I dunno man, this sounds pretty sketchy.

Look at it this way, Sakamoto-kun—what do you want most out of life, right now?
Uhhh… I want somethin’ to drink, I guess.

Sweet simple Ryuji.

I lucked into a coupon for a free can of apple juice at the convenience store this morning! And now, I’d like for you to have it.

See? Your wish came true!


Hey, Dr. Maru—ah, I mean, Doc. Anyone ever tell you you’re kinda… not normal?

Uhhhh, no?

Music: Tokyo Daylight

I’m pretty sure this is just a straight-up translation error here. They’re not cleaning for thirty days, game. They’re cleaning on the 30th.

(Sakoda) Should we go to that sushi place Hippo loves? Don’t want him eating other piggies.
(Chubby Male Student) Oh… But…
(Brown-Haired Male Student) Take a hint, you fat asshole. You don’t want to piss me off!

One of these days I’ll get to that Mementos request.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Let’s go make the plans.

Just checking one last time—you’re sure about this, Yusuke?
I’ve thought about this long and hard, and I cannot allow Madarame to continue. He must be brought to justice.
Cool, now we won’t feel guilty for doing it behind your ba—uh, never mind.
So, we have to send a “calling card,” right? To change his cognition? That reminds me… what is this world formed from cognitions? Why does it even exist?
No idea.
This is getting crazy to think about, man!

He’ll know the crime written on it is real, don’t worry.
Are you writing this one again, Ryuji? That seems… inadvisable.
Why don’t we have Yusuke do it? He’s good at art and stuff!
He would figure it out. He knows the way I write and draw intimately.
Then… I’ll draft it, and you touch it up!
Very well.
That doesn’t seem like it actually solved the core issue, guys!

After School → Evening

Music: Beneath the Mask

Looks the same to me.
Maybe it’s just for the group and doesn’t show up in here… Well, you should take a look later. It’s that Phantom Thieves logo I had Yusuke draw for us.

What a weird scene this is! They could have just put the icon in this window, but they had to address why it’s not here!

>Again, why are we excluding Yusuke from the groupchat? I’d understand if we were at least being catty bitches and making fun of him in here, but we’re not! We’re too lame for that!
Anyway, the calling card’s looking good. This is the first real job for the Phantom Thieves. Let’s make it a good one.

Maaku gains Kindness +1.