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Folks, I’m pretty excited about today’s update. I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time. That’s right, it can only be…

Chapter 29: Nenji Ogata 1

Music: LONER (Azusa Chiba)

I should slow down and think a little…

…… Hey, are you even listening?

A train arrives in the background. This will happen a couple times throughout this scene, so pay attention.

*sardonically* …I didn’t know you could sleep standing up.
No, this is… the same platform as before. The hell is this?

What are you saying, Nenji?

Nenji’s thinky-man pose makes him look like a total badass and I respect the hell out of it.

Consider Train Derailed

(We were in that train car, and… Then the whole thing got knocked off the line. …So how are we here? No way we would’ve walked away from an accident like that…)


How’d we get back here?
You mean the train I’m about to get on?
You’re… about to?

Okay, so clearly Nenji has been thrown back in time somehow, as evidenced by the “Back in Time” thought we just obtained. Everyone’s caught up? Good.

…Are you okay, man?

Use Back in Time on Tomi Kisaragi

I’m saying I’ve been on this platform before.
Well, duh. This is how you get to school every day.
No, I mean just now. I was here.
*shocked silence* *sigh* Is this, like, a setup for a joke?
No, wait… I remember. It wasn’t even my train. I got on the semi-express to go after you, Kisaragi… You and I were together the whole time, right?

Let’s look around the platform a bit.


Unfortunately, we can only move about four feet to the right here before Nenji cuts us off.

So, let’s try the other way.

Music: Between The Lines (Kikuchi Yukinori)

Ah, shit.

Ogata. Most punchable face in the city.

The hell are you tryin’ to say to me?

*sigh* We already did. I beat your ass into the ground. I guess that didn’t count either…? What crawled up your ass, anyway?
Heard you were talkin’ shit on the Kuri High gang. Sayin’ all we got is strength in numbers.
News to me.
No more runnin’. We settle this right here, right now.

Nenji, to his credit, wants none of this nonsense, and simply walks away.

Don’t have time for that shit anyway.

Don’t tell me this little bitch is your girl? Heh heh… Didn’t know you were into elementary schoolers. That’s messed up, man.

You wanna say that again? Say it to my face.

Oh hey, another train is her—oh. Oh no.


Music: LONER (Azusa Chiba)

Hey, wait up!

You’re gonna regret it!
You’re being super weird right now.
Look, shut up and listen. You CAN’T get on that.

So you can just decide that for me? It’s not like… Like you can just tell me what to do. I’m so done with you.

And so Tomi gets on the train.

Nenji, for his part, will automatically follow.

Consider Train Derailed

(So Kisaragi always gets on that train… and the train always crashes. Once she gets on, she’s basically dead. How the hell can I make her understand…?)

Why are you here? This isn’t even your train, right?

Cause you’re not making any sense. What, you just wanted to have the last word?
Wait, that’s it…

…So when was this?

You’re such a psycho. I don’t know if you’re just a delinquent or whatever…

Aww, Tomi, you hurt Nenji’s feelings!

Music: KAIJU (Kazuki Higashihara)

Morimura didn’t say anything about this…

Music: Time Drain (Rikako Watanabe)

What the— Where…? What the hell happened? What are all these lights? How do I get out of this thing? …… I remember… The train got derailed, and—

Who’s there!? The hell’s going on!?
Where is the key?
What key?

Look, where’s Kisaragi!? There was a girl with me, right? Is she okay!?
I need the D-Code key. Where is it?
I don’t know, man! Do you have Kisaragi or not!?
I’m sending you back. Listen. You have to find the key.

I should slow down and think a little…

…… Hey, are you even listening?

So… yes. Nenji Ogata is caught in a motherfucking time loop.

I love this game.

Now, let’s add the new mysteries “Key?” “Nenji’s Time Loop?” and “D-Code?” to the corkboard. We’ve definitely heard about that D-Code before, haven’t we?

And here’s all the mysteries we currently have.

Nenji Ogata is voiced by Billy Kametz, who, yes, voiced the largely-identical character Josuke Higashikata in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable. He’s also known for roles like Maruki in Persona 5 Royal, Galo Thymos in Promare, and Ferdinand in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Juro Kurabe
Iori Fuyusaka
Megumi Yakushiji
Natsuno Minami
Yuki Takamiya
Shu Amiguchi
Keitaro Miura
Tomi Kisaragi
Ei Sekigahara
Nenji Ogata

There's also:

Takatoshi Hijiyama (Locked behind Ogata)

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