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TRANSLATION DIFFERENCES (Official localization is unspoilered, Retranslation is spoilered):

After Prologue:

Serges: This is their leader. His name is Mega Man X.

Serges: So this is X? I see. He seems quite capable.

Violen: Those who underestimated him are now nothing but scrap.

Violen: Hmph! He's nothin' special. I would trash his little...

Agile: We won't make the same mistake. He is powerful, but he is blind to what is happening around him.

Agile: Indeed, his abilities are rather dangerous. We must defeat him while we still have the chance to do so.

Serges: Our Mavericks will keep him busy until we are ready.

Serges: Perhaps we should leave this one to our subordinates.

Agile: Yes. How is the plan proceeding?

Agile: By the way, how long until that Reploid is completed?

Serges: Collection is proceeding as scheduled. However, we are having problems with the control chip.

Serges: The parts are nearly completed, but... The control chips are imperfect. That chip is essential.

Agile: We have little time. We must finish construction on schedule. We must hurry...

Agile: We need that Reploid's strength. We must hurry...

After 2 Mavericks beaten (shadowy room):

Agile: I see now why Sigma fell at the hands of Mega Man X. He is quite formidable.

Agile: That damn X! I see now. He lucked out, but... He did beat Sigma before...

Serges: I am not sure our Mavericks can hold him long enough. We may have to intervene.

Serges: Perhaps our subordinates alone will not suffice. We must defeat him ourselves.

After 2 Mavericks beaten (transmission to X):

Serges: Greetings. We have all of Zero's parts.

Serges: ...crrk...Mega...cks... We have possession of Zero.

Violen: They can be yours, if you defeat us!

Violen: His parts are yours, if you can beat us!

Agile: We look forward to meeting you, X!

Agile: Please come and meet us...alone!!

Serges, Round 1:

Serges: I am Serges and I cannot allow you to stop the unification! It is for the good of all!

Serges: I am Serges. You seem to be quite spirited. I wonder for how long that will last?

(X defeats Serges)

Serges: You have merely delayed the inevitable. We will meet again...

Serges: Impressive...perhaps I should retreat for now... Adieu, X!!

Violen, Round 1:

Violen: X, I shall crush you like a tin can!

Violen: Ghaha! I'll crush you with my power!

(X defeats Violen)

Violen: It cannot be! Now the unification is in jeopardy!

Violen: Gugugugu...where did you get that power from...?

Agile, Round 1:

Agile: Welcome X. Now your destruction is at hand!

Agile: X... I shall be your humble opponent...

(X defeats Agile)

Agile: I may have failed, but you will never live to see Zero!

Agile: It seems I have been underestimating you, X. Goodbye...

X-Hunters' Death:

Violen: What?! How could he have overloaded my circuits?! Arrrggghhh...

Violen: You tryin' to tell me that YOU surpass ME?! Unbelievable! Aargh!

Serges: This is impossible! The prophecy must be fulfilled!

Serges: Defeated by Light's robotic memento. Such a pity...

Agile: NO!!! This cannot be!! Master, avenge me!

Agile: No... This cannot be. Sigma, avenge us!