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Chapter 30: Nenji Ogata 2

Almost half of you voted to jump right back into Nenji’s story. I’m glad my boy is getting some love.

Music: LONER (Azusa Chiba)

Maybe you’ve got a point. I should slow down and think a little…

…… Hey, are you even listening?

*sigh* …I’m back. It’s happening all over again…

Consider Weird Voice

(Who even is that voice? How’d I end up in this mess…? And where the hell was I? It was like… I dunno… I feel like I saw it on some UFO show. Like an alien lab or somethin’. It looked just like that. I was… butt naked, too…)

Priorities, Nenji.

Use Train Derailed on Tomi Kisaragi


I mean, like… not yet. They get here after we get on this train…
How do you know that…?
‘Cause I saw it.

Yeah, it’s really gettin’ to me.

But… what can I do?

We could Consider and ask about the Key, but I’m pretty suspicious of this voice. Let’s just see if we can figure some way to get Tomi out of here.

Ah shit, forgot about these clowns.

Music: Bad Omen (Mitsuhiro Kaneda)

Ogata. Most punchable face in the city.
Great. This guy.
What, you think you’re better than me?

You gotta chill out, man.
Oh yeah? Do you think this is funny? Am I a joke to you?
No time for this crap… How about we talk this out?
How about screw you.

We settle this right here, right now.

Well, that didn’t work. Let’s try to ignore him, then.

Hey, stay outta this, idiot.


Don’t tell me this little bitch is your girl? Heh heh… Didn’t know you were into elementary schoolers. That’s messed up, man.

But hey, I’m still mad.

Heh. Nenji, you dumbass.

Dammit… Urgh…

Music: LONER (Azusa Chiba)

Welp, just gotta follow Tomi again before she gets herself killed.

…I’m gonna go.
Hey, hold it! I mean, just… hang on a sec. I really need you to stay off that train.
Okay, seriously, what’s going on?
I don’t even know how to describe it, just…
It’s… It’ll be really bad.

I’m bein’ serious here…

Use Train Derailed on Tomi Kisaragi

This train’s gonna get derailed—it’s gonna be a huge accident, okay?
I’m being serious here! You can talk shit on me if you want, but believe me just this once…

*sigh* So…? What do I do instead?
Let’s just get outta the station. We gotta get out of here while there’s still time. If we can just get outside this place, that’s gotta change something…

Sorry… my ankle hurts…

Probably a sprain…

…They destroyed my home. And they’ll destroy 1985, too.

Maybe there’s no way outta this, but… We’ll never know if we don’t run.

Music: Time Drain (Rikako Watanabe)

Dammit… I’m back here… They showed up in the middle of the city… We couldn’t make it out in time…

I don’t give a shit about your key!
Who the hell are you? If you can do all this crazy time crap, then… Then save Kisaragi!
Tomi Kisaragi… If you want to save her, you need to cooperate with me. I need you to find that key… If you give me its location, then I’ll help her.
…That the truth?
Yes. I promise. Still… Even if I was lying, you don’t have much choice.

Not sketchy at all, mysterious voice.

All you can do is trust me. So find that key, and I’ll see what I can do.

And that’s it for that chapter. I know it was short, but Nenji isn’t exactly in a situation that allows for his updates to be all that lengthy, heh. So, who next?

Juro Kurabe
Iori Fuyusaka
Megumi Yakushiji
Natsuno Minami
Yuki Takamiya
Shu Amiguchi
Keitaro Miura
Tomi Kisaragi
Ei Sekigahara
Nenji Ogata

There's also:

Takatoshi Hijiyama (Locked behind Ogata)

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