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Chapter 41: 5/29-5/30: Community Service (New)

Anon: viral marketing…?

I now cannot escape the terrifying thought of the Phantom Thieves turning into viral marketing like horse_ebooks.


Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I’m not a painting expert, but I can tell his work exudes true artistry that surpasses genres.

Ah… It may have been too much to expect normal people like you to understand. Those with poor sensibilities are so shortsighted. They are only capable of criticizing others.

Aren’t you a film critic or something?

I do wish my film critiques would be read by intellectuals more like myself. It’s rather frustrating. Well, I’ll be going home then.

Here’s the Japanese Gift Set! Show your love of Japan with these items! 1 Sakura Fan, 1 Katana Keychain, and… 1 Uji Matcha Flan! This is all one set, people! You don’t wanna miss out! But that’s not all! We’ve still got more! Here’s the next one! The Folding Screen Set! With this, Wind and Lightning won’t be so frightening! 1 Elecproof Choker and 1 Windproof Choker! These will both be in one set! What a steal!

Neither of these items are very good, so we’ll go with the first one because it’s cheaper.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

(Veteran Pick-Up Artist) It’s all part of the process. Success will come, but only after you fail again and again. It’s like they said on Madarame’s show. The big shots at the top all started as beginners.
I think I get it… I’m starting to feel like I can do this!

Let’s go study. We need the Knowledge and Kindness, after all.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Maaku gains Kindness +1 and Knowledge +1.

Daytime → Evening

Music: Beneath the Mask

What, did you forget? Kawakami said there was a community cleanup event.

He’s still bedridden for now.

Wait… You think this was too much for that old bastard’s heart?

Time to skip town and join the circus! Maaku, you’re the juggler!
>I don’t know how, but I’m willing to learn!

There’s no need to worry. His life does not appear to be in any danger.
I hope we didn’t eff up on our first official mission… Can he talk at all?
So far all he has said to me is, “I’m sorry.” I haven’t been able to speak to him since though. He is in no state to hold a conversation.
For real…?
If he ends up taking legal action against us, our leader will be in big trouble…!
You are under probation, correct? That would be problematic…
Hey, we’re gonna be OK… aren’t we?

>You idiots worry too much.
I will contact all of you if anything changes.

Especially nowadays, with security costs being so high…
(Elderly Office Worker) Indeed. Cyberterrorism is growing. As proven by the recent incident. An information leak can be devastating. Companies must guard against them.

(Reserved College Student) Hey, if you get too carried away, we’re gonna catch flak for being “disreputable youth” again… Didn’t you hear about that dude who got busted for taking a nude selfie while he was working?
Don’t harsh my buzz, buuuddy! Forget all that noise and just keep drinking, m’dude!

As I mentioned previously, we’re prioritizing Yoshida early on to free up our Sundays later in the game.

I feel more confident when you’re around.

Well then, let’s get started.

Sun Rank 3: Part 40

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

To make your decisions based simply on loss and gain is to act like a heartless machine. The reason so few people care about their fellow man is because so few have the energy to do so. We politicians have fallen short of our goal to change society. We need your support more than ever!
(Man in a Suit) That approach isn’t going to work! You have to get the voters more excited! You’re going to completely lose the hearts and minds of the people.
Again, what I’d like to say is—

Music: Alleycat

Do you know about the Kuramoto Children?

Uh, sure, Yoshida told me. Of course I was paying attention!

That was nearly twenty years ago. I’m impressed that you’re so interested in politics. I was a member of the Kuramoto Children as well. Yoshida and I joined the same year. I made an amazing career change, going from a pro wrestler to a Diet member. I was elected easily, but I had no idea what I was doing. I realized I wasn’t elected on my own merit when I failed to be re-elected for a second term. That was true for the both of us.
You made a great comeback, though. You’re truly an inspiration.
As are you, old friend. You’re working harder than anyone n the campaign trail.
Oh, there’s no need for false praise to impress the boy here.

No, I wanna hear it!

Yoshida’s well-informed about the inner workings of politics, so I’m sure he’ll be a great teacher. However, I suggest you only do as he says and not as he does, if you want to become a Diet member.
…And what might that mean?
I’m guessing he doesn’t know…?

Oh, the embezzlement? I know all about that shit. It’s cool as fuck.

You really think you can win the election by being completely honest and making good arguments? You’ve got to secure votes! Or else you’ll be forever known as No-Good Tora!
Without honesty and good arguments, there can be no political justice!
Heh… It’s been a while since I’ve heard one of your grandiose speeches.
Hamiru-kun, was it? Tell me, what about Yoshida here drew you in?

He seemed genuine and had a good message. Plus I figured someone who got away with stealing all that money probably knew a thing or two about convincing people.
Thank you, Hamiru-kun…

You address matters quite directly for a young person. It seems you have been taught well.
I intend to teach him everything I know. That’s what we agreed on.
I feel like my bond with Yoshida is growing deeper…

So, Fundraising will still occasionally disrupt our winning strategy of asking for money from an enemy a maximum of three times then All-Out Attacking to get the money plus the experience, because if Fundraising procs instead it just ends the battle. The upside is that the amount of money we get from Fundraising is better than it was in the original game, so we aren’t randomly getting screwed every time it procs. I am completely wrong here! Fundraising now doesn't just increase the amount of money we get, it also lets us ask again! It's great now!

By the way, how are things between you and old man Kuramoto?
We’re still not on speaking terms.
There’s something I’d like to get your opinion on, so I’ll be in touch.
Very well.

You may still distrust me because of what happened with the missing party funds… But I’m not the one who pointed the finger at you. That’s all I’m going to say.

Ah, my apologies. That’s all for today. Good job...

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

What a mess… Past mistakes can really come back to bite you. It’s hard to feel like you’ve ever truly escaped them. Some people can fight their way back up, like Matsushita… but many end up suffering under the weight of labels. Even after twenty years, I’m nothing more than No-Good Tora…

It’s true that I lost a lot, but… I did learn a great many things along the way. Somewhere in the middle of it all, my old stubbornness was tempered into conviction. My one redeeming quality. That is why… I want you to use your experiences to forge your own conviction.

…Ah, I ended up talking longer than I expected. Well, until next time.

Tora is so great.

Anon: sauce plz

Early Morning

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

It’s further away than school right? Hurry up and get dressed so we won’t be late.

Music: Disquiet

(Slimy Middle-Aged Man) You go to Shujin, right? I heard things have been rough there lately, what with that violent incident. You wanna go talk about it somewhere?
Thank you for your concern. However, I really am in a hurry, so if you’d excuse me…

Oh, this piece of shit needs to die.

Nearby people notice and start to whisper.

…Hey, look over there!
What the…

She looks around for help…

…but everyone nearby callously walks away.

Well, except *one* person who should really know better by now.

The girl quickly hides behind Maaku.

Oh, what the… What’re you getting so jumpy about? Like you’re anything special! *leaves*

When the sleaze can’t get what they want, sour grapes. Never fails.

Music: Break it Down

Yes, I’m fine now!

…… Ah—Um…

May I ask you something? So… what made you step in to help me?

I… see. Well, I apologize for asking something so strange. You’re headed to the cleanup as well, right? …The cleanup…?

I’m so sorry, I haven’t even thanked you properly yet! Oh no! I forgot my gym clothes at school! I’ll see you at the cleanup, soon. We can talk more then, if you’d like.

Early Morning → Morning

Music: My Homie

Did you really come here from home in your gym clothes?

I don’t understand the question.

No, that’s not what I meant…
Ain’t it normal? And, uh, are you plannin’ on doin’ this cleanup in that outfit?
Of course not! I brought my gym clothes with me.

Then why aren’t you wearing them?

I was gonna change in the bathroom, but now there’s a huge line.

Sounds to me like the boys made the smart play. Dudes rock!

Ohhh, that makes sense. Sounds like it sucks to be a girl.

Ryuji, I had to stop a female classmate from getting assaulted on the way over here. That’s a profound understatement.
Are you like a magnet for damsels in distress or something?

Dude, could you try pushin’ your way into our conversation a little less awkwardly next time?
I bet some Kichijoji clean-freak hung paper dolls all over and prayed for clear skies today.

Oh? Are you here for the cleanup too, Doc?
You got it.
Uh, in those clothes?
Oh, no. I’m in a different—

(Thin Female Student) We’re going to start prepping soon…

I’m part of the cooking crew. Hope you’re looking forward to a solid meal. See you all later.

Hmm… I can’t remember if I brought my starch and vegetables…
You mean like taro or something? My family doesn’t really use that in our soup…

I’m sure the Phantom Thieves will be even bigger someday.

Ha ha ha, why mention the Phantom Thieves in front of this random group of people? Also, shut up, dude!

Once the cleanup is completed, a lunch of miso soup with pork and vegetables will be served.

FYI, the school already assigned the groups at random. They’re four people apiece, boys and girls mixed.

Alright, let’s just get this over with as fast as possible so we can chow down on that soup and get outta here!

Morning → Afternoon

Music: So Boring

Pretty sure the group leader here has the same VA as Shido, lmao.

(Second-Year Group Member) Yeah…

Oh, before you trash it, you have to make sure you separate the plastic parts from the metal frame.

(Brunette Third-Year) I had no idea you knew about that kinda stuff, Takamaki-san. I bet you’d make a wonderful wife.
Oh, nah…

(Uncouth Third-Year) *looks around* …We goin’ splitsies on this?
Wait—shouldn’t we take that to a police box?
What!? How was that weird?


Huh? Sure…

Ah… Not exactly. Recycling companies collect these and convert them into vials for vaccines.
Huh, I didn’t know that… Well, that sounds like an awesome way to bring more justice to the world!

(Fawning Female Student) Ohhh, you’re an amazing chef!
I do cook pretty often at home. Let me try this little technique here…

Would the leader of each group please come and get the soup for their teams?

Including getting the hell outta here.
(Second-Year Group Member) Oh, okay.
(First-Year Group Member) Thank you for everything.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I was trying to find you so I could thank you properly for this morning.

Ah… I see.

If it’s all right with you, why don’t we eat our soup together?

I want to thank you again for this morning.

So I truly appreciate what you did for me! Thank you so much.

Sorry, but I’m not even finished!

I’m also so sorry for what happened the other day!

…The run-in we had outside of the guidance office.

This one’s at the top of the list.
Oh, the delinquent transfer student…

Hey. Relax. That was like six weeks ago. Not quite “the other day.”

I heard some of my classmates gossiping about you, too.

No, nothing of the sort. I don’t like gossip or rumors and the like…

It’d be a different story if all those rumors were actually true, though.

*giggle* Even I can tell you’re joking.

You know what, it just hit me—I haven’t introduced myself yet!

Thank you for finally noticing. It was getting pretty awkward talking around it.

Oh, sorry to make you go first… Hamiru-senpai.

Oh look, an adorable child with a balloon. I hope she doesn’t accidentally let go of it!


I guess you sleuthed me out before I got to tell you. Well, you’ve cracked the case—I’m Kasumi Yoshizawa, a first-year!

You mean that back there? Oh, it was just some basic gymnastics.

Gymnastics, huh? Hey—don’t you think some of those moves would be awfully useful? I was just thinking about how the Phantom Thieves need to get some sweeter moves, too…

Wait… Is there a cat somewhere around here?

That makes me so happy! I’d be honored if you’d allow me!

I have a favor to ask for myself as well—if you wouldn’t mind…

So it would be wonderful if you could give me some advice whenever you have the time.

Of course I am! I’m not looking for technical coaching so much as just lending me an ear from time to time.
I see… This sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me—what do you think?

Thank you! Then we’ve cut a deal! Heheh…

You know what that means!

Music: Interrogation Room

It seems you’ve gained an aptitude for specialty equipment as well. Wouldn’t a natural conclusion to draw be that you were trained by an expert in that field?

Music: The Spirit

As you can see, Kasumi’s Confidant is of the Faith Arca—wait, what? Only five!? What!?

So… that’s unusual. Kasumi only has five ranks in her Confidant. Weird. Well, I’m sure it’s for some silly reason like there not being enough time in the game to max her otherwise. Let’s just not think about it. Really, I’m just annoyed that with only five ranks I’m not getting any reward for this first one.

Anyway, Faith. Normally the added arcana is Aeon, but not this time. Faith is from the “Visconti-Sforza” tarot deck, which doesn’t number its arcana. It represents faith (Ehh? Ehhhhh?) in others and oneself, as well as religion or science. Believe in the me that believes in you. Reversed, it represents blind faith in things that don’t deserve it, as well as overconfidence and false idols.

Kasumi is voiced by Laura Post, who also voiced Catherine in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Yuki in 13 Sentinels, Isabella in The Promised Neverland, and Primrose in Octopath Traveler, roles that sound nothing at all like this one. She’s got a hell of a lot of range.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

Hm? It shut down… Sorry, my smartphone’s been acting up lately.

Please do not discard your trash in the bins here. Instead, bring your waste to the predetermined location for disposal. After that, we will be officially releasing everyone for the day. Thank you all for your hard work.
Well, the cleanup seems to be finished. We’re already in our gym clothes—would you care for some basic training before heading home?

I trained with Kasumi…