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Chapter 31: Nenji Ogata 3

You guys… really like Nenji, huh? Okay, whatever.

Music: LONER (Azusa Chiba)

Maybe you’ve got a point. I should slow down and think a little… Still, though… …… Hey, are you even listening?

*sigh* …I’m back. It’s happening all over again…

Consider The Attack

(It doesn’t matter if we run. We never make it out in time. We only got a couple minutes until they ruin this place. …Even if I told someone about this, nobody would believe me.)

Consider Key

(What’s this key thing they keep talkin’ about? How the hell do I even find it? What do I do, just go through everyone’s goddamn pockets? None of this shit makes sense…)

Use Key on Tomi Kisaragi

What does that even mean? I have the key to my house?

Nah, probably not… I mean, hell, even I’ve got some housekeys…

Music: Bad Omen (Mitsuhiro Kaneda)

Ogata. Most punchable face in the city.

Let’s question Wajima about the key.

Use Key on Takemi Wajima

What key? What the hell are you talkin’ about?
I dunno, man, just whatever keys you got.
I had my motorcycle key… But my teacher took it away…
Yeah, boo freakin’ hoo.

No more runnin’. We settle this right here, right now.

Hey, stay outta this, idiot.
What do we got here?

Dammit… Urgh…

Music: LONER (Azusa Chiba)

…I’m gonna go.

And Nenji automatically follows once more. Kind of sweet, really.

Music: Time Drain (Rikako Watanabe)

Always turns out the same… The train gets derailed, and Kisaragi doesn’t make it.

Answer me, Nenji Ogata.
Man, I don’t goddamn know… Who the hell are you? What’s even going on here? You gonna explain any of this shit?
Find it and I’ll tell you. If you want to survive… You need to find the key. Time for a do-over. You’re going back.

Music: LONER (Azusa Chiba)

Maybe you’ve got a point. I should slow down and think a little… Still, though… …… Hey, are you even listening?

*sigh* …I’m back. It’s happening all over again…

This time, we’re going to take the radical new approach of walking to the right instead.

I feel like I know that guy she’s with… Who is he…?

I dunno, no reason.
Wait, that’s Iori over there.
What, are you hiding from Iori?


Hey, it’s not like that!

I’m still talking to you here!


Tomi has successfully distracted us from Juro. Any attempt to move left to talk to him will result in Tomi chewing us out instead, pulling us back into this conversation.

I want a real answer.
For real, it’s not like that.

What do you care? You’re not my girlfriend. Why’re you even gettin’ so worked up?

It’s not a big deal, I was just… curious. Sheesh…

These next few screenshots were captured over a couple different takes, in case you notice any inconsistencies. You can’t quite see everything in one run of this scene.

Iori, your place isn’t this way, right? Where are you going with Okino-kun?
I’ve just got a thing over in Tsutsuji… There’s the train… Let’s go, Okino-kun.

Kinda hard to talk to Fuyusaka like this…

You can’t talk to Iori while Tomi is chatting with her, and walking away results in Nenji saying this.

Must’ve gone somewhere.

Also, walking to where Juro was standing after getting out of the Tomi conversation results in this.

You’re being really weird.

Also, you can talk to Tomi after her chat with Iori ends to get this.

Now, let’s go back to Iori and Okino getting on the train.

What do I do? Go after them?

It seems that’s our best and only option short of going to fight Wajima again. Well, you can actually wait for Tomi’s train to arrive, at which point it leads to the same result, but neither of those lead to progress, so we’ll just follow Iori and Okino.

I know they got on…

Let’s look around for them, then.

Are you… looking for someone?

You see a couple schoolkids? About my age?


Wh-What the hell…? …… Was that, like… magic? Nah, the hell am I thinkin’…?

That’s right, Nenji. The only magic in this game is that gun.

Huh? Uh, yeah…

Use Key on Iori Fuyusaka

I mean, heck, I’m the guy who chased you onto a train here… But there’s somethin’ I gotta know. Do you have some kinda key on you…? I mean… not like a regular housekey… It’s supposed to be kinda special? Except I don’t really know how…? …… …Yeah, this still sounds pretty damn weird, huh…?

Why are you looking for something like that?
Good question… Man, I dunno how I’d even explain it…

Music: The Chills (Yoshimi Kudo)

I promise you that this appears no less abrupt in-game than it does in screenshot form.

Young man…
…The school nurse? Wait, I was just talkin’ to Fuyusaka… ……


Oh god, this whole thing just got fucking exploded in my brain, what is happening anymore?

I remember now. You’re one of the bad guys…

Should you be out here alone, young man?
I’m not playing, I’m training.

The best part of this scene is Billy Kametz’s hilarious “child” voice. I love it so much.

Say… You must be Nenji Ogata-kun, right? How about I walk you back to your house?


You’ve been taught well, my child.

You talk like the League of Darkness people. They say all that same stuff when they kidnap kids.
The League of Darkness?
The bad guys from Kamen Hero, duh.

Oh thank christ, it was just some chuuni bullshit.

But you know… I think you’re the real bad guy here. 8 years from now… You’re going to call a bunch of monsters and destroy the world.
Am not! I’d never turn to the side of evil!
You’re still going to do it whether you’re good or evil. Sometimes things just happen.

Morimura fires off two shots with the magical gun.

I guess I just did a big lap around the block…

Of course you did, it would be prohibitively expensive to draw another street for this scene! This is itself a semi-unique location, you have any idea how much this has cost already!?

What do I do?

She really is from the League of Darkness.


Music: Cognitive Dissonance (Rikako Watanabe)

You’re a bad boy.
Am I gonna die…?
It’ll only hurt for a moment.

Bad. Bad answer, Morimura. Not reassuring to the seven-year-old.

It’ll add onto the program inside you. It’s not a huge change… But it’s something we’ll need to fight back. And now… we can prepare our weapons.

Music: Time Drain (Rikako Watanabe)

…Huh? Didn’t I just get… shot…?

Okay, I still don’t know what’s goin’ on here… But gettin’ shot made me remember something. She shot me back when I was a kid, too…

I’m going to need you to explain the situation.
I was on the train, and the nurse from my school shot me. There were even other passengers around, too… …No, wait. That was definitely Fuyusaka. She was all grown up, but I know that was her.
Wait a moment.

It’s the place you keep sendin’ me back to. The train platform. And this happened when I chased Fuyusaka onto her train…
…… So you’re looking for the key on a train platform?
Well, yeah… Wait, you mean—You don’t even know where you keep sendin’ me back to?
…Okay. I see. That means the person with the key is somewhere around there. You just keep looking.


Thanks to our progress in Destruction, it’s possible to do Nenji… again. Oh boy…

Also, it might not be necessary for some of you, but the last paragraph here of Nenji’s Mystery File just explicitly spells out what that flashback scene was about, which personally helped me a bit. I know it’s kind of clear already, but I’m very dumb.

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