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Chapter 42: 5/30-5/31: The New Mementos Adventures (New)

Never actually closed that “New!” bracket back during the last update, heh.

This update covers content from Part 45 of the original LP.

Afternoon → Evening

Music: Beneath the Mask

Must be what you ordered off the TV.

Ugh. You’re all dusty. Hurry up and get changed.

He’s received even more praise for his dynamic art style. Requests for commissions are flooding in.


It seems that even people outside of Japan love him too. I don’t really get art…

Weren’t you the one telling us we needed to appreciate art’s value as phantom thieves or whatever?

Should I call the maid delivery service?

No, but why let that stop us?

Thinking of calling in a maid? Well, if you use this, you won’t leave proof in your call history!

Kawakami texting us on our cell phone through the rest of the game asking to be requested though? Totally fine.

This is all for the good of the Phantom Thieves… right?

Getting my dick wet is of course good for the Phantom Thieves, are you kidding? We’re reaching Peak Horny, we gotta find a way to get those levels down!

…Oh, wait, it’s you.

I have some questions about the logistics of this arrangement. Why is Kawakami answering the phone if we’re calling the maid service directly? Wasn’t it a dude last time? If she’s on-the-clock, why drop the act?

Well, it’ll be 5,000 yen with the request fee included, you know. Is that okay with you?

And furthermore, how does Kawakami even expect us to regularly pay this fee? Hey, come back! I’m not done yelling questions at you!

…Very well. I’ll head over right away then…

Temperance Rank 1: Part 42

Music: My Homie

Yes, please come in here and insult my standard of living after I paid you money to show up.

…Never mind. So, what kind of kid are you? The way you opposed Mr. Kamoshida, I’d say that you’re earnest and have a strong sense of justice. That being said… you called a maid service and requested me?

You literally asked me to! Granted, I did it mostly because I’m so very lonely, but…

I see… Oh, that’s right. You have a criminal record…

Well, then… I’ll let you skip class occasionally.
Sweet! You’re the worst teacher ever!
Well, for a given definition of “skip class”… You won’t actually get to, you know, *leave*.

It’s tough not having any place where you belong, isn’t it? However, I reserve the right to change my mind if your grades drop. And in exchange, you won’t tell anyone that I’m moonlighting as a maid. Sound good?

Oh yeah, sure. In exchange for not humiliating myself and getting you fired, I get to sleep in class *sometimes*. Great deal for me.

Then it’s a deal!
I’ve made a deal with Kawakami…

Music: Interrogation Room

You’re a teenage boy.
I can answer that. True.
What I mean is, how could someone your age resist the call of your raging hormones enough to commit these crimes? Surely a normal teen would be busy sucking and fucking nonstop. Who trained you to repress your burning desire?
Ah, you finally ask the right question. The secret is simple: find a situation that makes you so sexually confused and uncomfortable that it completely siphons all the horny from your body.
Incredible. We must share this with the world. Who is your master in this art?
No. It is too powerful. My master must never be revealed.

Music: The Spirit

Music: My Homie

Well, I guess I should get going.

You’ve been here for like five minutes.

Oh, please request me if you need any help with your housework, okay?

I don’t, but thanks.

That’s clearly not true. C’mon, we know each other’s secret and it would put my mind at ease…

Believe me, you do *not* know my secret.

Besides, I’m, uh… I’m considered over the hill for this type of job, so I don’t get requested that often… I’ll show my appreciation by making it easy for you to ditch class! Just think about it, okay?

Ugh… God, you have no idea how exhausting this job is…

Absolutely no talking about maid stuff to anyone!


…Well, I’m gonna head home.

See you later.

Anon: ya rite lol

Early Morning

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

By the way, the exhibit’s ‘til the end of this week, huh… We did what we could, and now we wait for the results.

Nope. That’s one option that’s a definite “no.” School’s enough for studyin’. Let’s exercise, man!

You always want to do that!

Early Morning → Morning

Music: So Boring

I can’t go sea fishing because I get seasick easily. So much for my dream of being a sailor.

Well, think of it this way: at least it wasn’t a *good* dream.

Oh right. When people think of sailing the high seas, they tend of think of pirates. Even though they’re ruffians who plunder other ships and coastal settlements through force… For some reason, they ended up getting romanticized. Now then, Hamiru-kun. Do you know which peg-legged, parrot-toting historical figure’s appearance became visual shorthand for pirates?

That is correct. The answer is Long John Silver, a character from “Treasure Island.”

Uh, Long John Silver is not a “historical figure.”

The story of Long John Silver informed much of our modern view of pirates. Unfortunately, he only exists in fiction. In terms of nonfictional pirates, well… Captain William Kidd made quite a name for himself, I’d say. Maybe you’re familiar with the story of his execution? How he declared that he hid all his treasure in one place?

The One Piece jokes just make themselves at this point.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

Though research seems to indicate that he didn’t actually have much… Still, several novels were written based on his legend, and people still look for his treasure today. By the way, I’ve heard that there’s an island in Kyushu where Kidd’s treasure is said to sleep…
Kidd’s secret treasure, huh… Regardless of its actual worth, there’s still value in letting that many people dream about it.

Morning → Lunchtime

Anon: Is this some kind of cult?
Anon: sauce plz
Anon: Who made this site? Ridic
Anon: Never even heard of them
Anon: Isn’t it just a prank?
Anon: sounds stupid, but yes
Anon: gtfo with that shit LOL

I hate those events. All they do is make me dirty and tired…
Think they’ll do it again next year? If they are, I’m definitely skipping…
Why’d the goody-two-shoes first-year come along?
Her whole “I’m not bothered” routine really pisses me off sometimes.

Poor Kasumi, geez.

Lunchtime → After School

Music: Tokyo Daylight

If lots of people are suffering from pollen allergies, it could be affecting Mementos too…

(Calm Student) Hmm, she’s the one in gymnastics, right? I don’t know her that well, but I’m definitely cheering for her. Although lately… I don’t have an issue with Yoshizawa herself, but the people who cheer her on can be kinda…
I totally get you! Everyone treats her like she’s so special, it kinda makes me sick. Especially the guys…!

Wh-What is it? I was so engrossed in my book I didn’t notice you… …Oh, I almost forgot! I have a student council meeting to attend. Are we done here…? Well then, see you.

Honor students were exempt from cleaning, but she volunteered because she didn’t want to be treated differently.

Yeah, it is. I think she’s respected as both an athlete and a student. You know, maybe you should follow her example. People will probably stop being suspicious of you.

Hmmm… It kind of sounds like you know a lot about her. Are you stalking her or something? You know, maybe you should follow her example. People will probably stop being suspicious of you.

Good idea, I’ll just stalk her more to facilitate that.

Can you make it any more obvious that you don’t care…? You know, maybe you should follow her example. People will probably stop being suspicious of you.

(Handsome Student) Sorry, but I’ve just been too tired lately. It always feels like… somebody’s watching me.

This must be an intentional reference.

And I found this hand-knit scarf in my desk, but it’s almost summer. Am I being pranked?
Oh, that’s so creepy. Yeah, that sounds like a stalker. You better talk to a teacher if it gets any worse.

What are you doing with someone else’s man!? Burn, trampy bitch! Burn and bleed in a blood storm! I’ll never, ever let anyone else have him. Ikesugi-kun belongs to me, only me!

They’re so close to each other! I wish our class would do stuff like that…
(Motivated First-Year) Isn’t that a bit tiresome? There’s a lot of people and it’s loud. I’d go if Yoshizawa-san’s going… But we’re not in the same class…
She wouldn’t go. I heard she’s kind of a buzzkill. Apparently she says no even when she’s invited because she needs to practice.
That’s not her fault though. She’s an incredible gymnast. She’s probably under a lot of pressure. Her genes don’t compare to ours.

There you are with your eugenics talk again. Way to make it *weird*.

(Easygoing Basketball Player) Hah! They’re just jealous. They don’t like the special treatment Yoshizawa-san is getting. No matter what people say about her, let’s stay on her side!
Indeed! I will continue to support her as someone who devotes her youth to sports!

(Kind Faculty Member) Huh? An honor student? Hmm, well… To put it simply, I suppose it’s a student who has excellent grades and doesn’t have to pay for tuition?
Seriously!? So that first-year’s got it good then!
…Huh? A first-year? You mean…
You know who, don’t you? That crazy girl who does gymnastics! Isn’t it kind of awesome that we have someone like that at our school? All I can do is a bridge, myself! Ahaha!
Honestly, how did someone like her… *sigh* I don’t get it…

Uh, whatever.

She’s always busy with training, or so she says, and then she goes and joins in the cleanup event.
(Female Volleyball Player) Hmm, I don’t know… I think she joined because she got pressured into it. Like, she was exempt, right? But everyone said it was unfair…
Well, just ignore them then! She could’ve gotten a whole day of training in that way… Does she even realize what everyone expects of her!? Or is she just that confident? Ugh, she’s so annoying!
I get you, just calm down a bit. You’re surprisingly hotheaded…

I heard she volunteered to clean even though she’s exempt.
(Lazy Male Student) Really? That’s so considerate! Talented, beautiful, and pure of heart… She’s perfect!
(Gentle Male Student) I’m rooting for her. I really want her to do her best.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

I beg to differ. Finding money on me and not knowing where it came from is pretty creepy. I’m never sure how to get rid of it, so I always leave it in a donation box.

Trust me, you don’t want that.

…To be honest, I can’t entirely deny that. Maybe I’ve been sleepwalking? I seem to end up somewhere else in the middle of the night. Don’t you think Shibuya is dangerous at night? What if I have one of those psychotic breakdowns?

A while back, I started to have this problem. I just wouldn’t be able to remember things. My memories of what happens at night are especially hazy. I’m pretty scared about it, to be honest. It might be interesting if I requested that genius detective to solve this mystery…

We’re gonna go to Mementos today.

The first step before we head inside is, once again, to “View Requests.”

The calling card? But we didn’t send one for Nakanohara…
There was one though—Mishima’s message on the Phan-Site! For small targets like this, that’s enough.
But Mishima didn’t refer that request to us, we dug it up ourselves. And how did Nakanohara even see that message? And what if we didn’t fulfill that request immediately? The calling card effect only lasts a day.
…Shut up. Let’s just get to the targets.

This one’s old. Let’s just skip to the new target.

It sounds like many cats have fallen victim, and the neighborhood’s residents have already made complaints.
You almost got abducted too, right Morgana? It seems super dangerous. And I heard that the police aren’t willing to do anything about it either… We’ve got to help out the cat owners in any way we can.
Yeah. But there is somethin’ that I’m confused about… Why the hell would anyone call Morgana a snowball? He’s barely got any white fur.
I was wondering the same thing. We may be missing a piece of the puzzle here, but… I’ve already sent out the calling card, so we’re all ready to go. Let’s solve this one for all the cats in Yongen—AND their owners!

Let’s see, how many targets do we have…? 2 of them? Should we get going?

Music: Mementos

Quick note: I’m nowhere near done with this update and I’m already more than halfway to the character limit, so I’m going to be quickly moving through dialogue we’ve already seen for the rest of this one.

Mona gives us the Goho-Ms, check.

Pollen notice, check.

The path forward is now open. Let’s descend.

I knew it! Mementos filled me in on it… But thank you. I should be able to find more flowers deeper down. Well, I should get going. *honks horn* Good job!

You mean Jose, right? He’s such an adorable little kid, isn’t he?
Panther!? I’m adorable too, you know!
Yeah, yeah. Anyway, he said he was looking for flowers and wanted our help, right? Sounds like he’ll reward us too. Doesn’t it seem like helping him would be worth it?
I guess. I am kinda curious about what we’ll get… Why don’t we go look for him? He’s probably still around here.
Looking for him is fine and all, but remember that it’s risky to stay in one area for too long. There’s this one really fearsome Shadow in Mementos… If we hang around too long, it’ll hunt us down.
Huh!? The hell’re you talkin’ about!? Why didn’t you tell us this before!?

Unfortunately, we can’t use the Flu Season trick to cheese the Reaper any more. However, beating the Reaper is easier than ever in Royal, so it’s really no problem.

We should be fine if we find him quickly. All right, let’s get going.

Oh, those must be the flowers Jose mentioned.

We got 4 from that pickup. The exact number gained for each pickup is semi-random to my knowledge.

Also worth pointing out: Jose’s map icon is adorable.

Here’s what Ryuji’s revamped Insta-kill looks like. It’s fantastic now because it gives you money and experience.

As mentioned before, Yoshida’s Fundraising now allows you to ask for money multiple times, making it incredible.

There’s Jose! Let’s drop in and say hi.

Music: Wicked Plan

Oh, he wants the Will Seed accessory?

Maaku hands the crystal over. Better not break that, kid.

I’m feeling strong human desires coming from this accessory… But, it still hasn’t reached its full potential. May I see it? I won’t do any damage to it. I promise.


Now that accessory can use its full potential.

Let me know if you find any others like it, okay? Learning about desires also teaches me more about humans.

Remember when I told you I’d come up with a fun game for us to play in Mementos? I thought of this after seeing the subway in the other world. This’ll also prove that you’re checking for flowers in all sorts of places here. The stamps have different rewards than the flowers, so try to get as much of both as you can!

So, got any flowers for me, mister? If you do, let’s trade! I’ve got some really good stuff.

Music: Have a Short Rest

This is Jose’s current selection. He will eventually get more, don’t worry. We can really only afford a couple of Soul Drops right now, so we go for those.

Now, let’s see about “changing” Mementos. Hopefully into something good!

So, we can upgrade our experience or money gained from battle, or the amount of items we pick up while driving around. I tend to save experience for last because this game’s difficulty curve is already largely a joke. More money’s always nice and getting items can help us make that infinite Lockpick ASAP.

Music: Mementos

For some reason, you can’t leave Mementos with them—they’ll disappear on you! It’s weird. But it’d be so sad to collect flowers just to have them disappear on you. What a waste, am I right? So, don’t forget to come bring them to me before you leave Mementos, okay? That should do it. Good job!

Jose told me I did a good job, yay!

Now, let’s check out those accessories Jose worked on.

The Ring of Lust still casts the equivalent of a Diarama, but now it gives an Attack buff as well, neat. Likewise, the Ring of Vanity still negates weaknesses, but now it also gives a skill that lets you place a shield to block an attack.

The Mementos conversations are back! Thrilling!

Hey, looks like there’s a stamp thing here. Might be that stuff Jose was talkin’ about. Just lookin’ at it’s making me want to get stampin’ like crazy.
Skull… You’re such a caveman.

Let’s stamp it down, Joker!

Here’s a stamp terminal. I’ll keep it brief, but suffice it to say, they actually give you a reason to explore Mementos now between the stamps and the flowers. There’s a stamp podium by the exit of every floor (including rest floors and final floors), as well as an arbitrary number of “extra” podiums that contribute to the total for a block. This block has 1 extra and seven floors, so eight podiums total.

This is an old conversation…

I feel like I’ve shown Maruki’s Flow before, but I can’t find it immediately so I’m going to leave this in just to be safe. As a reminder, it’s a chance of Charge and Concentrate on Joker at the start of battle.

Having to break a destructible wall is standard operating procedure for a lot of these hidden extra podiums.

Let’s just skip through this…

This fight is really easy, the only thing worth mentioning (which I’m certain I already brought up ages ago) is that they nerfed the length Confusion lasts so you can’t make loadsamoney by farming it on bosses.

Shut up, don’t care…

Protein? Weak.

Here’s the Shadows boarding the train to the Depths…

Hey, those Shadows’re takin’ the train down into the depths of Mementos, yeah? Wouldn’t it make our lives easier if we just hopped on with ‘em?
Even if we could, there’s no knowing what would await us down there. At the very least, I’d assume there are powerful Shadows in the depths. To put it frankly, it’d be suicide.
Th-Then can’t you just drive on those rails instead of out in Mementos like normal?
As ashamed as I am to say it, I can’t run at that high a speed. And it’d be game over if we encountered another train along the way.
It sounds like it would be better to just explore by normal methods…
Maaan… And I thought I actually had a pretty good idea for once.

The universe cannot allow that to happen, Skull.

In Mementos, sometimes the road will be unnaturally blocked. The walls are pretty weak in those spots. I should be able to break through them no problem. If you see any while we’re exploring, try busting right through them!

Already did that in this update, Mona.

Uh, just let us know before you do that… Don’t go crashing into any walls before we can buckle up.

Let’s go change Mementos, I guess. More money and items sounds good.

Music: Wicked Plan

Just watch. I’ve learned all about this. You see, the cognition flowing through Mementos… It’s got these things that are similar to what you humans call “pressure points.” So, if I do this…

Mementos shakes. Look, I know, I usually put text on the screen that says, “SHAKING”, but this has been a really long one and I’m very tired. You can trust me, it’s definitely shaking.

There. That should’ve changed it for you. …Don’t believe me? Just take a look for yourself.

Music: Mementos

This is just Mona telling us the next floor is the last one…

Let’s head in and take care of our second request.

Music: Desire

No! Without me, Snowball and all the other kitties won’t be happy and safe!
“Other kitties”…? Hey, what are you talking about?
Snowball!? C’mere kitty! You’ve gotta come over, too!

Music: Keeper of Lust

To fight this Nekomata, I brought my own Nekomata. It’ll be a real cat fight.

Anyway, this isn’t much of a fight at all. Depleting her HP is trivial. But there’s a new gimmick here, as you’ll see…

Music: Talk

If I’m gone, there won’t be anyone protecting the snowballs!
Joker, it seems like there’s something going on with this one. Maybe we should try talking to them.

Mid-fight conversation to defuse the conflict!

Okay, here’s what we know about her. she’s calling the cats she catnapped “snowballs,” the catnapped cats are “stressed out”… And lastly, “the pet owners are giving up.”

I am calm… Of course I’m calm… I need to stay calm for the snowballs.
What does she mean by snowballs? That’s so weird. Are all cats snowballs!?
Snowballs are snowballs…

That’s right… They’re all snowballs. I have to protect them. As long as I protect them, the snowballs will be happy…

W-Well that’s… But if I don’t keep an eye out for the snowballs, they’ll die too…
They’ll die “too”? So the real Snowball is already gone? Okay, I think we’ve got this. She’s calm enough for us to talk to her now. Go for it, Joker!

Music: Sunset Bridge

…I saw it get run over by a car. The car just kept driving, even after it ran over the kitten… Since then, I see that kitten in every cat. I always think “I have to protect it this time”…!
It’s brought you a lot of suffering, huh…
No… The people who really suffered are the owners and their cats.
It’s all right. You realized your mistake… Just don’t do something like this again.
Yes. Thank you, Mr. Kitty. Um… I have a lot of cat food at my place. So please come over sometime.
I am NOT a cat!

Thank you…

The Cat Brooch lets the wearer use Sukukaja.

Let’s just head to the bottom before we depart. We’re so close, after all.

Music: Mementos

We got all the stamps in this area!

Door won’t open…

Now, we could leave… but we still have a decent number of flowers on us. We should go find Jose and cash those out… the problem being that Jose appears randomly when you enter a floor. Thankfully, you know he’s there the second you start, but it still means the best way of finding him quickly is just running back and forth between two floors.

Mementos is an amalgamation of the people’s cognition. This can affect the environment, as well as the structure. It hasn’t been like this in a long time, but it seems like the darkness won’t be the only thing we’ll have to deal with.
You mean we have even more stuff to worry about?
In a way… I can sense rare Shadows all around us. We should explore this area for a bit—despite the darkness.

Joker, just… drive extra safe or something!

And there’s Jose.

Two things: first, when Mona said “rare Shadows” he of course meant that this floor is now populated exclusively by Treasure Demons. Pretty good rewards for us if we kill them, but we’re going to ignore most of them and just look for Jose. And second, no light means no map, unfortunately. We can still see where Jose is relative to our current position, but nothing else.

Mona learns Pulinpa and Fox learns Mabufu.

Let’s head in to Jose’s, buy a Snuff Soul or something, and then get the hell out of here.

Here’s the current status of our Mementos.

Same, buddy. Now, let’s bail.

And that’s all for Mementos. I did forget to get the two stamps from the first block while I was here, but we can take care of that next time. But man… this was a rather simple visit, and it still took about forty minutes to capture and all of my energy to edit just now. Mementos, folks…