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Update 30: Tasty Rainbows

Let’s relax a bit after killing a mountain dragon by talking with the locals before moving on.

Thor's hammer, or pearls before swine? You'll have to see.

Like you’ve seen before, completing sub-events is one way to get ultimate equipment, though not the only way.

Pffft. Have ya seen all the Imperials we’ve taken out? And we killed a goddamn mountain a short while back too! I don’t think there’s too much yer gonna have to worry about!
Ark, you realize that size isn’t the only aspect that can make something a threat?
Look Telly, even discounting the hundreds of the small fry dragons we took out, we took down some kind of shadow dragon, lived to tell the tale of an intense sky battle, and ya’ll made that Flame Eater thing flee for its life! Don’t tell me the rest of these dragons are outta our league!
I’m with Telos. We probably shouldn’t get too overconfident. Even if we did actually... kill a mountain. Still can’t believe we pulled off something like that.
I revealed my true name not that long ago, and you’re already making a mockery of it...
It’s called a nickname, you grump.
You’re looking pretty tense there. Ancient demon or not, I don’t think you should be bottling up your feelings like that, so you should just Telos if you’re angry.
...I despise each and every one of you.

I take this time to level up my skills a bit. Panic Shot now deals 122% damage while having a 35% chance to inflict Confusion. I hold onto her other skill point for now.

Terrorize now deals 148% damage and has a 55% chance to inflict Fear. It’s starting to get pretty reliable and a nice way for Dia to contribute damage.

Challenging, but rewarding!

Looks like the people here are already partying pretty hard!
Who wouldn’t celebrate after taking down a dragon like that?
I suppose it’s nice to not have to be concerned with your own problems for a while.

What rope?
Er, we told you we didn’t need the rope.
What? Not using it? Bah...

She's not a speaker, but she's entertaining. Jake... is a bit ill-tempered.

If the enemy's Mask Pain level is 5 or more, you can use this. As you'd expect, at that high level, it's a devastating blow. ...When I say "blow"...

This is another skill tied to the Rogue’s Dagger branch, which I’ll go into more a bit later. For now, I’ll leave with this brief comparison. If you’re familiar with how an Ecstasy build for a Dark Hunter works in the Etrian Odyssey series, this is kind of like that.

One less thing to worry about might help with that.

Hee hee, why thank you!

So, please, I'm asking you. Don't let life pass you by.
It is true that life is rather fleeting. So many changes in this world as I’ve lived through the ages...
You’ve been around for quite a while huh? Maybe you can tell us more about what you’ve seen sometime. If you remember any details later.
...Perhaps I may take you up on that offer.

Odyssey, the Rushe welcome you.

That thing was a mountain, what did you expect? Even got in a few cheap shots too, mrgrgr.
Booo! I wanted to test my strength! Next time, take me along!
Considering that thing nearly ate two of us, I don’t think that’s something you would have wanted to go through!

Will things be back to normal soon?
I’m sure it’ll happen. Eventually the entire world won’t have to worry about those things anymore.
I suppose the real question would be how long it would take.
Probably not for a while if we’re being realistic.
Yeah but every bit helps! It’ll probably be slow, but we have to keep at it!

I’m pretty sure it’s five.
Huh? Five? Six? Haha, no way ~

Can you teach me how to make my bar strong?
Hmm, maybe you could give us a bunch of drinks and see if we could try getting the dragons hammered with them?
Can dragons even get drunk!?

Sadly we cannot make the bar a party member and have it go through some level grinding.

Hmm, this just makes me even more curious!
It probably hid down there shortly after the invasion happened.
There’s an entire mountain range surrounding the continent. What’s one more?

Yeah, yeah... Their relationship has really been improving.

There's no reason to...

Just what are they talking about?
I dunno, but it doesn’t seem like they’ll tell us.
It’s probably best not to pry anyways.

Yes, she actually moved from her last hiding place and you get a nice reward for finding her again.

You still managed to find me! Ace work!

I wonder what life there would be like?
Probably helping out with a lot of research and stuff in a tower? I mean if that sounds like the life for ye, go ahead I guess.

My sister has saved so I can study abroad. So I work hard every day to repay her.

I would hope not after what we pulled off.

I knocked a big tree onto his bed!
How the hell did ya manage that!? Cause that sounds like a hilarious thing to keep in mind!

And that rebuilding is going wonderfully.
I guess we should go and see how they’re doing sometime.

He says I can always go marry a tougher guy...

It's merely karma for oppressing the Rushe!
Do I even want to know what you humans did to the Rushe while I was sealed away?
Probably not. It’s... it’s a pretty ugly history.

The Bloom seems to be cleaned up in Basho, too. Was that you?
Eheehee, yep! Would you believe me if I said those two incidents were related? Because they were.

That said, though, I had some fine adventures.

Take your job seriously!

This conversation was mistranslated. He’s telling us that we’re doing well and to keep up the good work, which is why he hands us that Heal Aerosol.

Wow! I wanna see!

And that’s all for Nevanplace.

The Border Camp has new dialogue for us now that we’ve dealt with Earthshaker, though it’s mostly just dialogue about the aftermath, so I’m putting that all in the NPC dialogue update.

Now that Basho is truly liberated, let’s check it out.

Well, the Bloom’s gone but uh, they still got a lot of rebuilding to do.
We’ve done all we can. What happens here is now out of our hands.

There are various things to gain from the pots around the town now.

Whew! We’ll be glad to take you up on that offer!
Enjoy your rest.

This innkeeper is the only NPC in this town. Basho has nothing more for us.

So let’s go sail around some more now that the ocean is completely open to us. We’re now strong enough to survive the encounters on the northern seas, so those are no longer an issue for us.

We never did explore the northern part of the map, so let’s check it out.

Level: 47
LIFE: 250
ATK: 132
DEF: 65
INT: 55
SPD: 66
Attack Type: Blunt
Exp: 693
Gold: 47
Item Drops:
-Normal: Ocean Horns - 30% Drop Rate.
--Horns of a Devilfish.
-Rare: Fish Meat - Don’t damage with physical attacks at any point. 15% Drop Rate.
--Fish meat. For carnivores. Increases magic affinity for the day.
Boss?: No. Disables Escape?: No. Small?: No.
Large?: No. Dragon?: No. Death Resistant?: No.
Damage Multipliers:
Slash: 100% Blunt: 100% Thrust: 100%
Fire: 100% Ice: 100% Lightning: 100%


Stun Bite: Deals 130% melee ATK-based Blunt damage to one party member. Has an 80% chance to inflict Paralysis. Has a speed modifier of 100%.

Devilfish are pretty much the trash mobs of the northern seas. They can be a bit of an annoyance but by the time you’re ready for this part of the map they shouldn’t be too much trouble.

We’ve actually encountered most of the new monsters we can find in the northern seas, as some of these aquatic creatures can be encountered on the northern side of the eastern continent. There’s actually one monster I missed in this trip, but it’s not a big deal as we can encounter that later.

Edward got a level up, though I don’t do anything with the skill points he has as his current build won’t matter in a bit.

The point of interest here is this island all the way at the top of the map.

Brrr! It’s cold up here! The hell is this place anyways?
Some barren snow covered landmass. I see very little of interest here.
Wait? Are you all seeing this? What’s that over there?

Oh! It’s a rainbow! ...Wait, are rainbows usually shaped like this?
They’re not supposed to be but-



Video: Rainbow

...Did that rainbow just challenge us to a fight?
I-I think it did...
So uh, what do we do?
Tch! What do ya mean “what do we do?” We obviously take it down! I mean what are we gonna tell the others, that we got our asses kicked by a rainbow!?
What. It's a rainbow. It's light. An arrangement of photons. It is not a tangible object. You cannot be seriously thinking about killing a rainbow.
We killed a mountain, Telos! Anything is possible if we just try!
Gods help-
I told you they abandoned us already!

Level: 59
LIFE: 600
ATK: 190
DEF: 80
INT: 130
SPD: 80
Attack Type: Blunt
Exp: 28800
Gold: 445
Item Drops:
-Normal: Imperial Hide - 100% Drop Rate.
--Hide of Rainbow Dragon.
-Rare: N/A
Boss?: Yes. Disables Escape?: No. Small?: No.
Large?: Yes. Dragon?: Yes. Death Resistant?: Yes.
Damage Multipliers:
Slash: 100% Blunt: 100% Thrust: 100%
Fire: 0% Ice: 0% Lightning: 0%
Ailment Susceptibility:
Death: 0% Masked Pain: 100% Skill Seal: 5%
Fear: 10% Curse: 50% Bleed: 50%
Poison: 25% Sleep: 25% Confuse: 50%
Paralysis: 50% Blind: 25% Stun: 100%


Invinciblity: Passive. Nullifies all damage taken.
Mana Storm: Deals ranged INT-Based Non-elemental damage to all party members. Has a base damage of 90. Has a speed modifier of 70%.

Yes, what you’re seeing is real. We are fighting a rainbow. Yes, the rainbow is a dragon.

Welcome to 7th Dragon.

This is it. This the end. Reality is starting to unravel. I can already feel my mind slipping away.
Oh don’t be so overdramatic, it’s just a rainbow.

You know, I never imagined that we would ever run into a rainbow trying to kill us.
And I never imagined that we would fight a dragon to the death while falling from the sky. A lotta crazy stuff happened to us. What’s one more for the road?

Rainbow only has one attack, but we’re pretty underleveled for this fight so it hits pretty hard.

And crazy or not, this rainbow’s going-

I don’t know what you were expecting to happen.


...Breaker? Um. Did that work? I think that kind of worked?

Oohoohoo! Nice going, Edward!
I have no idea!

Oh never mind. That did nothing. Like usual.
I see reality is starting to stabilize. If that rainbow actually got poisoned I’m not sure how much more it could have taken.

Okay yeah this is a hopeless boss fight. You can’t actually win against the Rainbow because every instance of damage it can take will be lowered to 0. You can debuff it and inflict ailments, but unfortunately that can’t really get around the Rainbow’s invincibility.

Let’s see how that mess of lights likes this!

If you all somehow actually die to a rainbow, I’m retiring for good. I don’t think there’s any bouncing back from that.
Assuming you don’t go down yourself as well.
We are not going to die to a rainbow.
The rainbow’s gonna die to us!

You can actually run from this battle since it’s a hopeless fight. However if you insist on sticking in the fight despite the clearly hopeless circumstances...

Gah! I don’t think we’re doing anything to this rainbow! Our attacks are just passing through!
Maybe we should run. I think we should run. This... thing, is already doing a number on us! I don’t know how much more of this we can survive!
We can’t give up now, Edward! There has to be some way we can deal with this foe!
You are trying to kill a rainbow.
And the rainbow's trying to kill us! Yer point being!?
That we are going to die by this rainbow’s... hand if we are to keep this ridiculousness up! We are getting out! Out of here, now!

You know, I never thought I would ever get to say that I tried to kill a rainbow. And failed.
...I’m almost certain that’s how all tales of such valiant attempts at accomplishing that task would play out.

At the end of turn 3, the game will automatically kick you out of the battle.

Now that battle was hopeless, but what would happen if we were to win? With the power of hacking magic I can show you.

Just set the Rainbow’s LIFE to 0 and presto!

We... won?

Yeah that doesn’t work. If you win this battle, the game treats it as if you’ve lost or ran away anyways. Unfortunately we can’t do anything about the rainbow right now. We may have killed a mountain, but sadly killing a rainbow is just out of Odyssey’s reach at the moment.

...Now what?
Y-y-you know what? L-let’s just get out of here. Aside from that... rainbow, there’s nothing else here for us. Let’s just be thankful “killed by a rainbow” won’t be engraved on our tombstones or anything like that.