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Update 31: Innocence Glitched

...And then we got our asses kicked by a rainbow. ...I should have expected ya’ll to react like that. I’ll keep talking once ya’ll stop laughing.
Can you really blame them?
I sure can’t.
Pffffthahahahaaa! S-S-Sorry... Ark. We believe y-you, especially after you told us about the mountain last time. It’s just... Right after you all told us about killing that mountain, it’s just too much!
M-my apologies Ark. I’m sure this is as ridiculous to you as it is to us!
Ahaha! Ha. Haa... Okay, we’ll have to tell Menas about that later. Maybe he can look more into that... unusual rainbow.
Oh! Edward, where are you going?
To do something that I should have done a long time ago!

So long, you worthless pile of chemicals! Uh, whoops. Almost didn’t dispose of that needle properly, eh heh.

First order of business, allowing Edward to embrace what he’s truly been destined for.

Being a bonklord.

Edward, what’s with all those needles and bottles you threw out- oh. Wow. You’ve really been working out, huh?
Y-yeah, I can’t say that I didn’t really like fighting on the front lines with you. Certainly worked out a lot better than those worthless syringes. So uh, figured I might as well learn to help out that way.
Hee hee! You’ve got a bit of a hard road ahead of you if you’re gonna be fighting on the front lines. On the plus side, you wouldn’t have to patch us all up as often if you’re helping us take down monsters faster!
Eheh, you’ve got a point there. Oh uh, you wouldn’t happen to have any pointers for me, would you? Still uh, not that used to doing this kind of thing.

While Earthbreaker is Edward’s best damage skill, it can only be used 3 times per fight, and that’s only if I don’t use Miracle Cure for emergencies. So I have Edward pick up Swing Crush so he can contribute to smaller fights and for when I want to conserve his EX. It’s a melee attack that deals Blunt damage and has a speed modifier of 80%. At level 1, it deals 130% damage, which should be some nice incidental damage coming from him.

No no. You don’t want to hold your rock stick like that unless you want to throw out your back. Watch how I hold my hammer. Like this, see?
O-oh. Thanks. Oh yeah, that reminds me. Why do you have that thing? Whatever happened to that old anchor you used to have anyways?
In her efforts to impersonate a meteor-
Wait, what?
She tripped and ended up flinging it into a Tyrannosaur's head.
...You threw an anchor. Into a dinosaur’s skull.
Yeah, unfortunately the anchor kind of... shattered into dust after that. Eh heh heh. The Rushe smiths at that workshop made me this giant hammer to replace it though!
To this day, I’m not sure which part is more horrifying. The sight of Stella flinging around such objects without a care in the world, that she vaporized her own weapon by accident, or the fact that the dragon survived such an attack.
Well to Stella’s credit, that dino didn’t look like it was doing too well by the time I took it out.

Edward’s getting pretty beefy now. His ATK is decent and his DEF should be large enough to avoid him getting instagibbed on the front lines, though his low LIFE does bring down his durability a bit.

Here are our other physical attacker’s stats for comparison if you want to get a better idea of how Edward fares in comparison.

...And I proceeded to crush them within my grip, or so I thought. Then when I let my guard down, one of them proceeded to stab me in the neck and began the sealing ritual-
Um look, this reminiscing is... fascinating but... surely there are more... cheerful tales you could recount for us?
You asked for details on my life before this entire dragon mess occurred, those details you have received.
That can’t be all ya remember! You’ve lived for... how long now? We already knew about the ruler of the world thing, what about before then? You can’t tell me you don’t remember that!
The passage of time has dulled my thoughts over the eras. Who is to say that you wouldn't suffer from such a fate in my place as well? I doubt your measly mortal minds could contain such information without it overflowing at some point.
Still I mean... there’s gotta be something you remember aside from being sealed in the core and uh, getting dunked on by a group of adventurers.
Oh those was far from my only memories. For instance, over mmm, 2000? 3000 years ago? I care not. Around that time period there was a war between an army of living trees and giant squirrels. The sheer nutshed was a truly horrifying sight. Little else just stuck out to me for me to easily remember in comparison to such nonsense.
...P-p-point taken.

Here’s what’s gonna be our party for now to change things up again. It’s very strong defensively, having two healers and a Knight. Though it’s slightly lacking in offense due to Haru being the only dedicated offensive class, but that should be decently mitigated with Edward’s new offenses and supports in this game aren’t terrible at dealing damage if they have to.

Oh right! Before I forget. Here’s a little gift for ya, gramps.
Oh, that’s very much appreciated. My my, the quality of this blade is sublime. Just where did you get this?
I stole it. From the mountain!
Ahaha! Well, I’ll be sure to put this to good use. You stay safe with the others now.
Yeah, yeah. ...Just make sure to stay outta trouble yerself, too.

Time to give Haru a massive power boost since he’ll have to carry this team.

His old Katana for comparison. What a power jump! With both Katana Arts and Zanbato Arts active, this Katana will take him from 169 ATK to 219! He may be the only dedicated attacker on this team, but that monstrous physical power will make up for a good portion of that at least.

There’s a Katana that we could unlock by selling materials from gathering nodes on Mt. Jomaron. As you can tell, it’s inferior to the one you can just find in that dungeon.

Before we take on Flame Eater, who is set to be the next Imperial Dragon we take on, we’ll be mostly focusing on sidequests, as killing Flame Eater (Or like I said when I initiated the mission votes, killing 333 dragons) will officially progress the game state to lategame. So we’ll be trying to get as much side content done as possible before then. First up are the item fetch quests we can actually get done now.

We can also get this quest out of the way as well since we have access to the area it’s sending us to. Though this one’s a bit more involved so I’ll do it after those two quests.

Wh-why are we back here!?
Because our clients are waiting here.
Didn’t you all read the request board?
A-are you sure it’s okay to bring us to this place? From what you all told us, we aren’t exactly welcome here...
Considering how easy it was to pass off Edward as a woman, I don’t see why we can’t do the same for you two. But if you’re concerned with not causing us to get caught in a scandal, be as quiet as you can be and allow me to do most of the speaking.
Uhh, what about Buront’s ears? Those are kind of a dead giveaway...
Ah. Um. Wear a hat or some other piece of headwear. Or just hope they don’t notice.
Oh dear. We are breaking so many taboos, rules, and possibly laws as well just by being here...
You’re just doing this to torment us, aren’t you?
I’ll leave the answer up to your imagination.

I suppose. You’ll have to remind us what that was.
I'll tell you, right away! Snow is so wonderful. Travelers talk about Corlia Inn's famous snow. It sounds amazing. So I want you to bring me some snow! Hee hee, it'll be so fun! Bring it quick! Snooow ♪

Before you go off, talk to her again for a very important hint! Or you’ll end up causing some frustration to yourself.

...You wish for us to bring snow to you in this climate?

How can you bring it before it melts? Know anyone really smart?
Ah, now there’s an actual idea.
I guess we could talk to someone in Pleroma about it, but I’m not sure which of them could help us with this.
How about Faro? She assisted us before when dealing with Invisible. I’m sure she would be willing to do us this small favor as well.

You have to talk to Faro before delivering the snow here, otherwise it will melt on arrival and you’ll have to go all the way back to fetch it again. Fortunately there’s no time limit for delivering the snow, as the melting only happens when you get near this girl.

I want something super floaty so I can practice my swimming. Uhhh, what was it? Float... float...a Floater?
You don’t say.
Something like that! For starters, bring four or so... I really need them!

You need 4 Buoyant Bladders for this, which drop from the Wonderbirds on the northern side of the eastern continent. Let’s hand them in.

Will these bladders suffice? They seem pretty buoyant enough.
Phew, it's fishy!
Yeah uh, this was about the best thing we could find.
Hold onto it while swimming and um, try not to think about the smell too much.
This is really it?! Swim holding this?! Ohh... I imagined it would be more like a cute donut shape... Well, anyway, I'll do my best with this. I'll master swimming as fast as I can to get rid of the smelly thing!

Your reward is at the Office. Thanks!

Short and sweet.

Not a great reward, but it was a pretty short fetch quest anyways.

Oh yeah, this quest. Now completing this quest isn’t too bad, we theoretically fulfill most of the requirements to get it done. But there’s one big problem.

I want to help my daughter recover her voice.
Well, can you tell us what happened?

When you heard her, you'd think for sure she could be the next Setis. But the other day, just outside of town, she met with a Dragon. She was too scared to speak, and even now, she won't talk to me. You, kind foreigners… Will you help my child recover her voice? Please, try talking to her. She won't speak, but she'll let you know.

Mm. It’s pretty clear that dragon encounter did a number on her. She was lucky to have survived.

In the Tower of the Gods, that Imperial Dragon is still lurking...
We’ll do what we can.

Unfortunately this quest requires you to kill the Imperial Dragon in the Tower of the Gods first to proceed. Which we won’t be doing for a long while due to Flame Eater being our next target instead.

So yeah, canceling that quest until further notice.

There’s nothing more to do on the Marlleaire Islands.

We’ll make a brief pit stop at Zeza Port while we’re traveling around.

Okay, we didn’t end up being chased out by an angry mob back at Marlleaire. I’d call that a success. I guess.
Let’s just hope we don’t have to play with fire like that again in the future. That is not an experience I wish to repeat.
You guys really need to chill. We told you it’d be fiiiiiiine! They clearly didn’t notice!

That may be so, but we can’t just leave the world as is. And the rebuilding process would be preferable than fearing for dragons striking where you live next.

But you need the Queen's permission to enter.

Basically telling you not to bother with that place until you accept the Dreadnought mission.

How rudely pessimistic! A result of a mistranslation. He’s actually saying “Now that the dragons are gone, I better get back to work.”

Slight mistranslation. He’s surprised that we’re back to find more items. And the remark is more along the lines of greedy instead of stingy.

Bad idea to say that right to my face. And Stella isn’t here to stop me from doing this!
Yeesh! What a haymaker!
Remind me to do whatever it takes to avoid being on the receiving end of her fury.
It’s way too late for that. Just don’t bring a lot of attention to yourself when she really gets angry.

But I went and didn't see anything at all. Apparently it's most interested in Rogues...

A big hint for something we can do right now. Though I won’t be tackling that for a bit.

Was the equation wrong? No, I probably just forgot to carry the one...

If I were younger, I'd help whip you guys into shape for this!

That’s all for Zeza. There was a quest in Devo Desert that we accepted. Let’s go handle that.

Now I believe our next client was residing in this desert-
You know, there’s still an awful lot of Bloom on this portion of the continent. Surely we should do something about that?
A-ah, you know, maybe we should just head straight on over to the clie-
You know I was enjoying having the concept of feet for all this time, but fine. We’ll do as you say, Haru.
Oh no. Why did you have to disregard that piece of advice really fast?

Right after doing some more lawn mowing.

Several minutes later...

Ah, you were correct, Haru. This area does look far more pleasant with all that Bloom eradicated.
Did you really have let Edward do all the healing by himself?
Oh please, I did my share of healing as well.
Only to yourself!
And did we... really have to... get rid of that much... Bloom around here...?
I tried to stave... off the worst of it... as much as I could, but...
Ask Haru. He’s the one who insisted after all.
You do have to admit... it looks quite nice around here now...

If you’re wondering how much of the Bloom is left in Eden, there are currently 10,126 out of 16,172 Bloom tiles remaining. So we’ve gotten rid of about 37.39% of the Bloom.


A sizeable improvement from when we first started our journey.

In case you’ve forgotten, this cave on the second screen is where the inn is, and therefore the client.

I do so.

Are these what you’re looking for?

With this, I can drink my beloved Stonerock! Each cup...
Wait, what’s Stonerock?
Eh? You don't even know what Stonerock is in the first place? It's like this... you use chilled ore instead of ice, to avoid diluting it. And it adds its own subtle flavoring... ah!
So you’re basically drinking rocks.
When it comes to Delicate Ore, I'm a real connoisseur. Thanks for collecting all these for me!

One full cup brings a measure of bliss! Afterward, though, I'm a little cold...

And that’s all for this sidequest.

There’s a salvage spot to the waters south of Miross.

Meh. I suppose that’s an okay accessory to have.

Right let’s go and turn that in while we’re here.



This is considerably worse than either of the axes Stella could get from the workshop sidequest. Thanks game.

Remember this quest we got near the beginning of the game, all the way back in update 7? We can finally do this now. You need the ability to sail on water and the Racketeer party skill to get this done.

I’m surprised that you haven’t taken it down after all this time.
Were people really not that bothered by such a long outstanding request?
Eh, that’s nothing new. There’s a lot of requests that go unfulfilled for ages. Some get fulfilled eventually. Others just get taken down.

Hm, that statement actually makes sense now after what we’ve accomplished.
I’m getting deja vu all over again.

My request is for you to buy a specific good in my stead.
Oh, um, right. You’re gonna have to remind us exactly what you wanted. It’s been such a long while since we last talked about this.
Oh? What kind of good? This stuff is... Well, it's really fun.
You really can’t go get this yourself?
I suppose he’s too busy to do so if he’s asking for some couriers. But where are we supposed to get this?

But he comes and goes, so you'll need to track him down. Special negotiations might be needed to purchase it, too... I'm sorry this request will be so much trouble. But as I myself am stuck on guard duty, I must ask for your aid.
...We’ll see what we can do.
I wonder what could be so important for him to be this desperate.
If I were you, I wouldn’t get my expectations up.

Feels nice to finally be able to clear out more of the quest backlog as the game goes on.

You know, are we really just gonna get a clump of snow for that girl? That doesn’t seem like a great gift. Ooh! Ooh! I got a better idea! How about instead of a pile of snow, we get her a snowman! A whole snowman!
I suppose we could make one while we’re there. It may take a while but I agree that a package like that would be far nicer to receive.
Why don’t we just take one from the inn? That would save us a lot more time and needless effort.
J-just like that!? I don’t think the innkeeper would appreciate that!
Especially after Ark’s failed pilfering attempt caught her ire. We should probably ask her first. It couldn’t hurt to do so.

However instead of getting that quest done, I opt to finally head to Corlia Inn to pick up the snow for our other active quest.

But snow is ephemeral. It will melt at your touch and leave nothing.
...I’ll take that as a yes.

We got what we came for, let’s move on.

Gororan’s House is just south of Kazan, on this little island.

But I don't see it after looking around.
Oh, what’s this about a black market?
...Whoa!! Who are you guys?! Who, me? I'm just t-t-taking a walk! How about you?!
We were looking for a seller around here. You wouldn’t happen to know where we could find them?
Don’t bother. He’s clearly not going to tell us. We’ll have to do more searching ourselves.

When you trigger a screen transition here, one of 3 random NPCs will show up in this spot. Or possibly none at all. One of the NPCs is the person we’re looking for, the others are just there to throw you off.

Going in and out of the house is a quick way to shuffle NPCs.

Is that some sort of code phrase for the black market?

Several attempts later...

That’s the NPC we’re looking for. But if you don’t have the Racketeer skill, he just has this to say.

Oh! Perhaps he can help us. Excuse me, sir?
Oh, oh, can I help you with something? As you can see, this is just an empty warehouse I run.
Oh, so is this the black market everyone’s been talking about?
Huh? Black's market? You must mean the shop over in Kazan.
Oh for the love of, that’s not how you’re suppose to greet him! Ahem, “leave the bow, take the risotto.”

If you're visiting me with that in mind, you must need THAT. I'll offer it to you for 5000 G... Is that agreeable?

On second thought, maybe this was a bad idea.
Oh, really? When you do decide you need it, tell me.

Here’s the money, just hand it over already.
...Heh heh heh... That's certainly enough. So please, take it.

...Heh heh heh... Enjoy it, friends!
...I can’t believe we wasted our time and money for this.

However, I'm out of stock. Come back another time.
Aren’t you going to read it?
No. In fact I’d advise that all of you avert your gazes from this as I stuff it into Edward’s pack-

Just what in the world did that knight have us buy- GAAAHH! DON’T LOOK, DIA!
Huh!? What’s in the book?
Nothing! Nothing! We saw NOTHING!
...Oh. It was one of those requests. How frivolous.
I did say not to get your expectations up.
No more frivolous than all those other requests that asked for deliveries, I suppose.

Now that we’ve gotten this... quest, done. Let’s go check out the house.

How odd. It seems as if this house is occupied, but it’s barely seeing much use.
Maybe it’s someone’s vacation house or something? It is on the middle of an island.

Whoa! Hee hee hee! I’ve been looking for the next issue of this! We should totally-
We are not stealing someone’s shoujo manga!
Uh. I was gonna say find the owner of this house and ask to borrow it.
O-oh. My mistake. Sorry, force of habit. I know Ark would have already pilfered that thing.
Really? I didn’t she was the kind of person to like these books.
She isn’t, she prefers shonen.
Ah, that’s about what I figured.
She just likely would have tried to sell that to someone who does once she got her hands on it.

Yeah the comic book was straight up a shoujo manga in Japanese.

Um. Are we seriously invading someone’s privacy like this?
We are already rummaging through their house. Whatever privacy they’ve had has long been violated.
I mean the diary could also be an important clue!
For what!?
...I dunno!
Telos has a point. Diary reading would be rather minor in comparison to all we've done in here. Besides, it may tell us who the homeowner is.
...Wow. I’m just glad Ark isn’t here to witness this and get anymore ideas...
I’m pretty sure if she was with us she would have already reveled in such opportunities.

How flowery.
Looks like the person who lives here really only does come here sometimes.
I guess they didn’t take the loss of their partner well. It doesn’t seem like they’ve lived a happy life.
Now I feel even worse for being involved in this. These are clearly some private thoughts. And I don’t think this even really told us just who this house belongs to.

That’s all for this mysterious house. Let’s go and deliver the... goods.

I knew it! You folks are our saviors! They'll really buy it!

Supposed to be “You’re my savior! You really bought it!”

What’s in there anyways?
Would you pipe down?!
Eh? What's inside? ...It's, that is... Well, just use your imagination. And anyway, thank you very much! This book is crucial!

So, anyway, uh, thank you very much.
Don’t mention it. Seriously, don’t.

Definitely a worthy upgrade for a Knight! And by all damage, it really does mean all damage, including non-elemental attacks!

Anyways, if we go back to check in with that knight...

Jeez! Augh, what the?! That's... a little much.
...Really. While on duty.
How utterly shameless.

Are you seriously shirking your duties just to indulge in that book!?
...Was I skipping out? N, no, it was just a little break. I'd never do that!

Riiiiiiiight. Let’s... let’s just go.

Okay, let’s finally deal with the snow delivery quest now that we’ve got all that done.

Faro, would you mind having a look at this?

It’s a snowman. We’re supposed to be delivering it to Marlleaire.
.........Snow to Marlleaire? It will certainly melt upon arrival...
Indeed. That’s why we came to you. We were hoping you would have a solution of some kind.
...I understand. Please wait just a moment.

Fade to black.

Many thanks, Faro!

Why are you spraying your shield with it!?
Oh! Sorry, I wasn’t thinking for a second and thought that was the snowman.

Uh, that’s a pretty odd visual glitch. It’s supposed to say the snowman was sprayed with it. The way this quest must be coded is that it looks at the last item you obtain for that text box instead of the Snowman for some reason.

I don’t suppose you have anymore of that spray do you, Faro?


Fortunately the actual snowman is sprayed despite that weirdness and we can deliver it now but I wasn’t expecting to see something like that.

It looks like it’s holding up well! Thank you, Faro!

Here’s that snow you asked for. We decided to go a step further and get you a snowman.
This snowman is really made of snow? Awesome!

But no, still, it's good.

Fade to black.

Hah! This snowman is super cute ♪

How thematic.

Muku what?
Ah! Sorry. This is the snowman you brought me. Since he's so cute, I gave him a name.

Ah yes. This entire mess that you two, Ark, and Stella caused...
S-sorry. We didn’t think an escort would just spiral out of control like that...
At any rate we better do something to help clean it up, unless we want to be known for causing Miross’s downfall. I dunno about you, but that’s not something that my conscience can stand.

Last up on the docket is this quest. We need to complete it to progress the Miross sub-event. We couldn’t before because we lacked the ability to sail on the northern seas.

When you take this quest, Grif moves out of the throne room and into the northern halls if you’re wondering where he disappeared off to. A few people were caught a bit off guard by that.

I want you to deliver this letter to Volg. He was traveling north, to Bassoon's House. I imagine he's there. I believe that the sage Bassoon was once his teacher. I must know Volg's motives, at any rate. And I must figure out how to proceed in the future... However, as I cannot leave the castle, I entrust you with this. Please, send my best regards.
We’ll be sure to get this to him.

Bassoon’s House is located north of Miross on this little island here.

Always nice to get more of these.

Seems as if the homeowner here is a lighthearted person.

Let’s head downstairs.


Alright let’s go talk to Volg. If we came here before accepting the quest he had this to say:

Once upon a time, I studied under Bassoon. Since my exile from Miross, I have returned to reevaluate my progress.

But since we accepted the quest...

This is... it seems to be from Grif.
Yes, he had some concerns he wished to relay to you.
May I impose on you? Could you carry a reply? Just give me a minute.

Fade to black.

He's still young. Too stubborn, and I think, too straightforward. However, everyone is different, and I imagine I have faults as well. I'll be watching from here to make sure he can protect her. You should go. And please, take my letter.

While Volg’s exile initially disqualified him as a candidate for the Santa Claus, finding him here will re-enable him as an option.

We haven’t checked out the upstairs portion of this house so let’s go do that before delivering this.

Marlleaire's Tower of the Gods is now leaning. The colossal Ronam are enshrined at the top. ...That's what it says.

The Briskira ruins have an ancient clock tower. There are signs that an armory was once there. ...That's what it says.

I've finally found their forbidden kingdom. A fog-shrouded island in a calm patch of sea. When I set foot on the island, I saw a small structure. An ancient ruin? But what I saw inside is best left as a secret from the world.

Was that the island with that weird beam of light?
That may have been it. I wonder what’s beyond that light...

Ah greetings! We are the Odyssey guild.

Incidentally Bassoon is your final option for the Santa Claus quest.

I am Bassoon. Some say I'm a sage, others say I'm a recluse. The truth is, I'm just a peculiar old man. Ho ho ho.

Just who are you talking to?
... Hmm... Is he not home yet? That's unusual. He's in Rorakka Forest. I sent Spire there myself. Fetch him and you'll get your tea. Hoho...

We can complete this quest now, but we’ll save that for another time. If we talk to Bassoon again...

We appreciate the offer, but we weren’t here for tea.
Yes? You're not here for the tea? I'll sell you this, if you know Spire. It's a Miracle Ice. You can eat it to reset your skill points! But it only works the once, so please, be careful afterward. For something like that, 500 G is a steal, eh?

This is a very handy thing to have around.

But be careful about when you use it. Listen to your elders!

Bassoon sells Oblivion Pearls at a severe discount, as these normally have a base cost of 2000 G! Handy if you want cheaper respecs.

That’s all for this house. Let’s head back and deliver that letter.

Fade to black.

Much like Volg, I do not want the Queen to be disillusioned. However, he cannot involve himself in coercing the people into order, either. ...This letter explains why he thought this was the way to serve her. I want to find another way from Volg's to protect Queen Emerald. No, I must. I cannot allow that beautifully fragile heart to shatter. .........
Queen Emerald is a grown adult in a position of leadership. Treating her far too much like a delicate flower will only have disastrous results, as you’ve seen already. I hope whatever you do won’t lean into that anymore.

As a knight, I can only wield a sword. Thus, until I die... This sword will repel the evil from my Queen! That's my answer... That is my path.

...Just “us”, you say?
But even now... I will do all I can to protect the Queen.

Not much of a reward, but we’re able to proceed with more of the sub-event now.

Now the Queen is deeply hurt and bewildered. At a time like this, I must take command and keep the people safe.
I will not deny that whatever meddling the others have done may have been over the line.
Erm, sorry...
However this house of cards that was set up for Queen Emerald was bound to come tumbling down eventually. We may have caused it to crumble, but if we didn’t come along, there’s a very good chance something else would have triggered its fall. If you remember, it was also Volg who was to blame for setting up this whole mess in the first place as well! Now that this fallout has happened, the question becomes, how are you going to deal with it? While you hopefully ruminate on that instead of wasting time blaming us for this mess yet again, we’ll take our leave. Good day, Grif.
That seemed kinda... harsh.
As much as those two, Ark, and Stella got far too involved, I have little tolerance for people who wish to avoid accountability for the consequences they caused. I’ve witnessed enough of that from humanity over the ages.

But unrest is steadily growing in Miross. As security deteriorated, I chose to treat the knights as my bodyguards. While Volg was here, the situation was stable. But... I cannot permit such actions simply because they are expedient. What can be done? What on earth can I do? I'm sorry. Please let me think...
If you may permit me to speak... Ultimately, try to do what’s best for your people. But just as importantly, follow the paths that will keep yourself sound as well. You’re the one ruling after all. And an unstable ruler means an unstable public. I won’t lie, there will be a lot of hard choices you’ll have to make in the future. But try to steel yourself in the face of that when the time comes. For now, just take a while to think on things. Consider what you want. How do you want to lead the people here? I suppose now that Volg is gone, you’ve been put into a rather hard place, but that’s all the more reason to consider things carefully on how you want to move forward.
...We’ve done all we can. Whatever happens here is in their hands now.
Let’s just hope they come to a proper solution.

Unfortunately that’s all we can do for now. As we won’t be able to progress this sub-event for a long time.