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Chapter 44: 6/4-6/5: Millennials Strike Back

This update covers content from Part 43 of the original LP.

Sorry about the delay on this one folks, my internet’s still not fixed and also I got really into Guilty Gear lore. Please kill me.

Anon: sauce plz


Music: So Boring

But it’s times like these when you’ve just gotta push through the funk! Don’t let the weather get to you!

Do I really look that suspicious…?

Have any of you seen someone you thought was cute, and immediately decided they must be nice, too? That thought process is totally normal, if not always accurate. There’s even a name for it.

“Stan culture.”

Any guesses, Hamiru-kun? What do you think the name for this phenomenon is?

Correct! I’m surprised you knew.

C’mon man, we’re tight. You don’t gotta doubt me like that…

You get distracted by superficial qualities, and your broader perception of someone can get biased. Once you get that far, it’s hard to make totally objective judgments. Like, “that person is quiet, so they must be scary.” Stuff like that.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

The halo effect isn’t all bad, but… I recommend you give people the chance to define themselves instead of making snap judgments. After all, it’d be a shame if your biases kept you from noticing something truly wonderful about someone, right?
Plenty of terrible people look perfectly decent on the outside.

Christ, this cat’s got it bad.

Morning → After School

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

Weather very well may have the same effect on Mementos as it has on humans…

We’re gonna head to the supermarket in the underground mall and buy some Drizzled Natto after hearing about it from that foodie in our class. It’s only on sale while it’s raining. I don’t even know if we’ll ever be in a position to use this for the purpose I bought it for, but there’s a reason I want it we’ll go into eventually.

Diner time! We’ll get more Knowledge because it’s raining!

Maaku gains Kindness +1 and Knowledge +2.

After School → Evening

Music: Beneath the Mask

I’m sure it’ll be fine. So far nobody’s come charging us with anything, yeah?
But wouldn’t he wait to press charges until AFTER the exhibition? What should we do if someone contacts us about it tomorrow…?
Try asking Yusuke. He’s still staying with Madarame, right?
Oh, that’s right… Where is Yusuke? I wonder if he’ll be OK with Madarame…

>He’s probably dead. We should just bail.

Sorry I’m late to contact you all. It seems something will certainly be happening tomorrow. Madarame is on the phone as we speak.

>What exactly is “something”?

I believe he is preparing for a media announcement. I didn’t hear anything about pressing charges.

>Maybe he’s holding a press conference to announce he’s trying to get a bunch of teenagers arrested. That’ll go over well.

Guess we just gotta wait then.
Let us meet in Shibuya tomorrow.
OK! See you then!

Kawakami’s still texting us with this weird shit! Well, let’s go call her up, we’re still prioritizing her Confidant abilities.

Now we’re offering special services like “Maid’s Cooking” and “Together with a Maid”! ♥ With the request fee included… It’ll only cost you 5,000 yen! It’s practically a steal!

That’s the same as it always costs!

I-I mean, thank you for requesting me. Then, please wait for me, Master! I hope you have a big appetiiiite!

Temperance Rank 3: Part 49

Music: My Homie

The high-end cup noodles really do make a difference, don’t they?

The 5000% markup on instant ramen is definitely worth it because I also get to feel incredibly uncomfortable while eating it!

Don’t request me if you’re going to complain. …Besides, I thought I warned you already. Why would you request me again…?

Because you called me and asked me to do it again like an hour later! And then you also texted me about it today!

…Well, I guess I’m in no position to complain, since I’m making money from it.

*yawn* These faculty meetings last so long these days… The students are really agitated thanks to those Phantom Thieves… The teachers can’t agree on what to do. I wish they’d talk more about our bonus… I’m hearing we might even get our salaries cut…
Is this your way of asking me to request you more often? I’m already doing it two days in a row, but… fine. I’ll do it. I’ll give yet another piece of my soul to this nightmare. Soon I will run out of parts of myself to give, and then I will envy the dead. But eh, no skin off my nose. I’m seventeen, what the hell do I really need money for anyway?

Really? I’ll continue to serve you with all my might, Master!

Please stop. The psychic damage I take when you call me that is turning into actual physical pain at this point.

*sigh* …I’m going to be in trouble if I don’t pick up more shifts.

Music: Suspicion

Wait, you want how much!? But you just wanted more *yesterday*! I can’t…

…Yes, but…! …… That… That’s true… ……. …Sure. ……. Yes… Yes, I understand… Yes, it’s my responsibility, after all…

Take it easy. If you collapse from exhaustion here and they have to send an ambulance it’s going to absolutely wreck my shit.
My sister’s condition is really bad, so it would help if you kept requesting me!

Oh, never mind. You’re my student. I can’t keep relying on you… Ughhh… What am I going to do…?

I already said I’d do it, relax.

Hey, feel free to call me to do housework. It doesn’t have to be through the maid service. I live close by, so I can stop over whenever you need me. Besides, I’m worried that you can’t cook or do laundry because you don’t have your parents… Oh, and if your friends suddenly come over, I can always leave out the back way.

The back way…? We don’t have a back doo—Wait, do you mean the window?

I feel Kawakami’s kindness…

I need to get requested more… Good night.

For that event we chose options 2 (+2), 1 (+0), 2 (+3), 3 (+0).

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Wasn’t my meal so delicious? Could you taste all the love I put into it? But you can’t just eat cup noodles, right? You need balanced nutrients! Maybe next time, you can try some of my “home-maid” cooking instead?

…Uh, I mean—you’re sooo very welcomeee!

I mean, considering how much you spend on requesting me, you can probably afford some good food… ……

Anon: Admin has to be trolling


Music: Regret

Plainly put… I, um… plagiarized work…

Also I did a bunch of child abuse and a dash of murder through inaction, but let’s not get into that right now.

Eww, look at that snot. Gross.

(Newscaster) …And that was from the urgent apology conference by Madarame that took place just a moment ago. After reporting to the association, Madarame has agreed to the police’s request to turn himself in.
(Female Pedestrian) Wasn’t he on TV the other day?
On top of charges to abuse to his pupils, Madarame is under suspicion of claiming their works as his own. Some doubt the validity that his maiden work “Sayuri” was stolen, believing it was used for fraud. This large-scale criminal act has caused a great shock to the art world, and…
(Female Pedestrian) That old man’s done for.
After the conference, Madarame was taken to a police hospital for interrogation due to his age. However, initial psych evaluations state that he is mentally sound and likely responsible for his actions.

Okay, what!? His entire personality shifted overnight, how can you say he’s mentally sound? And even beyond that, why is his psych evaluation on the news? Isn’t that supposed to be part of the legal case against him?

(Male Pedestrian) There’s no need to be nice to an old geezer like that.
(Male Pedestrian) Why’d he spill the beans himself? Doesn’t that seem weird?
Also, a group calling themselves the Phantom Thieves posted a dubious note at Madarame’s exhibit. The police will investigate their relation to this case, but for now, did not identify them as suspects.
(Male Pedestrian) Phantom Thieves? Do these bandits have somethin’ to do with that old geezer’s apology?
(Female Pedestrian) Ohhh, I’ve heard of them before. They supposedly steal evil hearts; it’s why the culprits apologize.
(Female Pedestrian) Wait, what? Steal hearts? That’s impossible though.
(Male Pedestrian) But I feel like I saw somethin’ about that online too. They sent out a calling card for real.
(Male Pedestrian) So it was like, “We’re going to steal your heart”? That’s impressive if someone really did that.

Hey, Nakanohara! This is the last time we’ll ever see you!

Music: Break it Down

You guys see the news about Madarame!? It’s just like what happened with Kamoshida!

Ryuji, we all met up to discuss Madarame. Of course we saw the news, it was just on the big screen right behind us!

And they mentioned the Phantom Thieves!
Man, this is startin’ to get interesting… If we do it right, we can change people’s hearts. With this power… we might be able to do more than just gettin’ back at society. It’ll be a big deal!

Maybe we should shut up about this in public, eh? I know everyone’s talking about the Phantom Thieves right now, but that just means that everyone’s also listening.
Either way, this happening twice is too unlikely to be written off as mere coincidence. We’re about to soar in popularity!

If we continue doing this, we’ll definitely be able to give courage to everyone who needs it.

Uh-oh, the fuzz.

Toldja guys.

Music: Disquiet

Do you know them?
You moron! Those’re attendance officers!

While I’m sure Ryuji is intimately familiar with attendance officers, why would they harass us on *Sunday*?

He’s… joking. How can we help you?

That monotonous acting of hers never fails to send a chill down my spine.

I thought she was “perfect,” though?

What are you all doing here? Are you friends?

Deal with it, cop!

(Stern Officer) Hm? What did you say?
A-Ahaha! Th-That was a joke! He didn’t get much sleep last night.
Well, all right. Just make sure you disperse before it gets too late, okay?

It’s like 2 PM!

There have been some odd happenings lately, and the news about that artist has caused quite the stir.
We’ll be careful!

Didn’t you just tell us not to talk openly about the Phantom Thieves!? Why are you antagonizing cops!?
Because they’re *cops*, Ann.

…From now on, we’ll need to be even more cautious than before. Look at us! Right after the second Thieves incident, both prior victims are meeting up.

We will never even consider this level of caution again for the entire game.

Wait, you mean people might be listening to us?

Fuckin’ *hello*!

Eh, it’ll be fine. Look around. We’re the only people worryin’ about it.
I guess you’re right…
By the way, Yusuke… You able to get anything out of Madarame? Remember how he was talkin’ about that suspicious person in the black mask?
Well… I pressed him for answers, but he doesn’t even understand what happened to him to begin with.
It’s not like he actually saw his desires get stolen, after all.
It’s rumored that he may be sent to prison. In that case, gaining information will be difficult…
So, what’re you gonna do now?
I’ll be leaving that house. I can’t draw in such a place anymore.

Music: Break it Down

Do you have somewhere to go?

I can stay in the school dorms for free because of my fine arts scholarship. That is… unless you’d like to take me in, Takamaki-san?
Very well, then.
Now that Yusuke’ll be living alone, we can meet up whenever we want.

For the time being, we should wait and see how this case plays out.

I’ll go lookin’ for a new big target, but it’ll prolly take a while.
Let’s just act like normal students until then.

Ignoring how they could possibly have not seen Makoto, it’s hilarious that the team can hardly believe someone might be listening in while someone is actively listening in. Maaku, you should probably have just, like, told the rest of the group that Makoto has been stalking you.

Maaku doesn’t even seem to notice she was there, though. Oops!

Music: Interrogation Room

You were sent away twice, almost reported to the police… and yet you still wanted to save him? Moreover, you ended up in a museum instead of a castle this time… You’re still going to maintain this rubbish about changing someone’s heart by stealing their Treasure?

If your time is so precious and you don’t believe a single word I’m saying, why even let me continue to spout off nonsense?

Very well. The truth behind this tale of yours will be clear once your conspirators are in custody. Now then, tell me about this new member who joined your group.

How about no?

There’s no point in being stubborn. It will only damage your position.

Wait… Madarame’s pupil? I told you that? Shit! I can’t remember like 80% of the things I tell you, to be honest. Goddamn drugs. Well, whatever. If you already know it’s his pupil, how do you not already know his name? That’s probably just, like… in the files in front of you.

So you won’t sell out your accomplice? *angry grunt* …Fine. There’s still much more that I want to hear. It was around this time that the Phantom Thieves began to truly gain popularity.

Hell yeah we did! Wooooo!

Lies flooded the internet—things like, “The Phantom Thieves saved me too,” or, “I got a calling card”… For heaven’s sake… those lies made the collection of intel take almost ten times longer.

Aww, did your job get harder, cop? This is the stuff I love. Everyone coming together to waste valuable police time.

Now, your next target was this man…

He doesn’t compare to the previous two. Even the police had been struggling to apprehend him. So, how exactly did you take down such a well-guarded criminal? Tell me.

Well, it was mostly luck, really…