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Chapter 45: Side Story 3: Bonus Round (why am I still doing this)

So, for this edition of bonus stuff, I thought I’d cover more than just my thoughts on the relevant anime episodes. We’ll get to those too, but there’s more to show. First up, the scene I missed when I decided not to help Mishima harass random strangers in Harajuku:

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

But you still don’t know Tokyo very well. This might be a good chance to get more familiar with the area… or something. So, what are your thoughts? Will you go to Harajuku with Ryuji?

Music: Break it Down

But I gotta say, I wasn’t expecting all of you to come along.
I had a photoshoot nearby, so I figured, why not?
But why Harajuku, Mishima?
Well, Harajuku’s this big cultural hub, right? People from all over the world come here. So that means there might be all kinds of international villains walking around in broad daylight!
I dunno if I get that logic…

I mean, who wears black leather longcoats at this time of year!? He’s gotta be shady! And all those belts must be supplies so he can tie people up…

What, are we scoping out Tetsuya Nomura? …Only the timeliest of jokes in this LP! The cutting edge of comedy!

Oh man… Do you think he’s an escaped convict?
No, I’m pretty sure that’s just a goth style.
But my phantom thief senses are tingling! Don’t you think he’s suspicious, Hamiru?

…Look, that’s not important! You know what I mean!
If you think he’s that suspicious, then go talk to him.
Huh? Me?
You’re the one who’s all hyped up about this investigation, right? So hey. Go up to the guy and ask. “Yo, Captain Trenchcoat! Sorry to bother you, but are you an escaped convict?”

*sigh* …It’s normal to see people dressed in unusual clothes here.

Like… nothing’s gonna keep them from expressing their own style.
Cool or not, they’re definitely not lettin’ anyone hold them back.
What do you think about unique fashion like this, Maaku?

I’m thinkin’ heart-shaped glasses… dye your hair red and blue… and we’ll get you a big puffy laminated coat.
You just wanna make him wear the weirdest stuff you can find. I’ll coordinate Maaku’s wardrobe.

Anyway, no more judging people by their appearance. If they’re wearing what they want to wear, that’s something to admire. Heck, I’d say it means they’re honest. Not like people who seem nice on the outside, but turn out to be terrible.
I guess you’re right…

After all, I look like a cat, but I’m actually a dashing, noble gentleman!
Now that I think about it, it’s kinda Harajuku-ey to walk around with a cat in a bag.
True! He’s like a really specialized fashion accessory.
Is… that a compliment?

So, Mishima… I take it you didn’t actually have any leads here.
*sigh* Yeah, figures. Well, as long as we’re here, let’s have some fun.
Then let’s get Maaku dressed up! Oh, and Mishima too. Maybe Ann can get rid of some of your weird anti-Harajuku prejudice.
Huh!? Me too!?

Lady Ann, Lady Ann! Help me get all fashionable too!
All right! We can squeeze in a trip to the pet shop for Morgana!
I’m not a pet!
You know, Hamiru… sometimes it sounds like your cat’s really joining in on the conversation…
Then let’s get going! Just follow me—I know a place!
It’s all you, Ms. Fashionista!


Next up, I was asked after a recent update if I’ll ever cover a specific few bits of cut content that didn’t make it into the final release of Royal, specifically pertaining to a bunch of “memory” scenes that I believe would have played when you picked up Kamoshida and Madarame’s Will Seeds. Well, the answer is “sort of.” The only source for this cut content is YouTube videos, and I don’t feel all that great about leeching off of the YouTubers who actually captured and translated this stuff, so I won’t be screenshotting any of it. What I will do is just link to those videos, they’re really interesting and you should just watch them yourself. Credit to YouTubers “Faz” and “bainz”, by the way, who’ve got tons of cut content on their channels.

Video: Kamoshida Memories

The Kamoshida memories tell a decent little story of Kamoshida committing a “youthful” (because his model is exactly the same) indiscretion, trying to own up to it, but going unpunished so that his handler can keep making money off of him. It serves its purpose well and contextualizes the person he became.

Video: Madarame Memories

Madarame’s also clarifies that, yep, he absolutely did just let Yusuke’s mom die, whoopsidoodle! Other than that, his first and second flashbacks seem to use placeholder models because there is no “younger” version of him in the game, which is a little funny.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any of these for most of the other Palace holders. Okumura is the only one remaining with scenes like this dummied out in any version of the game (these scenes were apparently found in the Chinese version files, for the record). There’s a lot more cut content, some of which is even dubbed because, I’m guessing, localization is a fucking nightmare and the way the files are organized it’s probably safest to just dub everything that was originally voiced even if you know it’s not in the game. I’ll go into more at a later date.

Now, it’s time for the part no one cares about, my thoughts on episodes 5-8 of the anime!

Finally, if you made it this far, I have an extra treat for you. Well, kind of, it was meant to be in the last Mementos update, but I forgot to actually put it in that update, so I might as well just share it now.