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Chapter 46: 6/5: Penguin Sniper (New)

This update contains content from Part 43 of the original LP.

Music: Disquiet

A full psychiatric evaluation will be performed to further investigate the crime’s details and motives.

I’ve found a number of points of commonality between the two. Both, for example, were sent a “calling card” before their unforeseen changes of heart.
…I see.

But are you sure these cases are connected to the psychotic breakdowns? Your overly emotional woman brain isn’t equipped to deal with all the relevant #facts and #logic.

Furthermore, the police will frown upon you stepping into this…
Now isn’t the time to be worrying about things like jurisdiction and honor! We need to dig deeper and find a correlation along the incidents these past two, three years.
*sigh* Very well. I leave it to you… However, you must not let this interfere with your regular duties.
*bowing* Thank you, sir.

This is why women shouldn’t be allowed outside, much less in the workplace! She probably just wants some gossip fodder or something…

(Ruling Party Member) …And I understand that these abnormal incidents have caused some anxiety throughout our country.

I shall continue to put forth great effort so that every citizen can live with peace of mind.
Not only are there these Phantom Thieves to worry about, but if that is exposed… Tch…

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Looks like Yusuke’s textin’ me. I think you’re getting ‘em too.

I most certainly am not. I must express my gratitude earnestly.
You’re one of us now, man. We’ll be counting on you, mkay?
Of course.
And if anything comes up, we won’t hesitate to lend a hand.
Thank you. Well then, see you.

Anyways, that went well for our first job, huh? It was a huge success! So, that said… you got time after this?

Well, thing is, I got some free tickets to a darts lounge from a guy I know. But, I totally forgot that they expire today. So… you wanna go right now?
Ryuji… didn’t we just finish talking about how we need to be on guard?
C’mon, it’s just darts! Don’t you wanna play too, Morgana?

How would he—what the fuck ever, I don’t care

If you’re just going to play, then I guess it shouldn’t be a problem…

Hell yeah, I’m on it! Oh, right. The place is in Kichijoji, so we gotta take the train first.

What, for real? There’s a buncha different shops right outside the station there. It’s just one stop away from Shibuya, so let’s head for the Inogami Line first.

I’m getting excited!
All right, let’s go!

Despite what Ryuji said, Kichijoji is actually two stops away from Shibuya, with the one in between being Inokashira Park.

And this tutorial again, which I believe played originally when we first headed to Shinjuku.

Music: New Beginning

You can tell it’s nothing like Shibuya, just from the atmosphere alone.
Well, yeah. Looks lie there’re a lot of shops here that you can’t find in Shibuya. …Not that I’d really know.

What are you getting at?

Oh, it’s got your attention now, huh? Ann’s not here because she’s busy, but I bet it’d be more fun to come here with some more people. I think the darts lounge is one block up from the main street. But since we’re here, I won’t say no to checkin’ out a bunch of the other shops on the way.

And now we’ve got a whole wide Kichijoji to explore! Well, one block of it, anyway. There’s a lot of small stuff here and I’m going to get as much of it that seems interesting as I can.

First up, let’s talk to this woman at the information desk. Maybe she can help us get our bearings.

Why don’t you ask them about Kichijoji?
What would you like to hear about?

Certainly! Please allow me to explain! There are four different areas… On the promenade, you can find a fried food shop, a stationery store, a second-hand clothing store, and a temple. The ground beef cutlet at the fried food shop is delicious, but you will have to wait in line. If you take a left at the fried food shop, you’ll see Retro Street. Here you can find a selection of chic and sophisticated stores. There’s also a jazz club at the end of the alley. Sometimes popular singers will go there, and the liveliness is inevitable. Whew. I hope I explained it all right… Do you have any other questions?

Of course! After passing Retro Street, you will see Rue De Chouchou, which has a variety of fancy stores to visit. There’s also a well-known healing crystal store selling power stones that provide real results.

Ooh, pseudoscientific nonsense! I love my homeopathic remedies!

Not only that, but on Rue De Chouchou there is a lounge to enjoy darts and billiards. Excitement is inevitable.


The last one is Harmony Alley, which is like a drinking district. It’s located just past this information desk. It has an old Japanese flavor, perfect for just enjoying the atmosphere. The inspiration is inevitable.

Why do you keep saying that word?

…Was that too much information for a minor? Well, that’s about it for the city. Is there something else I can help you with?

I know just the thing! Please allow me to explain! You’re a minor, correct? If that’s the case… If you go past the drinking district and reach Rue De Chouchou, you will find a darts and billiards lounge. It’s actually a very casual place, and people your age can walk in with no problem.

Huh!? Well, you did come all the way here… If you’re looking for a place for adults… There is a jazz club… And I THINK minors can go in… Sorry for my lack of knowledge. Would you like to know anything else?

Certainly! Allow me to explain! There’s a strange—Excuse me, a unique secondhand clothing store here as well. It’s located on the promenade street. The manager always greets me in the morning, but… He’s always saying, “I specifically want sooty clothing.” And is quite picky about what you bring in too. Oh, and have you been to the incense story in Harmony Alley? It actually opened quite recently. They have incenses that people have never even heard of before. And it’s not a fishy store either.

My “it’s not a fishy store” T-shirt has people asking a lot of questions etc etc

Was there anything else you wanted to ask?

Anything you should know… Actually, yes. There’s something I heard recently. About the fried food shop in the promenade. People say it’s tedious to wait in line… And by nighttime it’s already sold out. So what’re we to do if we want one? Well, they say on Sundays they make more than usual. So, in other words, if you go there on a Sunday night… And the story I heard ends there. Anything else you would like to know?

If you would like to know more about Kichijoji, feel free to stop on by!

Maaku gains Knowledge +1. Neat.

Oh, hey. It’s Makoto. Let’s say hi.

That’s all she has to say. Also, Ryuji has… no reaction upon seeing her. Also also, Makoto showing up here serves no other purpose. She stalks us around as per usual, but has nothing else to say and won’t even follow us into the darts club. I’m honestly really confused as to why they bothered putting her into this scene unless I’ve totally forgotten some weird way it comes back later.

Let’s check out the stationery store.

What the hell are Morgana senses…

Oh, it’s just a bunch of useless gift items. Laaaaaame.

(Stationery Store Employee) Please come again.

I guess it’d be pretty cool to get a gift from here.

Next, the secondhand clothes store right nearby.

…Sooty clothes?

…Wait. I have some of those!

Heh, let’s see what they’ve got!

Can I take a look at that? Don’t worry, I won’t steal it.

My “Don’t worry, I won’t steal it” T-shirt i—

One difference in Royal is that you get a lot more filthy, unusable clothing from Palaces, because now there’s an additional way to use it besides just washing it. Trading it in here will give you money and points you can trade for wonderful prizes!

This guy’s reacting to clothing that we got from Shadows… Seems he knows what he’s talking about.
I’ve been here for 40 years, but I’ve never seen clothing that makes my heart chill… All right, I’ll buy it. But I’ll only buy it for the price it deserves.

This makes me kind of uncomfortable, but okay, you fuckin’ weirdo.

Once you obtain enough points, you can trade them for a prize. So feel free to let us take that clothing off your hands.
Not only is he gonna buy them from us, he’s gonna give us points for them too? We should definitely come back here.
So what can I do for ya?

We have four options here right now. We can buy the Awake Incense, which cures all ailments for one ally, the Quick Spray, which lowers all enemies’ Agility temporarily, Idaten’s Belt, which is an accessory that gives the user Auto-Masuku(kaja, meaning raised Agility for the whole party at the start of battle), or a MYSTERY PRIZE of four random pieces of decent-ish armor for our current progression. I say “random” despite them also being “decent-ish” because each piece will be equippable by a random subset of our party members: men, women, unisex, or Morgana. Morgana cannot wear anything other than his own armor, and no one else can wear Morgana’s armor. It’s actually really annoying, I’ve bought the grab bag before and gotten two of the same piece of armor for Morgana and it’s just worthless. We’re also at a point where getting male armor is much better than getting female armor just because Ann is our only female party member, but that’ll be mitigated shortly once Makoto joins.

We wanna save up for the Idaten Belt, so we’ll just get an Awake Incense and leave.

These clothes are amazing… Come again, all right?

But I guess it was pretty fun. Let’s check it out again sometime.

So, this little digression is kind of cool because you can go up to every storefront and get a small neat back-and-forth between Ryuji and Morgana about their offerings.

Every. Single. One.

And there’s an additional dialogue if you examine each storefront again, though that one tends to at least mercifully be only one text bubble (two at most). So… I get to spend the next *checks watch* two hours-ish just transcribing these dialogues, because I hate myself. I’m not gonna show all of the “second” dialogues, because a lot of them are very nothing, but I like the initial conversations enough to show them off. Fuck. This is going to be like, half this update folks, buckle up.

First up, the Hat Store!

How many heads could this store cover…

Sweets Shop:

A Kichijoji special, “Dorayaki with chestnuts and red bean paste”? It almost looks like a hamburger…


It’s a bank. You know, I’ve always wondered why they call it that…

Well, you see, the etymology actually comes from the Old Italian and Old High German words for “bench” or “table,” as benches were used as makeshift exchange counters during the Renaissa—

Maybe it’s ‘cause some guy named Bank came up with the idea.

Or that. That works too.

Uh, that’s definitely not it…
Damn it, freakin’ Morgana.

Revolving Sushi Restaurant:

Heh, I wanna try expensive sushi that’s not revolvin’ one of these days.

Taiyaki Shop:

But check out what it says: “We will provide a fresh and organic piece every time.” Sounds pretty badass…

What the fuck does “badass” even mean any more?

Fresh and organic? Guess we can’t judge a fish by its cover…

Cell Phone Shop:

Man, I want a phone of my own. Preferably the newest one out there!

What the fuck are you gonna do with a phone?

Japanese Confectionery:

I heard that when shaved ice was hella popular, people were linin’ up even durin’ the winter.

Socks Superstore:

Man, they’re really getting specific with these.

Oh yeah, the socks I’m wearin’ have holes in ‘em. I gotta get myself a new pair.

Nearby, we see the place the information desk lady told us about that sells the cutlet.

Oh, the smell… Looks like their “special meat cutlet” is their most popular item.
(Fried Food Shop Staff) Sorry, we only have enough of the special meat cutlet for the people in line right now. Try stopping by at nighttime.
Well, I guess we can’t do shit if it’s this busy…

Ice Cream Shop:

Oh! How about sushi-flavored ice cream?
Shut up, Morgana! Ugh, I just imagined what it’d taste like!

Udon Shop:

These places are meant for eatin’ ASAP, but with this many toppings, you’d spend all your time just decidin’ what to get.

Oho! Surprised to see a monk? Fret not, I’m merely a fellow human being who eats and breathes just as you do. The temple is open to the public during the day. You are most welcome to visit anytime.
Let’s come back another time. We’ve got something else to do now!

I bet having a temple in a shopping district really helps the businesses.


Dude, you’re a cat. Rent shouldn’t even matter to you.
I’m not a cat!

Morgana’s canned voice line here is a little hiss and that’s great.

Y’know, I feel like people tend to forget where they put their shit a lotta the time.

Asian General Store:

You’re such a kid, Ryuji. This is supposed to be an exotic scent.

Ooh, a couch. I’m tired from examining all these buildings. Let’s rest for a sec.

What, is it really that comfortable? I mean if it’s in front of the store like this I guess it must be comfy… Okay, let’s get going.

Really? Just how comfortable is this sofa…? …Hey. …Hellooo. Man, everyone’s looking at you… I guess I’d call you bold for doing this.

Maaku gains Guts +1.

Wh-Whoa, that was so sudden you almost startled me…


Furniture Store:

Do you wanna just get a new sofa for your room? Maybe with the money I have…

You’ve been secretly squirreling away money? How? That shit’s supposed to be mine!

Dude, Morgana. Look at the price tag.
Oof… I take it back.

What? No.

Nearby, we find a place selling meat buns.

It does… Hey, y’guys wanna get one? How about it?
Hey, welcome! We’re selling our hot and fresh Chinese buns here!

These buns restore 30, 50, and 100 HP respectively to one party member. I buy two of each.

Ryuji, I bought two of everything. Just take one.


Karaoke’s always so cheap during the week. I wonder if they’re even makin’ money.

There’s another store we can actually buy things from over here.

Why are you suddenly not pronouncing the G in “interesting,” Morgana?

Seems like they’ve got some rare stuff. Let’s check it out!
(Grocery Clerk) Welcome! Please feel free to enjoy the tastes of countries the world over!

These items are party-wide heals for 40, 80, and 100 HP each. I buy two of each once again.

Thank you very much! Please come again!
Oh, did you get somethin’? Lemme know what it tastes like, yeah?

Record Store:

Y’think it’s true that CDs and records sound different?

Yes, if only you had some sort of… record… player?

Music Store:

I bet you’d look good with a trumpet.
You’re just basin’ it off of my hair color, aren’t you?

How about that one? A cello? And that one’s a viola? I’m so confused…

Dude, you get jazz? That’s cool.

Either way, it looks like it’s only open at night.

(Jazz Club Manager) Which reminds me… I heard some of my customers talking about the Phantom Thieves. Have you heard of them?

Why would your customers have heard of the Phantom Thieves? They only rose to prominence today, and the jazz club hasn’t opened yet.

My kids were talking about them, too. Can’t quite figure out if it’s some kind of prank or a form of blackmail or what.
Yeah, I don’t even know if they’re real or not, but… wouldn’t it be great if they really existed?

It says… “Penguin Sniper”? Huh? Why’d you give one of those doofy birds a gun?
It’s not meant to be taken literally…
Still, if you’re comin’ up with a good name… Well, whatever. Let’s check it out!

I can’t believe we actually paid to go see his exhibit—you and your stupid recommendations!
(Mild-Mannered Dad) Why’s it my fault!? You were singing his praises not too long ago! I had to cancel golf plans with my boss…

I hate these people already.

(Bobbed-Hair Girl) All the kids at school are pretending to be Madarame now. “H-How could I… possibly apologize… to everyone for… Aaaah!”
Mami-chan, stop! Don’t copy that criminal! Ugh, your father is such a bad influence…

Let’s resume the tour with the Pasta Shop:

I did it! I said it without stopping!
Papprar…dille? Agno…what?


Well, it does say we can bring pets inside, so maybe it’ll be okay?
Who’re you calling a pet!?

Cycling Shop:

Dude, check out the prices on those bicycles! Shit, aren’t they more expensive than motorbikes?

I don’t think I can ride this bike. I feel like it’ll get stolen or somethin’.

Wine Bar:

Wine’s made of grapes, right? Is the flavor really THAT different?
There’s really a lot to wine. Like how there’s red wine and white wine…
All I got from that is that you’re not good at describin’ stuff…

Steak Shop:

I know what A5-rank meat is from a deliriously horny anime that covered the subject!

Stop it! Stop it! You’re gonna make me wanna eat it!

Antique Shop:

I’m done with this after lookin’ at the Museum the other day.

Man, I just don’t get art.

Donut Shop:

What’s up, Morgana?
We’re really missing out with no center part of the donut!

Holy shit, he’s right! They’re ripping us off! Rise up!!!!

Yeah… That’s really somethin’ we need to worry about right now…

I’m just going to assume Ryuji is correct because it will help me make sense of the first episode of Shirobako.

Wonder what it’s like at night… I kinda wanna check it out.

There’s an entire alley just of bars here, but it’s closed at the moment.


I keep forgettin’, but your glasses are fake, huh? Do you think I’d look smarter if I had glasses on?

First off, no. Second, they’re real.

I refuse to go along with this heresy. Maaku’s glasses are not fake, that shit is not canon to the LP.

Okay, let’s stop in and see what the deal is with this fuckin’ crystal healing bullshit…

Power stones are those amulet-like things, right? They’ve got some weird power or somethin’. Let’s check it out.
(Crystal Healing Employee) Welcome! Please take a look at what we have!

So, here we can buy some Black Rocks for the purpose of transmuting an accessory from a Persona using the Electric Chair, or we can buy one of the other accessories, all of which are extremely expensive… but each gives an Amp skill for one element, making them pretty damn useful. We don’t have too much money to spend at the moment (remember, we have to have 100k for Fortune saved pretty soon), so we’ll buy the maximum of three Black Rocks and leave.

Thank you! Please come again!

But it looked like they actually had some power in them. We oughta check it out sometime.

You’ve got no interest in incenses, right? Where would you even use it…?

Here’s the incense store, which we can’t actually do anything with at the moment. We’ll have to come back at a later point once we’ve unlocked another system to make use of it.

Outdoor Shop:

Man, there’s so many outdoorsy girls around nowadays. But how come there aren’t any mountain boys or ocean boys?

Oh, they exist, just mainly in the world of Pokémon.

…Good point.

Not an anime without a beach episode.

Imported Toy Store:

Looks like they’re mainly made from wood. Maybe we’d be able to make our own.

Well, let’s finally make our way over to Penguin Sniper.

Oh man, I’m getting kind of nervous…
Ha, you’re such a child. Try not to embarrass the rest of us, would you?
You don’t gotta tell me that! So, what’s the plan? You wanna head inside?

Music: Kichijoji 199X

This track is a reference to the original Shin Megami Tensei. It’s a remix of the overworld theme, and it’s a bop.

All right, bull! That’s a new high score!

The center of the target’s called the bullseye. If you land a dart there, it’s called “bull”! …I know because I looked up the rules online last night. Anyway, this game’s called “01.” You win by getting your score all the way down to 0 points before the other player.

For the record, this conversation was how I learned to play darts.

Oh, so you’re not trying to get a high score, but get rid of your score? That’s pretty different.
We both start with the same score, then you lose points based on the number on the board where your dart lands… And you can only win if you get your score down to 0, exactly. You can’t even be off by a single point!

So you have to be able to calculate your score properly while making sure you hit the right numbers on the board… This game seems like it takes a lot of concentration.

Heehee, one point!? C’mon, you have to straighten your arm out more, and…

You team up with someone and alternate throwers when it’s your turn. You still use the same rules I told you, though.

Whoa, he hit such a tiny spot! Quite impressive—especially for you, Ryuji.

When you’re on the line, the pressure’s insane, but it makes you wanna do your best for your partner!


So, one new feature added in Royal is the ability to upgrade each party member’s Baton Pass by playing darts with them. This will increase the damage they deal by 25% with each rank, as well as add HP and SP regen (10-15% HP depending on rank and 2, 4, and 6 SP depending on the number of Baton Passes). The SP regen on Rank 3 is pretty miniscule, but still adds up and is really handy. We’re going to make it a point to get our party members to Rank 3 ASAP.

Even if it is just a game, it can be some kinda training, depending on how you play…

Heh… Well, I do always have the Phantom Thieves on the brain. Let’s keep practicing together here—Ooh, ooh! Let’s invite everybody next time!
Man… All this, just from me askin’ you to meet me here! This is, like… y’know… one of those strikes of good luck!
A “stroke” of good luck! Why would it be a strike? Who would protest having good luck?

Hmm… This game could be useful too, depending on how we look at it…
It’s already pretty late, though. We can come back and play it later.
Ah, and don’t forget—we got a couple free tickets to play today, but next time you’ll have to pay up.
But it was super fun, right!? I really wanna play again sometime! Well, we should head home for the day. Thanks for hangin’ out.