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Chapter 49: 6/7-6/8: Adventures In Babysitting (New)

This update contains content from Part 46 of the original LP.


Music: Beneath the Mask

A couple people.

That’s enough chatting with Sojiro for now.

Complaints about the authenticity of artwork are flooding in from buyers after the Madarame debacle. It seems this scandal will continue to cause confusion in the art world for quite some time.
The people who bought art from Madarame should have accepted the truth about him by now…

Crossword’s available today, let’s play.

Music: Everyday Days

Psh, easy. Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

Music: Beneath the Mask

So… I fucked up. I didn’t consult a guide to find the next day I could feed the plant, and I missed a day. I’m sorry, Charley! I would have reloaded to fix this, but my last save was on the afternoon of 6/6, and as I said before, I really didn’t want to record darts twice. So, we’re going to be a day late feeding the plant for the rest of the game, whoops!

We use the Bio Nutrients. Maaku gains Kindness +2.

And all our social stats are now at Rank 3.

Remember what that weird guy said about the billiards book? Well, Maaku seems to have changed his mind and gotten curious about it, so we’re gonna check the sports store in the Underground Mall.

Oh hey, there it—


As you can see here, there’s also some… other sporting goods we can pick up now that we’ve tried darts and billiards. Some very, very expensive sporting goods, in fact! We’re not even going to bother grabbing either of these at the moment due to the cost. Again, we need 100k just to start Fortune, meaning that we can’t afford to be wasting money right now. We’ll pick up Expert Billiards and bounce.

Oh, my son! He shtole paintings, s-scammed innashent people. Saying sorry… S’not enough! What c-can I dooo…? What do I hafta so sho you fergive meee?

Tha’s too cruel… Pleeeash, I’m beggin’ you… He usedta be such a good boy… He’d draw all the tiiiime, sho many pretty picturrres… He was… jus’ like a potato…

Oh, thaaank you… You made, me, hish mother, shooo gradeful! How could he steal hish own mee-other’s painting!? Mee-other. Meeeee-other. Meeeow. Meow, meow!

*retch* A-Are you serious? Ya leave me no choish. I’ll bare my body and sh-sh-soul. My shekshi body! Muh ultra soulll!

(Rebellious Grade Schooler) Yeah, I can only watch the news, too. I wonder what else they’re gonna do to make us study harder.
It’s so boring. Even if I turn on the TV, all they show is some old guy crying like a baby.
Oh! I made my teacher laugh when I pretended to cry like that old guy! I hope I get extra credit!

That’s why I’ve poured my soul into this song—to help restore our hope. I give you… “Fake Glory”!

Fake, shake, fake
Shake, fake, shake
Fake one, if you want fame
You gotta deceive yourself
Fake two, if you want skills
You gotta steal ‘em from others
Fake three, if you want glory
You gotta trick your very soul
Truth, lie, fake with a shake
My future is an unknown fate

Yeeeaaah! I rock! Glad you liked!

Have you noticed anything?
(Man Wearing Hat) Come to think of it, a lot of punks showed up after lunch and started talking to kids.
Hmm, so the rumor seems to be true. This is actually an interesting one too.

I’m surprised how long it took to catch him. He must’ve had a back channel.
(Elderly Office Worker) There are a number of covers a criminal could use, such as a company as a “front.”
I guess cunningness works out sometimes. Well, I’m glad he received his punishment.

Naturally! They’re dope! Things’ve been so down in Shibuya lately… I keep hearing about all these gangs. Guess Japan’s not so different from my own country…

Whoops, sorry—I need to stop trying to speak Japanese the same way I speak English. Things’ve been so down in Shibuya lately… I keep hearing about all these gangs. Guess Japan’s not so different from my own country…

Please, don’t! Things’ve been so down in Shibuya lately… I keep hearing about all these gangs. Guess Japan’s not so different from my own country…

Returning to the street vendor, we can buy four new accessories now that we’ve reached Charm Rank 3. The Rakshasa Belt gives Attack Master (Tarukaja at the start of battle), the Vajra Belt gives Defense Master (same, but Rakukaja), the Skanda Belt gives Speed Master (Sukukaja this time), and the Reprisal Mirror gives Counterstrike (15% chance of reflecting Physical attacks).

Naoto reference!

Info has started pouring into the Phan-Site too. I’m gonna be a busy bee!

Hey, so I figured out another way I can help as your strategic image management representative. It’s a great deal for you, of course. Are you free today?

We’ll be going to an expensive buffet over in Shibuya. *chuckle* Don’t worry about the price though! Come on, follow me!

Moon Rank 4: Part 63

Music: My Homie

The last time I was here went so poorly that it drove me to a life of crime.
So, what do you feel like?
Crab. You see, it’s a food, but also sort of a feelin—nah, that doesn’t work, does it? Whatever, I’m *hungry*, let’s eat!
Aren’t you curious about how I can afford this?
Uhhhh, not really, no. For all I know, you sold adspace on the Phan-Site. That’s enough to make you rich, right? I have no idea how money works.
Well, I mentioned that I know the Phantom Thieves IRL! Don’t worry, I didn’t tip anyone off to my identity. But I mentioned the expenses of this operation and donations came flooding in!
Wait, what expenses? Are you talking about webhosting? I’m certainly not seeing any of that money, and I need it! There’s a primo dart set with my name on it at the sporting goods store!
Don’t worry, I’m managing it for you guys. You’re probably super busy changing the world.
Mishima, you’re scamming our loyal fans! The least you could do is cut me in!
Scam… Hey, wait a minute! You don’t think this is unethical or… illegal, right? Using these donations for personal matters?
I mean, yes. But also, who cares, we’re breaking the law already!
Now that I think about it, I don’t think we should be using these donations like this…
Mishima, listen to me. Do not chicken out here. We have to go further with this. As long as you give me what I’m owed, I can protect you.
I’m going to return the money. It’s the right thing to do, and it’ll help build up our trust with the public.
Accepting the money in the first place was sketchy!

Man, maybe I was born to do this strategy stuff… I’m honestly getting pretty good at it.

Fuck you, pay me!

Mishima seems particularly enthusiastic today…


As strategic image management rep for the Phantom Thieves, I wanted to splurge a little to boost morale, but…

It’s all about thinking strategically! It was kind of rough avoiding the employees’ glares on the way out, but… we gotta stay positive! There’s still so much I have to do for you guys. I’ll work even harder. I want to be a real asset to the Phantom Thieves! Okay, bye!

Anon: What are they after?

Early Morning

Anon: Too elaborate for a prank
Anon: RIP in peace, fraud! lmao

That might be a new favorite internet message of mine in this game.

Anon: This is rude to the victims.

Oh, I’ve seen him on TV!
He’s famous, but he still rides the train like everyone else…
Hey, isn’t that that detective?
The Phantom Thieves are kinda cool, huh?

Music: Beneath the Mask

(Rumor-Loving Girl) Yeah, I think it’s just like the one sent to Kamoshida. People online are saying the Phantom Thieves are behind this. There’s already a Phan-Site with a bunch of requests posted on it.

The phrase “Rumor-Loving Girl, show me what you’re working with!” is irreparably seared into my brain.

I can’t believe there are real-life superheroes. If it’s happened twice, it’s probably going to happen again. Can’t wait to see who’s next.

Early Morning → Morning

Music: So Boring

I wouldn’t mind seeing that. I like talk shows… ooh, and variety shows! Wonder if they’ll talk about the Phantom Thieves. They certainly get plenty of attention on TV and the internet.

…Should you be discussing the Phantom Thieves, Maruki? It seems like the faculty’s been told to ixnay that shit.

Oh, that reminds me. Have you guys covered totalitarianism yet? It’s a governmental structure that unites its people under a single ideology and authoritarian control of the masses. In theory, it brings the people together under one ideal. That definitely comes with logistical benefits… But it also means forcing ideals on people. Assimilating the unwilling. And that’s how wars get started. All right, Hamiru-kun. Here’s a question. Where does totalitarianism take things a step further than authoritarianism?

Wow! I’m surprised you knew that.

That Maruki, always underestimating us…

Yes, a totalitarian government tries to control the culture, morals, and even thoughts of its people. To minimize dissidence, they try to assimilate everyone into one ideology. Even reading the room can be seen as a form of personal assimilation. You all do that too, right? I try to, though I’m not great at it. It’s not a bad skill to have. It can even help you survive in the modern world.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

…I guess class is almost over. That’s it for today.
A strong sense of self, huh…? We need to make sure we don’t lose sight of what we believe in, too.

Morning → Lunchtime

Music: Suspicion

(Sharp Student) It’s probably because of Mr. Kamoshida, right? Considering what happened with Suzui-san…
I hear Principal Kobayakawa knew about the sexual harassment too and just turned a blind eye to it. I bet he wants to snuff out any rumors now. Even the volleyball team was told to keep quiet…
That’s the worst… So that’s what he’s using Niijima-senpai for?

Oh yeah, rumor has it she knew as well. Isn’t that horrible? She acts all noble about it too.
Niijima-senpai knew…?

Oh, it’s *on* with this bitch.

Music: Disquiet

It was all for your sake. I thought the more information you had, the easier your investigation would become. And? Did any information arise about the case I asked you to look into?

No, not really! I’ve been a bit distracted dealing with the students who came forward due to that note about something a bit more pressing…
More pressing? What could be more pressing than finding those damnable Phantom Thieves!?
They’re being blackmailed.
Well, that doesn’t sound *that* ba—
By the mafia.
Shit, not the mafia!
We need to do something about this immediately.
Oh shit, oh fuck… I’m totally screwed if I can’t produce the Phantom Thieves, and now this…
I’m disappointed in you, Niijima-san. A real student council president would be prepared to deal with organized crime. And besides, wasting time with these trifles while the Phantom Thieves still roam free? Tsk tsk…
But this requires urgent attention!
You have reached the automated voicemail box of Principal Kobayakawa. Please leave a message after the tone.
Sir, I can see you!
Gah! I don’t know! If you want to do something about it, do it yourself!

…Sir!? Are you sure about this? I am still investigating your case as well…

Yes, that’s why it’s so perfect! It’s all *connected*, you see. Clearly, the Phantom Thieves are in league with… the mafia! Duhhhhh! I knew all along!

But that’s absurd…

Even if everything you say is true… Are you just going to ignore the students who need your help?
What are you even saying!? How am I supposed to…
Your sister could have handled it.
*low moan*

My expectations of you are very high. I hope you don’t disappoint.

Lunchtime → Afternoon

Music: So Boring

Hmmm… I wonder… I guess it’d have to be someone who’s the talk of the town?

Dude, this ain’t some kinda video game!

It’s unfortunate, but we have no leads as of yet…

If only there was a big target just lying around for us…

Yeah, if only!

Afternoon → After School

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Maybe our next target will be a celebrity?

The truth is, a younger student came to consult with me about something the other day.

Yeah. From what he told me, money went missing from the register he was supposed to be in charge of. As such, he’s been falsely accused of stealing money from the store.

Yeah, this guy is like the most honest guy I know. There’s no way he’d steal all that money.

Mishima, you almost did some pretty similar shit last night. Not sure I trust you on this.

And well, I did some research into the store online… According to some rumors, the manager might be the one stealing the money… He’s the only one who checks the registers, after all… On top of that, some other staff members saw him taking cash out when he was calculating totals.

So they’ve already got this guy dead to rights? Why are we necessary here, exactly?

Anyway, the guy’s name seems to be Nozomi Odo. I found it out when I looked into the store. Please, you gotta help this student!

Were you perhaps… going back to the scene of the crime…?

Aren’t you kinda… busy right now?

(Middle-Aged Lady) Did you hear though? He kept a lot of young men around as pets.
Oh my god, I can imagine it now! And among all those boys, there’ll always be the handsome one. A pale, frail, beautiful boy… I just know it!

Do you hear what he’s saying? The youth cannot forgive the prevalence of evil permeating our society. He’s absolutely enraged! Modern Japan robs the young of their hope, and dirty politics casts a dark shadow over us all. And that’s all for our on-the-spot coverage.

Do you hear what he’s saying? This youth thinks that the world is pathetic for being so easily deceived. Modern Japan robs the young of their hope, and dirty politics casts a dark shadow over us all. And that’s all for our on-the-spot coverage.

Do you hear what he’s saying? Having grown weary of our society, today’s youth are quietly waiting to see what will happen. Modern Japan robs the young of their hope, and dirty politics casts a dark shadow over us all. And that’s all for our on-the-spot coverage.

That’s right, young man! Those who believe will be saved!
(Man with Clear Eyes) Great Sun God, are you not going to have your apostles the Phantom Thieves punish the evildoers?
Worry not. Their mission has already been appointed. The good news shall reach everyone in time!

Release your hesitation, you pitiful young man! Lest you burn in the fires of hell!

Well, that got intense quickly.

Great Sun God, are you not going to have your apostles the Phantom Thieves punish the evildoers?
Worry not. Their mission has already been appointed. The good news shall reach everyone in time!

How unfortunate… He requires more of the Sun God’s power…
Great Sun God, are you not going to have your apostles the Phantom Thieves punish the evildoers?
Worry not. Their mission has already been appointed. The good news shall reach everyone in time!

I heard it was the Phantom Thieves who did it… I guess there’s still hope in this world. Maybe I’ll even start painting again…

(Menacing Man) It’s better that it’s early, idiot. There’s a lot more high schoolers around this time of day. People are more careful at night, too.
I get you… Meaning there’s more idiots who’d fall for our scams.

Idiot! There’s a kid standing right next to us listening in!
I didn’t hear shit.
Wise decision.

(Veteran Pick-Up Artist) Steal their hearts… Kind of like those Phantom Thieves, eh? I think you’re onto something. I think this might really work for you. Try using something like that for one of your lines.
I-I see! I’ll go with “I’ll take your heart”!

Yeah, Akechi’s grand convictions. Gimme a fucking break, ha.

Kasumi spends her free time in Kichijoji, and we’re going to go say hello. One problem we’re going to run into here is that the first Faith Persona is level 21, and we’re currently only level 20, so we can’t get a Confidant point bonus just yet. Hopefully that won’t matter for this first rank, though.

Do you want to do some training. We’ll just do some stretches to start.

I usually train at Inokashira Park. That seems like as good a spot as any for today!

Music: What’s Going On?

At this rate, you’ll have the fundamentals down in a heartbeat.
My body is aching just from mimicking Kasumi’s poses…

Expert-level gymnastics are beautiful, but they demand a lot of stretching. All right! Let’s continue!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

And, um… I’d like to continue with our training, but…

Do you remember how I said I wanted to talk to you about something? I’ve been feeling like… I’m stuck in this slump. No matter how much I practice, I just can’t get any better. I went to my coach about it, but… She told me to take some time off from gymnastics. According to her, I need to think about who I really am. The idea’s not to stop doing gymnastics, just… she wants me to take a break.

I’ve never had an issue that practice couldn’t solve. But now… I have no idea what to do. So… um… I want you to help me, Hamiru-senpai.

Don’t say that third thing you thought, don’t say that third thing you thought…

R-Really!? Thank you so much!

And honestly, that used to be true. I was totally fearless, confident… Gymnastics was a fun challenge.

I can’t move how I want anymore. Like it’s not even my own body. I kind of fell into a depression. It got really bad.

When I saw how fearless you are, how confident you are… I knew you were the right one for the job! If I stick with you, Senpai, I think I can learn how to be confident again!

Lotta pressure, but… okay, sure.

Great! Thank you! *giggle* You’re a strange one, Senpai. I didn’t think you’d accept.

Shit, should I not have? Was that weird?

Well, I’ll try and return the favor through our deal!
I can sense Kasumi’s appreciation…

Simple enough. When an enemy is about to hit us and knock us into a battle, we can dodge and turn the tables.

I need to get going for today… but I’ll make sure you don’t regret this!

I should gather up my belongings and head home.

Are you feeling sore after all that? You placed stress on muscles you don’t use very often! Please remember to massage them out before you sleep.

Eh, sounds like a pain. I’ll just deal with debilitating muscle cramps like a man.

I was so relieved, I suddenly got really hungry… and then my stomach wouldn’t stop growling in my meeting.

An excessive diet tends to make most people feel sick, but it seems to have an opposite effect on me. But since you’re helping me out, I’ll do whatever it takes to maintain my shape!

Well then, I’ll talk to you soon!

After School → Evening

Music: Beneath the Mask

I’m thinking we might find our next target there.

That’s right! Maybe we’ll find out about some celebrity’s dark side…

With that much money, they’ve prolly got their fingers in all sorts of dirty business.

>You guys know this is gonna be a highly curated tour, right? They’re not gonna let us snoop around. It’s a TV station, people are busy enough without having to babysit us.
Maybe we’ll at least get to be on TV!
Please do not call attention to yourself.

(Diligent Office Worker) You remember the cyber attack? Tens of thousands of people’s personal information was leaked.
Oh, right, I heard about those hackers. I hear they’ve been causing damage around the world.
They act like they’re fighting an unjust system, but they’re still a problem to people like us.

We pick up the Retro Game Set from the Secondhand Shop.

We also get Imported Protein from the Sports Store, because I just plum forgot I was going to need it later! For… reasons!

More and more, cocky brats have been tryin’ to pick fights with guys like me. I dunno who it was last time, but I turned the tables on him. You might wanna watch out. Haha!

Yeah, that’s what you say, but you’re not actually gonna do it, are you? People can talk all they want, but they’ll do whatever dark things they wanna do. Look at Madarame.

Let’s just say a scrawny lil’ guy like you oughta be careful. This place’d even make grown men cry… Speaking of grown men crying, how about that Madarame, eh? Spillin’ his own beans. That was funny!

Well, time for another excursion babysitting the twins, like I don’t have enough to do right now.

Listen closely: the place we wish to evaluate for your rehabilitation is… one that many young people are said to visit. Here, one has the opportunity to view the fantasies of humans.
We hear there are a variety of fantasies available for perusal there—and all outside of a Palace! How strange.
Yes. These fantasies… They are the cognitions of others given form. They will undoubtedly support your efforts. Does such a location sound familiar to you?
Well? If you know where it is, then escort us there immediately!
…… It could be the movie theater over in Shibuya…
So, what’ll it be?

The what? The “moving theater”!? Is this place cursed to wander the land or something!?
We shall confirm our intel for ourselves. Lead the way.

Music: What’s Going On?

You may claim to have enjoyed yourself, but your screams told quite a different story—to anyone who could hear. It’s no wonder how everyone mistakes us for elementary school students.

And you were just as scared, Justine!
…It certainly was startling. The eyes and nose seemed to stretch right out at me… And it all began the moment I donned those black glasses…

That is clearly untrue. Please try not to be so easily fooled.

That’s it—the death penalty for you!

Isn’t the imagining of these things satisfying enough? Even dreaming seems like a superior pastime.
Why do humans go so far as to spend their money just to witness fictional events?

What a naïve notion. Humans are such simple-minded creatures.
Perhaps humans immerse themselves in imaginary worlds as a means of escaping reality?
Escape, you say… That sounds rather human as well…

Even the very thought of such a foolish endeavor is pointless for you… Or could that line of thinking be yet another avenue of escaping reality?

I’ll bet you were thinking of blasting away the cell door, weren’t you!?
Don’t even consider such crassness, Caroline. If he were to attempt such a blatant jailbreak, either our master or ourselves would notice immediately.
Oh? And how would YOU do it, Justine?
I would use a spoon to dig a hole through the wall, and conceal it with a poster of some distractive image…

My dad’s favorite movie is Shawshank. I include this detail just so you can all roast him for being incredibly basic.

Blowing open the cell door seems more impactful. They used that plan in one of the movie previews, correct? They wielded a bazooka and went about blowing everything up.
Any recaptured escapee is executed on the spot. Freedom or death are the only options for an inmate on the lam. Suspense and excitement are necessary elements of any escape.

Hey—tell us how you’d try to escape! Would you blast the door or use a spoon?

By being so cavalier about revealing my plan, they’ll never see it coming when I actually do it! It’s perfect!

Ha! Did you hear that, Justine! It’s all about making the greatest impact!
Very well then. At any rate, he can’t escape us, regardless of what he does.

Indeed, today we learned more about the power of human imagination. No wonder such vile Palaces plague humanity.

That being said… Here is your reward.

As some of you pointed out last time, many of the skill cards we receive from outings with the twins can be used for their Strength requests, which kinda feels like dev-approved cheating. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I think every single request from the twins is actually covered using just the skill cards you get from taking them out. Whatever the case, we probably won’t be relying too heavily on skill cards for those because I kinda want to do it mostly legit (but also because the next Strength request requires a card we won’t get for four more outings and we can’t even do any more at the moment).

I believe that will be all for today. It is time to return.
I escorted the twins back to the Velvet Room…