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Chapter 51: 6/11: Backstory Blues

This update contains content from Part 47 of the original LP.

Anon: don’t even bother with this

New question courtesy of Mishima.

Early Morning

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

(Loud Lady) Ah, on that talk show? It was simply dreadful.

Once again, this line is accompanied by the canned “THE PHANTOM THIEVES ARE SUPER LAME” bark.

How can anyone seriously suggest supernatural beings are stealing people’s hearts? That… child is a phony. There’s simply no way that the Phantom Thieves exist.
(Heavily Made-Up Woman) Unfortunately, my precious children all think they’re real—and worse, that this detective is amazing… Children are far too impressionable to see such vulgar content on TV.
Looks like people still don’t think we’re real…

I can’t believe a high schooler moonlights as a detective. He’s just like the Detective Prince. He’s smart AND handsome. He’s almost TOO perfect!
(Excited Girl) We had front row seats. I could practically reach out and touch Akechi-kun! I was so nervous!

Yeah… don’t actually do that. He doesn’t like that.

He was really working that uniform, and without seeming like a snob. He’s a natural at public speaking. I hear he’s an orphan who grew up poor. It’s part of what makes him so amazing! He wants his last high school memory to be capturing the Phantom Thieves. This isn’t a game to him!
See, I heard his dad’s the head of some big financial conglomerate. I will say, I love that he hates the media. Makes me believe that he doesn’t do this for the fame.

In what respect does he “hate the media”? He apparently goes on these shows a lot, right?

People say he’s so good that he’s made enemies in the police force… Oh, yeah—apparently yesterday’s interview was so popular, they’re going to air it again tonight.

Early Morning → Lunchtime

Music: Wicked Plan

Let’s see him do it, then!

The Phantom Thieves are the only ones who can help these people! That’s right, us!
Karate… chop!

*while eating* You’re being way too loud.
Who cares? Everybody’s talkin’ about this stuff anyways. It’d just be more suspicious if we were whisperin’.

I’m not sure that whispering would actually be less suspicious than yelling incriminating statements out loud in public, but what do I know, right?

Anyway, what are you eating? Gimme some.
*immediately starts snarfing them down four at a time* *cough* *cough* Sorry, there’s no more.

You guys are too laid-back. The police are getting involved now, you know.
So you think it’s true? We’ll be okay if we keep doing this… right?
We can’t let the cops scare us outta bein’ phantom thieves.

I don’t give a fuck about the cops. Screw ‘em.
Yeah, we know, you say that a lot.

But… what about that weird guy from Madarame’s Palace? Isn’t there a lot we don’t know?

Music: Disquiet

Maaku, weren’t you looking in that direction? How did you not see her?
Who’s “her”? Is there someone in front of us? To be honest, I need a new pair of glasses, I can’t see shit right now.

You three seem to be having so much fun. I’m a little jealous.
Are you snoopin’ on us again? We said before, we don’t know nothin’.
Why do you think I’m here to question you? Could it be that you’re hiding something? My ears are always open to the troubles of my peers, you know.

Are we just going to dance around the fact that there’s no way she didn’t hear us just now?
You say you’re here to help, but you’re just the principal’s lapdog, right? So desperate for a good recommendation…
You guys know she’s been following me around, right?
What are you getting at, Takamaki?
Not much. It just seems to me like you, more than anyone, should have known about Kamoshida… or am I wrong?
Okay, no one’s listening to me, awesome.
You don’t know what you’re talking about! Until then, I had no idea…

Oh, but you always take the teacher’s side. That’s what a good council president does, right?
Then… how about you? What did you do for your friend? You were much closer to her than I was, so how did you help?
There wasn’t any way to help! By myself… I couldn’t do anything for her!
There’s no need to shout.

To be fair, we were shouting long before you showed up.

If those Phantom Thieves are out there helpin’ people… I’d root for ‘em, no questions asked. They’ve gotta be more dependable than some people I know.
…Just make sure you show up to your classes, all right?

I’d be ashamed to let it end now…
Hell yeah. It’s about time we find our next target too.

Lunchtime → After School

Music: Wicked Plan

“Brainwashing is uncool, yo.” “I heard some lady yelling ‘THE PHANTOM THIEVES ARE SUPER LAME’ on the train today, and hell, I agree with her!” Huh…
That damn Akechi’s got people bad-mouthin’ us…

He’s free to deny our actions, but being cursed by his influence is another thing entirely.
Just when we were starting to get people to believe in us too…

Yeah, but if we take down another big target people’ll have to change their minds, right?
Like who?
…I withdraw my suggestion.

By the way, what’s up with that luggage?

Music: My Homie

Oh, I decided to leave the school dorms.

It was stifling my creativity, being disrupted by such noise and filth.

Yusuke’s complaints about filth are made much funnier when you play Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight and go into his room and learn that he bunks alone.

What’re you gonna do then? You can’t go back to that shack, right?

Well, Ann, I was hoping to—
Inconceivable… I already bought these Japanese sweets with the last of my money as a thank you present as well…
I mean, I’ll still take those, but you’re not staying at my place.

Seriously though… what’re we gonna do about him?

Have fun living on the street, Yusuke! I know a kind vagrant who’ll probably help you out. Just don’t interact with him at night. And especially don’t make eye contact then, either. He’ll definitely stab you.
Oh, this won’t do! Yusuke, you should just come stay with us!
Intriguing… I did mention requiring a clean space with minimal noise, however. Can you provide such?
Not at all! In fact, it’s probably even worse than your current situation!
Sounds good. Let’s head right over.

Don’t you two live in a café? I’ve been wondering about that for a while. Yongen’s not too far, is it?
Nope! And the café’s only a minute walk from the station.
How about we go there now? We can have a party to celebrate Madarame’s change of heart!
Ooh, good idea! We can make it a welcome party for Yusuke too!
All right, it’s decided!

This is my punishment for defying God and ripping off that mattress tag.

By the way… I prefer sleeping on a futon.

I sleep on a mattress stacked on milk crates, my dude. You’ll get the couch and like it.

*shakes bag*


Music: Break it Down

This place looks so outdated… I can’t say I hate it though.
People refer to that as “retro.”

Eh? Who’re these kids insulting my store? *I’m* the only one who’s allowed to do any roasting in here!


Huh, so the girls don’t all hate you. I’ve taught you well.
No you didn’t!

Maaku has really helped us a lot lately.
Heh, I bet you’re the ones doing all the helping.
No, really, he’s been great.
Huh… Sit down. This round’ll be on the house. (to Maaku) You’re helping though.

Sure thing.
Hey, why does the indigo one have luggage?
Because life is pain.

Indeed, there’s great depth to its acidity.

Wait, I feel like I’ve seen this place mentioned in a magazine before…
It’s been a long time since then.
What, this dump?
You don’t like it, find somewhere else.

For real? Gimme a taste.

*chugging soda* It’s so bitter! This has gotta be cruel and unusual punishment!

If you don’t like coffee, why did you try it?

Eh, I didn’t drink coffee when I was a kid either.

(to Maaku) Go on, show your friends your room. Not like I need the company down here.

Ooh, I wanna see!
It’s only an attic.
Man, that bitter taste just won’t leave my mouth…

Up these stairs? Oh, and thanks for the soda!

So you’re, uhh…
Ann. Ann Takamaki.
Ann-chan, huh… That’s a nice name.

This Sojiro interaction will never not be super weird to me.

(yelling from upstairs) Ann, is he hitting on you?
Nah, it’s fine!

You got a boyfriend?

Case in point!

Nope. Never have, either.

(yelling from upstairs) You *sure* he’s not?

Hey, you gotta get up here! This place’s freakin’ insane!
Go on.
Oh, right. Thank you for the coffee!

Sheesh. They had to leave the Mona bag down here?

Huh, sweet girl.

It seems quite ordinary to me.
For real?

I’ve been thinking about putting a Rise Kujikawa poster on the wall by the plant, but I haven’t had time to go find one.

See? Ain’t this crazy?

How can you live like this? I’m getting depressed just looking at it.

It’s cleaner than I thought it would be.


Well, sit wherever you’d like.

Music: Wicked Plan

Even those who previously believed in us have been influenced by the comments made on TV.
This is all that effin’ Akechi’s fault!

Stop yelling up there!

At this rate we’re just going to worry everyone instead of give them courage…

We need to prove our righteousness. We were going to discuss how to move forward today, right?
We need a new target first, but it’s not like we’re just gonna happen across one…
We’re not likely to find a new target by searching the Phan-Site or the media. This is quite the difficult situation…

Dammit… We’re never gonna prove Akechi wrong at this rate!

Please stop shouting before Sojiro decides to start charging me rent.

What the…

Oh god, there’s a bear loose in Leblanc! Quickly, jump out the window while it mauls Sojiro to death!

Sorry… I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday…
And you spent all your money on that box of sweets!?
Dude, how much did you have?
Anyway, we’ll just have to sit tight until we can find another target. So…

Music: New Beginning

How about that welcome party?
Someone’s excited.

I think I found a portable stove over there! Let’s set things on fire!
Eh, let’s make hot pot first and see where the night takes us. I’m hankerin’ for some meat!
Sounds delectable. We’ll be finishing it with porridge, obviously.
Sounds good.
Then we’ll take care of the shopping. Your job will be to find a pot downstairs.

We should go grab that pot and set up the portable stove too.

But let’s forget about him for now and just focus on having fun. Come on, we need to prepare.

Your friend’s growling stomach shook the building off its foundation, by the way.

Don’t you know how busy I am? You guys go have fun.

*looks around at empty restaurant*
Stop that.

Her name was Ann, right? She’s a nice girl.

Seriously, did you hit on her? Because if so the only eating happening will be you and this knuckle sandwich.

Oh, I just had a chat with her. She said your friend doesn’t have anywhere to go. Asked if I could take him in for a bit. I guess she thought it’d be too pitiful for you to ask, since you’re already freeloading.

She thought correctly! But, wait, why are you cool with this!? You were supposed to be my shield here!

Hmm… Where did I put that pot? Try looking around.

It’s almost time for the others to get back from their shopping trip, so I’ll leave you be. I’ll be down here for a while though… Just be careful with the fire, okay?

After School → Evening

Music: Days of Sisters

(TV) After his last appearance was so well-received, we decided to bring back this fine gentleman today. It’s the high school detective, Goro Akechi!

As mentioned earlier by those Shujin students, they’re replaying Akechi’s interview tonight to motivate this scene with Makoto and Sae.

Hmm, soup is bland. Hopefully you’re putting more effort into your studies than you have in this cooking, Makoto.

School’s been going fine. I’ m more worried about you, Sis. Are you tired? You’re probably lacking sodium.

That’s a slanderous lie! Don’t doubt me! I’ve got more sodium than any human should!
I meant… less?
Huh, really? I’ll look into it…
(TV) Blah blah blah Phantom Thieves blah blah blah no justice blah blah blah wrong to change hearts

…Is it a crime to manipulate someone’s heart?

Yes. Dumb question. Next.

Even if it makes someone admit their evil deeds and helps make them pay for their crimes?

What’s this all of a sudden? This is some crime-doer talk. I thought you knew better than this? Do you really believe they really even exist?

…Of course not.
You don’t need to think about such unnecessary things. …You understand what I’m trying to say, right?
Study hard and go to a prestigious college…

Listen close, Makoto: the world is bleak and unforgiving, especially for a woman. It’s nearly impossible to climb the ranks, but that’s the only way to gain any power over your life. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. You need to stay focused on your future, understood? Otherwise, you’ll never end up happy like me!
*unhinged, twitchy stare*
…Yeah! Sorry for bringing that up…

…Oh, that case.
What must be done… Justice…
(flashback) If those Phantom Thieves are out there helpin’ people.. I’d root for ‘em, no questions asked.
What do I want to do?

Music: Break it Down

That was delicious, Lady Ann. I’m sure you’ll make a wonderful bride some—

You know what I love? Changing the subject! One of my very favorite things to do!

*yawn* Sorry, I’m gonna have to borrow the sofa.

You know what time it is!


This beat is so fucking weird and I hate it!

What’s wrong, Yusuke?

It’s not real hot pot without porridge or udon… What are we to do without a traditional finish to this meal?

Just leave it for next time, man…

Ann begins to snore.

She’s asleep already!?
It’d be weird if she wasn’t tired. We should let her sleep.

While we’re on the subject… How do you know Ann, Ryuji? You seem slightly more familiar than I would have expected.
We went to middle school together… though even that’s kinda overstatin’ things.

What was Lady Ann like back then?
Not so different from now. Once we got to high school, we ended up in different classes and stopped talkin’… I don’t think she had many friends.

Between growing up overseas and her looks, she just drew too much attention, I guess. The popular kids couldn’t stand her and the quiet ones knew to stay away.

Very strange that Ann’s introduction segment here is delivered by Ryuji instead of, you know, Ann.

I see. So, what about you two?
This is a great opportunity to get to know each other better. You know every detail of my past at this point. It’s only fair you tell me every detail of yours.
So you got nothin’ to lose, huh? All right, I’ll tell you. It’s just a normal story about a rotten kid though.

Music: Alleycat

I was goin’ for a track scholarship to make things easier for her, but I messed it up. Guess I’m just a bad son, huh? *sad chuckling* During my first year, my mom got called when I raised my hand at Kamoshida. All the teachers just yelled at her non-stop about what I did, but she stayed quiet… That look on her face, though… And when we got in the car… She apologized to *me* for bein’ a single mom.
Wait, but wasn’t—
And then she immediately took me to the hospital because my leg was broken.
There’s the part of that story I was missing.

So that’s what happened… They say at school that everyone is equal, but in reality that’s a gross oversimplification…

Wait, sorry, who says that exactly?

…I understand how you feel.
Well, when it comes to gettin’ labeled, nobody’s got it worse than Maaku.
Is this about his past?
Now that I think about it, we never have heard the details.

Huh? Oh, right, you weren’t there. Well, it went a little something like this…

(Struggling Woman) If you keep this up… Then I’ll report about the money! Is that fine with you!?
All I have to say is that you did it on your own, and it’s over.
But… I just did as I was told…
Who do you think I am?
Hey. Make this statement to the cops. “This kid suddenly attacked me.” Got it?

Music: Desire

Hm, well, this seems bad for me!

If you even try to say anything else, you know what’ll happen to you, right?
Huh? But—

Sir, I believe you are mistaken about the events that have just transpired. You see, I merely—
Shuddup! You’re going to jail, brat!

Uh, yeah, this dude fell over and blamed it on me and then instructed this woman to commit perjury about it?

Hey there, Representative Shido! Looks like you’ve had a little too much fun there, Shido-san!
You! Cops! My bitches! This woman has a story for you!
…… That young man suddenly attacked him… He shoved this gentleman to the ground. And this man… got injured…


By “this man” you mean Shido-san, right? Just making sure.

…It’s as she says. Also… make sure you deal with this so my name isn’t mentioned at all. You understand what that means, correct?

Yes sir! Your name will be kept out of this, Representative Masayoshi Shido! Can I call you Masayoshi? No? Shido it is, then!

Hey, cuff him!


Music: Confession/Secret

You got an assault on your record just for that?
The woman sounds quite horrible as well. She’s stayed quiet this whole time…

Eh, sounded like she was being threatened.

That man is just the kind of person whose heart we should steal! Who is he, and where can we find him!?

I don’t remember anything about him…

You can’t remember, huh? Well, it was at night, and I ‘m sure you were in shock after getting arrested. I understand all too well the pain of not being able to remember important details of your life.
The victim’s personal information is always kept secret. Identifying that man will prove difficult…

Yusuke, it’s generally a *good* thing that victims aren’t public in cases like this.
You seem weirdly chill about this, dude.
Eh, it’s in the past, right?

Besides, the courts already made their ruling, didn’t they? Even if we manage to get revenge, Maaku’s past record won’t go away.
I can’t stand it… This world is so messed up! The weak’re left to fight for themselves, while rotten adults get away with whatever they want!
And those in power don’t do anything to help the situation.
Can’t we fix this though? Nobody would even know… We just need to show the world what true justice is. We’ll make them come to their senses.

We are totally going to go too far one of these days.

You’re right, Yusuke! That’s gotta be what our powers’re for!
Sounds good to me. The flashier our missions are, the cooler we end up looking!
You’ve all taught me so much.

Oh, sorry… Did we wake you up?
Nah, not really. I’ve been up for a while now. Still, this weird feeling came over me while I was listening to you guys… It almost feels like I’ve known you all forever… Do you think it’s because our backgrounds are so similar?
Well… it sure ain’t ‘cause of anything good.
Similar, huh… I’m the only one who doesn’t fit in…
I don’t have any past to look back on… No memories…
Whaddya mean? We could search the whole world and we wouldn’t find a bigger misfit than you.

I feel like I should be insulted here, but it’s oddly helpful…

And the reason we’re goin’ to Mementos is to get your memories back, right?
I’m sure your past will be just as troubled as ours.
No doubt.

Hmph, well, let’s just get stronger so we can investigate Mementos! I’m helping you guys out for myself, after all!
That aside, let’s take this seriously and do whatever we can to help the people only we can reach.

Ha! You can say that again!
Being a member of the Phantom Thieves will surely help me grow, both as an artist and as a person.
Of course. You’re under my tutelage, after all. There’s nothing we can’t accomplish!

I mean, if you guys wanna keep going, that’s fine by me. I’d prefer the extra napping time, but whatever.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

It’s getting late. Let’s call it here for tonight. By the way, the owner said you’re free to stay here, Yusuke.

You convinced him, didn’t you? You go, Miss Older-Dude-Charmer!
What kind of nickname is that!?

Wait, Ann was the one hitting on Sojiro all along!?

Hm, I won’t be able to sleep unless I take a bath…

There’s a bathhouse right across the street.
Ooh, I’ll come too!
You guys go ahead, I need to get going. Good night!

Dammit… I need to turn back into a human soon. I can’t let her get taken by someone else!


Music: Alright (Elp Version)

That old man keeps adding more heat though…
I’ve been wondering, Maaku… what do you think about Ann?
Not poking that hornet’s nest, no thank you.
…Eh, fair. You guys got any ideas about what to do next, though?
No, I have no ideas for targets. That has not changed in the last hour.
Why are we talking about this in front of this old man?
Eh, he doesn’t care about anything other than this godDAMN HEAT!

…I can’t stand it anymore! Anyways, let’s meet up again early next week. I’ll contact everyone!

Music: Beneath the Mask

New message in the groupchat.

Not bad, right?
The steam fogged up his glasses… Another of the many charms of eating hot pot, I suppose.
Oh man… I keep looking back at this picture, and Maaku’s face is STILL hilarious…
Oh yeah—Yusuke is still at Maaku’s place, right?
Don’t go making any trouble for him, okay?
Of course. I’d like to think I’m not THAT socially graceless. All I can ask is a warm futon and a traditional Japanese breakfast.
That’s askin’ a lot!

Still an amazing dialogue option.

I’m not talking about you! Wait… Don’t eavesdrop on me!

If there’s one phantom thief creed you should remember, it’s that you need to protect the ones you love.

I will be fine here. I sleep in my studio on occasion, so this is luxurious in comparison.

Music: Aria of the Soul

You’re in the presence of our master. Stand up straight!

You’ve made quite a few bonds at this point. All unfairly labeled by society, rejecting their fates. Your heart inspires theirs. How picaresque, you outcasts. They will become your strength as you deepen your bonds with them.
Yeah, yeah, when do I get the extra Persona slots? I’m getting sick of visiting Old Nutball and the Shifty Twins in here every time I need to switch out.
He knows he’s talking about the people right in front of him, right?
So impatient. Fine, take your reward.

Now go, devote yourself to your rehabilitation or whatever.

It’s almost time…

Line Changes!!!!

When Ann asks what to do about Yusuke’s living situation, you can reply, “What about Ryuji’s place?”, resulting in Ryuji replying, “It’s way too small. Plus, my folks’d never agree to it.” This has been changed to, “It’s way too small. Plus, my mom’d never agree to it.” This is a perfectly natural change because the original line was actually an error that I pointed out in the original LP—Ryuji’s mom is single, after all. As such, I’ll be taking full credit for this dialogue change. I expect payment from Atlus West shortly, thank you.

In the bathhouse, Ryuji’s line, “I’m more like the charge commander… and Morgana’s a specialist of that world…” is now “But I’m on offense duty, y’know? And Morgana specializes in stuff about that world, so…” Marginally less awkward now.