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Chapter 53: 6/13: Maaku Gets Reverse Hustled (New)

This update contains content from Part 48 of the original LP.

Anon: they’re up to something

Early Morning

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Oh, right. I guess Shujin was in this direction too… Still, I wouldn’t have expected to run into you at this time. Perhaps it really is fate… How are you doing?

Did you stay up too late? Are you all right? …Ah, I do like that response. It’s honest, and it keeps the conversation from dragging.

I’ll have to file that into my manual of normal human talking points.
I just meant this conversation was putting me to sleep…

…I’ve been getting interviewed a lot lately, so I’ve been wondering how to answer such questions. I suppose it is best to simply be yourself and say what you think. You’ve given me much to consider.

Open contempt for the ignorant masses of filth called “humanity” will surely win me the public trust!

If it isn’t too much trouble, may I speak with you again sometime?

Zzzzzuh? Oh, I fell asleep again. Sure, whatever you just said.

Even at a glance, you can supposedly tell right away that he’s bad news. You live there, don’t you? Are you okay?
(Curious Girl) Oh, you mean the old man in Harmony Alley? My parents were talking about him too… Doesn’t that just make you wonder!? I’m thinking I might try looking for him today…
Wha, don’t do that! Besides, I heard he hides his face… Who knows what he’ll do to you if he sees you? You’re gonna end up in a ditch somewhere, I just know it!
…They’re probably talking about that guy. They’re spreading all these rumors. I kinda feel sorry for him.

I know… But still, first impressions count for a lot.


Well, his offer to trade items was pretty good. I bet it’ll come in handy for the Phantom Thieves… Let’s use it to our advantage.

Early Morning → Morning

Music: So Boring

It’s the only month of the year with no holidays, and it’d filled with rain—truly a season of hell. I’m exaggerating, you say? Haha. You’re all just ignorant… After all, what’s falling from the sky is acid rain that can melt metal.


Hamiru-kun. Let’s test your knowledge and imagination. When washing your hair with dissolved copper, your hair color changes. …What color do you think it turns?

That is correct. By the way, magnesium turns your hair white, and rust will turn your hair red. However, acid rain can’t melt gold or silver. If you want to dye your hair gold, use bronze coins. Thinking you could save money by skipping a visit to the hair salon? …It seems you still don’t understand the horror of acid rain.

What the fuck are you talking about? I’m not gonna wash my hair with metal, you weirdo.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

London once has acid rain on the level of stomach acid. More than four thousand people died. Perhaps one day such a deathly rain will fall on Japan… My heart, too, is overcast, just like the rain that falls on the city… Ah, rain!
…I’m tired of thinking up witty comments.

(Observation that they moved this bit back two days this time)

Morning → After School

Music: Tokyo Daylight


She says there’s no repoirt of a lost item, so she wants you to start filling out some paperwork.

Guh??? Speak sense, woman!

Just go. If you don’t, they’ll come and complain to me about it. The student council room is on the third floor, next to the library. Got it? *sigh* Why am I running errands for a student? I know she’s the principal’s favorite or whatever…

Love Kawakami obliviously reinforcing Makoto’s reputation!

Music: Disquiet

What could she want?

I didn’t do it.

Rats. We may accept this fate, or defy it, but we cannot deny it.

Yeah, scary.

Our president wants a word with you. Don’t cause her any trouble, OK?

(Female Council Member) I don’t know… She does seem a little worried. All I hear her tell us is, “Just leave it to me!”
It’s great she’s looking out for her fellow students, but I wish she’d let us help her sometimes.

What were we called here for? This is rather strange.

What the hell’s that supposed to mean?

…Have a seat.

What? Ah, dammit! Wait, that doesn’t actually prove anything!
No, but this might.

(recording from phone) What? Are we the Phantom Thieves? Yeah, what about it? …Wait, are you recording this? Do you need another take? I’ve got a great radio voice. Just don’t tell anyone, ‘kay Niijima?
All right, pay up!

Music: Tension

…What could all this mean?
We screwed up…
Was it blackmail? Hypnosis? How do you corner someone into making them confess? Won’t you tell me how you did it?

Okay, this isn’t unsalvageable, I can still talk my way out of this. Ryuji… is very stupid! Delusional, even! If you want the Phantom Thieves, there’s a certain starry-eyed student down in the practice building who’s telling anyone who will listen about being one!
Don’t be ridiculous. That “Starry-Eyed Student” is the epitome of good character outside of his… fantasies.

I believe that you three are the Phantom Thieves. Now, what would the police think if they heard my recording?
It’d be bad if we’re put under police surveillance. There’s no telling what’ll happen to you, too!
If you confess the truth, I don’t mind just leaving this between the two of us…

I don’t believe that for a second.
Is that an admission I’m right?

(over the phone) Hey, I love being a Phantom Thief! That’s all I wanted to say!

That idiot!

Dammit, I think I just double-lost that bet…

As loud as always… but his timing’s perfect. I’d like everyone else to hear this as well. Won’t you take me to your friends?

I’d like to say I’m not a snitch… but I’d be a liar, so sure.

I guess it can’t be helped now…

Hm? He here?
Is that girl a friend of yours?

Music: Suspicion

I never thought it would be Maaku who gave us up…
Yeah, well, it wasn’t.

I had him lead me here. Ryuji Sakamoto, Ann Takamaki… And you’re Kitagawa-kun, correct? Second-year at Kosei High and former pupil of Madarame?

…No. My name is… Busuke.

I wanted to ask you all about this.

(recording from phone) What, you want my autograph now? Sure! “Ryuji… the… Phantom Thief…” There ya go!

Meanwhile, their victims are hanging out together. You’ve really made this whole escapade absolutely trivial to unravel, you know.

What do you intend to do? Have you come just to say you’re going to report us?

Lemme guess. The principal wanted you to come after us. That makes sense, considering it’s you and all. Not like that bastard has any real sense of priorities when it comes to suicide and harassment…

Those adults are just using you. I feel sorry for you.
…… I… I know…

That’s why I want to verify things for myself.
I haven’t told anyone about this. If you can prove your “justice” to me, I’ll delete all the evidence.

She wants to make a deal.

As it turns out, I’ve got a heart I’d like you to change. Well, two, but that’s just getting ahead of myself.

Hm, so you’re not saying it’s impossible. However… I cannot tell you that just yet. Let’s continue our talk after school tomorrow. On the roof. Assuming you accept my offer, that is.

Anything to say, Ryuji?


Hey, what should we do? That girl’s got dirt on us…
A recording seems to be insufficient evidence though. And even with that, there’s no way they could prove our methods.

This could be a trap.
It doesn’t matter. Maaku’s on probation, he’d be screwed.

Things’d get rough if we didn’t have our leader… and I totally don’t wanna deal with the police…

Then… it seems like our only option is to accept her terms.
You’re taking this casually, huh?
Eh, I’m probably fucked either way.

All right. We’re meetin’ on the school rooftop tomorrow, yeah?

Should I sneak in, then?
Probably a bad idea. Just wait outside.

What could she be scheming?

After School → Evening

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

>That’s normal, though?

Do we just gotta do what she says…?
Considering what has happened, it seems we have no other choice.
I wonder whose heart the student council president would want us to change.
Don’t matter to me.
But there might be a reason behind who she picks, right?

>Eh, it’s probably just some guy who cheats on all his tests. Wait, shit, that’s me!

I am curious myself… She mentioned how she wants us to prove our justice, did she not?
Yeah, she definitely did.
Then there must be some reasoning behind her choice. Please contact me immediately if you find anything out. And don’t go picking any fights, OK? Do you understand, Ryuji?
Why’re you singling me out!? I ain’t dumb!

Uh huh.

She’s a shrewed one. We’d best be prepared for anything.

Oh, right. Never actually set this thing up.

The Kanto region is expected to enter its rainy season soon. The Japan Meteorological Agency reports that we should be getting average rainfall this year.
That means there’ll be more rain from now on, right? It’s gonna be more humid…

(Doting Father) Hahaha, I can be pretty cool, huh? But you still have to finish your dinner! Protein alone isn’t going to turn you into Featherman!
Okay! I’ll even eat the mushrooms and eggplant, too. Thanks, Dad!

Back to Kichijoji, where we find the man and his son again. Yep, that’s absolutely Sakai, all right.

Over by Penguin Sniper, we find Akechi… but wait… Is that a Confidant symbol above his head? What’s going on?

Hey to you, too. Nice monogrammed briefcase you got there. Totally doesn’t make you look like a dorkus malorkus.

I wanted to talk to you, but… since we have the time, do you want to go play billiards together? It’s not that difficult, and we can chat and play at the same time. How about it?

I’m glad I asked. I was a little worried you’d turn me down. Well then, let’s get going.

Music: Kichijoji 199X

If anything, it’s my policy to spend my spare time in meaningful ways.

From a quick google, a “break ace” occurs in the game of 9-ball when you pocket the 9 ball on the break, instantly winning the game. The top google results, I should note, are mostly about Yakuza because there’s a trophy for doing it in one of the games.

It was just a coincidence. Of course, this game won’t count. Let’s start over.

Fuckin’ show-off.


I used too much force. It bounced off the cushions…

That was a close one, though. I suppose it would have been embarrassing to lose as your senior, huh?

Something seems off…

I guess you can call it my detective’s intuition? Haha, kidding, of course.


I switched hands during the game. It’s not anything against you. Going all-out against a junior just seems a bit gauche…

He thinks he’s better than us! And he’s right!

I’m rather dextrous with my right hand. I can even use chopsticks with it. Frankly, I didn’t expect you to see through it.

Or were you being metaphorical? You’re a hard one to read sometimes. In any case, you truly are interesting. You never cease to intrigue me.
I can sense Akechi’s appreciation…

So… yeah. Akechi’s Confidant is no longer entirely story-driven. There’s now actual rank up events and rewards. And, shockingly… it’s really good.

You have my word.
Well, see you.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

Our little game turned out to be more interesting than I expected. Barely anyone notices when I don’t use my dominant hand. I can only commend your powers of observation. I think you’d be an interesting influence on me. If you’re so inclined, we could go out again sometime.

Well! I suppose I’ll reach out the next time something comes up. See you.

Anon: don’t even bother with this
Anon: if ur so good, show ur face
Anon: this is so immature.
Anon: this has to be fake, lol
Anon: i miss this sorta excitement

Do you know about the Phantom Thieves forum?
People said when they made a request there, it got granted!
Really? That sounds super useful!
Come on, pay up. You understand the position you’re in, right?