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S1E1: Meet the Party.
So, after the opening we immediately cut to our protagonist.

He rails on a bit about how he doesn't want to end up a hunter and that he's super bored of fighting the wooden dummy at sword school and is also the best in his class.

Random has big plans. Plans to win the Knights Tourney at the city of SankT Leona, which'll kickstart his career.

BUT he's too scared to go alone and wants to know if his friends will accompany him.

And after that monologue, we have control.

Standard menu...

Yeah, I Dual Wield Swords.

Both swords have the same attack power (10), but the oak sword has Pw=Blunt.

The leather hat gives +5 DEF and has no special trait.

Not much in the inventory. Sandwiches are apparently a 'Rillian meal.' and heal 30hp.

Using the Quest book brings us to...

Quest menu. But we only have the quest to meet with the girls still.

There is extremely little of interest in this first area, despite its large size.

Hill Chickens take two hits to go down and only do about four damage to Random. He has nearly 100 hp!

And Random needs 85 XP for level 2 even if he did start with over half of that, so it's not even worth grinding on them.

A ram(?) evades Random by hiding in those flower bushes. Even if you're running right on top of the thing, you can't catch it AFAIK.

There's also scorpions that die in one hit and don't even give XP.

Nothing here at all. Let's go.

The game makes you select one of three difficulties when we go. I believe the only difference between normal and hard is less savepoints. Easy difficulty winds up barring you from one secret party member and a bunch of sidequests late in the game so that was a definite no go. Hard mode is meant to have a bonus I've never seen that I am curious about, so hard mode it is.

We're out on the world map but the only path available to us is right into that cave.

Random's submissive elf bimbo GF awaits him in the cave. Her name is Sarah. I hate Sarah. She is a nonpareil terrible character.
She says she's coming but she saw Luci going to the library. Something urgent was happening and 'Simon' was waiting for her.

But then someone shouts I COME! and runs in.

Luci herself. Apparently she lied to this Simon and it was hard for her. Also she doesn't want to leave her teachers. Cos she's a nerd.

So the next town over is a forest town named Chanterless and the forest becomes a horrible maze right after it. Random wants the group to train there. He also mentions another friend will be coming.

Sarah makes a good point.

We also get told about the items that lets us change our party makeup. Despite a lot of talk here about the pendants protecting their lives and souls in dungeons, they're just the justification for the four member limit. You still just get a game over when you die in battle.

And with that we're nearly done here.

In the backroom of the cave, someone left 240GP in a crate.

Yes, this is one of those games that have items hidden everywhere. We leave the cave and a cutscene starts. This... happens very rarely. There's not many cutscenes in the game.

This guy is reading from a book about demons of all kinds slaughtering the population of the planet. The second half of the excerpt is a bit funnier so I have screenshotted it in full.

Then he recommends everyone buy their own copy for just $19.99!

This is literally the most important plot detail in the whole series and it's just given out right at the start.

Yes, the setting is called the Deport. That's the continents name. I think the planet may be Aquapanga but I've never been 100% on that.

Anyway, he says outright the monsters feel opressed and states that they should become the Demons allies.

With that, the scene ends.

We start in Rillia, the most south-west region of the Deport.

Unlike many JRPGs, Indinera forwent the walking around town wasting time nonsense and just had the buildings be directly accessed from the world map like this.
We won't be exploring Rillia just yet, though.

In a tree not far from Rillia, we find a Noble Eagle's Feather in a tree.

I use it on Luci.

The Rillian Plains have the same encounters the mountains did, with the addition of...


Sarah starts with two moves. Wave is a healing spell. Sylph's Fog is a pretty neat spell despite its very low power.

Luci has a bunch of spells. Blitz (Pw 65) is a lightning Single Target spell, Flare (Pw 51) is a fire ST spell, (Pw 54) Freeze is an ice ST spell that can silence. All those numbers mean something and I believe they're explained somewhere in the Instruction Manual HTML.
I might find and post that crap later.

Anyway, the trolls go down in two turns thanks to Fire Tempest. They're worth 2xp and 16 GP each.

Sarah's Thin Rapier is +15 ATT. The Robe is +4 DEF

Luci's staff is +5 ATT, making me wonder why she even bothers carrying it.

South-east Rillia has a path leading to a tree here. That's the Rillian Port north-east of us.

Sarah does not approve of these barrels of red wine.

Coryool completely ignores Sarah and tells Random he's fine and ready to go.

Coryool is actually an unarmed fighter. Like a monk. His equipment selection is rather limited. There's nothing else here, so let's go pick up the last two (for now) party members.

We're told Random and Luci's pets want to come too. Herasia is Luci's pet cat, and Guanidia is Randoms pet slime.

Herasia is actually meant to be pretty intelligent, like a familiar. It's never stated if he actually is a familiar or not, I believe.
He is completely worthless gameplay wise.

Guanidia is also completely worthless, but in terms of character he's probably the best party member besides Wendala. The bar is not very high though. And Wendala has a lot of... baggage which will make some hell of a update. Multiple even.

As you can see, it's not very far to SankT Leona, at all!


One of the bedrooms has the Dream Book.

It's basically a bio page for all the partymembers. I'll go over those in a future update. Maybe the next one.

Down in the HQ basement...


Indinera really wants you to know he made this game. This info is sprinkled in a few places throughout the game.

And here's what using the pendant to switch partymembers looks like. That's Yveen herself Random is getting advice from.

Anyway, it's not much of an ending but I'm calling it here. We met the main party and saw what the plot is supposed to be. Arguably saw too much of what the plot is supposed to be, since it's just laid out for us right at the start.

the end