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Chapter 54: 6/14-6/15: Yusuke’s Monologue (New, but not much)

This update covers content from Part 49 of the original LP.

Anon: of course not. done

Early Morning

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Morning! Going to school now? I’m just heading home! The morning sun is too bright…

Huh!? Who even are you!? Mooooooooom, a weird lady just came up to me!

Hey! How could you forget a lovely gal like me? I’m Ichiko Ohya, a journalist. I interviewed you at the Madarame residence, remember?

Hmm. And you thought you made such an impression and we became so close in that two minute conversation a month ago that you felt comfortable coming up to me in the subway and starting a conversation as if we actually know each other. Interesting.

*yawn* Man, all-nighters are tough. Well, you work hard on your studies.

Early Morning → After School

Music: Suspicion

So, whose heart do you want us to change?
…A mafia boss.
What’re you talkin’ about!?

Yeah, you mean the yakuza? Or are we currently being attacked by those nefarious Italians and their (Italian accent) spicy-a meatballs?
The Japanese mafia and the yakuza are both real, distinct entities. Take this seriously, please.
Pizza pasta!
*sigh* The group seems to be behind the recent rise in scams.
I noticed people talking about those. They all called them “phishing” scams, though, which seems… wrong. That’s a different thing.

What’s worse, once you’re in their sights, they won’t stop threatening you until they get what they want. They’ll force you to take part in their scams, threaten your family, and ultimately destroy your life.
Holy shit…
It appears that their victims include some of our students.

No…! Not Shujin students! They’ve been so good to all of us!

They primarily target juveniles.
What’s their boss’s name?
Nobody knows.

Hmm. I sense… a problem.

The victims are being threatened not to testidy, so even the police can’t get a grasp of the situation.
That’s where you want us to start!?

Yeah, can we get an easier one?

You should be able to pull it off… if you’re really the righteous Phantom Thieves. Or is Akechi-kun correct when he says you act without justice?
Can’t you say something witty back at her?

(to Makoto) Fuck you, narc!

I knew you were gonna say that!

Their main hub of activity is in Shibuya… That’s all the information I have. You have two weeks. Once that has passed, I’ll submit all the evidence I have to the police and to the school. I hope you don’t let me down…

Makoto leaves.

“Don’t let me down”… Dammit, she was just bossin’ us around…
Come on, we should get in touch with Yusuke.

Music: Interrogation Room

Are you saying that Makoto was sticking her nose into the phantom thief business?
>You seem upset.
I’m not—Why would Makoto…

Yeesh, awkward. You want I should give you some space? I’ll step out for a sec.
Yeah, nice try.

Bringing up my sister to upset me, are you? It seems there’s no limit to your duplicity. *checks watch* Fine. I’ll listen to everything you have to say before I decide the truth of your statements.

Music: Wicked Plan

The mafia? Hm…
Can we really do this?
Either way, we have almost no information on our target. This guy’s a crime boss, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a Palace. Still…
Isn’t this a prime opportunity for us though?

A prime opportunity to go to jail, maybe.
Even after we took down an evil man who was pretending to be good, the general public continued to doubt us. But consider what might happen if we were to punish an infamous criminal the police couldn’t catch…

Oh, right! That might make people believe in us.
I get it! That means even Akechi’ll have to acknowledge us as the Phantom Thieves!

Ryuji, you’re about to lose your “saying the words *Phantom Thieves* in public” privileges. Watch yourself.

Whaddya say, Leader?

Well, I *was* looking for a good opportunity to rub the Phantom Thieves’ good deeds in Akechi’s beautiful face next time I hang out with him… all right, sure.
Wait, you’re friends with Akechi now? But we haven’t hung out to discuss the track team in like, a month!
There, there. I’m sure Maaku’s still your friend.
You don’t speak for me.

Our time limit is two weeks, correct? We can’t afford to waste too much time. …I’ll ask around Kosei and see if there are any victims.
Okay, I know some girls who go to Shibuya pretty often. I’ll check with them about it.
All right, and I’m gonna see what I can find on the net.

Ryuji, have you ever successfully found anything online yet for one of these investigations? Maybe we should find you a better job.
No! This is my job! It’s easy!

That leaves our school up to you and Morgana. You figured out what to do during the whole Kamoshida thing, right?
I’ll back you up.

What? No you won’t!

All right, let’s get back together at the end of the week once we’ve got all our info! I’ll get in touch with you guys later!

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Uh, sure. Whaddya want, Yusuke?
Well… I’d like to visit the “Sayuri,” if it’s all right.

After School → Evening

I’m glad I chose to leave it here.

Uh, yeah, that’s nice Yusuke, I’m just wondering where the hell Sojiro is. The store’s still open, he should be here. I wonder if he’s dead or in jail. Eh, it’s probably fine. Continue!

Maaku… I fear I have found myself in quite a horrible mess!

Huh? What’s the rumpus?

To put it bluntly, I am in need of your assistance… Please, listen to what I must say.

Previously in my artistic career, I have struggled with certain motifs or techniques, but those troubles have always passed. The first such instance was in…
Oh no, what have I done?
However, this time the more I fight to escape, the worse it gets. It seems I am in a “slump,” as they say. I am attending Kosei on an art scholarship, meaning that I must continue to produce great works to remain eligible. Previously, I could just paint whatever I desired, pursuing nothing but beauty. That, trying to attain the perfection of the “Sayuri” in my own work, was what pushed me forward. But the only reason I have now is holding onto my scholarship. Worldly desires are tainting my art! Can I even call myself an artist?
Uhhhh… wow, that’s a lot.
And I’m not yet finished. I must find a new purpose for my work, something pure. It would be shameful to allow my young career to end here. I wish to create work I can be proud of. Look over at the “Sayuri.” Look at her alluring gaze, her poise and beauty…
I’m just going to ignore that choice of words there.
But I cannot replicate that elegance no matter how hard I try! It is surely due to some fault within me. Because of my impure soul! My impure “heart”! What is the heart, then? How does it create such beauty? I need to understand! …Alas, I am unsure of what to do. Perhaps you could assist me? You’ve already helped me so much, surely you can help me here.
…I’ll help you if you stop talking. That’s more words than you’ve said since I met you, christ almighty.
You’ll help!? Terrific.
What’d I just fuckin’ say?

At the moment, my art teacher has yet to notice any drastic changes in my work… But I cannot hide forever. Impurity of the heart will undoubtedly seep onto an artist’s canvas eventually. I must go now. My curfew approaches. I look forward to speaking about this matter again.
I walked Yusuke to the station…

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

Sojiro, where the hell did you go!? I was mildly worried for your safety!
I was buying some cigarettes…
That’s what they all say! And Yusuke was talking for like, thirty minutes! Cigarettes don’t take that long!
Fine. There was an emergency and I had to take care of my secret daughter. Are you happy?
Fine, sheesh, don’t tell me.

In my expert opinion, it’s gotta be Iida from you guys’ class. Dude’s apparently been spending money left and right lately due to some great part-time job.

I see. That may very well be worth looking into.
Right? Can you try asking him about it, Ann? I don’t think he’d be cautious around a girl.

>Really? I’m extra cautious around girls. They’re harsh and cruel.

In that case, yeah. I don’t mind giving it a try. Although I’ve rarely talked to Iida-kun before… I’ll be counting on you to back me up if something happens, Maaku.

>Got it. I’ll beat him up.

Thanks, that’s a huge help.

Uhh, don’t actually do that, by the way.

I’m hoping for some great things this time from Takamaki-sans’s world-class wonderful acting.
Shut it.
I hope this will get us even marginally closer to their so-called boss. I leave this Iida to you two. And I have high hopes for your acting as well, Ann.
You’re both missing the point!
If Iida really is involved like Ryuji says, we’ll need to dig up some dirt tomorrow.

A team of reporters followed a police investigator who is on the mafia case. What was clear is that there is little the police can do.
Even the police are having a hard time. We can’t let our guard down.

No! You fool! You can’t doubt the efficacy of the police! Your job is to be their stenographers!

Have you ever given it any thought? What is “justice” to you?

I see. That’s one way to look at it, but you only perceive what is on the very surface. The boy who was featured in that TV discussion is still in high school. Akechi, was it? He was well-spoken and skilled in the art of debate—almost as good as I was at that age.

Yeah, sure, whatever guy.

Let’s finish this library book.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Arsène always thwarted his pursuers, leading them around by the nose. He’s so cool! It seems this novel taught you about the kind of wits and tricks you’ll need as a phantom thief!

Maaku gains Knowledge +3.

Anon: NO! justice ain’t that simple

Early Morning

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

Let’s stock up on billiards tips.

Music: Everyday Days

Ah, so you look at it from a bird’s eye view to predict the ball’s pathway…!

That book was filled with billiard know-hows…! And the trick shot section got me pumped! Especially the behind-the-back and jump shots…

Let’s give it a try next time!

So… Technical ranks make Technicals much more worthwhile than in the original game. They increase the chance of a knockdown and the damage you deal. We need to pull off certain trick shots to increase our rank, and to do that we need to buy POOL UPGRADES and increase our Proficiency. Also, the Technical rank applies to the whole party.

I classified that section as “new” because it included a tutorial, by the way. I won’t count every book in the future.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

I didn’t think it had anything to do with me, but there are even victims in my class…
(Fast-Talking Student) Oooh, I know all about that! These guys supposedly come asking if you want an easy, high-paying job… But then if you say yes, you get dragged into some real shady stuff… The teachers or student council prez’ll do something about it though. People’re real worried.
Oh, are you talking about that posting? I wonder if she was serious about it… I heard she knew about Kamoshida and the sexual harassment… She prolly won’t be too much help…

Early Morning → Morning

Music: So Boring

>Yeah, we know. He’s in our class. How did YOU know that?

I’ll try and ask him about it.

Morning → Lunchtime

Music: Disquiet

Our students are even falling victim to this mafia!
Yeah, I already told you that!
Is this some kind of sick joke!? Our students aren’t just victims, but the rumors are implicating some as well! Parents are calling me, worried. Fuck me!

This is the greatest disgrace in the history of this academy… If it were to be discovered…

Sir, two months ago you helped cover up the rape of a student. With all due respect, what the fuck are you talking about?
What are you blathering about!? It’s your job to take care of this, like I asked!
That’s not how I remember it going…
I need you to do this, okay? You’re the only one I can trust here, and my ass is in the jackpot if you don’t get some results! Please don’t let me down… I’m hearing even the students are getting dissatisfied with your performance, so maybe both of us have our asses on the line here…
I’ll do whatever I can, just give me a little more time, sir.
Good. Also, keep hunting those nefarious Phantom Thieves!

You know what absolutely rules, unironically? Shido’s conspiracy being so far-reaching and incompetent that it inadvertently sabotages its own chances of finding the Phantom Thieves by having Kaneshiro’s money-making scheme target Shujin, derailing Makoto’s investigation when she chooses to prioritize taking down Kaneshiro. It’s hilarious and it never gets pointed out.

Lunchtime → Afternoon

Music: So Boring

But what I gave them was a bona fide Japanese bank note. Don’t tell me young people these days don’t know who Hirobumi Ito is. I shudder to think that these will be the people shouldering Japan’s economy…

Ushimaru’s comedy act would definitely just be him getting hot and bothered about zoomers. The kind of conservative comedy that’s only “funny” because he’s working himself up and getting like, legitimately pissed in the process of telling all his “jokes.”

I hope you all know your stuff. Here’s a quiz just to make sure. Hey, Hamiru.

Gah! I’m awake! Please don’t throw more chalk at me!

Between paper bills and coins, which one is issued by the government?

That’s right. Paper bills are printed by the bank, and coins are issued by the government. However, with the ability to make as much money as they wanted, the economy fell into chaos. An independent organization—namely the Bank of Japan—has been tasked with printing paper money since.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

Coins, which don’t have as much of an effect on the economy, are still produced by the government. You simply can’t trust a moron to look after your finances. The best they can manage is pocket change.

How was that line, guys?
Mildly clever, but not really much of a joke, honestly.

Imagine all the money you could ever want, at your feet… I hope the next Palace is somewhere awesome like that…

It’s like he’s read the script or something!

Afternoon → After School

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

You’re gonna back her up, right?

I already said I’d beat him up, didn’t I?

Can’t you please tell me what this easy part-time job is? I’ll do anything.
(Iida) W-What do you mean, “anything”?
Not like that. Gross. Just tell me the truth. You’ve joined a street racing ring, right? I can help! I’ll spike their fuel tanks and cut their break lines! They’ll all perish for daring to go against us!
No! And besides, there’s no chance in hell a girl who looks like you is having any trouble getting hired.
That’s… a fair point.
What is she doing!?
Uhh… François, my cat, is sick! And got hit by a car! And also needs to be neutered!
Oh, right! I knew I’ve been forgetting to do something!
I need lots of money to take care of François… If he were to die, I would too! Maybe, probably…
Hey, come on, you shouldn’t talk like that…
Then please, won’t you tell me about that job?There’s rumors that you know something about it…
What rumors!? Goddamn Nishiyama—
Huh? Nishiyama?
No… I said… Nishi*ki*yama! That fuckin’ Yakuza Kiwami final boss, amirite? Haha…
Come on, just tell me…
Please leave me alone. I don’t actually know what the hell you’re talking about, but if *hypothetically* I did and was this insistent on lying to you about it, you should probably trust that I have a good reason. Hypothetically.
Tell me tell me tell me!
I don’t think she’s going to get much more out of him. Let’s go look for Nishiyama.
Hey, you talk to the transfer student sometimes, right? Why is he staring at us? And why does he have a cat? Is that François?

Well, let’s step out of the classroom and look for Nishiyama…

Hey, Hamiru!

The second we leave, however, Mishima ambushes us.

You’re looking for something, right? I’ll help. Ask me whatever you need to.

>Where’s Nishiyama?

He usually hangs out with Iida… does it have something to do with why Takamaki is chatting Iida up?
None of your business. But also yes.
Sorry, I don’t know where Nishiyama is right now. But I doubt he’s left yet. He usually stays late. You should ask someone who has more info on the students.
I asked you because you said you could help!
And I pointed you in the vague direction of some other person who might know! That’s helping!

I’ll keep digging around while you’re looking for him!
…Well, I guess we can let him handle this. We’ll have to ask someone else about Nishiyama’s whereabouts. Can you think of anyone who might know?

It would cause quite a lot of buzz if you could solve it. Let me know if you learn anything!

Just the busybody we’re looking for.

She’s not very good at it, but yes. That’s off the record, by the way.

The student council is on edge. Hurry up… Do you have anything you want to ask about?

I heard the muggings, scams, prostitution, and drugs are making them tons of money. Most of their victims have been high schoolers, leading our school to warn its students as well. But… nobody actually knows how they operate. Even the police are completely lost.

The principal asked for us to come forward with any information we might have, right? I heard someone did come to the student council, saying they were being threatened… I don’t want to assume this of you… but you didn’t have anything to do with that, right?

No, I’m not in the mafia. Christ.

Iida-kun, from your class? I’ve heard he’s a serious student… Although he has seemed a little down lately. I wonder what happened...

Nishiyama-kun? Are you looking for him? He’s a really serious student with great grades. I always see him at the library after school. The library’s just up on the floor above this one… Why don’t you go talk to him?

You’re not gonna go hurt him, are you?
Nah. If I was to go around beating on every nerd in my vicinity I’d have to start with yours truly. And I’m just too pretty to Tyler Durden myself like that.

It’s nothing. I was just looking at the bulletin. Anyway, how is the investigation going? I don’t believe there’s much time left at this point.

We started *yesterday,* what are you talking about?

Hm? Perhaps I misjudged your ability? Anyway, this is a very important matter for our school. I hope you can return with good news. And don’t worry… I’ll keep my promise as long as you uphold your end of the bargain.

Ah, there’s Nishiyama. He’s just… hunched over looking at his phone? Eh, not in a position to criticize.

You’re THAT transfer student, right…? You need something?

Uh, rude.
It’s all right. You can make it up to me by telling me about Iida.

Iida…? How do you know about that? Are you doing something to him!? He’s been acting really strange lately...

I’m not doing anything, jeez. So rude… I’m actually trying to help, if you must know.
Help? Is he really mixed up in shady business then?
That’s what I need to know.
One day in Shibuya a man approached us near Central Street and asked if we were interested in an easy part-time job. I wasn’t, but Iida started asking the guy a bunch of questions.
Ooh, a job? Know if there are any openings?
I dunno if that’s such a good idea… Iida said it’s good for people who don’t stand out, anyway. He said it only takes ten minutes, but I was so scared I left him and went home alone…

>What happened after that?
Iida started spending a lot of money. That’s when his strange behavior began too… But that’s all I know… That’s enough, right?
A man on Central Street, hm? That is suspicious… Maybe he was making him commit crimes?

I have tried looking into this high-paying part-time job myself. People seem to be talking about it here as well. Supposedly a man will talk to you in broad daylight over on Central Street…

>Yeah, I know all that already Yusuke.
Oh? I apologize. I won’t mention the part about delivering the small envelope the man gives you then.

So that means this part-time job is somehow crime-related… It takes ten minutes, is good for people who don’t stand out, and involves a small envelope… ...Does that ring any bells? It’s something the mafia would definitely be up to.

What does that have to do with envelopes? And it’s not really something you can do unnoticed.

Maybe not the way you do it.

Hmmm… Any other ideas? It’s something the mafia would commit.

The mafia are apparently behind all those scams… Maybe they’re delivering the money from those? But it’s in a small envelope… I doubt big stacks of cash would fit in there.

What does that have to do with envelopes? And it’s not really something you can do unnoticed.

Maybe not the way you do it.

All right, let’s stop fucking with the cat.

Like illegal drugs…? Maybe they made Iida smuggle drugs for them. That definitely fits with the small envelope, and you can get arrested just for possession…

Well, I looked into Iida on my own anyway. Rumor has it he got involved in some kind of suspicious part-time job. And that job’s apparently totally insane… Something about trafficking drugs, I think. I hear they ask you to take part in it down on Central Street. In broad daylight, even…

>Yeah, I just figured that out.
Oh. Okay…

So he is smuggling… This won’t be pretty. Come on, let’s go back to Lady Ann! We’ll ask Iida directly!

(Carefree Female Student) Yeah, I heard it’s because of the mafia. They’re even forcing girls to work as prostitutes for them.
I can’t believe there’s drug dealers in Shibuya now. I wish someone would get rid of them…
Maybe we should ask the Phantom Thieves? They fight for justice, take down bad guys, right?

Not really, but it’s the thought that counts. I guess.

Okay, time to tag in. This is getting out of hand.
Yo, Iida. We know.
Huh, you too!? What are you talking about!?
Nishiyama sold you out, man.
FUCK. Follow me and let’s talk…

Yeah, I got a job! So what? Isn’t that normal? …What’re you getting at?

That’s right! You have to smuggle it to people while it’s still hot!

I still cannot believe this is a real dialogue option.

I mean, not that kind of smuggling! Tell him what you heard earlier!

Fine. DRUGS.

How do you…? I’ve only told one person about that… Of all people, I can’t believe you were the one to find out… Y-You’re right… They told me they had an easy part-time job for me, and I ended up smuggling drugs… All I had to do was put envelopes into coin lockers, and they said they’d give me a hefty paycheck. I didn’t know what was in the envelopes though! Still, this is what came out of it...
>Are you being threatened?
So you knew, huh… They started threatening me right after they deposited the money into my bank account… They had pictures of me carrying the goods. Said they’d expose what I did unless I paid them off… You know… why are you even asking me this stuff…? Are you just gonna use my job to blackmail me too…?

What? No. How would that even work? I have no proof of anything and no one trusts me.

I see… Well even if you were planning on doing that, I don’t have any money I could give you… If you’re really interested in that job, try heading over to Central Street. That’s where they told me about it… I-I told you everything you want to know, right? Can I go? Well then...

Did Ann’s acting help at all? I’m thinking prolly not.
It went perfectly, I think! More importantly, were you able to find anything, Maaku?

>Dude’s getting blackmailed for unknowingly trafficking drugs.

So they ask you to deliver drugs…
That’s serious. I just searched for “Shibuya drugs” and got tons of hits too.

So they’re making people traffic drugs, then threatening them…
That must be what I heard people talking about in Shibuya. They seem to be going about this quite openly during the daytime. What bold methodology.
I would’ve imagined they would do it at ngiht… I wonder why they chose the day.

>They’re blending in by using high schoolers. Though it feels like the police probably should have caught onto this by now…

I see. Yes, more students will be out during the day, while the police will be more cautious at night.
Ryuji, you’re over in Shibuya now, right? Do you see anyone like that there?
Yeah, I’m at Central Street. It’s tough to tell though. I mean, there’s just way too many people. The goddamn rain’s not helping out either.
The sun will be setting soon. What should we do, Maaku?

>It’s almost 4:00. Let’s just go home.
Yeah, we’ll try again tomorrow.