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S01E02: The Dream Book.

So let's start this update with the Dream Book.


NAME: Random
RACE: Male Human
AGE: 16
Height: 1.60m
WEIGHT: 53kg

Random was born in Mt Zulle, and began sword-fighting at the age of 5. He showed a great potential, and was trained up to 12 years old by the best teachers of the town.

Random arrived in Rillia at the age of 12. He met a well-known face, Sarah, who had also raised in Mt Zulle, and he became his boyfriend and master.

Random quickly got bored with the school and all its stuff, so he began wandering in the tow, as days slowly passed.

On a different morning, he went to Rolland the weaponsmith, and found a little ad among the tools. It talked about the Leonian Tournament.

The young fighter finally had the opportunity to prove his astonishing strength !

Though being short and thin, Random has huge power in his hands. He can cut metal with his sword and kill a big animal in one single blow.

Random is naturally excited, has a strong mind and loves leading (especially Sarah ).

Sometimes his lack of wisdom can turn to danger, but hopefully Luciana is here to temper his ardour.

Random will never let fear overcome him.

Strong against: Thunder, Numb, Sleep, Shock and MindBlow.

Weak at: resisting berseck (sic), MP reserve.

"Believe in your dreams. Random"

So Randoms pretty much meant to come off as average teen would-be-hero that wants a chance to prove himself, at the get go. It's not apparent for a while but his characterisation is not quite that simple.

Sarah's entry is next and I'm not posting a picture of her bio because her top in this particular artwork is -completely- transparent. Like cling wrap tinted pink. So you can see her nipples.


Sarah. (my sweet girlfriend)

NAME: Sarah
BIRTHPLACE: Indinera Falls
RACE: Female Elf
AGE: 16
HEIGHT: 1.60m
WEIGHT: 46kg
MEASUREMENTS (cm): 85C - 56 - 87

Sarah was raised in Indinera, the Elven mystical forest. Her parents gave her a typical elven education, based on the respect of the values, and the male domination.

Sarah's obedience to her masters was all the time appreciated. The mysterious woods of her childhood gave her the opportunity to live in full nudity, as the old Elven villagers did.
This now justifies Sarah's ease with nudity.

Quickly, she showed magical and physical habilities, so her parents sent her to Rillia, at the age of 12.

She met Random the same year, and they soon became the best friends, before turning lovers.

Sarah is impatient, naive and futile, but on the other side, she owes Random a total and devoted love, and she fights with courage and speed.

She is a very versatile fighter, and can summon the Elven Fairies.

Strong against: Water, Earth, Air & Holy.
Weak at: Dark.

"Best Wishes. Love. Sarah"

'Sarah is impatient, naive and futile' is probably one of the all time great character descriptions IMO.

Oh yeah and he included the '3 sizes' for the female characters.



NAME: Luciana
BIRTHPLACE: Unknown (Found in Rillia at the age of 1).
RACE: Female Human.
AGE: 15
HEIGHT: 1.60m
WEIGHT. 48kg
MEASUREMENTS (cm): 86C - 58- 85

Luciana has had an hard life. She was abandoned and found in Rillia. Her real parents were never retrieved so she was "given" to the Rillian Library.

She raised among knowledge and wisdom. Luciana spent most of her childhood reading and learning much. She quickly became one of the most brilliant students.

The other teenages didn't like her much, because she was shy and had a soft language. Random and Sarah were for example her 2 real friends.

The girl's precocious intellect made her quickly specialize in the difficult but feared elemental spells.

Luciana is a bit placid and easily impressed, but she can rely on a huge wisdom, knowledge and a strong heart.

Weak in a physical fight, she can cause major destructions if correctly used.

Strong against: Flare, Freeze, Bolt and Mind.
Weak at: physical fight, esp. sword damages.

"Thanks to the author. Thanks reading the book. Luci."

Why are they all exactly 1.60m tall?


NAME: Coryool
RACE: Male Human
AGE: 45
HEIGHT: 2.19m
WEIGHT: 147kg

Coryool was born in Rillia, and never really left the region. Only did he work a bit at Chantless or for merchants. Coryool's life has always been made of lousy jobs, endless nights (either with beers or women) and day-loitering.

This man without ambition would had never left his kind of life if his teenage friend Random, whom he always had sheer affection, hadn't wanted to participate to the Leonian Tournament.

Coryool just felt it was his mission to help the kids, and maybe he had something else in mind ?
(taverns are bigger in SankT, and there are more women...)
The man doesn't talk much.

His actings are simple and only guided by instinct. Coryool doesn't want to be bothered by equipments or items.

He however wields powers unique throughout the Deport, which always surprised both Luciana (admirer of his innate strength) and Sarah (who believes Coryool's influence is bad for her beloved Random).

Coryool has an unique body consitution which makes him immune to magic effects, and he has an uncommon physical health.

Moreover, he can cast spells though being very simple-minded. More mysteries maybe to be discovered about this man...

Strong against: any magic and most negative conditions.

This just reads like he can't dress himself to me.

Special Trick: Coryool naturally protects all members of his party from Death Spells.
This awesome power is directly due to Coryool's body producing some BlackHole enyzmas which annihilate all Death Spells.
Coryool has never been able to explain such power, but as he says it, the only thing to keep in mind is that he can annihilate death and not the other people.

"Ahem... errr.... Who hid all the beers ?!" - Coryool

BlackHole enzymas. Annihilate Death but not the other people. That last part was a doozy.

BY THE WAY I neglected to mention last time that Coryool's Tunic gives him 14 DEF and 4 Speed. Bet that kept you up all night.

Apparently Random doesn't give a shit about Herasia.


NAME: Herasia
RACE: Male Cat
AGE: 5
WEIGHT: 12 to 20kg

Herasia is a mischievious and intelligent cat, who has huge understanding habilities, but sadly cannot speak human language.

Herasia was given to Luciana by Simon, the librarian. Not very obedient, the cat was however friendly and connivent with his mistress.

Though being coward, Herasia can fight furiously and with an unmatched speed. An offensive character, good at supporting the first assaults.

Strong against: Freeze and Mind
Weak at: receiving damages

Herasia does not get a quote.


NAME: Guanidia
RACE: Male Sludge
AGE: 1
WEIGHT: 26kg

What first strikes when talking with Guanidia is his humor : ironic, cunning, inventive, hard is to predict what Guanidia will next say in a discussion.

This sludge was found by Random near Rillia, and the 2 quick became great friends... Guanidia's hability to talk not being the last reason of their friendship !

A bit like Herasia, Guanidia often prefers escaping than fighting, but will help if a real threat is upon his friends. Guanidia hides some fears of the adventure behind humorous and caustic speeches.

Gifted of a very thick skin Guanidia is hard to kill by physical damages only. He however lacks pace in battles, and sometimes has difficulties damaging enemies. A defensive character.

Strong against : Physical damages, thunder, air.
Weak at: attacking, dealing with Freeze spells.

"Am I supposed to say something nice after being told coward or unable to damage enemies ???????" --- Guanidia


Anyway, back to the world map.

Pierrick's house is gigantic. Most places are in Laxius Power.

Random doesn't say crap to Martha.

He does lie to Pierrick and tell him that he's going training for a couple weeks.

He gives Random a nice gift.

I put Herasia in the party for a moment to find his claws are +15 ATT. Actually puts him higher than Random for the moment.

Too bad.

Next destination, an old friend of Randoms, apparently.

Sarah gets upset about these guys having bandit friends and he says well they rob but they don't kill.

Okay, +25 ATT, now the cat can get fucked.

Marlon runs down a list of reasons why we'll all die in the woods. Sarah responds by saying Blah blah blah WAY too many times.

Random doesn't comment on any of this.

Okay, I get it. She loves axes.... and dwarves. Those pots are all full of medicine too.

We get our first sidequest. A seemingly incurable mystery illness.

Also the questbook has artwork now. Let's move on.

'Careyn's home.'

... Thanks?

I see.

This guy isn't Caeryn, but he is a dickhead.

Sarah tells this guy the same lie Random told Pierrick and he asks her if she did the housework before she goes.

The other side of the shelf, Random starts to say what's there before Sarah hurriedly interrupts so....

Random hits on a maid at one place and Sarah gets pissed.

We also swipe a bunch of gold when she's not looking.

We steal the family bread. Kevin has apparently broken his mountain climbing record and gone up 6.3km. You may wonder why I'm bothering to repeat this...

But we'll need to find Kevin to progress later in the game. Apparently he's on holiday right now.

Random refuses to enter the school, which upsets Luci, cos she's a nerd.

Coryool's friend Bombas lives next to the school and... this is all he says. No loot either.

The library is massive.

Simon and Luci just say hello and that's it.

There's a main passage and two side passages. A fair amount of people to talk to as well.

At the end of one side passage Random wonders where a kid found porn.

The main passage just leads up to a magic department, a bedroom and a storeroom with nothing in them. As well as...

Some powerful magic here.

Apparently the Forest Maze has completely cut off Rillia from the rest of the Deport, excepting travel by ship.
Marlon and some other NPCs have claimed there is no exit from the Forest Maze and that people that enter never return.

I buy an Oak Staff (+9 ATT, +2 DEF) and an Iron Shield (+16 DEF) for Luci, a Wooden Shield (+5 DEF) for Sarah. Magician Hat (+4 DEF, +7 MIND) for both of them and an Elven Robe (+13 DEF) for Sarah and a Fibre Robe (+10 DEF) for Luci. This pretty much makes me broke. I can only afford Steel Fists (+12 ATT, +8 DEF, +10 SPD, +5% Shock) for Coryool.

Random will have to forgo the 320gp Chainmail for the moment... and the... 13000GP Plate Armour. None of our current party members can use that axe. Spears and bows are for Sarah.

We steal tea from the backroom of the equipment store. Eat shit Don Kovak.

Sandy is actually an important character. Just not in this game. Anyway, Random feels the need to justify his crimes for some reason. This was 18GP.

Sandy's son Steve gets the name wrong and Random correcting it gets Sarah going. Well, actually what gets her going is Steve thinking Random is the coolest for -planning- to enter a tournament and saying he wants to be just like Random.

This is a broom. Get the fuck out Random.



Sandy and whoever this guy is seem to be planning an insurrection against the monarchy of SankT Leona.

Sandy doesn't say much of interest herself.

The general store just sells the food items we've already seen, plus antidotes.

Only slightly more interesting is this guy talking about Fanta. As Random says, it's a long trip. It's up in the far North-east of the Deport IIRC. But it's the Wizard City. Luci even thinks to herself she wants to go there some day.

Random scoffs at this sign.

You can ask Buck for news in addition to resting here or buying some crap. He jokes (?) about kicking a werewolfs ass too.

Thank god.

I like this.

Do not like this.


I select the Hall of Fame one and go upstairs.

A guy is selling a powerful scroll for 4,500 GP because he has way too much shit and apparently 'Flare at its 5th level' is enough for those 'damn foes.'

We couldn't afford this BEFORE my spending spree, so we'll have to come back to it.

God I don't even want to start talking about the scoring system. This was added by a fanmade addon that also increased the walking speed I believe. It's not uncommon to find this game packaged with the addons. If you can find it.

The priestess allows us to save.


This is the only thing of any use here.

But it sure is handy.

Here's a mistake Indy makes a lot. He means unexperienced.

The docks are split in half by a river or something for no real reason and I find a nice item and some gold in various barrels. Otherwise there's not much interesting going on.

When we leave the south docks I run into the last enemy type on the plains. They're not much stronger than a troll. Worth 3 XP and 10 GP each, and have a chance to drop an 'Express Food'.

We also see this message for the first time.

The Counter doesn't have much of interest either.

Just some loot...

Okay this is real good. Only the girls can use it. I think someone around here sells these rings for 250GP.

That's all there is to the Counter.

Mmhm, That's nice, Alex. Why don't you go on a quest to cleanse The Way of evil or something.

This guy warns us about one of the more challenging boss fights in the game.



I think this is the guy that shall take us to those islands way near the end of the game. Can't do it now, though.

Okay, fuck. We admired it.

I think the Deport might actually be the only continent on the planet. No other is ever mentioned to my knowledge at least.

That guy right there is selling Trouts for 110 GP each, so this is a steal!

Oops! Can't have the shield equipped with the Oak Bow. That's all there is for the docks.

I go back and buy the Chain Armour for the naked Random. Which puts us at only 29GP. We're flat broke.

Sarah yells at this guy that's he's not Random. And that's everywhere in the Rillian plains explored and done with, for now.

I go and get our current score. Time to head to Chanterless.

Sarah says 'I love woods!' here. Sarah, please.

That's Chanterless... We won't be exploring it this update, however.

2XP each, and still not really worth worrying about. I guess they're a bit resistant to most physical attacks. Only Coryool did much damage.


Okay, so the Mosquito-Bees are very fragile. Luci's Fire Tempest one-shots them. I believe they can poison you but I didn't get to see in any of the fights I had with them.
The Big Cows can take a bit of a pounding though, but don't really do enough damage to be much of a threat. They're worth 9 XP and 12GP each. A big jump.

I wander over east to find the Checkpoint.

You are the worst fucking elf.

A single Fire Tempest wipes them out. They're worth 2 XP each so we get 20XP for this one-off (?) fight. Some static encounters like this respawn, others do not. Pretty sure this one does not.

Indinera loves his stats.

Well, great. The lady at the counter also sells drinks but we don't need 'em. The paper and quill to her left is the save point and she charges 2GP per save for Checkpoint maintenance.

That's about it for now, or we'll have a way too long an update on our hands. Next time, we'll start exploring the problems plaguing Rillia and Chanterless, and... well, the South-West Deport as a whole too but not before we steal from the Loo.

the end