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S01E04: Stay Close To Me, Sarah (repeated)

CW: This update does have some minor bits with villains threatening to perform sexual assault and unpleasant experimentation on and to Sarah. Also an unintentional(?) threat of necrophilia.

Uhm, yes? I don't know why he points this out. And then everyone repeats the priests and demons are gone and then Herasia meows and Luci gets upset at him.

Another Flare coin.

The rest of the room is barren of any interesting features.

Sure is.

There's a doorway in a little alcove just north of this spot and...

You should really think about what you just said, guy. Anyway, this sort of thing is... not the worst of the games sins, by far, but it definitely shouldn't be in here.

Novice Priests are... well, they're pushovers worth 11XP and 55GP.

Ogrus Maximus can take a bit of punishment and have weak attacks but double attack pretty often so they're not worthless. Can drop Iron Shields. Worth 15XP and 55GP.

We loot their little alcove and move on.

We're ambushed by three Ogrus Maximus here, nothing special.

The next chest as a MP Revive and the third has two fethers.

Haha no.

Just past that, Luci automatically stops us to look at the inscription on the wall.

Well, good thing she didn't listen to your dumbass telling her it was nothing. Sarah also spends this whole scene saying its scary.

You hope. Admittedly, you actually are trying.

Anyway, Luci says they'll have to take the whole of the Deport very quickly and Sarah goes 'Even Metrolia??' which is the largest city on the continent. Also in the far north.

The party then debates what they should do and how seriously they should take this Dark Order. Luci mentions there's lots of dark guilds operating like this, Sarah brings up that Chanterless is far from SankT and well, people might not give a shit anyway. They ultimately settle on destroying this temple and then tell SankT Leona folk. A startling reasonable course of action.

This is the roughest encounter the dungeon can throw at you. Both of these guys are very fragile but they're both dangerous.
The dogs have Dark Wave which does 100+ damage to Sarah and Random. This leads to a few KO's in the dungeon! I use all five of my fethers and all my food! The High Priests cast Fire Tempest a lot, which, yes, blinds us and does a fair bit of damage.

The High Priests are worth 10XP and 200GP (and apparently have a very low chance of dropping Luci's next weapon) and the Demoniac Dogs are worth 13XP and 4GP.

Another doorway ambush. It's the encounter I just described, which is terrible. And we don't even get rewarded for it this time.

There's like, a completely pointless area just south of there.

Good shield either of the girls can use.

Another triple Ogrus ambush.

You can also run into Dark Order Priests again. They're tanky as you might expect from a boss enemy.

We find something handy towards the end of the dungeon, when I'm out of healing items and running low on MP.

I'd used all my food up so all the food you can see comes from the barrels.
South of the food barrels...

Another ambush.

Problem with this spell is that you never know when it'll really be useful, but I guess it's not super MP intensive.
We backtrack to the food barrels and head north instead.

I know for a fact there's meant to be a save point there in front of the wall torch. There was meant to be one right before the werewolf fight too. Hard mode has removed them.

Even evil villains cherish the remains of their ancestors. After a short skirmish, we move on.

There's nothing to do down here, and that ghost is an obscenely powerful enemy. You can also be swarmed by a horde of powerful enemies and lose, and well, I have not saved in quite a while.

This is what the High Priests drop. Random asks if Luci can use it.

It's got some evil batteries or something. Should replace those.

Ignore that I have three of them. I took this screenshot later and for the record: I am NOT collecting evil batteries.

Now, we fight another doorway ambush just above where we got the rod.

We finally get a ALL spell thats a bit more than twice as powerful as Fire Tempest and only costs 5 MP more. No blind or status effect though.


The Black Order ring is pretty nice. Only the girls can use it, but it prevents silence and is only slightly weaker than the Sea Ring. Sarah will also get a boost to her attack power, so what the hell.

I teach it to Luci. It's identical to Sarah's Phoenix' Shine

Just through the doorway, a classic villain rant awaits us.

Sarah is understandably upset by this.

Taking the dogs out quickly turns this into an easy boss fight. The Evil Sorcerer got numbed by Sylph Fog on turn 1 so I couldn't even begin to tell you what he does. After only a couple turns or so of taking everyones best, he dies too.


After the fight, Sarah wonders if the evil sorcerer had been kidding and uh... I don't see why that's even a possibility. Luci and Random comfort her anyway.

We enter through the door...

I have no idea how he lost track of her so quickly, but she says I'm here so I also have no idea what the point of that little dialogue is.

Anyway, here's an extremely shortened version of the conversation in here.

"the Tournament."

lol. I think I know what Random is meant to be saying here, but it just sounds so callous like this.

Anyway, we can walk around the lab and look at things. There's no loot though, and nothing super interesting.

Alright, let's get outta here.

I imagine moments like this are what make being an Elemental Magician worthwhile.

The laboratory is a smaller, seperate map.

We get teleported back to the 'River Cave.'

We'll never be able to reenter the temple/lab. With... one exception.

Huh? That was quick. He doesn't even know if we're alive or dead yet! We return to the Town Hall.

What????? 50XP???? Yveen, that's barely anything! If you're going to give QUEST XP then at least make it worthwhile!

Urgh. Anyway, most of Chanterless has new dialogue now. Most of it isn't worth bothering with either.

This guy gives us the first sidequest we can actually do right now.

We went into that dungeon with 0GP and came out with 25k. And then the werewolfs head took us to 30k.......................

Over at the save checkpoint, the fruit machine is working and a scoreboard has been put up. The mistress is also apparently trying to rig it but accidentally made it easier to win.

I have no idea how I am supposed to read this line. A genuine question from the author? Or is Sarah supposed to sound whiney or something?

I give the machine a full pulls. Get 100GP a couple times, nothing a bunch and 5GP a few times...

They say this EVERYTIME you get 5GP.

Anyway. I said we'd be doing the Forest Maze this update, but I changed my mind. Let's do one chore and then I'll show some mostly pointless stuff.

Love Me is an exceptionally good spell. It's a stat buffer. I think it buffs every stat?

I go and check our score too.

Hm. A lot better but still clay.

And this is where we'll leave Random and co.

But before the update ends, lets cover a couple things from the manual.


Inhabitants: 12000 (rillians)
Modern town, remote and peaceful. The Rillian Plains are a rather safe place of the Deport.
Rillia is surrounded by huge mountains that may hide stronger creatures. Mythology mentions a huge 15-heads snake in the Rillian Mountains.

Rillia's port
Inhabitants: 750
Fishing is one of Rillia's most important activities, tied to agriculture and ore extracting. During day, population raise up to 1500.

Rillian Mountains
Inhabitants: very little, something like 75-150 (15% Dwarves)
Almost nobody really explored them completely. Lot of various ores to be found in the deeper places.

Rillian Plains
Inhabitants: 300
Wide open spaces.

Inhabitants: 1200 (canterians)
Old village in the thick Chanterless woods.

Maybe I should have been relaying this as we came to new areas. I'll try to remember from now on.

More powerful spells tend to call upon powerful spirits or even deities. We've a couple scrolls that do just that now and we've also personally met Yveen. So I shall quote their entries.


* Yveen, Goddess of Life

Appears in : ???
Measurements (as a female human being) :
1m75 == 63kg == 95D-64-94
Yveen, if not the most powerful, is the most important God of the Universe. She is granted with major skills, and owns a peculiar place among the Gods' Council. Her voice is one of the most important, too.
Yveen can grant Random and his friends services, and sometimes give a little help.
Magdalena Leganov (see below) doesn't like her much, mainly because Yveen is kind and a bit candid for that much sexiness, but Yveen doesn't care.

I actually dislike Yveen a lot, but it'll be a looong time (like 5 full games) before you see the full extent of why.


* Magdalena Leganov, Goddess of Sex and Beauty

Appears in : Love Me, Femme Fatale
Measurements (as a female human being) :
1m79 == 65kg == 92D-64-90
Magdalena used to be a kind princess of her empire, until she died and got promoted into Goddess of Beauty, due to her status, skills, but also amazing smile and voluptuous body.
However, Magdalena became wicked as she experienced her Goddess powers, and on the contrary of Yveen, she began to try many, not to say all, lustful and unconfessed tendencies. Her unmatched skills allowed her to keep her Goddess status, but she was called, aside of Beauty, Goddess of Sex aswell.
Nowadays, men and women of all the world can at time have a pleasant and depraved moment, not knowing that wicked and dominatrix girl is a Goddess... in her human appearance.

This kinds of reads like... Pure kind-hearted girl turns evil as soon as she realises how to use her looks and also girls being dominant and kinky is evil.
It's not in this game, but we will see her in some sidequests and she is in fact evil. Maybe not capital E Evil, but she's a piece of work.

Also Leganov is kind of a funny name for the dominatrix goddess.


* Kid Sun

Appears in : Razor Sun
This entity is linked to absolutely nothing. Gifted with powers of the sun, Kid Sun can cut through any opponent and perform huge damages... though nobody seems to actually know something about this mysterious creature...

It sounds like he is linked with the Sun.

Anyway. I guess that's it for now. I do want to say, excepting the upcoming Forest Maze, something about Indinera's dungeons reminds me of D&D modules.

The Forest Maze reminds me of a shitty roguelike procgen map.

the end