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S01E08: The Upper West Saga 3: Unlimited Power!

So the Gyan variant looking jerk happens to be Barandos the Red, accompanied by Barandos' Dog.

I still lose my first attempt. Kind of. I give up early, but I knew how to win easily after that.

The dog just attacks for not much damage. It's a distraction. Barandos, though, spams Nereids of Thunder endlessly. Sarah is the only one hit particularly hard by this at the moment, it does half her HP usually And he usually goes first. Using Nymph Para I was able to drain enough HP from both to keep her alive. It was also draining his MP...The problem was when he ran out of MP, he started attacking. Barandos double hits. Everyone he double hits he does -at least- 100 HP PER HIT. That's enough to outright O.H-K.O Luci and Sarah, and even Coryool cannot stand up to it for very long.

In the end the strategy was have Sarah cast Defense Up on herself, which boosts both Defense and Mind (and yes, Mind is both Magic Attack and Defense, so it technically makes this the overall best stat to buff/debuff in most cases), so she takes less damage and then boost Randoms Attack and Speed with Attack Up and just go ham on Barandos. It still takes a long time, because I think we're doing this battle much earlier than intended, but...

He also drops an Orb of Energy.

Yeah, yeah.

Ahhhh. Look at that. Beautiful. That's one of Random's weapon slots taken for most of the rest of the game. The Barandos Damuhl is the third best sword in the game, the other two are... ones a deal in the main plot and the other is the reward for a very, very long and easy to fuck up sidequest.

There's Ninja in the Upper West now? 35XP, 205GP. Sometimes drop MP Reserve.

We go and tell Leanda the good news. The party says this in this odd phrasing twice.

She asks if she can join the party.

Don't get too excited. She's awful. She's kind of a jack of all trades like Sarah, but much worse. She uses the axes we've been finding lying around in addition to most everything else.

There's a teleport fairy on the Chanterless side of the Forest Maze now so we don't need to renavigate the Maze. But we could also just cast Teleport to teleport to that CREEPS teleport thingy.

The woman that runs the checkpoint couldn't figure out how to rig the fruit machine, so she raised the price per spin from 10GP to 75GP.

Random tells her not to bother - That's Sarah's job.


NAME: Leanda
RACE: Female Human
AGE: 24
WEIGHT: 56kg
87C - 62- 92

Leanda is a good and courageous wizardress. She can both wield valuable spells and handle a lot of very different weapons, from the common staff to the bows or the mythical swords.

Kind and intelligent, Leanda doesn't talk much, but will support anytime Random and his friends.

Good against: dark, air, holy, good at casting many spells, and equipping the best equipments.

Weak at: physical fight and speed.

She's only slightly taller than 1.60m.

She comes at a higher much higher level but has fuck all HP too. Her only special quality is she starts with this spell.

Indy loves his statistics.

A book has also appeared in the hideout basement.

We take it.

Nothing particularly interesting here. 99% of demons are carnivores. Too many types to describe. Some are shapeshifters called Morph-Demons, some are 'butchers' and others are 'Mage-Demons.'


Anyway, humans rarely meet dragons cos dragons don't like how we taste, so that's nice.

The most feared variety of dragon are the nearly invincible, white, lone-wolf dragons called Forbidden Dragons. The 'terrific' Lethal Dragons, which can fly (rare for top-class dragons) are on a never ending quest to find elven women to uhhh.... 'accomplish the process of a Forbidden Dragon's birth' in the words of the book. Thankfully this has yet to really come up in the series IIRC.

So Mythic Dragons sound like noobs.


Some fairies are good, some are evil. Apparently succubi are fairies according to this book. Some very rare fairies called the Noxodox mess with life and death but are very rare. Master spellcasters and artifact creators, they're unfortunately hard to find.

Ah, a Wizardry fan, Indy? I see.

Anyway, let's go talk to an old man.

It sounds like you should burn it the fuck down.

The girls both complain about hearing weird noises from inside, but inside we go.

These guys built the church to 'spread' Gudar's fame and 'aura'. They also believe Gudar will return to them and clear out the monsters some day.

Neither of these guys are worth speaking of. Living Meat sometimes drops antidotes and is worth 14XP and 6GP.
Zombie Kings sometimes drop Iron Shields and are worth 31XP and 8GP.

Corpse Leachers, the green scorpions from Merthuns Cave, also make a return here. So do Emanations, the pathetic looking black ghosts.

Well, that's what you get for following a guy that built a church to himself. Unreliable at best, if you're lucky.

Just east of that guy is a big room.

There's only two things interesting about the big room. This guy in an adjoining room, and...

And the stairs to the basement level.

Oh, we're fighting Ancient Vampires all of a sudden??? What about regular grade ones!?

Oh, and Random is critting close to capped damage on some mooks now with great regularity.

Ancient Vampires: Sometimes drop Bread. 28XP and 82GP.

The staff isn't worth equipping on Luci, shockingly enough. It's only a bit better than her mace in defense and worse every other way, and its 25% silence resistance is covered by the Spell Devotion we got last udpate which has 100% resistance to silence instead!

There's pots and barrels with GP in them scattered throughout the crate maze.

And Luci and Sarah learn the two spells which will render us largely undefeatable except for enemies that way outclass us. Protection is a weaker Defense Up that affects the whole party. Fresh Tsunami is incredibly good compared to how shitty Tsunami is, and for not even that much extra MP in the grand scheme of things.

This is a big deal since staying alive against the harder bosses so far relied on Sarah alternating between buffing and healing which could go very wrong. With Protection, Sarah will probably only rarely cast Defense Up now. It'll take Luci multiple casts to get everyone as high as they can go, but Sarah can be healing at the same time, so no biggy.

We make our way through the crate maze to rooms of empty pots and chests.

Then we go up those stairs there.

The books don't seem to have any eventing at all, unfortunately. I was curious what kind of books Gudar would have in his church to himself.

Sarah can also wear this robe, and gets more out of it Mind-wise, honestly, but fuck it.
We continue down the sole hallway of this area.

I give this to Sarah.

There's nothing of interest here at the end. Why is this part of the church only accessible through the basement? It's like a living quarters, kind of.

I backtrack to the crate maze to get more loot. The rest of it is a pointless dead end, so I backtrack to the start of the dungeon where we went east of the one guy and go north instead.

That chest is empty.

Yes, we're the real monsters, heard it before guy. Anyway, the only way forward are these doorways. The view only just cant fit in that the glass floor ends at a chasm on both ends of this..... landing?

Oh, we've got this shit after us too. He casts Death on Luci but nothing happens. Possibly because of Coryool but I wouldn't put it past a Death spell to have just failed outright here.

It's very fast but very weak. 37XP, 75GP.

Before we pick a door, I grab this asshole secret.

I also give this to Sarah.

There's not all that much good loot in this dungeon. And a lot of boring storerooms!

But you do get some slightly interesting bits like this. Luci says Gudar looks very arrogant.

Move on southwards and down a very long flight of stairs. There's also an antidote in one pot.

Slight redundancy aside, it looks like an owl crossed with a bungee cord down there.

There's stairs leading to a completely empty cellar or w/e. So besides a crate of a small amount of GP in the prior room this last part had no reason to exist.

Honestly this middle door section has little reason to exist. It's very large but there's only three treasures in it.

I don't think I've mentioned Egress Certificates are like a free cast of Egress.... which only costs 1MP and Random learns it at level 2.
You can also buy Egress Certificates for some absurdly low price. Also that nun just says the beds are clean. Thanks, sister.

Last part of the dungeon!

Coryool finally learns something really worth his limited MP.

I teach Anti-tek, which is the HEALS MOST STATUS EFFECTS spell, to Luci.

I have no idea what the hell this shit is supposed to be but I do know it's one of Randoms more powerful skills for much of the game. I guess I should take a look in RPGMaker 2k.

Dead end...

We have a fair few diamonds now. I probably won't ever sell them either, unless something dire happens. I'll explain what their purpose is in that case some other time.

A big deal is made of this crate and we even get a choice on whether to open it. We do and its got a second Snow Robe! Yay!

R.I.P dickhead.

This key is half the reason to do this dungeon. The other half...? We'll end this dungeon with it. Also this guy says he doesn't know what the key is for.

I backtrack to an area just above where we found the book earlier.

So... like I said. With Randoms current damage and crit rate, Protection and Attack Up... this guy can't even touch us. I do not even need to heal once. I don't even notice what he does.

So yeah. He dies quickly after a few turns. Random even finishes him off with a 999 damage crit.

Worth 110XP and 250GP. ALWAYS drops the Aygaryan Rapier.

Sarah makes gimme hands for the rapier.

Nice. I also think this might be the double hitting rapier.

We exit the donjon and... I rest. But before we end this update, I decide to try something.

We body the golem even harder than we did the Lord of the Chasm. It summons the Dryads over and over which does 1 damage to everyone with Protection up. Well, it does 11 damage to Luci.

Anyway. It does not last long against the buffed up party.

It has a guaranteed drop of a Raw Scaloide (an item we wont use for a long time) and is worth 100xp and 6500GP.

After we win, Random wants to see what's behind it, and Sarah complains its cold.

Oh shut up

Luci confirms this is way above our heads and I decide to leave before I regret coming in.

Anyway, that's all for this update. The next update will probably start with the next dungeon and then we'll go to the capital of Big Cows, Capul. Maybe take a look at the burnt out village too.

the end