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S01E11: The Upper West Saga FINALE: My long-time dream finally reality!

This update we'll come across my favourite one-off NPC in the game, a pure and simple soul. It's even possible you've seen it before since last time I played this, back in like 2016, I uploaded it and wound up seeing it passed around a little bit. Not a -lot- but it's possible.

So, after the last update I was going through my crap and did notice that the SankT Crown, while crappy statistically, is actually pretty good resist-wise.

Only Paralysis, numb and silence can keep Sarah from healing, and I'm not sure we've more than a single paralyze ( I think from Torahl) so far, and I think silence is relatively rare. Numb is not too uncommon though. Shock and Clash, I think a lot of enemy special moves have a low-mid chance of doing.
But I may be misremembering.

As with last update, we get stuck right into the main thread of this update. Visiting a mountain so we can cross another mountain... Which will... No, I shan't spoil it.

We begin to backtrack right back to where it all started.

How nostalgic.

You realise that this does in fact make 'Laxius Power Ultimate ~ Random Story' the 'Planescape: Torment' of RPGMaker, yes? Oh, I know it's not the final dungeon but you have to cut one-man amateur teams some slack.

Random specifically says 'Let's follow it' which makes me think we are tight-roping across to a floating mountain.

I mean, this IS a floating mountain, right? Look at it.

The fact you can examine all the flowers on this mountain is suspicious (and there is a lot of them.) It's either for a joke like in the Merthuns Cave or...

The Huge Cockatrix and Savage Cockatrix... Same sprite as the Hill Chicken. We returned to this place confident in our ability to defeat these fowl beasts but have been confronted with a new level of challenge instead.

The Savage Cockatrix can drop........ at a very low rate... Cockatrix... fethers. It's worth 40XP and 11GP. The fethers have no in or out of battle use, they exist solely for use with a particular NPC.
It can do some half-decent damage too I guess.

The Huge Cockatrix apparently has no fethers and is worth 54XP and 8GP. It's a tanky bird but nothing special.


Good thing we are extremely imprudent. Impudent too.

The sign has been defaced beyond any readability.

Everyone panics as WHATEVER IT IS roars twice.

Then, Random, the brain genius that he is, says there is obviously something in here with the,

Oh, a triple boss? Probably be weak individually then and a cinch.

I pay for my impudence. Not just once either, but on the second attempt too.

So here's the very classy Game Over screen. Despite what the Yveen Pendants line implies this is a very final Game Over, no respawning or anything like that.

Okay, so the Rillian Anaconda's are incredibly dangerous. The nastiest foes by far thus far. The first loss happened despite everyone being fully buffed up, the second loss happened on ROUND 2!! Those bastards double hit for a lot of damage and there's three of them. They also have an attack where they hit the whole party once each.

Even with a couple casts of Protection, they're able to kill Sarah and Luci in one turn and Coryool in one turn if more than one focuses on him with single target attacks.

Random, though. When buffed to max defense, only takes 20 damage per hit from them. It's just a matter of buffing him before losing. So the strategy I wound up was this. Have Random, Sarah and Coryool defend while Luci casts Protect on Round 1. Then have Sarah cast Fresh Tsunami while Luci casts Protect again or maybe does some damage spells. Either way you're not going to keep either of these two up unless youre lucky and get a bunch of Diamond Jewel casts off.

So I wound up with Random standing alone, critting these guys every turn for 999 damage until they died. They have at least 3k HP, each.

They're worth 200XP and 426GP per troop. I think you're meant to come back and try this boss a bunch of levels later, but whateverrrrr.


Rillian Anaconda (unique, Rillian Mountains)
The first man to report the Anaconda's presence near Rillia was some Cockatrix hunter. The creature was soon located in some caves of the Rillian Mountains. It wasn't considered as a threat for Rillia, and because of its incredible and feared strength (15 heads, says the rumor !), it was never hunted by the Rillian Town Hall.
The Anaconda is indeed hurt by sunlight, and has never been observed outside of its cave.
Beware, though ! Some tried to bring the head(s) (!) as a token of their bravery, or to gain promotion in their job, but they failed and now probably lie on the dirty ground of the Anaconda's cave.

Guanidia is dead wrong. The cave has a seemingly higher than usual encounter rate against our old friends from Tangar Mountain Caves, Assassin Dwarves, Phospho Dwarves, Fire Fires and the Lake Tarantellas.

Nice resists on this thing. Luci can't use the Medusa Shield so Sarah gets that by default.

This has the better stats and blocks Numb so Sarah's immune to a lot of shit right now.

This cave is very deep and after this item we walk a fair way, finding nothing until...

This is still only the third helmet we've equipped on Random. Coryool is on his second helmet still.

Anyway, leaving via the exit there takes us to...

... This is some Super Mario Bros. shit.

Anyway, if you jump onto that vine we actually wind up very close to where we want to go, but we do not want to go there yet.

I Egress back to the start.

Luci believes defacing signs is a high crime.

There's another vine we can jump onto just NE of the cave, but we shall not for now.

Instead we take this bridge just south of there.

Ah, I do like the looks of that, lake explainer guy.

I take the bridge... stairs? north.

That chest we can see is the only reason to come here, but we have to...

... go on a bit of a walk to reach it.

Worth it, though.

These guys are here. They can die too, I guess.

Extremely low chance of dropping an Amethyst. 44XP, 101GP.

Back to the sword lake!

This guy just says to be careful, there's a lot of monsters around. Little did I know this was the setup to something goofy.

That little farm or whatever has this... I'm not sure what it is. A neighbour?

Random is very judgey.

For some reason you can examine the armour through the entire length of this bench. Not sure why.

Downstairs, we find why we came down here.

And there's nothing in the bottom most room.

I return to the surface.

Why? While walking around here I also encounter the Giant Spiders from the Forest Maze. You only ever encounter the pack of Hill Chickens here or a single Giant Spider.

Sarah says it'll be just like that from her to Random. Yech.

Anyway, it is is kind of cute, honestly to put this much setup into a... joke? I think it needs like a punchline of some sort though. Like something extremely nasty does come here and the boyfriend easily handles that too. The weak shit is the crap he leaves alone because it's a non-threat. That sort of thing.

IF we could steam them, we would, but we cannot. Also that is NOT a tree.

They have a nice little home with absolutely nothing interesting inside.

Also a magic orange hat for the girls. It sucks.

We go south from here.

And pay 25GP for a boat ride.

For some reason Random says 'Whoa!' here. Also what the fuck is a millenary lake. Does he mean it's a thousand years old? That can't be very impressive for a lake, can it?

Also the lake is 150m deep at this point she says.

Sarah begins worrying about tribus but is told it's fine, there's nothing.

Coryool gets bored at this point and says this wasn't worth a whiskey.

Everyone panics, and..


Guanidia gets told off and they keep moving.

Except she loses control of the boat, which excites Coryool. He thinks it'll be fun.

The crash is completely undramatic.
We get our GP back and the woman stays here to repair the boat.

Thanks to Coryool the whole party falls down the well.

It's okay, we wanted to come down here for this. It's also literally the only thing down here. There's not even minor loot.

Also whatever the hell these things are can only be encountered down here. They're worth 25XP.

I was wondering why these boulders are movable, but I figured it out eventually. Also that crab blocked my path for a while.

So... uh, a few boulders along the way are placed to be easy to bump into and block your path.

I can't even begin to imagine how I'm supposed to interpret this.

CAREFULLY push this last boulder to the side.

The exit puts us back on the other side of the lake. We cannot return to the cave.

We return to the first area and climb the vine we skipped.

Yeah yeah, hand over your shit.


A lot of walking and climbing later...

We grab some of these as well.

We find Kevin and explain the situation to him. He is reluctant to leave so soon, but...

We bribe him with a pittance.

Before we move on with the Main Quest we have some side stuff to handle first.

Great. So the whole boat and well cave escapade was pointless.

The rare flowers do not work either. So examining the flowers on the mountain was also a complete waste of time. Guess you'll just have to die, Jezzie.

We don't really need this crap, so I reload and deliver Lise's package intact.

We're not told to speak to Lise again, but that's how we progress this quest.

First, though, we make a stop at Mizabrandeau.

After this the party has a bit of a discussion about Jezzie's illness and how Fairy Salt might be the only thing that could help her. Unfortunately Mizabrandeau has not had any Fairy Salt for sale for ages. We're told we could find some easily in Indinera Woods but it is possible we may find it on the road.

The Fairy Herb is... alright I guess. The MP is nice, at least.

Uhm... What. This is from delivering the news that Jock is fine to Lise.

FUCK. Coryool is upset about acting like courier too and wants to open the package. Luci is the only one -adamantly- against opening either of the two packages, even if you decide to do it.

You can open the package at any time too, like with the first and find this, a jewel encrusted amulet Sarah loses her shit over.

It is pretty nice though. Halving MP would be good for both Luci and Sarah.

Anyway, I reload and return the package to Lise since we won't be able to find Jock.

2000XP is alright but 10 Mind Points is worthless.

Lets move on.

Kevin says it'll take 2 or 3 hours for him to make a good strong rope, so we should go do something else.

-Rillia-? What? Why? NO

Fuck! We got teleported there.

Well, we rest at the inn and then teleport back to the Tangar teleport point.

Kevin's done his job and leaves.

If you say so.

We need to explore this small part of the hills before we leave it, too.

... What?

... What?

The dwarf is very surprised we solved this riddle.


He also says it was all for a root he doesn't care about too, so he wasted his time.


Luci chimes in with some of her extremely wise wisdom.

This is a pretty easy boss fight. Ryucan and the chief just seem to mostly do physical attacks. The third guy sometimes casts a MP draining spell and some damage spells.

In the end, the battle is worth 495XP and 5305GP. The Chief has a guaranteed drop of the Ogulmb Shield and the caster guy drops a book, guaranteed too.

Only Sarah can use the new shield. She just got a relic shield. Somewhat earlier than intended, but still!

For the first time, a book spell goes to Sarah instead of Luci. Sarah has a dire lack of damaging spells, so I decided to give her this one.

And... we're finally done with the Upper West. Unless this counts as the Upper West too. I don't think it does though.

Roseannes are a non-threat and have an extremely low chance of dropping Fairy Peppers. Worth 18XP.

We enter the nearby 'Tangerian Counter.'

Something odd is going on. Anyway, most of the people that were here have apparently cleared out already.

Apparently the entire counter will be dismantled now that the crisis is over? Seems like a waste to me.

Random and Sarah gloat over someone being in such a rush they left a small fortune behind. Don't even think of taking it to Lost & Found or something. That's heroes for you.

So uh.... Lot of talking animals in here.

So it's a curse. But also, sometimes... it is a blessing.

There he is.

the end