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Chapter 56: 6/17-6/18: Poor Teaching Kills

This update covers content from Part 51 of the original LP.

Anon: NO. They piss me off.

Early Morning

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

Speaking of murky… there haven’t been any new developments in the phantom thief incidents. If they go so far as using calling cards to get attention, I doubt Madarame’s case will be the last. What kind of target will they choose next? What do you think?

Probably a criminal. Easy question.

The Phantom Thieves only target criminals, huh… Is that really true? Supposing it is, there are plenty of villains in the world. How do they choose who to go after? …… Oh, sorry. I’m getting lost in my own head… I have to stay on top of any Phantom Thieves activity due to what I said on the air. If you hear any rumors at school, I hope you can let me know.

Well, there’s this one idiot who goes around telling everyone he’s a Phantom Thief. That’s just Ryuji being Ryuji though, you should really see the *other* idiot who goes around telling everyone he’s a Phantom Thief. Man, Starry-Eyed Student, you’re so crazy…

Early Morning → After School

Aw, for real!? We didn’t get anything!?

God, they suck…

This weird semi-joke about the neighboring booth being terrible and annoyingly loud doesn’t land at all because the noises are not recognizably awful or even identifiably human. It just sounds like extremely muffled nonsense. Actually, you know what it sounds like? It sounds like the boss theme in Nocturne. It sounds like that, like someone is clearly making these sounds with their mouth but they’re intentionally avoiding having them correlate with any language known to man, be it from past, present, or future. Basically like someone doing death metal in the Nier nonsense language two apartments down the hall. Though I repeat, it’s not loud enough for this joke to actually work.

Man, we’re goin’ nowhere with this… Hey, can’t we ask Miss President to change it up?
You mean… change our target?

I suggested this *days* ago!

We just gotta show our justice to satisfy her, right? There are tons of shitty adults in this world. It’s not like it matters who we’re goin’ after. She says this is for the students, but I bet it’s just so she can go brag about it on college apps.
But that mafia’s stealing money from kids. We can’t just accept that! It doesn’t matter who the target came from anymore.
Ann’s right. We want to give courage to the weak. Isn’t this the perfect target to accomplish that goal?

I never thought it’d be this noisy if you weren’t signin’…

Again, this does not land at all.

Anyways, I’m sure we’ll shut Akechi up if we pull this off, but—
That’s exactly why we should do it.
It all comes down to intel in the end… If we don’t start finding tips on that front, we’ll never get any further than this…
There has to be someone who has what we need.

Well, I give up. Time to change my name again! …I mean, for the first time!

Wait that journalist!
You mean the woman who was staking out Madarame’s house?
Oh yeahhh. I completely forgot about her!

Wait, there was a journalist watching my place of residence?
Eh, it was like a month ago, don’t worry about it.

Didn’t she give you her card?

Ryuji, it was weeks ago, I probably threw that shit out the second she—

Oh, here it is.

Maaku’s shameful hoarding habit aside…

…This is for a rather major publication.
You think we can trust her?

Uh… probably not. Which is why my plan… is to *not* tell her I’m a Phantom Thief.
Genius! I love it!
Eh, I dunno. I mean, where’s the suspense?

Okay, let’s contact her!

He says our time’s up. Should we extend it?
Happy hour’s over, yeah? C’mon, let’s just go.
How wasteful! *begins furiously chugging drink*

Anyways, guess we just gotta wait for that journalist to email us back. Let us know ASAP when she responds! Got it, Maaku?

After School → Evening

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

What, *me*? *faux offense*

The chief’s as sharp as ever…

Is he though?

But it’s more like we’re the ones being dragged into things…

I told you this already, but I’ve been deceiving you. Sorry, again. So stop spending your money on me! Got it?

Kind of getting mixed messages here when you introduce yourself as your maid persona.

For the record, Kawakami’s chat icon was not Becky in the original game, which is mildly neat. It was just her regular appearance.

The police stated that they are dedicating all their efforts to prevent more victims of the mafia. However, they have failed to make good on that promise, and the public’s unease has only grown.
They’re hurting a lot of people. I really wish we could find some sort of lead.

I barely get any customers on rainy days…

Fine… I guess I’ll have to talk to you properly about it. Just wait for me there.

Temperance Rank 5: Part 63

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

I told you that the story about my sick little sister was a lie… You know you’re being used for money… and you still request me.

At no point was I under any pretense about what this was. You made all that other shit up to make yourself feel better, don’t put that on me.

Well, I am thankful that you’re requesting me, but… You really are one strange kid… I’m a mediocre teacher and a mediocre maid… And yet, you listen to everything I have to say…

Hey, that’s not true. You’re actually pretty bad at both of those things.

…You’re the complete opposite of me. I don’t even properly attend to my students’ needs. ……

…An “apology.”

Oh, this should be good. I feel like every person I get acquainted with these days seems to have some long-buried sob story, and I just eat that shit up.

There was a student named Takase at the school I taught at before Shujin. Takase-kun was considered a problem child, since he had the lowest grades and skipped school a lot. So I was put in charge of guiding him… or rather, pushing him to transfer to another school.

Wow, that’s shitty. You agreed to that?
Sorry, continue.

But when I got to know him, I realized he wasn’t a problem child after all. …In fact, he was working several part-time jobs just so he could cover his living expenses. His relatives took him in when his parents died, so he had to make money to support himself. He couldn’t attend school every day, but he was motivated to study. That’s why I decided to tutor him. After I started working with him, his grades started to improve, slowly but surely.

All’s well that ends well, I guess!

But I was told that it was wrong to only help certain students and not others…

Oh. Well, shit.

Then a strange rumor about him being a juvenile delinquent began to circulate.

Where have I heard that one before?

And on top of that, I got called into the principal’s office… He threatened me… saying that I’d be dismissed if I continued to tutor Takase-kun.

Geez, that’s shitty.
Yeah, but so am I.

I got scared… of losing my job, and of having rumors spread about me. So… I canceled our upcoming tutoring sessions… Takase-kun was on his way to one of his part-time jobs when I told him… Out of all days, it was New Year’s Eve, and it had been pouring rain all day… And… he died in a car crash.

…Oh. Um. Huh. Yikesaroo. The story was clearly building to it, but… still. Was not ready for that one.

Music: Confession/Secret

He sounded so depressed when I told him that I couldn’t tutor him anymore… But then he said that it was no big deal because he had to work anyway, so I wouldn’t feel bad. If only I had kept my promise to him…

That’s rough, buddy. It’s not your fault, I guess? Probably?

Takase-kun was exhausted from the tutoring sessions and working at all his part-time jobs… His guardians blamed me for the accident, saying it was all my fault that he was so tired… They said that they were going to sue me and take the issue to the media and Board of Education. I wouldn’t have been accused of a crime, but if word had gotten out, the school would’ve been done for.

Wait, the school would have been in trouble… because you tutored someone? And Shujin had an honest-to-god statutory rape followed by a suicide attempt and people just kinda forgot? That seems messed up! What kind of sick country is this!?

…I wanted to continue teaching, no matter what. So I ended up paying them the “apology” money so they wouldn’t sue me or say anything.

Wow, they sound like some real shitheels. Wait a minute… why was he working so many part-time jobs to pay his basic living expenses if he had guardians? Something about this is really fishy… Oh well! I’m sure that won’t ever be important!

It was my indecisiveness that backed him into a corner, and I blame myself every day. I know paying them isn’t going to bring him back, but it’s the only way I can atone for my sins. It seems like his guardians are satisfied with our arrangement, so… ……

I have to keep my distance to avoid hurting others, so I don’t meddle in my students’ lives. I’ve been coming here because of a random twist of fate, but we should say goodbye as well.

But I have all of this cash and also pity, and I need to get rid of them somehow!

Hamiru-kun… You’re really not the type to back down, are you?

Never give up, never surrender!

Haha… I guess we’re in this together, now that I told you the whole story, right? …Yeah. I’ll see what I can do about the other teachers so you get free periods with them, too. …I look forward to continuing our relationship.
I feel like my relationship with Kawakami has deepened…

Hell yeah, free time in other teachers’ classes! This is what we’ve been rushing this Confidant for. We’ll still prioritize it a bit because Rank 10 is good, but it’s not as good as it was now that we can perform certain activities after exploring the Metaverse without needing Kawakami’s massage.

Oh my, this room is sooo dusty! Even though I wipe the place squeaky clean every visit… Well, I guess it’s all for you, Master. I’ll work hard to earn my keep! ♥

Kawakami began cleaning my room…

Maybe we’d be better off tearing this place down than trying to clean it?

Uh, I have to *live* here.

Well, the shabbi—I mean, chicness of this room is truly its charm, so let’s keep it as is! All right, I have to go. ♥ I’ll be eagerly awaiting your next request, Master! ♥

We chose options 3 (+2), 1 (+2), 3, 1, 2.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)


By the way, I’ve always wanted to ask, but do you live in that café right now? There’s always this nice curry smell around the place. Do you get to eat that place’s curry every day?

I so wish I had picked that first option, it’s so goddamn funny to me.

…Okay, that was a joke, but… God, I could really go for some homemade curry right now. *cough* *cough* Sorry. Can’t seem to shake this cough. I’ve been so busy lately….

…Okay, don’t stay up too late. Night.

Music: Days of Sisters

*sigh* Oh lord, here we go.

They were asking if you’ve made any lifestyle changes recently.
I gave them a suitable enough answer, but… is there some kind of issue at school?
No.. It’s nothing. I’m sorry to worry you.

I doubt you would do such a thing, but try to avoid wandering around Shibuya late at night. I’ve heard stories of girls your age throwing their lives away out there. Getting wrapped up in shady deals, blackmailed into sex work…

That’s, um… really morbid.
Good night!

Anon: They seem full of it, so NO


Music: So Boring

Ryuji, we only just emailed her yesterday. WE must have patience.
Yeah, well, in case you forgot we got less than two weeks before the deadline. Even if we start immediately, that’s not much time.
Yeah, there’ll be almost no time left over to pointlessly panic about unfounded fears that it didn’t work!
What if the journalist fails to respond entirely?
Don’t you jinx this, Yusuke!

I am merely discussing all the possible outcomes.
Ain’t you nervous about this?
Nervousness will not help us solve anything at this point. Were that the solution to our problem, I would be much quicker to turn to panic.
Wow, he’s like some kind of philosopher…
I think he’s just an idiot...

Afternoon → After School

Music: Disquiet

Listen. I’m working on it. Just relax. I got my best guys on this. Best and only.
There’s rumors spreading about me! You didn’t tell anyone, did you? That delinquent Hamiru even knows! What if he threatens me? I can’t afford to pay anything else…
Just wait a bit longer, please. I have some clues, but…

You’re really gonna help…? Everyone thinks you’re just doing it for a letter of recommendation...
That’s not true. My goal here is to protect the students of this school…
Please… please hurry...

Music: Tokyo Daylight

However, I managed to find the leader of that burglary ring operating out of Shibuya. The one who posted about his brother goes to my school, and I managed to get some details out of him. The leader’s name is Kazuya Makigami.
Good job, Yusuke. This may be unrelated to the mafia, but we can’t let it go unpunished.
Let’s take him down in Mementos when we get a chance, then!

(Energetic Student) Right? It’s like he’s a prince. He’s the Detective Prince! I love hearing that suave and soothing voice of his too! I wish he would talk to me like that.
But you know, Hamiru-kun actually debated with Akechi-kun, and he didn’t do too badly.

Yeah, gonna get me my own fangirls now! Fuckin’ A!

(Intense Soccer Player) Haha, calling it a day already? How do you expect to win if you don’t show a little more backbone?
You get way too gung-ho about things. Don’t you know girls like guys who act cool and nonchalant? Girls are into guys like Goro Akechi, that detective guy who was on TV the other day.
Oh, right. That guy might be really smart, but he’s too skinny to kick for the soccer team!

For some reason one of the students here has his “name” mislabeled as “Intense Soccer team member” in one line, after which it reverts to “Intense Soccer Player”. This is not notable in any way.

(Male Student in a Jersey) I wish that at least this rainy season would be over soon. The weather will be bearable then.
It won’t end for a while though. And I’m sure that when it does, it’ll be burning hot outside…

“WARNING: Stay away from Shinjuku.” “Unkempt attire is a sign of an unkempt heart.” “Aim for the Olympics!” “High hopes for Yoshizawa’s performance!”

(Bothered Student) The student council’s, I hear. I bet that super serious class president pushed for it.

…I see intense emotions roiling in your eyes. Passion is not always dangerous only if one knows how to calm one’s heart… Why don’t you spend some time in solitude here? Maybe you will attain enlightenment in the peace.
“Calm one’s heart”? …Does he mean you can meditate here?

While over in Kichijoji, I accidentally talk to this monk, throwing me into a tutorial. We can do the same kind of training we can do in our room or at the gym here, just for SP growth.

Do you want to meditate at the temple?

By the way… do you have any business here?

Hah… You must have a wealth of free time if that is your decision.

You callin’ me a loser, Yusuke!? Well, you’re right.

I would like to speak with you… Maaku, do you have time?

Do you remember how I mentioned my need to understand the heart? Well, I am having a hard time grasping it. How will I be able to reach the truth of pure beauty? Maaku, what should I paint to capture the contents of the heart?

Ah, I see…! Mementos! The desire that emanates from that place is the root of humanity!

I dunno about any of that, I just thought it’d make a pretty metal painting.

Incredible! You honestly have a unique perspective on things. With that destination in mind, let us make haste!

Emperor Rank 1: Part 51

Music: Suspicion

The same thing which brought forth the beauty of the “Sayuri” can also create such morbid fabrications… But I actually find that aspect to be quite fascinating… The heart is akin to an abyss… *sketching* Now, regarding the source of my slump… I actually have an idea. In that other dimension, I saw the perversion of Madarame’s heart… At that moment, the art realm I had so much faith in was distorted by greed and unchecked desires. That is when the true ugliness of the world became clear to me… And from that point forward, my brush has been stayed by crippling hesitation…

Well, maybe you need to—

Does pure beauty truly exist? And if so, can hands tainted by Madarame’s depravity capture it? Considering such intense questions only served to distance me from reality. Doubt filled my mind. I struggled to find a reason to move my brush again… And honestly… I still have yet to discover a suitable answer.

Fox, why are you suddenly so goddamn chatty when it’s just the two of us?

Some time passes…

…What’s the matter? Have you been overcome by an urge to paint?

No, I’m just realizing that watching someone else draw was an incredibly bad way to spend my afternoon. Can we hurry this up?

Please, do not rush me. I only need a little more time… Hm, the lingering uncertainty present in this place seems to be sharpening my senses… I feel a revelation approaching…

Man, I should have gone to the bathroom before we left…

Hm, yes…! Inspiration has struck…! That must be it…! Such brilliant composition! Ah, my heart races…!

Hmph, how inelegant! You wish to carry out your distorted will, foolish Shadow? I shall cut you down for interrupting my work!

Music: Last Surprise

This fight goes down easy. The Slimes are all weak to Fire, which both Joker and Fox have access to (thanks to an accessory on Fox). We also get that Blank Card.

Music: Mementos

I’m glad you were here. You have my thanks. …You’re like Theo.

I’d google who that is, but I can’t here.
Theo was Van Gogh’s brother.

Van Gogh did not achieve fame in his lifetime, but found an admirer and supporter in his brother.

Thanks, I guess.

Well, there aren’t many who are willing to deal with my… eccentricity.

So you’re aware you’re weird. Interesting.

By the way, what’s in your hand…? A card?
It’s the blank card the Shadow dropped…
…… Whenever I see blank paper, I have the urge to draw something on it. …May I?

Yusuke, that’s the kind of trait you most often see in literal cartoon characters. But sure, take it.

What!? Hrrm…
A satisfactory resutl.

My picture… turned into a real skill card?

Lemme see what it is, it could be usefu—Oh, it’s Recarm. Bleh.

Maaku. Would you mind helping me further? If I can overcome this slump, I should be able to aid our group like earlier—perhaps even more so. I know… Why don’t we act as the thieves we are and strike a deal?

…Eh, sure, why not?
I won’t let you down.

I can sense Yusuke’s trust in me…

Music: Interrogation Room

We found several cards with strange designs on them in your bag. Who designed these cards, and what were you using them for?
Oh, you mean the skill cards? Eh, those aren’t all that important. You can actually have them if you want.
I don’t understand. Did you make use of these cards? Did they help you commit your crimes?
Well… Yes, but also no… In theory they’re pretty good, but at the same time I never really touched them except maybe to scam the twins into thinking I fused something I didn’t… Honestly, I forgot I even had them until you brought them up just now. I feel bad, it seems like he put a lot of work into these… Sorry Yus—ah, you almost got me!

Music: The Spirit

Persona 5 Royal dispenses entirely with the “tiers” of Skill Cards and just lets Yusuke duplicate any card from Rank 1. Fine by me, the tiers were honestly pretty arcane.

Music: Mementos

I’ll contact you once it’s done.

Music: What’s Going On?

I must say… I never expected my art skills would ever prove useful for the Phantom Thieves.

That’s silly, because we already made use of them. Remember? The calling card?

I have to hold up my end of the deal, so I’ll perform to the best of my ability. You need only ask.

Now, we should be heading back. I have to apply the finishing touches as soon as possible!


Line Changes!!!!!

During the Sae and Makoto scene on 6/17, Sae’s line “They got involved in criminal acts and were blackmailed into working at illegal sex establishments...” is now “Getting wrapped up in shady deals, blackmailed into sex work…” Definitely less awkward now. Also, uh, still morbid!