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We're starting our tour of the base right where we left off, under the watchful gaze of the commander. We'll start by going left, as that section of the base is almost completely unexplored right now.

Music: Momentary peace

This is where we first found ourselves upon finishing our repairs. The soldier that blocked our way is still there, but he's no longer a brick wall. First, though, let's check out the med bay.

A new face is waiting to greet us!

- You are the one who was brought here? Oh, you look completely recovered. I'm Rocinolle...I look after injured reploids. When the injury is serious, Cerveau will take care of them.

Rossignol is french for "Nightingale". Most of the resistance members have french names having to do with birds, like Ciel's "sky". That hairstyle and clothing kinda makes her resemble a WWII field nurse, which is pretty cool.

Generic soldier #17 also has something to say. While it's tempting to shun him for railroading us earlier, this is worth hearing.

- If you want to go to the area that you have already cleared, please use the Trans Server. It is located in the center of the command room. It can transfer you to the other areas.
In order to use the trans server, stand in the middle of it and speak to the operator.

Trans Servers were ugly little things scattered around the world in the first game, which were used to quickly warp from one region to another. This time around, the command center serves as your one and only access point to the outside world, so they aren't needed anymore.

Just past the soldier sits this big elevator. It's significantly prettier than the one in the last game (which was just a factory-style lift), but appears to be broken and won't move to the upper floors. We'll save that for later, then. Just past it, though...

- Zero! I really wanted to see you! I asked you to stay with us...You lied to me! But I'll forgive you because you came back.

- Ciel has looked sad since we escaped from our old base. I loved our old resistance because I...I don't like Commander Elpizo.

This little cutie's name is Alouette. She was a staple of the last game, and her name's french for "Lark". Ciel gave her that adorable doll, and she goes far in livening up the otherwise cold base. The promise she's referring to is one we made right before the end of the previous game, swearing we'd be back in a jiff. A year's not too long for a robot, so who cares!

Elevator seems to work fine going down, at least.

- You are new here. Welcome to our base, son. My name is Andrew. If you have time, come to my place. I'll tell you an interesting story.

- What is your name, young man? have the same name as that legendary Reploid...Work hard and don't disgrace that hero's name!

Andrew here is another returning face, though it seems our face isn't as familiar to him. He looks old because he had himself remodeled to better fit his aging human lover, seeing as robots don't age. Make no mistake, though, he IS stupidly old. His age makes him a wise and respected member of the community.

The area behind the door helpfully labeled "room" is devoid of activity at the moment, as is the area to the right, so we'll just head down another floor.

- Oh, Zero! You are safe!

- It seems that there is something wrong with the elevator and you can't move to the 1st or 5th floors. Plus, you cannot go higher than the 5th floor. But, I think that it will be working soon...

Welp, that stops us in our tracks. It's completely pointless, too; I really don't know why Inti Creates didn't want you exploring the whole thing right now. Regardless, the area to the right of the elevator is, once again, empty, so we'll just retrace our steps.

Cerveau is still in his lab, but he just asks if we get how the chain rod works and repeats his tutorial. Not worth it. Let's go see what Ciel's up to.

Music: Labo


That was not on earlier! And what's with that UI? You'd think the future could do better. Let's just see if we can...

- Boot Complete. Do you want to know? ~Y/N~


- Request accepted. What do you want? ~Maverick wars/Cyber-Elf~

>>-Maverick wars-

- The Maverick wars was started by the Sigma virus, which terrified the world. Eventually the Maverick wars turned into everyone misusing the power of the Cyber-Elves. Thanks to X, the evil Cyber-Elves have been deleted. No further information can be found.

It's an exposition machine! This thing gives explanations for some of the terms players new to the series might not know, as well as bits of plot we wouldn't otherwise know. Apparently we aren't the only ones able to use Elves.

- What do you want? ~Maverick wars/Cyber-Elf~

>>-Cyber Elf

-The Cyber-Elf is a program created to support humans and Reploids. The Cyber-Elf has its own will and can talk. However, once it is used, it dies.

That's all the info it has for now. Update your databanks, Ciel!

That's also all the socializing we have to do for now. It's a bit barren at the moment, but it'll probably fill up as we go along. See you then!