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Chapter Zero
"The Beginning of the Nightmare"

It had been a while since I took a vacation.
In my jeep, I headed to the quiet resort town of Silent Hill;
the sounds of the engine reverberates in the darkness.
Due to car troubles, it has become pretty late.

///Music Starts///

My name is Harry Mason(and I'm on vacation)
I am just your run of the mill writer.

Her eyes closed, Cheryl sleeps soundly in the passenger seat.
Cheryl is my daughter.
She is cheerful and lively, and her
smile makes me happy.

I don't have many relationships with others,
due to my life as a writer, so Cheryl's existence
has become irreplaceable to me.
She has been looking forward to this trip for some time.

Although paved, this is still very much a mountain road.
At this hour there is no reason for any other driver to be about.
I push on the accelerator.
There is no light in the distance.
I can rely only on my headlights.

Light reflects off the rear view mirror.
It's a motorcycle.
There is a motorcycle headed toward the same place
as we are at terrific speed at this hour.
With a roar the motorcycle effortlessly passes by the side of my jeep.

It was a police motorcycle...
Perhaps there has been an accident or something?
I don't recall hearing anything as such on the radio.

Cheryl is still asleep.
I wonder if she is dreaming about something?
Tomorrow I have plans to take her to the amusement park.
Maybe she is dreaming about Merry-Go-Rounds?

I glanced over at Cheryl's sleeping face
and return my attention to the road ahead.
A lit up area of the road, as if from nowhere
moves towards me.

Huh? Something enters my field of view...

It's the motorcycle from before.
It is laying on the side of the road.
No doubt about it, it is the motorcycle that had just passed.
There is no sign of the driver. It seems the driver
had smashed into the rocks by the side of the road
while trying to avoid something.

I quickly check the road in which my vehicle is headed.
However, I don't see anything that could be an obstacle
in the illumination of my jeep's headlights.
A strange atmosphere begins to creep around me.
The radio's reception starts to become erratic.


When I saw the human figure on the road I cut the wheel hard,
and then there was nowhere for my jeep and I to go but down into the darkness
below the cliff.

End Chapter

Chapter 1

The silence pierces my ears.

///Music Starts///

As the wind blew, it was accompanied by a stinging cold.
Where am I? I can feel light faintly passing through my eyelids.

I don't seem to be hurt.
That much is clear, since I feel no pain.
Unless I have suffered an injury that causes no pain?

I...slowly try opening my eyelids.

Out of season snow is pouring into the town.
Other than the sound of droplets of ice hitting the ground, there is nothing
else to be heard.

"Silent Hill"
That is what is written on the sign by the side of the road. Without
realizing it, Cheryl and I have reached our destination.

All my memories up to that point are gone.
The wind is blowing in...
When I take a look next to me, I am shocked.

The passenger door has been left open.
Cheryl is nowhere to be seen.

"Silent Hill."
This town, which should just be a resort area, appears to have become just
like a ghost town for some reason, or maybe it was waiting for us to
arrive, or perhaps the town just nestled up to us...

So now I am alone.
Cheryl is not here.
While I was sleeping, no, while I was knocked out Cheryl opened the
passenger door and stepped out "alone" into this tourist spot that is
ruled by an unsettling silence.

And then she left me to head somewhere...

I tightly close my jacket around my neck and set off in
search of Cheryl.
I wonder what in the world happened here?
Nothing makes any sense.
The silence, the out of season snow...
And strangest of all, the entire town is wrapped in a thick fog.

"The Deserted Town"

In search of anyone...

"What is going on..."

A.)Cheryl's destination is...

B.)There isn't a soul in this town...


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