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cutting to the chase and finding Cheryl wins out by 2.

Chapter 2
"Cheryl's Whereabouts"

I begin to run.
Only the sounds of my footsteps echo in the surroundings.
Just where in the world has Cheryl gone?
Did someone lead her away?
Various troubles run through my head.

(ta ta ta ta ta)
I suddenly get the feeling I hear footsteps other than
mine own, so I stop and direct my attention at its

Through the thick fog I can see a figure that is about the size of a child.
Without a thought I cry out.
The figure doesn't move at all.

At the moment I begin to move slowly towards the figure it starts to run.
I fiercely chase after the figure.
That's definitely Cheryl.
Even though it is faint, I would not mistake someone else for Cheryl.

However, no matter how much I run I cannot catch up.
Instead the figure is gradually getting farther away from me.
The figure puts on speed as if it is gliding through the air.

The figure appears to be absorbed by the fog as it begins to disappear.
In order not to lose it, I run with all my strength while keeping my vision
centered on the figure.

I then notice that I have come to an alley surrounded by buildings...


From the darkness I can hear multiple footsteps coming this way...

A.) I don't know who it is. I will take a look.

B.) I am going to get out of here...
I don't have anything with me that can be used as a weapon.

(for the sake of helping along the story, I will be picking A.) for this one. This choice is really irrelevant and the outcome for both choices are the exact same screen.)

I stood ready.
"What the... What are they..."
With beast-like rage, they have closed in to right where I am.
They latch onto me. It feels as if they are draining my very life.
I lose consciousness...


Cybil Bennet.
She is a full time police officer working in the neighboring town
of Brahms.
There was no one else in the cafe other than her and Harry.
She took a seat at the counter and waited for Harry to awaken....

I suddenly awoke.
Where is this place? Why am I here? Was I brought here by someone? There is
no boundary between dream and reality, just confusion.

As I lay on the bench seat in the cafe my eyes slowly begin to focus.
The woman sitting at the counter stands and folds her arms. She walks over
and looks down at me.

She is wearing a police uniform.
The woman smiles a little bit, as she appears to be relieved that I have
regained consciousness.

"It looks like you have come around."

"Who are you?"
I try talking to the unfamiliar woman.

"I'm Cybil.
Cybil Bennet.
I'm here because all communication with this town suddenly went dead and so I
came to investigate."

"I'm...Harry Mason. I brought my daughter to this town for some sightseeing,
but on the way there was an accident and I lost consciousness...

Oh, yeah, Cybil...You haven't seen a little girl in this town have you?"

"A little girl...
No, I haven't seen her..."

"When I came to after the accident my daughter was nowhere to be seen.
The passenger door was open and she was gone.

Cheryl...uh, sorry, my daughter's name is Cheryl...
She is a timid person, so it is hard to imagine that she headed out into this
weird town alone.
I was there in the driver's seat...
And since she gave me no warning it just doesn't make sense.

Are you familiar with this area?
There is no sign of anyone, and what is going on with the snow at this time
of year...
Just what in the world has happened in this town?"

I said all of this while breathing deeply.

"I'm afraid I don't know either.
I still haven't seen anyone other than you.
It's like the town is as silent as a graveyard, left without even the means
to contact any neighboring towns."

"I see."

"You also had an accident, right?
I thought it was a good idea to head to the police station in this town alone
on my motorcycle, but...
I guess I was going a little too fast.

A girl suddenly jumped out into the road...I am pretty sure it was a girl...I
almost hit her.
I cut the handlebars hard in order to avoid her...
After that I can barely remember anything......

When I came to I was lying in the street in front of this cafe.
So naturally I came in here to get out of the snow.
And then I found you sleeping there..."

"Well, the situation is definitely strange.
I will head back to Brahms for reinforcements, and then return here.
How about you?"

Cybil stood and fixed her collar with resolute fortitude.

"I've got to look for Cheryl...
There is no way I can just leave her here alone."

"I see. Well, I'll give you this then.
You never know what might happen under these circumstances.
If you feel threatened then pull the trigger without hesitating."

I take the gun into my hand.

A ) Thanks...I hope I don't have to use it...

B ) Thank you, but...I'm no good with guns.