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Another close one...
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Chapter 3
Radio Drama

I take the gun into my hand...
Thanks...I hope I don't have to use it...

Having never handled a handgun before I am surprised by how heavy it is.

"But you...will you be alright?"

"I'm not like the average girls around here.
I have undergone proper training."

Cybil placed her hand on the exit door, but then she turns and faces me

"Harry. Don't go shooting me by mistake or anything.
I haven't had any training on how to stop bullets."
She smiled after saying this and then disappeared into the thick fog.

After being left alone in the cafe I gazed at the handgun Cybil gave me for a
little while.

And then I thought about Cheryl, who had disappeared in this town.

The figure I saw in the fog...
That was definitely Cheryl.
But she didn't answer my calls, and she was quite possibly moving away from

I don't understand...
I am getting a bit mixed up.
Still, the one thing I know for sure is that Cheryl has vanished in this town.

All I can do is look for her.
I may not have any knowledge of the surroundings or any clues, but I won't
find Cheryl if I stay here.
I stood up energetically and placed my hand on the cafe door.

(JiJiJi...JiJi...JiJiJi.........) (Onomatopoeia for radio static)

Something is making noise...?


Huh radio? What's going on with that radio?

I look around the cafe.
I walk in the direction the noise is coming from.
And then I pick up the source of the noise.

At that moment the window glass shattered with a thunder and a giant birdlike
creature flew into the cafe.

No, it is not a bird.
It is a creature with reddish-brown skin that looks as if it has been burned.

In its belligerent pale green eyes it is clear that my life is in danger.


A ) hide underneath a table.

B ) ready the handgun in my inexperienced hands.

C ) run outside of the cafe.