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Time for some SH fun facts!

The enemy Harry is currently having a tussle with is the Mumbler, an enemy that technically isn't the correct enemy for this area of the game. In the PAL/NTSC-J versions of the game, the Grey Children were excluded due to censorship laws. The Grey Children would go uncensored for the North American release.

Midwhich Elementary was designed after the school in Kindergarten cop.
While there is no confirmation on this, the evidence is all there.

Completely one sided in the votes! Harry decides to teach this lil' guy a lesson in personal space...

Chapter 5 - "Harry Mason; Boiler Man."

With my right hand I push on its head part with force and knock it away. It
then totters and falls down on its face.
That was when I noticed that I had been completely surrounded by those

I ready the gun.
I fix my aim on their heads and pull the trigger with my trembling index

I continue to shoot as each one of them appears.
The smoke from the gun powder began to fill the air around me so I placed one
hand over my mouth.

Even after the noise from the radio had stopped I could only stand there,
paralyzed in utter amazement among their corpses.
Is Cheryl all right?
She shouldn't have been carrying anything that could be used as a weapon.

I begin running.
I can't just stand around.
There is not a moment to lose.
Cheryl is waiting for me.
Wait a minute.
Suddenly my vision became hazy or something and I rubbed my eyes.

When I look back...
I see that all the bodies of the monsters have unexpectedly vanished.
Was I hallucinating or something?

I pull the guide map out of my inner pocket and shine the flashlight on it.
And then I confirm that there is a boiler room located in the basement.
My feet naturally began to take me there.

I descend the stairs to the basement taking one step at a time.

A school building without light.
As I move forward I am beset on all sides by absolute darkness.
As I head towards new fear and new enemies my feet have no intention of
stopping their advance.

But oddly enough I don't have a sense of justice.
I just want to make sure that Cheryl is safe, to catch her in my arms...
That is my only goal.

The boiler is not running.
If I simply press the switch in front of me then this eerie machine should
begin operating.
However, I just stand still.

I try pushing the switch but the boiler doesn't do anything at all.
So I try opening the switchboard cover below the switch.

It appears that I must somehow supply power from the main power supply to the

The power supply is on the right.
From the left of the switchboard a thick pipe extends out and is connected to
the boiler...

Time to solve the puzzle guys! Here are the rules:
You can only light up 5 boxes and connect the circuits to the other side.

First one to solve it gets 2 nights paid vacation to the Lakeview hotel