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Wait, has Agloaphotis always been made from White Claudia?

In the canon of the main series, no it has never been stated that Agloaphotis was made from White Claudia. In fact in SH3 it gives this description of the item.

Red liquid or crystals resembling blood.
According to the Kabbalah, the name is taken from an herb with the power to dispel evil spirits.
It is said to grow in Arabian deserts.

and now we continue with this short update!

Chapter 8 - "My Name is Harry Mason; I am in town on holiday"

I thought that that insane woman's behavior and the details of her story were

All that remains in the church is the reverberations of the sound of a door
I go after that woman.
I am convinced that that woman definitely knows some secret of some sort.
However, the knob on the door that she went through will not turn at all.
It must be locked from the other side.

Now I am the only one left in the church.
Almost as if taken from a nightmare, this space has heat.
This warmth, it feels like it is protecting me from something.
That is the best way to describe the heat.

I move away from the door and begin walking to the altar that woman was at.
The object that the woman was just holding has been placed there.

The Flauros.
That is certainly what that woman had called this.
I try picking it up.
And then I place it back on top of the desk right away.

It is power.
The overwhelming power of the gods rests inside this four-sided object.
It was a sensation like an electrical current passing into the palm of my
hand, and then power moving throughout every nook and cranny in my body.

I pick it up once more.
This time I calmly take it into my hand and then place it in my pocket.
For some reason I am convinced that this object will help me find Cheryl.

I pick up the key that was next to the Flauros, open the door of the church,
and rush out into the heatless snow world again...

Hospital? That woman certainly said something about one.
"Alchemilla Hospital"
The only hospital I could find on the map was that one.
I could see my breath as I exhaled while I headed toward the
entertainment district.

The bridge to the entertainment district has been raised so that boats can
pass by it in the river below.
I enter the nearby drawbridge control room, place the key I was holding
into the control panel, and forcefully turn it to the right.

While emitting a sound like an old woman laughing the bridge finally
begins to lower, inviting me to the entertainment district.

After crossing the bridge I shudder.
The temperature is gradually declining.
Or maybe it is just a result of the thing inside me that produces
nervousness and fear.

On this wide road there is not a single motorcycle running.
I am running right down the center of it.
If I continue forward Alchemilla Hospital should be on the right.

An old building appears in the thick fog.
On the signboard "Alchemilla" appears in faded letters.
Its eeriness caused me to hesitate for an instant, but in the next moment
I placed my hand on the cold gate.

I open the heavy hospital gate, and then open the door directly to my right
that has "Entrance" written on it.

The inside of the hospital is wrapped in silence.
To the left there is a reception area, in which various papers are neatly
placed on a shelf.

Waiting benches are lined up along the back of this hall, and a
television is pointed at them.

I do not feel the presence of any patients, or even any people.
Only faint light pours in through the windows from the cloudy sky.
The hall is filled will a trace scent of alcohol, which penetrates my nose.

I begin walking.
After passing through the waiting room I reach a long corridor.
I open the door marked Examination Room.

At almost the exact same time as I opened the door a man inside jumped up
out of his chair.
He is holding a handgun in his right hand.


A ) hid behind the door in a panic.

B ) immediately counter attack with my gun.